Secular trends


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  • Group members will introduce themselves one by one and it would be a good idea to line up according to height.
  • Give a brief definition of secular trends and how it relates to growth and introduce skit. Skit should be about 3 minutes. The term secular trend traditionally describes the increase in larger adult body dimensions than in previous generations. In this case, the trend relates to height. The term secular changes would be more appropriate in terms of height since secular trend is used to describe changes that are unidirectional. In addition to the fact that the changes recorded were not unidirectional, there were also different criteria when conducting studies. Geographical location, socioeconomic background, war, infection and nutrition which directly links to socioeconomic background.
  • Based on our group information, we were able to determine that the secular changes do not follow a rising or falling pattern.
  • Slide showing the trends that we have noticed in our families and personal circles. Over generations there have been both upward and downward trends in physical growth, however, the United States and Europe experienced a rise in height of about 2-3 inches per decade but that plateaued in the late 80’s and there has been a decline since then.
  • Adult height depends on genetic and environmental factors and the interaction between them. Women are more likely to choose a taller mate and there is also an increase in men choosing taller mates as well. Growth hormones that animals are pumped with so they grow at a more rapid pace to be slaughtered for consumption. Chickens, cows, and pigs are some animals affected and the hormones they are exposed to are also found in their bi-products. For example, eggs, milk and cheese. Social class, income, parental education, war and slavery have all been factors affecting the variation of growth patterns over the centuries. During slavery and times of war there were height requirements and shorter recruits and slaves were discarded of or not accepted.
  • Secular trends

    1. 1. Secular Trends in PhysicalGrowth Sandile Ashford Alyssa Credle Safa Hamidullah Jalisa Joseph Jillian Parker Mandisa Thomas Rebekah Wilson
    2. 2. What are secular trends?The term secular trend traditionally describes thechange in adult body dimensions overgenerations.There may also be secular trends in areas likefinance, and agriculture.
    3. 3. Height differences in our circles5. Safa Jillian 5 Mandisa4.8 Rebekah4.6 Jalisa4.44.2 1 2 3
    4. 4. Growth patterns over generations Alyssa and her Mom Safa, her mom, and younger brother. 
    5. 5. Reasons for secular trends in height: Women typically find men who are taller more appealing Hormones in meats and other foods Selection during slavery
    6. 6. Closing Question: How many of you use height as a criteria when deciding to date someone? Let’s talk! Questions, comments, discussion.
    7. 7. THANK YOU ANGELS! 
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