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Reputation Management in an Instant World


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Presented at SearchLove NYC on November 1, 2011. The presentation is a look into online reputation management and what companies and individuals need to be doing to safeguard and improve their online …

Presented at SearchLove NYC on November 1, 2011. The presentation is a look into online reputation management and what companies and individuals need to be doing to safeguard and improve their online reputations. As search engines like Google and user-generated content and review sites expose our reputations more, it's increasingly difficult to put our best face forward. This presentation shows you how to spot problems early, manage them and how NOT to manage them.

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  • 1. Reputation Management in an Instant World SearchLoveNYC @Rhea | @OutspokenMedia
  • 2. MonkeyGirl
  • 4. RheaDrysdale
  • 5. Company X
  • 7. Hero Complex
  • 8. SEO TrademarkSEO Trademark terminated:
  • 10. Why you should give a damn.
  • 11. Crap that works.
  • 12. Good stuff that works.
  • 13. Client examples.(All anonymous examples…. WOOHOO!)
  • 14. Beef.Crap. Shit.
  • 15. Existential break time.When we die, what do we leave behind?
  • 16. Our reputations are exposed and under attack.
  • 17. UGC
  • 18. UGC
  • 19. Search Queries
  • 20. But those can be gamed…
  • 21. CompetitorsPopulation of Richardson, TX 100,000 Population of Reston, VA 58,000 Population of Herndon, VA 21,000
  • 22. Amazon Web Services (EC2) RackspaceOther cloud computing data centers
  • 23. Let’s dive in!
  • 24. A week ago a prospective client contacted us.
  • 25. John Carter.
  • 26. John Carter’s John-
  • 27. Hold up! What is this? puppies
  • 28. But the negative is still ranking!
  • 29. Let’s look under the hood.
  • 30. But wait, there’s more.
  • 31. Answer Spam
  • 32. The top answer?
  • 33. The first answer:
  • 34. This is when I slammed my head into a wall.
  • 35. <rant> If it takes as much time to puttogether crap work, why TF are you not doing the basics? USE YOUR BRAIN. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. YOU ARE RUINING THE GOOD NAME OF SEO. </rant>
  • 36. Worse still…
  • 37. Exact same “about me” text shared across 29 separate properties and profiles.Hasn’t registered username on:• Twitter• Facebook• Google Plus• Other business profilesDuplicate content is a big deal:
  • 38. So, we know the crap that works, but where’s some good stuff?
  • 39. Honorable Mentions Hoovers Quora Slideshare Meetup.comBusinesscard2 Amplify.comHuffington Post CareerBuilder
  • 40. Who do those work for?Online retailer Smash their competition*Online personals site Fix autocomplete and dispel rumorsInternational non-profit Convince the world they aren’t a cultNational company Embrace a pending shit storm*Online reseller Stop illegal marketing practicesCEO of online retailer Make his kids proudTravel site Do nothing. They’re horrible. Grow business despite one incident at oneHealthcare facilities locationLocal hero Attend collegePolitician Focus on issues, not former relationshipsEtc…
  • 41. Mr. National Lawsuit
  • 42. CLIENT SUMMARYGoal: Cushion SERPsBaseline: Perfect.• National company• Government regulates announcement
  • 43. We did our ORM magic.(all those wacky things that work)
  • 44. Monitored their reputation
  • 45. We soon discovered…
  • 46. Threats• Reactionary company culture• Movie launched w/a KW that triggered news results for our client’s negative coverage• Smaller lawsuits announced mid-coverage and we weren’t informed prior• Reporters and crazies• State-level attorneys general
  • 47. We saw the conversations:Repeat queries = AUTOCOMPLETE
  • 48. We needed to change the conversation• Video strategy• PR strategy• On-site content strategy• Internal PR to employees (Autocomplete Gold!!!)
  • 49. Results
  • 50. .com acquired Sh*t hit the site links fan.
  • 51. No longer pro-active, now reactive and long-term.This defines a CEO’s legacy.
  • 52. Where do we go from here?
  • 53. Location-specific ORM and social strategies• Domain development• Profile growth• Wikipedia• Increased presence on niche sites• Internal response strategies
  • 54. Now, let’s talk about some cool SEO shit.
  • 55. “Have youever noticedthat your shit isstuff and theirstuff is shit?”
  • 56. Our client wants all of their STUFFto out-rank everyone else’s SHIT.We call this client…
  • 57. Mr. WantsIt All
  • 58. CLIENT SUMMARYBaseline: Ranked 1st and 2nd only as of 7/20/2011Goal: Rank 1st page for “stuff” in every position in 6 months• Publicly Traded• Popular Online Retailer
  • 59. Caveats• Brand name is a variation of the KW• Lots of assets• Client develops quickly• We HAVE to be risk-free to justify p0wnage
  • 61. CLIENT STUFF IN TOP 30 page 1 page 2 Facebook for brandstuff Wikipedia for brandstuff
  • 62. OTHER STUFF NOT IN TOP 30 page 3 page 4 page5 Twitter LinkedIn
  • 63. WHAT DO WE TARGET? .com .com/news/ .com/investors/ .com pg 1 .com/careers/ .com pg 2 .com pg 3 .com pg 4 .com pg 5 Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Wikipedia
  • 64. This is going to be easy! Wait.We can’t rankwhat’s already ranking.
  • 65. REMOVE STICKY STUFF .com .com/news/ .com/investors/ .com pg 1 .com/careers/ .com pg 2 .com pg 3 .com pg 4 .com pg 5 Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Wikipedia
  • 66. We get to work on the rest…
  • 67. DUN, DUN, DUN!
  • 68. Site Links Update – August 31, 2011Reorganizing internal vs. external backlinks:
  • 69. Crap. Now what’s left… .com .com/news/ .com/investors/ .com pg 1 .com/careers/ .com pg 2 .com pg 3 .com pg 4 .com pg 5 Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Wikipedia
  • 70. We took acloser look atwhat was leftand found…
  • 71.
  • 72. Links coming from:Optimized hit counters like:And, an internal network
  • 73. This isn’t good.
  • 74. What was that caveat?
  • 75. We HAVE to be risk-free to justify p0wnage!
  • 76. REMOVE DOORWAY PAGES .com .com/news/ .com/investors/ .com pg 1 .com/careers/ .com pg 2 .com pg 3 .com pg 4 .com pg 5 Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Wikipedia
  • 77. That isn’t enough stuff.
  • 78. Let’s make more stuff.Moved categories on to subdomains on   
  • 79. Worked with Optimized the doorway that was most manageable
  • 80. Even then…
  • 81. We don’t want our…
  • 82. Let’s make even more stuff…
  • 83. Stuff that fell in our lap:Unexpected quarterly financial news
  • 84. Stuff that takes time and money: Corporate & career profiles
  • 85. Stuff that would make Wil and Rand smile:Subdomain on dedicated to an awards strategy for an untapped, related industry
  • 87. .com acquired site links
  • 88. We could also look at those results like this…
  • 89. My stuff. More of my stuff. Still my stuff… Me AGAIN! There’s your shit! Some else’s shit.MY STUFF IS BACK BITCH!
  • 90. Thank you.Follow @OutspokenMedia for all of the SearchLove coverage And visit