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Engaging Audiences with Microblogging and Video Streaming
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Engaging Audiences with Microblogging and Video Streaming


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A brief overview of microblogging and how it can be used to engage an in-person audience or viewers or a live video stream.

A brief overview of microblogging and how it can be used to engage an in-person audience or viewers or a live video stream.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual

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  • 1. Engaging Audiences withMicroblogging and Video StreamingRenard D. Spratling
  • 2. The Need● New technologies are decreasing attention spans● Usage of mobile devices will continue to increase ● Distraction or opportunity?● Traditional presentation formats ● Lacks audience engagement ● Discourages mobile devices● Live video streaming ● Lacks interaction ● Easy multitasking
  • 3. Objectives● Identify opportunities for improved audience engagement● Understand microblogging and video streaming technologies● Identify applications of microblogging to improve audience engagement● Identify basic requirements to implement and use microblogging and video streaming
  • 4. Opportunities for Improved AudienceEngagement● Classroom/Lecture● Workshops and Conferences● Church/religious services● In-person and online
  • 5. What is Web 2.0?● Web 1.0 ● Users only view or consume content ● Few content creators ● Examples: Static web pages● Web 2.0 ● Users can contribute content ● Users can interact with each other ● Many content creators ● Examples: Blogs, Video Sharing, Wikis
  • 6. What is microblogging?● Blog ● Online journal or editorial ● Periodic “posts” created (monthly, weekly, daily) ● Visitors can comment on posts● Microblog ● Posts are limited in length, usually 140 characters ● Status updates, thoughts, opinions ● More frequent posts (daily, hourly, or less) ● Short messages ideal for mobile devices
  • 7. What is microblogging?● Twitter ● Most popular microblog site ● Posts are called tweets ● Subscribe or follow other users ● Reference other tweeters using their handle (i.e. @RDSpratling) ● Create or follow topics using hashtags (i.e. #gtcc)
  • 8. How can microblogging help?● Audience uses devices during presentations ● Smartphones ● Tablets ● PCs● This trend will continue to increase● Opportunity or threat?
  • 9. @RDSpratling #microblogHow can microblogging help? “Move with the cheese.” “If you cant beat them, join them.”● Encourage usage of microblog to post about presentation● Include twitter handle and hashtag● Display/share followers’ posts“I never thought about encouraging people to tweet while I teach.”@rdspratling #microblog – edumajor55
  • 10. @RDSpratling #microblogVideo Streaming and Microblogging● Video Streaming ● Live video broadcast online ● Many workshops, conferences, classes streamed live ● Challenges ● Increased audience multitasking ● Greater need for engagement● Microblogging can integrate into video streaming interface
  • 11. @RDSpratling #microblogVideo Stream and MicroblogInterface Elements● Live Video● Microblog panel ● Suggested first post ● Feed showing related posts
  • 12. @RDSpratling #microblogWhat do I need to start?Microblogging Video Streaming w/Microblog● Computer, Smartphone or ● Physical Equipment Tablet ● Video Camera● Microblogging account ● Computer ● Video streaming card ● Broadband internet ● Online ● Website ● Streaming video service provider ● Microblog API“It’s easier than I thought to setup live video streaming” @rdspratling#microblog – videoluvr
  • 13. @RDSpratling #microblogWhat to do from here?● “Move with the cheese!”● Embrace the trends for mobile device usage and microblogging● Look for integration of microblogging for events you attend ● Conferences, workshops ● Church/religious services● Identify opportunities for you to use microblogging ● Class presentations ● Teaching/training ● Church/religious services
  • 14. Engaging Audiences withMicroblogging and Video StreamingRenard D. Spratling@RDSpratling#microblog