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  • Ok, so the first action item is to find a different term for 'use cases'. Do you want to do a requirements gathering for that or shall we be more agile?

    But seriously, would you be interested in working from an outline with different contributors working towards an edited volume?
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  • @rvosa I guess all of the above. Phylogeny would be a useful central hub, around which could be linked all the layers of annotation that we'd like, which lead us to cybertaxonomy, specimen databases, literature data mining, etc. 'Use cases' is a phrase that makes my blood curdle, I tend to think more in terms of 'wouldn't it be cool to be able to do this' or 'I want to do this' I guess this is the same thing as a use case, but without the 'lets have some meetings and endless discuss stuff without actually doing it' bit ;)
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  • When you say broader than phylogenies, what do you? Biodiversity informatics? Cybertaxonomy? Phylogenomics? All of the above? Sounds fun. For sure it would have to be an e-book, I agree. I suppose a robust, usable interface to a phylogenetic database could be one of the use cases in the book, perhaps as a way to discuss different back end solutions ('Big Data', NoSQL, etc.), though I'd love to see more use cases.
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  • @rvosa I think a book would make sense, provided it is also online, and broader than just phylogenies. I also think it would be fun to have a book that is built round actually making something. Like, dare I say it, a usable interface to TreeBASE ;)
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  • I don't know if a book is such crazy talk: Bill and I have also been talking for a while now about a practical phyloinformatics book (with comphy materials). Maybe the time has come for such a thing.
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  • Geography

    1. 1. Geography
    2. 2. Deep time, shifting continents
    3. 3. 130 90110 100 110
    4. 4. Geological area cladogram Africa130 South America 110 90 Madagascar India 100 Australia New Guinea
    5. 5. Recent time, shifting organisms
    6. 6. @andrewxhill
    7. 7. Sinking island, running to stay in the same place
    8. 8. Figure 22.16 The evolution of fruit fly (Drosophila) species on the Hawaiian archipelago
    9. 9. Hotspot
    10. 10. Properties of maps
    11. 11. Maps are predictable
    12. 12. Navigation is predictable
    13. 13. Every pixel counts
    14. 14. Ground truth
    15. 15. Relative and absolute navigation
    16. 16. Latitude 42.363921Longitude -71.087763
    17. 17. Sources of maps(other than Google)
    18. 18. See 068301/gbif-public-library/ for uses
    19. 19. Lots of data, but some issues,such as sampling bias and errors
    20. 20. @andrewxhill
    21. 21. Transposed latitude and longitude
    22. 22. Boophisperiegetes
    23. 23. Boophisperiegetes
    24. 24. Things to do with maps
    25. 25. Timemaps
    26. 26. Bounding box
    27. 27. Plotting things on maps: points
    28. 28. Plotting things on maps: polygons
    29. 29. Plotting things on maps: points and lines
    30. 30. @DavKidd
    31. 31. Geophylogenies
    32. 32. The End