Making data sticky

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Talk given at GBIF workshop at Kew Gardens 28 May 2012

Talk given at GBIF workshop at Kew Gardens 28 May 2012

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  • No mention of Open Data? Or was that just implicit all the way through? Can't make the links between shared identifiers if the shared ID's are hidden behind paywalls...
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  • 1. @rdmpagehttp://iphylo.blogspot.comMaking data sticky
  • 2. Data
  • 3. More data is good…
  • 4. …but this data is not sticky
  • 5. Location
  • 6. Tagsname name
  • 7. name Namen
  • 8. Identifiers
  • 9. Shared identifiers are sticky
  • 10. Identifiers• Globally unique• Resolvable (human and machine)• Used
  • 11. Identifiers• Extracting scientific articles from a large digital archive: BioStor and the Biodiversity Heritage Library• Nexus file with the characters-taxa matrix used for the phylogenetic analysis• Halobacillus
  • 12. Links
  • 13. PMID:948206
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. BHL and GBIF as biomedical databases
  • 17. Metrics
  • 18. In an attempt to live up to that increasingdemand for documentation, the leadership ofthe Natural History Museum of Denmark hasissued an order to its curatorial staff - Thestaff members are requested to documentwhich publications from 2011, writtenentirely by external scientists, that in one wayor another are based on material in thecollections of the Museum. @TAXACOM
  • 19.!/search/10.1371%252Fjournal.pone.0036881
  • 20. /205595933159858176
  • 21.
  • 22. Cited, linkable specimens NMNH Vertebrate Zoology 11194 Herpetology Collections Herpetology Collection (University of Kansas Biodiversity Research 9619 Center) CAS Herpetology Collection Catalog 6720 MCZ Herpetology Collection 5818
  • 23. The value is in the links, not the nodes
  • 24. Summary• Make your data sticky…• …by using other people’s identifiers• Shared identifiers create links…• …which enable discovery (and metrics)• Value is in the links (think Google, Facebook)