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Arcati Mainframe Year Book 2011
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Arcati Mainframe Year Book 2011


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  • 1. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategy The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011The independent annual guide for users of IBM mainframe systemsSPONSORED BY: PUBLISHED BY: Arcati Limited 19 Ashbourne Way Thatcham Berks RG19 3SJ UK Phone: +44 (0) 7717 858284 Fax: +44 (0) 1635 881717 Web: E-mail:© Arcati Ltd, 2011 1
  • 2. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategy ContentsWelcome to the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 ............................................................ 3XML and SOAP data binding for enterprise applications ................................................. 4DataKinetics solutions for mergers and acquisitions .................................................... 10Thinking outside the box – monitoring DB2 security on z/OS ....................................... 15CA Mainframe Chorus ...................................................................................................... 25The 2011 Mainframe User Survey ................................................................................... 30An analysis of the profile, plans, and priorities of mainframe usersVendor Directory ............................................................................................................... 54Vendors, consultants, and service providers in the z/OS and OS/390 environmentA media guide for IBM mainframers .............................................................................. 117Information resources, publications, and user groups for the z/OS environmentGlossary of Terminology ................................................................................................ 120Definitions of some mainframe-related termsTechnical information ..................................................................................................... 146Hardware tables – z196, z10; mainframe hardware timeline 1952-2011;mainframe operating system development SPONSORSAction Software 47 EZLegacy 74CA 25, 60 Higobi Systems 77Canam Software 4, 60 Type80 15, 113DataKinetics 10, 682 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 3. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategy by Mark Lillycrop, Publisher Welcome to the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011Welcome to the 2011 edition of the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those people andorganizations that contributed articles for the Mainframe Strategy section of the Yearbook, and those who took the timeto complete our mainframe user survey. As always, the results make very interesting reading. And, of course, I mustthank the advertisers and sponsors, without whose support this Yearbook would not beavailable for mainframe professionals to freely download.2010 will probably be remembered as the year of the cloud because it was the year whencloud computing started to be taken seriously across the industry. Microsoft opened itsmega data centre in Dublin and promoted its Windows Azure environment fordevelopment, service hosting, and service management based on the cloud. Googleworked with VMware to develop a new operating system for the cloud, and launched aversion of the Google App Engine for enterprise users. Amazon promoted its ElasticCompute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service. And many people suggested that mainframeshave offered cloud computing all along – we just called it something else!CA published a survey in September called “Mainframe - The Ultimate Cloud Platform?” Itrevealed that 79 per cent of European IT organizations believe the mainframe is anessential component of their cloud computing strategy. 74 per cent of respondents believe that the mainframe will havea role in any cloud computing initiative, with 70 per cent agreeing that cloud computing will sustain or extend themainframe environment. In November, CA published a second survey, this time based on responses from US-basedmainframe executives, called “Mainframe as a Mainstay”. 73 per cent of the respondents in this research confirmed thatthe mainframe is – or will be – part of their organizations cloud computing strategy.Not all research has been quite so positive, however. Only 10 per cent of mainframe sites in a BMC survey in Octobersaid that using their System z machines to run cloud computing or SaaS applications was an important priority for themin the coming year. Meanwhile, a straw poll of attendees at the November Guide Share Europe conference found mostattendees focused on what was available now that would make the business run better and their lives easier – howthey could do more with less. Perhaps this indicates a difference between the attitude of mainframe staff, who want toget the job done with minimum disruption, and senior managers who are looking more strategically towards the nextstep.The battle between IBM and NEON Enterprise Software (provider of the zPrime product, which allows users to run traditional workloads on specialty processors) has rumbled on in the courts for a year without any sign of an The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 outcome. The European Union regulators have taken IBM to task for not allowing its operating system to run on other Publisher: Mark Lillycrop hardware, and for not being fair to so-called ‘spare-part’ Editor: Trevor Eddolls vendors. The first complaint came from T3 and Contributors: Allan Zander, Jerry Harding, Stephen D TurboHercules, saying that IBM ties its mainframe operating system to its mainframe hardware – and thereby Rubin, William Buriak, Denny Yost, Canam Software destroys the emulation market. The second investigation was initiated by the Commission, alleging discriminatory © 2011, Arcati Limited. behaviour towards competing suppliers of maintenance services. IBM stated that it intends to cooperate with any All company and product names mentioned in this EU inquiries, while denying there was any merit to the publication remain the property of their respective complainants’ claims. It then alleged that the accusations owners. were being fuelled by business rivals (it’s no secret that Microsoft is a minority stakeholder in T3). IBM also This Yearbook is the copyright of Arcati Limited, and suggested that some of its larger competitors want “to may not be reproduced or distributed in whole or in mimic aspects of IBM mainframes without making the part without the permission of the owner. A licence for substantial investments IBM has made and continues to internal e-mail or intranet distribution may be obtained make”. from the publisher. Please contact Arcati for details. IBM has also been acquisitive this year, as usual. Amongst this year’s trophies are National Interest Security© Arcati Ltd, 2011 3
  • 4. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategyCompany, Initiate Systems, Intelliden, Cast Iron Systems, Sterling Commerce, Coremetrics, BigFix, Storwize, Datacap,Unica, OpenPages, Netezza , PSS Systems, and Clarity Systems.The big story of 2010, of course, was the launch of a new mainframe range in July. The zEnterprise 196 brings togetherthe latest mainframe technology with POWER7 and x86 IBM blade systems, giving potential users z/OS, AIX, and Linuxall on the one box. And all this is controlled from the mainframe console by the new Unified Resource Manager. Thisnew mainframe can be thought of as a virtualization hub that manages other workloads in the data centre.IBM has taken the view that data centres are running more than one set of hardware, and sites are experiencingproblems with space for the hardware, keeping control of these different systems, and even communicating betweenthem – so integrating them seems like the obvious answer. The zEnterprise 196 includes 96 5.2GHz (up from 4.4GHzon the z10) quad processors (80 of which are used by the client, and the rest are used by the machine itself) and up to3TB of memory (double that of the z10). The new microprocessors offer 100 new mainframe machine codeinstructions.In terms of performance, the zEnterprise can handle 50 billion instructions per second, providing a 40-60 per centperformance increase over the z10 without using any more power. A water-cooling option could help reduce energyconsumption by up to 12 per cent by removing air heat. The system also includes the first implementation of RAIDmemory, which is like RAID for disks, and could be used to increase uptime to beyond the 99.999 availability of currentmainframe technology.The zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) operates as a tightly-coupled extension to the mainframe through a high-performance private network. Users then add POWER7 or System x blades to four racks. The new Unified ResourceManager allows users to install, monitor, manage, optimize, diagnose, and service resources and workloads from asingle console across the entire infrastructure. The new machine also includes a DB2 accelerator, called the SmartAnalytics Optimizer, which is able to route database queries either to the mainframe DB2 system or a specialist bladeserver optimized for smart analytics. IBM estimates that complex database queries can experience up to a ten-foldperformance improvement in this environment.For people who like to know the latest version numbers and dates of major products, CICS TS 4.1 has been availablesince the middle of 2009, DB2 10 was announced earlier this year, as was z/OS 1.12, and IMS 12 should be generallyavailable early in the New Year.All in all 2010 has been a particularly busy year for the mainframe, and 2011 promises to be just as lively. As users planthe next stage of their System z growth strategy, I hope that the Mainframe Yearbook continues to be their indispensiblecompanion.XML and SOAP data applications and XML is a key component of it. To fully utilize the potential of SOA, existingbinding for enterprise applications have to be modified to consume or produce XML or SOAP messages. The challengeapplications of turning XML data into formats that COBOL or C applications understand has been holding backCanam Software takes a detailed look Service or slowing down organizations in succeeding withOriented Architecture and how products like SOA. The more complex XML structures are, theXML Thunder can be used to maximize the greater the challenge of binding them to COBOLuse of this environment. or C. XML Thunder is a widely used solution for creatingOverview data binding programs between XML or SOAP, andService Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become COBOL COPYBOOKS or C header files. Thisthe most popular paradigm for distributed Windows based tool consists of a visual mapper4 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 5. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategyand a sophisticated code generator thatgenerates complete program code for z/OS and other platforms. Let’s take a closerlook at what XML Thunder offers.Parse XML content to a COPYBOOK!In the context of XML and COBOL, parsingXML consists of extracting XML content intoa format that can be stored and processedas regular COBOL data structures. TheXML document is typically received by theapplication from MQ, via HTTP or HTTPS,a web service call or even as a traditionalsequential file. Once received, the XMLdocument is moved to a buffer. This buffer,which is really just a COBOL working Figure 1: Mapping windowstorage area, will be passed to thespecialized COBOL subprogram thatparses the XML content to COBOL fields. This Select the appropriate options and click on thespecialized subprogram is generated by XML Generate button. The Log area shows the resultsThunder and contains XML validation and parsing of the code generation. The generated COBOLlogic based on the XML-to-COBOL mapping and program is transferred to the runtime computingcontent rules defined at design time. Each environment and compiled as usual. See Figuresgenerated parser (in XML Thunder terminology 2 and 3.“XML reader”) is high performing and efficientbecause it is custom designed for the specific XMLand COBOL structures mapped using XML Application program using an XML readerThunder. module Now let’s take a closer look at how a COBOL application program obtains the content of an XMLEasy parser development using XML Thunder document by calling an XML Thunder generatedAs mentioned, XML Thunder’s mapper allows the XML reader module .binding of COBOL fields to XML nodes. Forexample, in Figure 1 you can see that the COBOL Remember, by the time we execute the CALLfields BANK-ID, BANK-INCORPORATION-DATE, statement to the XML reader, the main applicationand BANK-NAME are mapped to XML nodes called program has already gathered the XML documentBANK-ID, BANK-Incorporation-Date, and BANK- and moved it to a buffer in working storage. In thisName respectively. This can be achieved by drag- case, we generated an XML reader with theand-drop operation or via auto-mapping when using program name and id of BAXSDR.the Wizard. The names and structures of theCOBOL side do not have to match those of the CALL "BAXSDR" USINGXML. CANAM-XML-DATA CANAM-XML-BUFFEROnce the mapping is complete, the code generator CANAM-XML-STATUScan be utilized to create the desired XML reader. END-CALL.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 5
  • 6. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategy CANAM-XML-BUFFER contains the XML document that is passed to the XML reader module BAXSDR for parsing. On return from the call to BAXSDR, CANAM-XML-DATA will contain the content of the XML document parsed to regular COBOL working storage fields based on the mapping rules. From here on, the content of the XML document is available in regular COBOL fields for processing. The CANAM-XML-STATUS structure contains return codes from the call and can be used for error handling. COBOL encoding rules – flexible and easy to modify When creating an XML reader, encoding rules for COBOL mappings are established. These rules are extracted from Figure 2: Generate XML parser an XML schema if one has been provided. (XML reader) module In cases where a schema is not available or does not define an encoding rule, toolset defaults are used. These can be changed to desired formats and lengths using a property sheet on the mapping window. Some examples of encodings between COBOL and XML schema data types are shown in Figure 4. Feature rich XML and SOAP support Generate your data binding as COBOL programs or C classes to transform the data content of your mapped (XML or SOAP) to/from (COBOL or C) structures. Generated code includes extensive support for XML features thus saving developers valuable time, improving productivity and quality. See Figure 5. Can I create XML writers? XML Thunder can also easily generate XML Figure 3: XML reader module writers from mapping definitions. An XML has been successfully generated writer performs the opposite function of an6 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 7. Shift into higher gear for XML and SOAP processing!Easy integration of XML and web servicesusing COBOL or C on z/OS1 Select source (XSD, DTD, WSDL, XML or COBOL/ANSI C structure)2 Map data structure to XML or SOAP3 Generate program code to create or parse XML or SOAPExceptional XML and SOAP feature support:UNION, CHOICE, ALL, NILLABLE, SEQUENCE, enumeration, ATTRIBUTES,namespace; recursive structures, simple types, complex types, imports, includesand more...More unique features:Automatic generation of readers and writers; XML PARSE support or native COBOLcode; validation; test harness; sample test XML/SOAP; and more... Request your evaluation copy today!
  • 8. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategy XML Schema Type Default COBOL data type in XML Thunder xsd:string PIC X(N) where N is maxLength from schema otherwise use toolset default xsd:positiveInteger PIC 9(N) or PIC S9(N) where N is totalDigits from the schema otherwise use toolset default xsd:int PIC 9(N) or PIC S9(N) where N is totalDigits from the schema otherwise 9(10) or S9(10). xsd:byte PIC 9(N) or PIC S9(N) where N is totalDigits from schema, otherwise 9(3) or S9(3) xsd:dateTime PIC X(20) with unformatted or PIC X(26) with Formatted or PIC X(32) with time zone support; customizable edit pattern with default “YYYY- MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.ssssss” xsd:base64Binary PIC X(N) Where N is maxLength from schema otherwise use toolset default Figure 4: Examples of COBOL encoding for XML schema typesXML reader: at runtime, these modules assemble 100% Automated Code GenerationXML documents from the content of COBOL fields. From an XML Handler design, XML Thunder willThe call to the XML writer module is identical to generate a callable sub program containing all ofthe XML reader. The difference is that before the code needed for validating, reading and writingexecuting the call to the XML writer the CANAM- XML documents.XML-DATA structure contains data to be used forassembling a desired XML document. Upon return Full life-cycle solutionfrom the call, CANAM-XML-BUFFER will contain XML Thunder is a full life-cycle solution for boththe assembled XML document. Again, the CANAM- development and maintenance.XML-STATUS structure contains return codes.After a successful call, the application has full Very large XML document handling: XMLcontrol over what is to be done with the resulting streamingXML message ( eg transmit the XML using MQ, Do you have a very large XML document that doescall a Web Service, update a database, etc.). not fit into memory? XML Thunder’s node-level processing makes XML streaming easy for both reading and writing XML.The Swiss Army knife of XML and COBOL databinding Test harness generationAuto-mapping with Wizard Full test harness can be generated with test dataAn easy to use optional wizard walks you through for your XML binding modules.the creation of your data binding/mapping to createan XML Handler design.8 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 9. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategy CHOICE Namespace UNION Recursive structures ALL Simple types NILLABLE Complex type (including nested complex types) SEQUENCE Imports Enumeration Includes ELEMENTS Length ATTRIBUTES Fractiondigits Character and Entity reference MinLength Schema restrictions MaxLength CDATA Total digits Encoding WhiteSpace Pattern, derives max field length, pattern not enforced) and more... Figure 4: Supported featuresSample XML generation to COBOL COPYBOOKs or C header files. GetXML Thunder can not only derive an XML schema your copy today at!from a sample XML document but can alsogenerate a sample XML document for a givenschema. It can even validate the XML document What types of projects have used XMLagainst a schema! Thunder? There have been many different types of projectsAutomatic mapping documentation that have used XML Thunder. From SWIFT andgeneration SEPA payment processing, through to gift registryThe mapping for your data binding is well management, vehicle licensing administration,documented and can be saved for your project travel industry bookings, and insurance solutionsdocumentation. – organizations have successfully used XMLXML Parse support Thunder for many enterprise projects. Try XMLXML Thunder can generate either native parsing Thunder out today and see how easy XML andprogram code or code that uses the XML PARSE SOAP processing can be!statement.XML Thunder Lite – free software forCOPYBOOK to XML conversion XML Thunder is available from Canam Software Labs, Inc, 5770 Hurontario Street Suite 310,Do you have the need to convert COPYBOOK Mississauga ON, L5R 3G5, Canada.structures to XML representation without needingto generate code to read and write XML? Download For more information please visit our web site atXML Thunder Lite. This free development tool or contactallows conversion of COBOL structures or C files to XML representation. And vice versa!It can also convert XML,SOA,XSD, DTD or WSDL© Arcati Ltd, 2011 9
  • 10. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategyDataKinetics solutions for functions into a stronger, single organization. It will do this by eliminating overhead and wherevermergers and acquisitions possible leveraging the strengths of each of the merging organizations as they existed prior to theAllan Zander, CEO at DataKinetics looks at merger. In achieving these efficiencies, NewCoissues and best practice solutions for merging will position itself for the ultimate challenges.mainframe IT systems after a corporatemerger or acquisition. Ultimate challenges facing new company Growing market share, introducing new products,Industry objectives cost effectively reaching a broader market place,The forces driving companies into mergers and and growing earnings are the ultimate challengesacquisitions vary by industry and also by general facing NewCo. The cost efficiencies harvested ineconomic climate. Certain objectives are common the initial merger must be expanded, and NewCoacross these parameters, however; and they are must be positioned to quickly introduce newto cost-effectively grow market share, efficiently products, eliminate old ones, and respond toimprove wallet share, and leverage core competitive pressures.competencies (like operations, R&D, anddistribution channels) to accelerate growth. As The market place will expect NewCo to not onlyattractive as these high-level objectives are, there to perform but to behave as a market leader.are also some immediate objectives that must be NewCo will be expected to drive innovation, pursuemet. new standards, and position itself to acquire yet additional companies, technologies, andThe merged company, which we will refer to as distribution channels to continue its acceleratedNewCo, will be the melding of different cultures growth. The process of building a culture andwith different strengths and different customers systems which easily integrate new enterprises,into a single enterprise that must perform better along with the process of identifying and selectingthan the arithmetic sum of the pre-merger which enterprises to acquire, ultimatelybusinesses. Actions must be taken to preserve determines the industry leader.revenues, identify and realize synergies, anddeliver improved earnings within 12 to 18 months Underlying both sets of challenges is the need forof the merger being completed. These long- and systems to be able to support NewCo, bothshort-term goals give rise to two sets of through its difficult initial challenges, as well aschallenges. during its subsequent expansion. An integration team will typically be assembled to identify the strengths of each original organization and theInitial challenges facing merging companies best systems to support those strengths. They will then lay out a strategy to integrate thoseAs soon as the merger is announced to the market systems into a single platform that will supportplace, investors, and employees, a variety of the ultimate expansion. The skills and tools withshort-term challenges face NewCo. In order to which these issues are addressed determine thepreserve revenues, customers must be retained success of the merger.despite differing sales and support processes. Asquickly as possible, NewCo must appear as asingle enterprise with a uniform set of Mastering the merger – converged customernomenclature, rational pricing, and rational experiencedistribution. It must also be able to quickly realizecost reductions by consolidating redundant Within the IT organization, the challenge is to quickly make NewCo appear as a single,10 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 11. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategy Figure 1: Merging companies with multiple disparate IT systemsseamlessly consolidated enterprise. Customers Typically within 18 months, NewCo must be ablemust see NewCo as an improvement on the pre- to merge the systems, demonstrate costmerger company in terms of their experience and efficiencies, and have laid the foundation for futurethe breadth of products and services they can now additional acquisitions.easily purchase. Competitors must see NewCoas both larger and more competitive than either When companies merge, usually an analysis ofof the two organizations prior to the merger. the IT systems is done, and a decision is madeInvestors must see a plan to derive earnings that whether to maintain coexisting IT infrastructures,reflect eliminated redundancy and efficient retain one, the other, or start afresh with aoperations. A key element in all of this is the completely new system. Maintaining status quounderlying systems that support these activities. is rarely the best option, as there will undoubtedly be a significant amount of duplicate applicationsCompanies that merge enter with large amounts and data. In most cases, to minimize risk, the bestof complex customer data, different product existing applications are selected; and to these,tracking systems, different pricing mechanisms, enhancements are added to address the specificand large amounts of support related data (as capabilities of the replaced applications. Thisshown in Figure 1 below). For each of the pre- approach minimizes the amount of reworkmerger companies, these represented a required.significant value and a significant IT investment.Merging disparate databases and incompatible Figure 2 shows the ideal end result – a single,applications is a daunting challenge for any IT merged company with a completely converged ITorganization, but it is even more critical for NewCo. infrastructure, with little or no duplication of© Arcati Ltd, 2011 11
  • 12. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategy Figure 2: Merged organization with converged IT systemsspending, material or effort. The path to this end existing table-driven systems are half-way never an easy one – in all cases there will be Table-driven systems are extremely flexible andsome level of rework required. Just how painful lend themselves very well to integration processesthe process is, largely depends on the like an IT systems merger. If existing systems arecharacteristics of the original IT system not table-driven, developing new applications thatinfrastructures, and the decision-making process. are table-driven is the best approach going forward. The ability to seamlessly merge information fromA major consideration should be what the IT disparate sources, create a table-driven systeminfrastructure looks like at the end. It must be that is easily modifiable in the future, whilecapable of accommodating future mergers and improving the speed of application execution isacquisitions – to minimize the pain felt during the the special domain of DataKinetics tableBASE.current exercise in any future exercise. Any12 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 13. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategyManager, Mainframe OpsIts 5am and that batch job hasnt nishedrunning yet! What do you do? Optimize. Optimize your batch window— run those critical batch applications in 1/10 the time that they need now. Finish your batch runs in minutes, or a few hours at the most. Were optimizing batch windows for 20% of the Fortune 50, and we can help you, too. Download our white paper, “Batch Window Optimization,” at Contact us: +1-800-267-0730 © Arcati Ltd, 2011 13
  • 14. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategyAchieving competitive advantage engineering their applications, the best parts ofIn order to derive the most synergy from the the existing code are combined with the table-strengths of the pre-merger companies, the new driven programming techniques to create oneIT infrastructure must be purposefully designed single, more efficient, more flexible application. Byto accommodate disparate business rules and having the business rules in memory, new sets ofdifferent product nomenclature easily. To achieve business rules can be added to reflect thethis, the applications must be modified to operations of new acquisitions as they arecentralize the business rules in in-memory tables multiple applications can reference them andso that they can be readily changed (as shown in The story on the product side is very similar. OrderFigure 3). Implementing a DataKinetics tableBASE entry systems and service commissioningsolution embeds the logic within in-memory tables. systems can draw on disparate back-end deliveryNot only is performance improved by greatly environments, but by capturing the productreducing the DASD access, but from re- information in memory can represent these products in a uniform way. Different product numbering systems, product configurators, and pricing systems can be hidden from order entry and sales personnel, simplifying their interaction with clients. As products change, the underlying tables housing the product information change but the applications do not and the user interface to the sales organization remains unchanged except for the new items. The result of putting both business rules and product information in memory is a strategy that can readily adapt to changing market conditions, can easily absorb new companies, product lines, or operations without affecting their ability to sell and support their products. The speed with which NewCo can adapt to market and technology changes provides sustainable competitive advantage. Benefits delivered by DataKinetics For over 25 years DataKinetics has been providing table management and performance optimization solutions to Fortune 500 companies. These companies have adapted and grown as markets have changed and economic conditions have varied. By using tableBASE to capture and administer account, product, and customer information, clients have been able to acquire and Figure 3: Business rules embedded in merge with other companies in record time. A good application code (top), and externalized example of this is a large US bank that acquired a into in-memory tables (bottom) West Coast regional bank. The analysts indicated14 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 15. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategythat it would take almost two years to merge the capital expense, and efficient IT infrastructuresystems and provide consolidated statements utilization. This contributed to more cost effectiveand support to their clients. Using tableBASE, they operation and improved earnings per share.met this objective in less than six months. Equallyimportantly, the redesigned in-memory table-oriented applications using tableBASE allowedthem to repeat this process for subsequent DataKinetics solutions are the mainframeacquisitions. optimization technologies of choice for rapidly growing market adaptive companies. ByAnother example where DataKinetics had a direct leveraging existing IT investments, DataKineticsimpact on enterprise performance was in the retail optimization provides strategic business flexibilityindustry. As retailers combined and merged to and competitive advantage to industry.form new larger retail companies, tableBASE wasused to merge the product configurators and order Allan Zander is the driving force behindentry systems and allow the new company to DataKinetics’ recent growth. An engineer by trade,tremendously broaden their offerings seemingly and an entrepreneur by heart, Allan has foundedimmediately after the merger. two businesses, and resurrected two others, before being asked to join DataKinetics. He hasIn all of these situations tableBASE also allowed successfully added his personal energy andthe newly formed company to enjoy increased marketing skill to an already successful company,computing performance, reduced operational and and has brought in more new business than the company has seen in many years.Thinking outside the box – The records are required to be protected according to the Federal Information Securitymonitoring DB2 security on Management Act of 2008 (FISMA, also referred to as US Senate Bill S.3474). FISMA mandates thatz/OS “the underlying framework that information systems and assets rely on in processing,Jerry Harding, Stephen D Rubin, and William transmitting, receiving or storing informationBuriak explain why every company is at risk electronically” have adequate security. It goes onof losing information and therefore security to say, “Meaning security commensurate with themust be given the highest priority. risk and magnitude of harm from loss, misuse, or unauthorized access to or modification ofExecutive summary information”.The President of the United States recentlyannounced plans to develop a comprehensive Web connections to data residing on theuniversal healthcare system. This program will mainframe DB2 platform through z/OS Webrequire the highly sensitive records to be stored Services, CICS® and TSO® have addedon massive computers. Essentially, they will be a functionality to legacy processing and brought“DNA footprint” for millions of Americans. Security transaction processing to new levels. It has alsofor these records should not be thought of as “after introduced a new perception of vulnerability.the fact” and will require vigilant and pro-active Mainframe Security Administrators sometimesmonitoring of security regardless of the host view it as opening up the mainframe to “intruders.”operating system.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 15
  • 16. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategyThe "bad guys" are finding new inventive ways to found to be incapable of countering security threatsobtain corporate and personal information and to of modern days. Finally it will discuss the methodsdisrupt a companys business as was done by that can be adopted to counter the latest securitysomeone holding the State of Virginia’s medical threats and how these tools work.records hostage and demanding a $10 milliondollar payment. BackgroundMost of the Financial, Healthcare and Security teams for z/OS DB2 commonly usePharmaceutical industries keep their vital records security products from IBM and Computeron DB2 and other databases residing on the IBM Associates for reporting. They are the first levelsz/OS mainframe platform. Government interests of defense. These products either allow or deny ain these corporations will lead to the next wave of user access to a resource. Unlike UNIX and otherexchange of information among them and it is operating systems security, it is a simple yes orexpected that private industries sharing database no decision. If security is denied, a violation eventinformation with the Government will soon have will be recorded on the security log files and into comply with the FISMA guidelines. most cases a message will be issued to the primary console. The event may go unnoticed untilBut regardless of the industry and whether or not the System Administrator runs a violation reportthey fall into the FISMA regulations, every company in response to an at risk of losing information. Security is notalways the highest priority in a corporation until it DB2 is capable of keeping a separate log file ofis named in the lead story on the evening news or events throughout its course of normal processing.Wall Street Journal and you are requested to testify These log files are a mainframe operating systembefore Congress. function called System Management Facility or “SMF®” records. The DB2 SMF records containThis paper puts its focus on ways to monitor z/ information related to many different types ofOS DB2 database security by thinking outside the events occurring within the system. The level ofbox. It will offer alternatives in developing an granularity depends on configurations of the DB2efficient security framework to monitor security audit trace at the individual table level. The SMFsettings and protect confidential data from ‘bad records provide data useful for investigatingguys’ in an effective and economical manner. This security events and if used in combination withpaper will also explore the tools that are available other resources, help investigate possible attacksfor developing such a security framework. The and breaches for incident response, auditing andmain focus is placed on security tools that can be compliance purposes. The DB2 SMF records areused outside the mainframe security framework. created in binary format and are not readable by aThe stress on “thinking outside the box” is plain text editor, making online viewing andemphasized as the majority of the traditional tools interpretation almost impossible.that fall within the mainframe security setting havefailed to meet today’s security, auditing andcompliance mandates. It will detail the steps to Separation of dutiesbe taken when setting up log collection and security One of the most fundamental aspects of theanalysis programs on the mainframe by using Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was the definition ofeconomical sources readily available. However, Separation of Duties. Having the same personalong with mentioning the efficiency of this system, monitoring security and setting up security is ait will also put stress on the need for a new clear case of a violation of the Act.framework as very often traditional measures are16 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 17. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategy Figure 1: The Forrester Group analysis of the cost per breachThe evolving security function “outside the box” in a centralized repository, (b)The Security Administrators in most z/OS introduces new technologies and experience toenvironments are responsible for monitoring mainframe computer security experts wishing tosecurity. In addition to defining and maintaining expand their careers, (c) allows non-mainframeusers and passwords, they assume the role of security technicians to become exposed to whatchasing down batch reports to answer periodic is happening “inside the box”, and is a win/winsecurity, auditing and compliance questions. proposition for the entire organization.Some leading mainframe installations are creatingindependent departments to actively monitor the The cost of a security breachsecurity using SMF event information. Other Reports on the average cost per incident for ainstallations are placing z/OS security into totally computer breach vary from $1.5 million as reportedautonomous security groups that monitor Network, by the US Department of Justice to $4.8 millionUNIX, Windows and other operating systems. per breach as stated by a 2006 Ponemon InstituteRestructuring the mainframe security group (a) survey. The Forrester Group, a leading IT Securityallows mainframe events to be monitored from firm, provided the best analysis of the cost per© Arcati Ltd, 2011 17
  • 18. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategybreach. As the Figure 1 shows, Forrester went as One very good example of this occurred duringfar as to break down the cost per record. the performance of a network vulnerabilityGovernment Agencies, large companies hosting assessment at a large government agency. Themedical and financial databases and most network was compromised (with authority of thefinancial institutions would obviously fall into the agency) and a workstation was hacked.Company C profile. Application files related to a process running on the workstation were examined. A mainframeHypothetically using this data if a hacker unencrypted DB2 logon ID and password werecompromised information from 1,000,000 credit found. The ID and password were then used tocards according to the Forrester’s charts, cost log into the DB2 application on the mainframe withestimates would be approximately $305,000,000. SYSADMIN privileges. This was just an exercise,Beyond the financial implications a compromise but if real the damages would be unlimited.of this nature would also include damage tocorporate reputation, loss of customers, andincreased regulatory scrutiny let alone the personal Weaknesses in DB2 application codedamage to the CIO and CEO There are two major concerns regarding DB2 application code being developed and running on mainframe processors.Personal liabilityInformation security breaches may go beyondcorporate boundaries and expose the corporationto unwanted legal actions. Security exposuresderived from the theft of data has lead to threeclass action law suits against the Secretary ofVeterans Affairs. The theft was a result of databeing transferred to a laptop which was laterstolen from a private residence of a VA Contractor.The security breach affected 26.5 million recordswith a VA estimate of between $100 million and$500 million to prevent and cover possible lossesfrom data theft.The Real Security Exposure to DB2 on z/OSThe most sought after target when attacking DB2data on the mainframe is to acquire the privilegesettings of the DB2 System Administrator.Compromising it and escalating the DB2 privilegesto a common user’s ID allows you to attack theDB2 data virtually unnoticed. It is becoming moredifficult to do this in the modern days of DB2; 1 Random checks of application code beinghowever, an emphasis should be placed on developed using mainframe Web Servicesmonitoring accesses to critical information seems to be in line with the security guidelinesregardless of whether an individual has or does and standards of today but “you don’t knownot have the correct privileges. It is not always what you don’t know”. Application reviews bysafe to assume that a mainframe security product the mainframe ISSO are almost non-existent.will always protect you.18 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 19. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategy2 Many of the DB2 legacy applications were Common to all companies are thousands upon written prior to the 9/11 mentality when it was thousands of SMF records that are written daily not cost-justified to change them to fit into the and in many shops the SMF logs switch once a security conscious world we are living in today. day, twice a day or perhaps hourly, depending on The inability to adapt these applications to the customer’s transaction processing volume. today’s security awareness posture poses a The volume of SMF records created cause major big problem for many large companies and difficulties making it impossible to monitor the high government agencies around the world. volume from one workstation in real-time. Another Especially when one considers that the DB2 problem presented is that these SMF records are Data-warehouse containing the key corporate typically made available with time lags between asset ‘data’ is updated, scanned, accessed reports. So for example if batch reporting on DB2 continuously supporting critical business SMF records by a bank are used to protect it from transactions. There reside the customer files, a security breach against credit card information medical information, credit card records, social and they are only available at best, on hourly security data, financial records, etc., all prime increments, it presents a window of opportunity targets for illegal information security breaches. for a breach. The Government has responded with strict regulations under HIPAA, SOX and Graham Another problem regarding batch reporting on SMF Leach, along with financial penalties to records is that these historical foundations for corporate officers who fail to comply. Under security, auditing and compliance batch reporting these pressures it is time for corporate are not at all cost effective. In fact, the cost of management to raise the bar for security manually reviewing logs is very high. Creation of methodologies protecting DB2 on z/OS to the logs with an aim to provide security is one thing, highest level. but actually manually reviewing and printing them is very expensive. Often companies seem to be reluctant in spending huge sums on reviewingUsing DB2 SMF records as event tracking these logs. But if a company does not review aThere are over 100 different types of SMF records log, then what is the purpose of putting efforts inreserved by the z/OS operating system for various collecting them?operational functions. Record numbers above acertain level can be used for vendor products andmainframe application programs. SMF record How to implement DB2 SMF Audit Tracenumber eighty (type 80 records) are used by two Recordsof the mainframe security products commonly SMF log analysis is very important when it comesfound on the mainframe. A third security product to monitoring DB2 security, auditing anduses an SMF number assigned to it at the compliance. One of the best ways to do it is byinstallation time of the product (commonly # 231) using the DB2 audit trace facility. The DB2 auditand DB2 auditing uses SMF record type 102. The trace facility must be turned on for each table youSMF records are written to files after the wish to monitor. This is done by using the AUDITmainframe operating system performs an event. clause at the time of the CREATE of the table.The mainframe Systems Programmer is Additionally, Audit Trace classes must be activatedresponsible for defining the size of the primary and in order to collect the data in the DB2 SMF records.secondary SMF files. When the primary file fills, Each class is associated with the type of DB2the secondary becomes the primary and the events you wish to monitor. The DB2 Audit Traceoriginal SMF file is archived. Classes are as follows:© Arcati Ltd, 2011 19
  • 20. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategy20 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 21. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategyClass One Class TenAccess attempts that DB2 denies because of (DB2 V9.1) CREATE and ALTER TRUSTEDinadequate authorization. CONTEXT statements, establish trusted connection information and switch userClass Two information.Explicit GRANT and REVOKE statements andtheir results. This class does not trace implicit Here is a partial list of DB2 security related eventsgrants and revokes. commonly monitored: · Access rightsClass Three · Privilege changes, explicit privilege changes asCREATE, ALTER, and DROP statements that well as administrative changesaffect audited tables, and the results of these · SYSCTRL and SYSADM activitystatements. · Changes to authorization · Dropping of tablesClass Four · Inserting/changing recordsChanges to audited tables. · Accessing data from unauthorized ID’s · GRANT/REVOKE statementsClass FiveAll read accesses to tables that are identified with For some classes, other activity within the DB2the AUDIT ALL clause. audit trail information, important for computer forensics and incident response, is the actual SQLClass Six statement that was being performed at the timeThe bind of static and dynamic SQL statements of the incident. It is a fingerprint to the table, rowof the following types: and column that the user was going after at theINSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE VIEW, and time. Unfortunately, it is buried behind a veryLOCK TABLE statements for audited tables. complex index of binary bit settings within the DB2SELECT statements on tables that are identified SMF audit trail record and difficult to interpret.with the AUDIT ALL clause. The DB2 Audit Trace facility is historically knownClass Seven for adding additional CPU overhead. DB2 hasAssignment or change of an authorization ID gotten progressively better when using this facilitybecause of the following reasons: with each new release and there has been a· Changes through an exit routine (default or drastic reduction on that overhead. The latest IBM user-written) statistics indicate that it will introduce less than· Changes through a SET CURRENT SQLID 10% additional CPU overhead, per transaction, if statement all of the classes are turned on.· An outbound or inbound authorization ID translation· An ID that is being mapped to a RACF ID from Thinking “outside the box” a Kerberos security ticket The mainframe operating system platform is the premier transaction-processing machine and hasClass Eight always boasted industry-leading securityThe start of a utility job, and the end of each phase technology. During many years of service, oftenof the utility. under the most demanding conditions imaginable, it has survived. It has proven itself time and again,Class Nine and was awarded the U.S. Government’s highestVarious types of records that are written to IFCID certification for commercial security. However, in0146 by the IFI WRITE function.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 21
  • 22. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategya changing world with an increase in lost trade The events are expected to be condensed by agentsecrets, theft of personal identity, and wrongdoings software executing on a remote employees, associates and contractors, the DB2 SMF records can be excessive in length (thestrongest security mechanisms are essential. The SQL could be 4k alone) and should be filtered ormainframe security concept of “allow” or “not condensed for any SEIM product. The process ofallow” simply may not be enough. It needs reading the security logs and condensing themadditional safeguards that help protect users and into warnings and alerts is expected to occur by adata with features that were not possible until remote agent process residing on the mainframe.recently. Doing so saves network traffic overhead and expenses related to storing excess data in theThe answer to bringing mainframe security to the central repository on a mid-range disk level is; integrating mainframe “yes” or “no” Commercial vendors for SEIM products such assecurity with existing network security products. NetIQ, Intellitactics, IBM, NetForensics, ArcSightThe mainframe security professional needs the and Novell often have remote batch or real-timetools to accomplish this feat in a world where the process to collect DB2 information from theReagan-era motto “Trust but Verify” is essential. mainframe.There are a variety of Log Management and SEIMproducts supporting DB2 that may already be One way to leverage money already spent and todeployed within your own organizations. These get the “employee of the month” award is to thinkproducts sit outside the mainframe, on the outside the box and to integrate mainframe eventsnetwork, and collect events logging from firewalls, into one of the products that your company hasUNIX, Windows and other operating systems. Very already invested in.seldom does a mainframe Security Administratortap into these resources. DB2 mainframe homegrown solutions Developing a homegrown agent application to readLog Management and monitor the DB2 SMF records, non-DB2 SMFLog Management products are available from records, console messages, applicationcommercial vendors including LogLogic, Network messages and vendor products is anIntelligence, Novell, Computer Associates, IBM and overwhelming and monumental task. The DB2others. They are designed to collect raw log data. SMF records are considered to be one of the mostA partial mainframe solution is to route the console complex record formats and can only belogs directly to the Log Management software. This interrupted by a veteran Systems only a partial solution because the console logs Not including the DB2 SMF records in aalone do not contain all of the information required homegrown solution would produce a highlyfor fully monitoring the mainframe environment. A ineffective result.better approach to Log Management is to use thecombination of raw data from console logs, Another interesting point is that the Sarbanes-security log files and SMF data. Problems arise Oxley Act of 2002 definition of Separation of Dutieswhen you attempt to send the combined specifies that security personnel administrating orinformation to the Log Management software monitoring should not be writing security code. Inbecause the volume of data traveling across the essence, homegrown written code, including lognetwork creates a lag time. The information does monitors and exits written by a security personnot arrive in a “timely manner” as required by within the organization, is in violation of the veryregulatory mandates as a result. audit finding that it was intended to resolve.SEIM products supporting DB2 With that being said; and you decide to proceed,SEIM products collect security events from many there are some complicated technical and designsources other than the mainframe.22 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 23. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategyissues that have to be worked out before you even breach. Therefore, it is no longer efficient or safebegin. These issues include: to rely solely on batch reporting and mainframe· Asynchronous timing security systems that work strictly inside the· Unacceptable consumption of CPU and mainframe, only recording on incidents where Network resources security has been violated. It is now possible to· Conversion of data from binary to text format use products to monitor mainframe security from· Delivering the information on a timely manner outside the mainframe itself. so that it can be immediately acted upon. Among the various kinds of security products thatThe complexity and costs related to the can work sitting outside the mainframe platformdevelopment of a homegrown application is often are Log Management and SEIM (Security Eventcast aside by management when compared to and Incident Management) products supportingthe cost of purchasing proven software from DB2. Each of these products has their own prosreliably vendors. and cons and there is no “one shoe fits all” solution. The important point is that all these solutions are more economical, efficient and faster than theSummary earlier models in countering new types of securityDB2 z/OS is here to stay and will only grow to threats.accommodate data warehousing requirementsand corporate business transactions. In the past So, how will you choose the correct softwarethe security emphasis always seemed to be on among the many alternatives? While choosing adistributed systems. However the new particular security product that is able to workGovernment regulations have leveled the field to sitting outside the mainframe platform, certaininclude all data, as exampled under the Federal factors have to be checked. Here are someInformation Security Management Act (FISMA) of criteria that you may consider when evaluating a2008. Every Government computer and network security product for your company:is essentially required to protect its confidential · Scalabledata and any other types of records. These · Ease of usestandards are about to spill over into the · Room for lateral growthcommercial arena with the fusion of Government · Real time 24/7 event monitoringand commercial entities. SOX and HIPAA have no · Ease of configuration and installationcomputer boundaries regarding the compromise · Small footprint of mainframe processing andof critical data. Unauthorized changes to patient minimum performance impact on mainframeinformation or accounting records are all fair game systemsin the eyes of the law. Companies should not wait for the incident toIn this paper we have addressed some important happen to make newspaper headlines. Althoughissues relating to security breaches. They include the cost of protecting data effectively is high, thehow the mainframe platform works towards cost of a security breach is even highermonitoring security of records, what the pitfalls considering the new laws governing theare in the traditional methods of using DB2 SMF compromise of data. Companies can take a sighrecords for event tracking, and how the mainframe of relief now that there is cost effective andplatform can be modernized to provide improved comprehensive mainframe software available insecurity monitoring of important and confidential the market. These products meet the currentrecords. An attack, especially on DB2 z/OS to needs of the corporations in the area of securingobtain the privilege settings of the DB2 System confidential records of their own businesses asAdministrator, allows for a stealthy security well as of their clients, and have all the qualities© Arcati Ltd, 2011 23
  • 24. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategythat are required to counter today’s security company and IBM Business Partner in softwarethreats. They work efficiently with existing development. He has over 25 years mainframemainframe security products and make use of systems experience and 15 years securitySMF and console messages in appropriate ways. management experience. He has worked withThey are capable of tracking DB2 audited events, NATO’s Counterintelligence Lathe Gambitseveral types of insider threats, delivering security project, the US Army Counterintelligence,mainframe alerts in real time and easily integrating and other government, private and publicwith other existing security monitors. organizations. He also provides professional services to government agencies on mainframeSo, don’t let data breaches derail your career, or and security related subjects.more importantly, your boss’s. Proactivecompanies, having a track record of monitoring Stephen D. Rubin is the founder and president ofsecurity logs from outside the box, are in the MMI. Under his leadership MMI has a track recordforefront of Government requirements and have of 20 years of financial success in creatinga solid framework in place to manage DB2 data business markets for information technologyand its associated risks. Doing so puts them, services (IT) across North America. Areas ofregardless of their industry, in a better competitive business include training, consulting services, andposition, with an ideal security posture that will software. MMI has trained over 3,000 IT studentsallow them to participate in the very important data- representing over 400 corporations in databasesharing evolution taking place. design, information security, capacity planning and distributed application development. Professional service engagements have included information security, server consolidation, and theFounded in 2002, Type80 Security Software is a auditing of capacity planning and chargebackleading producer of Mainframe security solutions. methodologies for both public and private sectors.Type80s flagship product, SMA_RT, is a Stephen has authored white papers to driverevolutionary host-based intrusion detection and market recognition and helped create the Unitedalert notification product for IBM mainframe States marketplace for a European software start-computers running on the zSeries/Operating up client.System (z/OS). Type80s products are designedto protect information stored on IBM mainframes William Buriak has over 25 years of informationby detecting the presence of unauthorized and technology experience with an extensivesuspicious activity and delivering relevant alerts background in financial services, healthcare, andto Log Management and SEIM products in real- technical and management consulting. Bill is atime. By allowing quick and easy access to Senior Executive with demonstrated experienceimportant Mainframe-specific security events, in planning, developing, and implementing costType80s products provide a valuable role in effective, innovative solutions to address complexhelping organizations around the globe meet business problems. He has broad recognizedvarious Governance, Risk Management and experience in managing mainframe systems,Compliance regulations. Type80 is a privately-held Web based, and distributed systems. He hascorporation based in Alexandria, Virginia. extensive qualifications including vendor management, consensus building, and strategicPlease visit for further planning skills. Currently working in the Securityinformation. Engineering area of a major world bank, Mr. Buriak is responsible for compliance and control of a largeJerry Harding is CEO of Type80 Security Software, number of global products.Inc. Type80 is an emerging security technology24 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 25. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategy and-error routines to find solutions to problems. IfCA Mainframe Chorus a problem recurs on an infrequent basis, there’s no easy way to document the solution so it canDenny Yost takes a detailed look at CA be shared with others or quickly implemented theMainframe Chorus from CA Technologies. next time it occurs. Mainframe professionals also find themselves switching between multiple,For many large organizations throughout the world, disparate tools to perform their jobs, furthermainframe computing environments are an zapping productivity.essential business asset that continues to grow.Mission-critical applications hosted on Determining how to leverage the expertise of themainframes process trillions of transactions aging mainframe professionals, transfer theirannually for customers of banks, insurance knowledge to the younger generation ofcompanies, brokerage houses, various professionals, increase productivity to keep costsgovernment agencies, manufacturers, and a host low, and teach the younger generation how to useof other organizations. However, if a mission- command-level mainframe tools is a significantcritical application or service isn’t available, challenge for CIOs. It’s a challenge that must becustomers suffer, causing significant losses in resolved soon.revenue and customer goodwill. For this reason,managing the mainframe computing environmenthas always been and will always be vital to the A new, innovative mainframe managementcontinued success and viability of many large solutionorganizations. CA Mainframe Chorus addresses the need for easing the management of mainframe resources, provides a standardized method of knowledgeThe dilemma transfer, and increases productivity through theCIOs are facing several significant challenges to use of its role-based, unique interaction model.keep their vitally important mainframe computingassets performing at their best. It’s no secret that The unique interaction model of CA Mainframemost mainframe professionals are specialists with Chorus delivers a new approach to managing20 to 30 years of experience who will be retiring in mainframe computing environments for today’sthe coming years. When a problem occurs with and tomorrow’s information systemsz/OS, DB2, CICS, security, storage, or other professionals by combining a visual workspace,mainframe components, the speed of correctly collaboration, automation, and the ability to capturesolving the problem is critical. Yet, years of and easily share knowledge into a graphically-rich,experience and knowledge are needed to quickly integrated solution organized around the job roleknow where to look and what action to take. The of the person using it. Here’s how it works.experienced mainframe professionals have thisknowledge, but the younger generation doesn’t.Getting younger mainframe professionals up to Easing mainframe managementspeed quickly is also difficult due to the CA Mainframe Chorus presents mainframemainframe’s text-based, command-oriented resources in an intuitive, easy to learn and useinterface in contrast to one that’s graphical. graphical display known as the workspace. The workspace includes a metric panel, workspaceProductivity is another issue. While experienced tabs, and the module section (see Figure 1). Themainframe professionals possess significant metric panel is located at the top and is aknowledge, they must still regularly reference continuously running horizontal scroll displayingmanuals, collaborate with others, and perform trial-© Arcati Ltd, 2011 25
  • 26. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategy Figure 1: CA Mainframe Chorus provides the base platform upon which different role-based management components are builtthe status of various performance variables (known to resolve issues has been a looming questionas Metric Icons) such as system, database, for the past few years. Experienced mainframeapplication performance, and many others. These professionals know what commands to enter toperformance variables dynamically change color identify a problem, what actions to take tobased on thresholds to provide visual notice of implement a solution, and a host of othervarious alert conditions. When the user clicks on information. How to capture the expertise of thea performance variable, more in-depth information experienced mainframe professionals and makeis displayed in the workspace tabs area to present it accessible to the younger generation for learningdetailed data of what’s taking place. Since CA and using has been a quandary for many CIOs.Mainframe Chorus provides an integrated solution,a mainframe professional can further drilldown into CA Mainframe Chorus provides the ability toa problem through seamless interfaces to other capture and store information. Policies,products and take the appropriate corrective procedures, actions, and solutions can beaction. documented, readily available, sharable, and, in many cases, automatically performed. The result is a standardized method for knowledge transfer,Knowledge transfer more effective management of mainframes, andCapturing the knowledge of aging, experienced easier skill development for the next generation ofmainframe professionals and the actions they take mainframe professionals.26 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 27. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Mainframe strategy Figure 2: CA Mainframe Chorus helps users easily visualize complex DB2 relationships when navigating LPAR, subsystems, databases and other DB2 objectsGreater productivity Chorus can also automate the execution ofBeing able to perform tasks quicker and easier is commands, steps or other workflow, potentiallyalways nice. Effortlessly performing repetitive and accomplishing in minutes what might take amonotonous tasks faster is awesome. mainframe professional much more time to complete.CA Mainframe Chorus increases productivity inseveral ways. Its intuitive interface makesperforming a wide variety of mainframe CA Mainframe Chorus for DB2 Databasemanagement functions far easier, thereby Managementimproving productivity for both experienced and CA Mainframe Chorus provides the base platforminexperienced mainframe professionals. Since the upon which different role-based managementproduct is easy to learn how to use, younger components are built. The CA Mainframe Chorusmainframe professionals can quickly be platform combined with one or more role-basedperforming tasks that would otherwise take them management components delivers a total solutionmonths to learn and master. CA Mainframe to optimize performance, simplify management,© Arcati Ltd, 2011 27
  • 28. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Mainframe strategyand accelerate staff knowledge and experience. • Object Tree navigation and management ofThe first role-based management component DB2 objects: Improve productivity andbeing introduced with the base platform is CA visualization when navigating LPARs,Mainframe Chorus for DB2 Database subsystems, databases and other DB2 objectsManagement (note: other roles will be introduced • Alerts on DB2 threshold exceptions that providein the future). a launch point for easier troubleshooting: Focus DBAs on priority Service Level AgreementA unique user experience is delivered by CA (SLA) items and enable new DBAs to learnMainframe Chorus for DB2 Database these skillsManagement for z/OS Database Administrators • In-context domain documentation with third-(DBAs). The product helps streamline and party integration: Increase productivity of bothautomate repetitive DBA tasks, freeing time for current and next-generation mainframe IT staffmore strategic projects. An example screen is through centralized, in-context knowledgeshown in Figure 2. Complex DB2 for z/OS • Near real-time performance monitoring withrelationships can easily be visualized, thresholds graphical displays: Manage the health of theand alerts can be proactively monitored, and DB2 system as well as currently executingperformance bottlenecks can be quickly identified, applications.diagnosed, and resolved to improve performance.Best of all, action steps to follow, documentationof actions taken, and other experiences can beeasily accessed and shared to help accelerate CA Mainframe Chorus and CA Mainframe Chorusknowledge and simplify mentoring for the next for DB2 Database Management are availablegeneration of DBAs. from CA Technologies, One CA Plaza, Islandia, NY 11749. Voice: 800-225-5224; Website: Mainframe Chorus for DB2 DatabaseManagement key features: See a demo; read a White Paper; get more• Time series data graphing for DB2 application information – you can learn more about CA performance data: Automate tracking and Mainframe Chorus for DB2 Management by graphing of comparative historical data analysis visiting the vendor’s Website at for easier diagnosis and resolution of chorus. performance issues The 2010 Guide Share Europe UK National Conference was again held on 2nd and 3rd November at Whittlebury Hall. To help stay connected, the conference centre offered free Wi-Fi in public areas, and the conference provided 14 streams of seminars with five sessions per day - a staggering 140 presentations over the two days. In addition to the CICS, IMS, DB2, Enterprise security, large systems working group, network management working group, and software asset management streams, there were four streams for Tivoli users, DB2 LUW, zLinux, and new technologies. So there was definitely something for everyone. While management may feel that a couple of days out of the office must mean IT staff are simply enjoying themselves, the truth is these conferences help so much to share information and keep abreast of trends and new developments. Many thanks to the organizers for setting up such an excellent event, and to Mark Wilson who was conference manager for this years conference.28 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 29. who can change the way themainframe is managed forever?Introducing CA Mainframe Chorus from CA Technologies.CA Mainframe Chorus dramatically simplifies mainframe management to help make your peoplemore successful and more productive while helping you maintain worldclass Quality of Service.CA Mainframe Chorus is a part of the CA Mainframe 2.0 strategy. It is both a fast on-ramp tomainframe management responsibilities and a productivity engine designed to help you getmore value from your mainframe platform.Simpler. Faster. More productive.The first management role, “CA Mainframe Chorus for DB2 Database Management,” isavailable today.To learn more, please visit we canCopyright ©2011 ca. All rights reserved.
  • 30. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey by Mark Lillycrop and Trevor Eddolls The 2011 Mainframe User Survey An analysis of the profile, plans, and priorities of mainframe users. Many thanks to all those who took part.As usual our annual mainframe survey provides Responses from large mainframe vendors anda snapshot of the System z user community’s multiple entries from different people at the sameexisting hardware and software configuration, and site were excluded from the survey.also their plans and concerns for 2011. Respondents were from all over the world and theirThis year we have continued to track the growth distribution is shown in Chart 1. 52% were fromof mainframe integration with Web services, cloud North America and 32% from Europe, with 16%computing, and other areas of new development, from the rest of the well as gauging the extent to which ‘specialty’ 6% 2% 8% North America Europe Middle East/Africa 52% Asia Pacific 32% South America Chart 1: Distribution of respondentsengines, and Linux applications are changing the As usual, a wide range of industry types areface of mainframe computing. In addition, we have represented in our sample (Chart 2). Notcontinued to explore relative cost in more details, surprisingly banking and IT account for a largeasking respondents how fast their distributed proportion of the organizations involved (28% andserver costs are growing relative to the mainframe. 20% respectively), with Government next with 16%.And we have investigated how important “green” Insurance and retail both have 8% each. Transportissues are to the mainframe community. and ‘other’ have 6% each. Health has 4%, leaving education and telecoms with 2% each.Profile of respondentsThe mainframe user survey was completed by A third way to categorize respondents is to look at100 individuals between the 1 November 2010 and business size. As shown in Chart 3, 44% of thethe 3 December 2010. Survey respondents were companies have in excess of 10,000 employeeseither contacted directly by e-mail or other Web- worldwide,Below that, with 14% of respondents,based means and invited to complete the are staff sizes of 0-200, 1001 to 5000, and 5001mainframe user survey on the Arcati Web site. to 10000. 10% of respondents had 201-500 staff,30 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 31. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey 2% 2% IT 4% 6% Banking 28% 6% Government Insurance 8% Retail Transport Other 8% Health 20% 16% Education Chart 2: Industry sector of respondents Telecomsand four respondents didn’t reveal how many staff oscillates between the two options. 4% ofworked for their company. respondents said they were working in an outsourced operation. This figure is down from82% of our respondents were involved in running last year’s value of 9%. 6% said they were partlyin-house data centres. This figure is particularly outsourced (last year 3%).interesting because it changes each year. In 2006it was 85%, in 2007 it was 77%, in 2008 it was Installed MIPS and capacity growth83%. Last year it was 76%. It is unlikely that some As in previous surveys we have used MIPS asof our respondents outsource for a year and then the principal measure of capacity size. We askedreturn to in-house working. Perhaps the most likely respondents to indicate the total mainframe MIPSexplanation is that outsourcing continues to suit installed on their systems, and the result is shownsome people and not others and the trend in Chart 4. 50% of respondents (slightly up on last 4% 14% 0-200 10% 201-1000 1001-5000 5001-10000 44% 10000+ 14% no response 14% Chart 3: Number of employees woldwide in organizations surveyed© Arcati Limited, 2011 31
  • 32. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey 4% 12% Under 500 32% 500-1000 10% 1000-10000 10000-25000 25000+ 24% No response 18% Chart 4: Total mainframe MIPS installedyear’s 45%) said they had fewer than 1000 MIPS two sites claiming growth in the region of 26-50%.installed, 24% fell into the mid-sized category 10% of sites are reporting a decline in mainframebetween 1000 and 10,000 MIPS (down very slightly capacity growth (up from last year’s 4% and higherfrom last year’s 26%), and 22% were at the high than the7% reported in 2008). 18% of sites areend (down from last year’s 29%). As in last year’s not expecting any kind of change in their MIPS thisresearch, we use installed MIPS later in the survey year. Looking at Chart 6, however, we can seeto identify differences between small, mid-sized, that the picture varies considerably depending onand larger users. the size of the system. All but two of the larger, more mature businesses (above 10,000 MIPS)Chart 5 shows the annual MIPS growth of are experiencing some growth, with almost equalrespondents. Two-thirds (66%) of mainframe numbers in the 0-10% and 10-25% quadrants. Forinstallations are experiencing some growth, with mid-range respondents, most were looking at 6% 10% 2% Decline 18%24% None 0 to 10 10 to 25 26 to 50 40% Not sure Chart 5: Annual MIPS growth of respondents32 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 33. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey 100% 90% 80% 70% 26-50 per year 60% 50% 10 to 25 per year 40% 0 to 10% per year 30% 20% No growth 10% 0% Declining Less than 1000-10000 Over 10000 1000 MIPS MIPS Chart 6: MIPS growth by installation sizegrowth of 10-25%, and two sites were looking at As in previous years, the mainframe marketgrowth between 25 and 50%. Two sites reported appears to be more fragmented than one mightzero growth. In terms of percentage, more mid- think. There are definitely competitive pressuresrange sites were growing by 10 to 25% than larger at the lower end of the mainframe market. This,sites. 17% of sites with less then 1000 MIPS coupled with concerns about cost and theshowed a decline in growth, although just over half availability of skills and applications, goes some(52%) showed growth of 10-25% per year. way towards explaining the mixed picture. As we’ll 100% 90% Not sure 80% None installed 70% 60% More than 50% per year 50% 26-50 per year 40% 10 to 25 per year 30% 0 to 10% per year 20% No growth 10% 0% Declining Mainframe Unix Linux Windows Other IBM i mainframe Chart 7: Mainframe capacity growth compared with other platforms© Arcati Limited, 2011 33
  • 34. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user surveysee later in the comments section, some of the and 24% of sites are expecting growth greater thansmaller sites are moving away from mainframes that.42% of Linux sites are expecting a growth upnot because of any particular issue with the to 25% per year and 14% are expecting growthmainframe platform, but because managers are geater than that. 40% of Windows sites areunfamiliar with its advantages. Some sites may expecting growth up to 25% per year, and 10%well be waiting for delivery of the new z196 are expecting growth in excess of that..processors, which will impact on the MIPS valuesthey report next year. Hardware and software currency The IBM mainframe hardware range continues toWe also compared the rate of growth of the receive a regular makeover, with new high-endmainframe with that of other IT platforms within and low-end systems generally being announcedthe enterprise. As shown in Chart 7, the System z on alternate years – 2008 saw the addition of thelooks relatively strong in the slow-to-medium z10 processors. And, of course, 2010 saw the newgrowth range (up to 25%). Interestingly, for the first zEnterprise processors. Delivery dates for eachyear ever, we had six respondents suggesting that range are provided in the Technical InformationLinux growth was declining. When the “don’t section of the Yearbook.know” results have been excluded, we find 68%of mainframes are experiencing a growth of 1- Our research suggests that, traditionally, users25% per year, which is well down on last year’s upgrade on a regular basis to the most recentfigure of 85%. 15.5% of Unix sites reported growth hardware to take advantage of capacity increasesgreater than 50% per year. This compared with and cost benefits. Bearing in mind that the new4.5% for Linux and just under 9% for Windows ^% z196 machines are only just being delivered, Chartof Unix, Linux, and Windows sites are predicting 8 shows that just over a third (36%) ofa decline in growth. 50% of Unix sites are respondents are currently using z10s, and aexpecting growth in the region of 1-25% per year, sllightly higher number (41%) are still on z9s. Older 3% 1% zEnterprise 3% 3% 1%1% z10BC 18% 8% z10EC z9BC 3% z9EC z9BC z990 8% z890 18% z900 z800 Multiprise 3000 18% 15% Other IBM Other PCM Chart 8: Mainframe processors installed (all responses)34 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 35. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey 2% 10% older 8% z/OS 1.7 6% z/OS 1.8 z/OS 1.9 48% z/OS 1.10 8% z/OS 1.11 z/OS 1.12 18% Chart 9: Primary mainframe operating system release in use“z” mainframes accounted for just under a quarter 1.11 (up from last year’s 4%), 18% are still using(22%) of all processors in use by respondents. It V1.10 (down from last year’s 27%), and about ais perhaps worth pointing out here that many third (32%) of sites are using older versions. Lastrespondents had more than one processor in use year 49% reported using Version 1.9, whereas thisat their site – and one site had seven different year the figure is just 8%.processor models in use. Mainframe strategySoftware currency (Chart 9) presents a more Within the industry as a whole, opinion is clearlymixed picture and tends to lag a little behind divided over the role of the mainframe in newhardware. This year’s survey finds 2% of sites applications. For some companies the mainframeusing Version 1.12, but 48% of sites using Version remains a separate legacy environment while 12% 6% Not sure No 34% Not yet Partly 40% Fully 8% Chart 10: Do your mainframe applications participate in your Web services/SOA?© Arcati Limited, 2011 35
  • 36. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 DB2 CICS WAS IMS SAP Siebel Other Dont know Chart 11: Which middleware are, or do you plan to enable, with Web services?others are leveraging the strengths of large planning stage). There are considerable cost andsystems by using them to deploy new workloads management benefits of consolidating distributedand technologies. Linux workloads onto the mainframe, and IBM made the IFL (Integrated Facility for Linux)We asked respondents whether their z/OS specialty processor available in 2001. Runningsystems participate in Web services and SOA Linux on a mainframe seems well on its way toenvironments, and the results are shown in Chart becoming a mainstream technology. 58% of10. 52% of organizations said that their organizations said that they are Web-enabling theirmainframes participate partly or fully in Web CICS subsystems (Chart 11), which is down fromservices. This figure seems to be stabilizing, 68% last year. 62% of sites are Web-enabling DB2,because last year it reached an all-time high of which is up from last year’s 59%. 26% of sites59%. Before that it was 53% in 2008 and 48% in are Web-enabling IMS, again down from last2007. It may well be that SOA and Web services year’s 35%, and WebSphere Application Serverhas now reached maturity because the number rated 26% (again dropping from last year’s 32%.of sites planning to integrate them in the future [Bear in mind that the small percentages attachedhas increased this year to 8% (up from 5% last to SAP and Siebel probably reflect the smalleryear). number of sites using these products on the mainframe rather than a reluctance to consider30% (almost the same as last year’s 31%) went Web-service enabling.]on to say that they run Java-based applicationson the mainframe, with a further 10% planning to This year we asked about cloud computing for thedo so in the future. This value is very similar to first time. We asked whether respondentslast year’s 9%. Again a sign of maturity in the currently used their mainframe for cloudtechnology. 42% of respondents (up last year’s computing. Only 2% of respondents said they did.39%) said that they run Linux on the System z 34% said they didn’t, and the rest weren’t sure.(with only 2% – down from last year’s 7% – at the Bearing in mind that it is still early days for a cloud36 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 37. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user surveycomputing initiative, we asked whether Relative costrespondents were planning to adopt cloud There are many ways of comparing the costs ofcomputing as a strategy. 22% said they weren’t mainframe systems with those of other platforms,at present. 8% thought some mainf rame but none of them are straightforward and few areapplications would be cloud enabled in the future, meaningful. CIOs and finance directors all tooand a similar number thought most would be cloud- often have little experience of the factors thatenabled in the future. However, 4% didn’t see a contribute to mainframe total cost of ownershipuse for cloud computing. It will be interesting to and there is still little published data available tofollow these figures in future surveys. help them make informed comparisons. It is beyond the scope of this short survey to go intoAs for the future of legacy systems, once again detail on cost, but the following questions explorethe answer depends to a degree on the size and some areas where financial comparisons can bematurity of the installation. As shown in Chart 12, made between large centralized systems and54.5% of the largest sites see integration as the distributed servers.way forward and predict a positive strategicdirection – lower than last year’s figure of 68%. In We asked respondents how fast their System z-the mid-range (between 500 and 10,000 MIPS), related expenditure is increasing, in terms of thethe pro-integration contingent drops to 46% (down technology itself and the people needed to supportfrom 54% last year) with 14% (up from last year’s it. In Chart 13, we compare these results with the8%) considering porting to Unix or Linux. Below growth in mainframe capacity. The vast majority500 MIPS, the picture is similar, with 44% planning of respondents said that their people andto integrate. Interestingly, only the mid-range sites technology costs were seeing single-digit growthconsidered migrating to Windows. at the most (with 11% of sites seeing a decline in technology costs and 18% of sites seeing a 100% Dont know 80% A mixture of strategies 60% Maintained and actively integrated Maintained but not integrated 40% Mostly outsourced 20% Mostly ported to Unix/Linux 0% Mostly ported to Windows Less than 500 500-10,000 MIPS Over 10,000 MIPS MIPS Chart 12: Legacy application plans over the next three years© Arcati Limited, 2011 37
  • 38. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey 100% 90% 80% Declining 70% 0% per year 60% 50% Less than 10% per year 40% 10-25% per year 30% 20% 26%-50% per year 10% 0% Capacity Technology People costs costs Chart 13: How fast is your System z-related expenditure growing annually, on the technology itself and on the people required to manage the technology?decline in people costs). 28% (down from 47%) reported people costs increasing above 10%.of respondents reported capacity growth higher Perhaps these sites are expecting to make savingsthan 10%, whereas only 13% reported technology on head count through the use of more moderncosts increasing by that amount, and only 5% technology. 100% 90% 80% 70% 0% mainframe/100% distributed 60% 20% mainframe/80% distributed 50% 40% 40% mainframe/60% distributed 30% 60% mainframe/40% distributed 20% 80% mainframe/20% distributed 10% 100% mainframe/0% distributed 0% What proportion of your What proportion of total IT budget is spent on enterprise data resides mainframe-related costs on the mainframe? and how much on other platforms? Chart 14: IT budget and corporate data: mainframe and distributed systems compared38 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 39. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user surveyWe went on to ask what proportion of the total ITbudget is absorbed by mainframe-related costs,and what proportion of enterprise data resides on 100%the mainframe (Chart 14). The result was that, 90%while more than half of our respondents use the 80%mainframe to manage the lion’s share of the 70%corporate data, their spend on the mainframe and 60%distributed systems are very similar. So the 50%popular perception that the System z is soaking 40%up financial resources without providing a good 30%return on investment would, yet again this year, 20%seem to be firmly dismissed by these figures. 10% 0%Again this year, we asked how fast respondents IBMi non-IBM Windows Linux Unix mainframebelieved their acquisition/maintenance and supportcosts for distributed platforms were growing Are your distributed acquisition/maintenance costsrelative to the mainframe, for an equivalent amount growing faster or slower than mainframe?of capacity or size of user population respectively(Chart 15). In other words, did they think that theirmainframe costs were increasing faster or more Much fasterslowly than their Unix, Linux, Windows, and IBM i A little fastercosts. Of course, these numbers have to be About the sametreated with great caution as we are askingrespondents to make direct comparisons, which, A little sloweras we have just stated, are very complex. Once Much sloweragain, this chart can be used only as an indicationof a general trend, but it’s a very interesting trendnevertheless! Anything above the green bar ineach column suggests higher costs for alternative 100%platforms. Again this year, a substantial numberof respondents felt that their Unix, Linux, and 80%Windows user-support costs were increasingfaster than the mainframe for an equivalent 60%amount of capacity or support. Similarly, andparticularly marked for Windows environments, 40%their anticipated acquisition and maintenancecosts were increasing faster than for the 20%mainframe. 0%With the environment and environmental issues IBMi non-IBM Windows Linux Unixgetting so much coverage in the media these mainframedays, we wanted to know whether IBM’s greeninitiatives on things like power consumption and Are your distributed user support costs growing faster or slower than mainframe?cooling had made the mainframe more or lessattractive to our respondents. 72% of respondents Chart 15: Relative growth of expenditure:(the same figure as last year) said that IBM’s green mainframe versus distributedinitiatives made no difference at all. No-one said© Arcati Limited, 2011 39
  • 40. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user surveythat the initiative made the mainframe less customers. Mainframe management is now soldattractive. 17% felt it made the mainframe a little as a way of allowing customers to maintain themore attractive, and 11% felt it made the quality of the service they get from the mainframemainframe a lot more attractive. Clearly without the reliance on experienced mainframers.“greenness” isn’t much of a selling point for In other words, the software will identify a problemmainframes. and, as well as informing a less-qualified human, will take the necessary steps to negate theIBM versus the ISVs problem. In addition, vendors are beginning to useThe mainframe independent software vendor (ISV) GUI-type screens, that younger IT people are morebusiness is continually evolving. Many of the better- familiar with, to display important informationknown names, particularly those that providesystem/data management tools and utilities, are W e asked respondents what makes themmerging or being acquired by larger companies. consider a change of vendor for their mainframeOthers are simply disappearing from what had tools and utilities. It’s clear from Chart 16 that costbecome a very crowded market, although a small is by far the biggest driver, even though cheaperstream of new entrants helps to redress the tools often off er limited functionality.balance. Disappointingly for ISVs, this year 32% of respondents (up from 20%) claimed they rarelyIBM regularly argues that some ISVs are too consider changing mainframe software.inflexible and need to change their software pricingstrategies, while the third-party suppliers respond We also asked how much of users’ mainframethat IBM is placing excessive pressure on them software budget is spent on IBM/Tivoli software,by using its size and influence to win over their and how much on products from other vendors. 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 ow r st d ns he or e rte co ar tio kn nd Ot o tw ce nc ve nt pp du of fu su m Do es Re w fro rs m ne do ice fra in en ain rv ga fv se m To ro rt/ e be po ac m pl up re nu rs er ce tte ev du be if Re in ly re ta Ra ob To Chart 16: What are the most important reasons for replacing mainframe tools and applications?40 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 41. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey 100% IBM 100% 80% IBM 80% 60% IBM 60% 40% IBM 40% 20% IBM 20% 0% IBM 0% 1 Chart 17: How much software budget goes to IBM and how much to ISVs?This year (see Chart 17) we found that 87% of Other issuesrespondents pay more to IBM/Tivoli for software Two other matters have again been addressed inthan to other vendors. This is a massive increas this year’s survey. Firstly, we asked whether IBM’sfrom last year’s 30%. Clearly, IBM’s product ‘specialty’ processors – such as the Integrateddevelopments and its acquisitions in recent years Facility for Linux (IFL), the Application Assistare paying off and sites are using more of their Processor (zAAP) intended for Java applications,software than from third-parties. 13% A little more attractive Much more attractive No difference 50% 37% Chart 18: Do IBM’s ‘specialty’ processors make the mainframe more or less attractive in terms of reducing costs and cost-justifying new applications?© Arcati Limited, 2011 41
  • 42. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 IFL zIIP zAAP None Chart 19: Specialty processors installedand the Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) In the USA, regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxleyintended primarily for DB2 – make the mainframe Act (SOX), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability andmore attractive in terms of reducing costs and Accountability Act), and BASEL II, plus what’scost-justifying new applications. Only 8% of sites estimated to be over 150 state and federal lawsweren’t sure whether it made any difference at dictate the length of time that Electronically-Storedall, which is well down from last year’s 31%. 46% Information (ESI) needs to be retained. Thesethought it made mainframes a little more attractive, regulations – and they do depend on the industry(up from last year’s 37%). And a third (34%) – have greatly increased data retention periods.thought it made mainframes much more attractive Similarly, outside the USA there has been a growth(very similar to last year’s value of 32%) – see in regulation affecting the length of time that dataChart 18. It seems that specialty processors are needs to be archived. 40% of sites were compliantnow considered to be an integral part of a or nearly compliant with these new regulationsmainframe and users like them. (much lower than last year’s 60%). The figure for sites not having an archiving strategy is 35% –We went on to ask respondents which specialty more than double last year’s 17%. It seems quiteprocessors they had. 6% of sites had all three strange that sites are putting less emphasis on(down from last year’s value of 12%) and a further compliance this year. The full results are shown28% of sites had two of the three specialty in Figure 20.processors (up from last year’s 12%). More siteshad zIIP processors (44%) than any other. 36% Survey commentshad IFL processors, and 24% had zAAP specialty At the end of the survey, respondents were invitedprocessors. 36% of sites don’t have a specialty to leave comments or other information. In theprocessor installed. The full results are shown in main, respondents are perfectly happy with theirChart 19. mainframes. No-one is ever happy about costs,42 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 43. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user survey 19% Yes, our data archiving strategy i s ful ly compliant 29% We are almost fully compliant with the latest regulations Not yet, but we are i mplementing a compl iance strategy No, not at present 10% 36% 6% Not sure Chart 20: Data archiving strategies that comply with the latest regulationsbut as long as they stay within the expected range, Costs of Ownership (TCOs) figures for differentnobody gets too exercised about it. platforms, make it clear that individual mainframers as well as mainframe softwareWhat did upset our respondents was the lack of vendors need to do much more to raise the profileunderstanding about the power and productivity of mainframes as far as the general public isassociated with mainframes. concerned. Mainframes need to be thought of as bringing positive advantages in 2011, not as someOne respondent told us: “We do not expect to have time machine back to the late 1970s.a mainframe within 2-3 years. The CIO sees themainframe as obsolete and expensive, whether Members of the general public have acceptedor not either of those is true”. Google, Amazon, and eBay as natural parts of the computing environment, and yet seem unawareA second respondent continued the theme by that getting money from an ATM involves ainf orming us that: “Our architects do not mainframe.understand mainframes and seem to be mostlyknowledgeable about Windows. Project fundingis project based and not enterprise based, hence CONCLUSIONSa tendancy to prefer percieved cheaper solutions, Throughout 2010 we have been threatened with aeg Windows.” double-dip crisis, and yet our survey still found that users are experiencing steady growth in theIt seems that anti-mainframe bigotry doesn’t stop mainframe environment. As is so often the case,there. The same respondent adds that: this pattern of growth and commitment is more“Mainframe outages are unacceptable, open sustained among the largest sites (wheresystem outages seem to be tolerated. ITIL and investments are huge and experience is plentiful)best practices are mis-used/abused”. than lower down the scale where the System z is exposed to more direct competition.This lack of appreciation for what mainframes canoffer an organization, as well as realistic Total© Arcati Limited, 2011 43
  • 44. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 2011 user surveyHaving said that, there are clearly many reasons For sites with smaller mainframes, particularlyto opt for the mainframe to support new below 500 MIPS, there is always the option – ordevelopment. Despite the complexity of perhaps threat – of migrating off the mainframe tomainframe pricing, the majority of respondents some other platform. Again this year, our surveybelieve that their Unix and Windows user-support showed this to be a strong possibility andcosts were increasing faster than the mainframe. respondents’ comments confirmed this.Similarly, most sites felt their maintenance andacquisition costs were higher on Windows and The bottom line is that the mainframe continuesUnix than on System z, and they continue to use to offer a cost-effective, secure, and powerfulthe mainframe as their principal repository for platform for organizations with the necessarycorporate data. background and expertise in place to support it.Overall the trend towards integrating mainframe Moreover, there are strong indications thatapplications with Web services and service- mainframe and non-mainframe professionals areoriented architecture continues although at a still culturally divided within the enterprise. Perhapsslowing rate. The cloud computing questions the launch of the z196 will go some way towardsproduced interesting responses. Despite the achieving this –integrating mainframe, AIX, andamount of press coverage, a mere 2% of Linux professionals together as a single IT team.respondents said that they currently use the Perhaps strategies such as CA’s Chorus willmainframe for cloud computing and just 16% create GUI-based environments that won’t lookthought they might in the foreseeable future. In unfamiliar to staf f trained in W indowsterms of specialty processors, 87% thought they environments. However, for the System z to thrivemade mainframes more attractive. Around two- long-term within the broader IT context, it isthirds of sites surveyed felt specialty processors essential that businesses – in particular CEOsmade mainframes more attractive, and around and CIOs – understand where the system’s realtwo-thirds (64%) actually had them installed and strengths lie, and how it can be integrated mostwere making use of the obvious benefits effectively with other IT resources. There is alsoassociated with them. a need for non-mainframe staff to be trained on the mainframe to appreciate its many advantages. Virtual IMS user group The Virtual IMS user group can now be found at at This independently-operated vendor-neutral site is run by and for the IMS user community. It was established as a way for individuals using IBM’s IMS hierarchical database and transaction processing systems to exchange information, learn new techniques, and advance their skills with the product. Membership is free. Look out for 2011’s programme of webinars and newsletters.44 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 45. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory Vendor Directory Vendors, consultants, and service providers working in the z/OS environmentDetails in this section are provided by the individual vendors and service providers, andArcati accepts no responsibility for their accuracy. We urge readers to contact the companiesdirectly for the latest information. Please assume that all product and company names are theregistered property of their owners.If your company is not listed here and you would like a free entry in next year’s edition, visit MAINFRAME VENDORS LISTED IN THIS DIRECTORY ABIS Connectivity Systems Action Software CONNX Solutions, Inc ASPG CopperEye Ajilon Learning CPT Global Ltd Alebra Technologies CSC Applied Software CSL International Arcis Services Data Kinetics ASG Software Solutions Dignus ATERAS DINO Software Atos Origin Direct Computer Resources Attachmate DPI Software Attunity DTS Software Axios Products Edge Information Group B & M Europe Ltd Enterprise Systems Associates, Inc. Baer Consulting ("ESAi") Beta Systems Software Epoka Group Big Iron Associates EPV Technologies Blenheim Software Exspans Systems Blue Sea Technology EZ Legacy BluePhoenix Solutions Fujitsu Technology Solutions BMC Software GT Software BOB Tech Solutions H&W Computer Systems Bsecure – The Mainframe & Security Higobi Systems Company HORIZONT Bus-Tech I/S Management Strategies CA i3 Business Solutions Canam Software IBM CASI Software Illustro Systems International CDB Software Informatica Cobbs Mill Consulting InfoSec, Inc Cole Software Innovation DP Compu Management Inspired Solutions (Software) Ltd Computer Management Sciences Interskill Learning Computer Measurement Group ISAM Compuware Corporation iTech-Ed Conexus Technologies Laid Back Software ConicIT Levi Ray & Shoup© Arcati Ltd, 2011 45
  • 46. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directory MAINFRAME VENDORS LISTED IN THIS DIRECTORY – continuedLongpela Expertise Progress | DataDirect SV GroupLooksoftware ProTech Consulting & Training Syspertec CommunicationLuminex QSGI SystemwerxMacKinney Systems Relational Architects International T3 TechnologiesMacro 4 Rocket Software TeamQuestMainframe Co Ltd RSM Partners TechMaint, LLCMainstar Software RSM Technology Techsys Software ServicesMatter of Fact Software SAS Institute The Source Recovery CoMeerkat Computer Services Ltd Scort TONE SoftwareMicro Focus Serena Software Top Gun TechnologyMSI Systems Integrators Softlib TRILOGexpertNEON Enterprise Software Software AG Type80 Security SoftwareNewEra Software Software Diversified Services VanguardOGS Consulting Software Engineering GmbH Verhoef TrainingOpenTech Systems Software (Europe) Ltd WDROracle Software on Z William Data SystemsPDFlib GmbH Solimar Systems Zephyr Development CorporationPhoenix Software Int Sosa Cousins ZosteropsPIR Group SSHPKWARE, Inc Stonesoft46 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 47. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory ABIS Phone: +41 41 748 6266 Email: Marketing@ActionSoftware.chAddress: Web: http://www.actionsoftware.chP.O. Box 220, Diestsevest 32, 3000 Leuven, Belgium.Phone: +32-16-245610 Sales contacts:Email: America +1 905 470 7113, e-mail:Web: EMEA +41 41 748 6266, e-mail:Activity: Education. areas: Data management; programming/ AsiaPac +1 905 470 7113, e-mail:testing; Web integration and legacy reengineering tools. platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux Portugal, Spain, Mexico, South and Central AmericaNon-mainframe platforms supported: Linux, Windows +34 911845930, e-mail: Italy and Italian speaking countries +39 039 999 2101, e-mail: Sales@dpcssrl.comCompany profileABIS Training & Consulting provides high-level Activity: Software vendortechnological ICT services for large and medium-sized Specialist areas: System management; storageenterprises. The activities are based on specialized ICT management; asset and change management; security;knowledge, which is offered as training and consulting. programming/testing.ABIS was founded in 1984 in Belgium but it is also active Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390in the Netherlands (with a separate subsidiary in Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/Woerden near Utrecht) and in Luxemburg. capacity-based, otherProduct/service informationIn recent years, ABIS has invested heavily in mainframe- Company profilerelated expertise: in z/OS, DB2 and IMS, and application We are an established software company based indevelopment. Cham, Switzerland, specialising in mainframe z/OS solutions in the areas of security, availability, auditability,Courses and consulting services can be grouped into risk management, continuity of business, systemthree main categories: governance and change management. These unique• z/OS Host Based Technology, with particular offerings are designed for both MVS and USS (Unix emphasis on z/OS Enterprise Server as an System Services). application development platform. The main focus is on z/OS and DB2, as well as the application Our company supports the whole of Europe and our development process on this platform. More specific personnel speak both fluent English and German. courses and services are offered on z/OS, DB2, IMS/ Our business objectives are to help customers improve DB, TSO, CICS, IMS/DC, traditional application their system’s availability, to optimize their control of development, COBOL and WSED4Z. system changes and to provide accurate auditing.• Database consolidation: training in the use and Product/service information integration of different databases. ABIS provides Our products are: training and expertise on DB2, DB2 UDB, IMS/DB, • eventACTION (Change Tracker, Change Manager, Oracle and SQLServer. Reference Tracker and Command Manager) • ussACTION (Change Tracker, Change Manager and• Re-use and integration. The focus here is on object- Reference Tracker). oriented analysis and design. Key to our approach is the development of reusable components for These have been implemented and used effectively for applications and web servers. Courses are offered on many years by organizations such as the major banks, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Application Server, XML, insurance, and manufacturing companies. eventACTION OO application development, Java, Eclipse, RAD, ... is the ideal solution for those corporations where security, controls, auditing, and availability are the top priority. eventACTION and ussACTION are essential for organizations wishing to enforce Sarbanes Oxley and Action Software GmbH COBIT requirements on z/OS systems.Address:Alte Steinhauserstr. 1, CH-6330 Cham, Switzerland© Arcati Ltd, 2011 47
  • 48. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directory Advanced Software Products Group Inc capacity planning, system productivity and CICS (ASPG) productivity. One in three Global 1000 data centers have selected ASPG software solutions to increase productivity, protect data, and solve critical issues in their ITAddress: environments.3185 Horseshoe Drive South Naples, FL 34104, USA.Phone: 239 649 1548. Product/service information.Email: • CIM – ICF Catalog ManagementWeb: • ERQ – RACF Administration, Reporting & Custom Application WritingActivity: Software vendor. • EURO/KEY – Euro translationSpecialist areas: System management; data • HELP/KEY – On-line CICS Helpmanagement; storage management; security; other • HSCAN – HSM reporting & analysisMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE • INFO/CPU – CPU/WLM reporting & analysisPricing options: Monthly/annual license • INFO/DASD – DASD Reporting & analysis • INFO/TAPE – Tape Reporting & analysisCompany profile • MEGACRYPTION – Mainframe file encryptionHeadquartered in Naples, Florida since 1986, ASPG has • REACT – Self-service password reset &provided the IT community with cutting-edge software synchronizationsolutions, support and services. With a worldwide • SECURE/FTP – Security for data access via FTPnetwork of support, including an active role as an IBM • SMFUTIL – SMF data management & movementPartner In Development and Microsoft Certified Partner, • SMFVIEW – SMF data management & movementASPG remains a leader in the optimization of data center • SPACECALC – DASD space calculationperformance. ASPG offers 22 innovative software • SRS – Storage Request Systemsolutions for data security, storage administration,48 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 49. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory• COMMAND/CICS – Macro to command level management; web integration and legacy reengineering translation tools; other• WIZDOM – File manipulation suite. Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix. Linux, Windows Pricing options: One-time charge Ajilon Learning Company profileAddress: Alebra Technologies develops and markets proprietary11770 Haynes Bridge Road, Suite 205, PMB 526, enterprise integration software to businesses worldwide.Alpharetta, GA 30004 USA Alebra’s software portfolio includes data sharing andPhone: +1 770 407 2269 communications solutions that integrate mainframe andEmail: open system environments. Alebra’s solutions areWeb: marketed to mid-market and enterprise customers worldwide through direct, partner, and OEMSales contacts: arrangements. Alebra has over 200 Global 2000EMEA +44 1625 441120 accounts for its products and services. Its products are installed worldwide.Activity: EducationSpecialist areas: System management; data Product/service informationmanagement; storage management; asset and change Alebra offers enterprise software that provides hostmanagement; security; programming/testing; connectivity and cross-platform data moving. Alebra’sMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, products are classified into the following families:Linux • Parallel Data Mover (PDM) is a cross platformNon-mainframe platforms supported: Windows, i5, application that allows users to reliably transfer largeLinux volumes of data using parallel data movement.Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, Connectivity options include a new world-first FICON- FCP Gateway appliance as well as GbE.Company profile • The Brixton PU2.1 SNA Server is the networkingAjilon Learning is the recognized leader in the provision software equivalent to the SunLink SNA 3270of e-learning courseware for the IBM mainframe market. Gateway, enabling communications between yourSince 1994, across a client base of over 60% of the TCP/IP networked clients and IBM mainframe andFortune 500, we have proven our expertise at developing mid-range systems using SNA and other protocols.and delivering mainframe training solutions that increase • EXPRESS is the industry’s foremost host connectivityemployee productivity, reduce costs, and eliminate errors. software on an open platform. It brings together all advanced SNA capabilities into one highly integratedProduct/service information software package, unparalleled in the industry.Datatrain mainframe e-learning is a complete, broadspectrum, out-of-the-box mainframe education solution.Either web-delivered or via your own LMS, mainframe ITdepartments will have a comprehensive, year-long Applied Software Incmainframe education solution encompassing 150+ e-learning titles, customized learning path development Address:and certification testing. PO Box 566, New Hope, PA 18938, USA. Phone: +1 215-297-9441 Email: Web: Alebra Technologies Inc Activity: Software vendor.Address: Specialist areas: System management; data550 Main Street, Suite 250, New Brighton, MN 55112 USA management; security; programming/testingPhone: +1 651 366 6140 Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390Email: Non-mainframe platforms supported: WindowsWeb: Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual license.Activity: Software vendor.Specialist areas: System management; storage© Arcati Ltd, 2011 49
  • 50. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryCompany profile management; storage management; programming/Providing solutions for data transfer and data security in testingthe z/OS environment is our mission. The integrity and Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390security of the data is critical whether data is stored onthe network, during the file transfer process, or off-site. Company profileWe provide solutions which include user-friendly tools for Arcis Services is an education supplier, using self-writtenfile transfer and data encryption using AES 128 course materials. The course catalog includes z/OSencryption, DES, Triple DES Introduction, JCL, VSAM, ICF, ISPF applicationand DESX. development, REXX, C in z/OS, Assembler, Java, etc.Product/service information Product/service informationSSR Client/Server – superset replacement for IBM’s Michel Castelein frequently conducts course sessions onIND$FILE. Unlike IND$FILE, SSR is fully supported, behalf of IBM Learning Services (Belgium andimproves file transfer performance up to 50% or more, the Netherlands).and is available for TSO and VTAM, CICS MVS Services,and CICS. The handouts are in English but sessions are taught in Dutch, French, and English.Data Encryption Facility – Applied Softwares mainframeencryption application that supports AES 128 encryption,DES, Triple DES (3DES) and DESX encryption andprovides for management of encryption keys. DEF ASG Software Solutionssupports IBM and plug-compatible CPUs with the z/OSoperating systems. CICS currently supported. Address: 1333 3rd Avenue S. Naples, FL 34102, USA.VTAM Multi-User Platform (VTAM MUP) supports SSR and Phone: 1.800.932.5536.FSE+. VTAM MUP provides program services for multiple Email: per address space and multiple address spaces Web: a native MVS VTAM environment. Automatic SAF callsprovide security processing at the same level as TSO. Sales contacts:Provides TSO-like environment without TSO’s high EMEA +44 (0) 1.727.736.300, AsiaPac +65.6332.2922, – a high performance editor, data set manager, and Activity: Software vendor.job output previewer. Supports sequential files, PDS, and Specialist areas: System management; dataPDS/E members with LRECLs up to 32760 all while management; storage management; asset and changeusing up to 50% less overhead than ISPF/PDF. Operates management; security, programming/testing; Webunder TSO and VTAM MUP. integration and legacy reengineering tools; network performance/management.TSO Superset Utilities – group of nine TSO commands Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,providing functions unavailable in the standard TSO Linux, otherenvironment. Commands include COMPARE, COPY, Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, Linux,FORMAT, FSHELP, LIST, LISTJES, MERGE, PRINTDS and windows, other.TSOSORT. Commands written in re-entrant Assembler Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, otherLanguage. Company profile For nearly 25 years, ASG’s enterprise software solutions have helped organizations manage IT complexity, from Arcis Services the desktop to the server and every application in between; improving the quality of business services andAddress: increasing end-user satisfaction. ASG provides softwareFontainasstraat 27, B - 1060 Brussels, Belgium solutions to over 85% of the world’s largest companies,Phone: +32 2 5344977 and is an established IT Service Management providerEmail: with a strong heritage in Metadata, Applications,Web: Infrastructure, Information, Operations and Performance Management technologies, as well as Service Support.Activity: Education/research.Specialist areas: System management; data50 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 51. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryFounded in 1986, ASG is a privately held company based ATERASin Naples, Florida, USA, with more than 70 offices aroundthe globe. Offering unsurpassed business value with Address:risk-free conversions, lower total cost of ownership, and 6600 LBJ Freeway Suite 210, Dallas, TX 75240, USA.the most flexible licensing programs in the industry, ASG Phone: 972 664 9005.delivers market-driven, innovative solutions that have Email: devloped based on the real needs of business and Web: management. Some of ASG’s well-known brandsinclude Mobius, TMON, Rochade, becubic, Cypress, Activity: Systems integrator/VAR.Landmark, and Safari. Specialist areas: Data management and other areas Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,ASG helps companies optimise IT service delivery by Linux, otherproviding a practical strategy and proven software Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, distributedsolutions that ensure complete availability and high Linux, Windows, otherperformance of critical business applications. Our Pricing options: One-time consolidates information and key metricsfrom any existing IT management tool, enabling Company Profileorganisations to easily identify and take action on ATERAS has supported global enterprises for 25 yearspotential service disruptions before they affect business. offering value-driven legacy modernization solutions thatASG is committed to our clients’ success, working to fuse enable companies to leverage their IT assets forIT with business functions, strategies, and goals. increased business value and improved competitive advantage. Global enterprises benefit from aProduct/ service information comprehensive suite of automated tools and services,ASG’s Application Management Products enhance from IT global assessments, impact analysis, COBOLcustomers’ understanding of business applications, workbenches, automated documentation to automatedimprove maintenance processes, and enable application database and application migrations.extension, transformation, and enhancement. Using ASGtools helps businesses to integrate new application Product/service informationarchitectures, improve application quality and ATERAS designed and developed an unique patent-performance, and enhance the management of pending automation technology called DB-Shuttle, whichbusiness-critical applications. allows modernization with 100% conversion automation, functional equivalency, and equal or better performance atASG Operations Management solutions make the most execution. ATERAS teams use DB-Shuttle to convertchallenging environments easier to manage. Whether legacy databases (ADABAS, VSAM, IDMS, IMS) tobalancing workloads, performing capacity planning, relational technologies (such as IBMs DB2) and legacyscheduling resources, managing tape and other media, applications (ADS/Online to Java or COBOL) to newerdistributing reports, managing JCL, or other complex more open languages. The technology is proven andoperational needs, ASG Operations Management have several clients who have successfully migrated tosolutions simplify the day-to-day and longer-range DB2 such as Progressive Insurance, University of Miami,operational tasks for mainframe data centers and Edward Jones, State of NJ Office of Administrative Courts.distributed environments.ASG Performance Management helps to maximize users’investment in IT systems and solve real systemsmanagement problems. Optimizing systems and Atos Originapplication performance and availability results inincreased user satisfaction and productivity. ASG offers Address:complete, integrated solutions to ensure that operating Theodor-Althoff-Straße 47, D-45133 Essen,, applications, databases, middleware, and Phone: +49 (0)201-4305-0.servers operate as efficiently and effectively as possible Email: continuous monitoring and problem identification Web: resolution. Sales contacts: USA: +1 713 513 3000 /© Arcati Ltd, 2011 51
  • 52. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryAsiaPac: +65 333 8000 / hosting service running on any number of z/ servers in a rock solid IBM mainframe environment.Activity: Outsourcer.Specialist areas: System management; datamanagement; storage management; asset and change Attachmatemanagement; security; programming/testing; webintegration and legacy reengineering tools; network Address:performance/management; other 1500 Dexter Ave N., Seattle, WA 98109, USA.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Phone: +1 800 872 2829Linux, other Email: platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, other Web: http://www.attachmate.comUnix, Linux, Windows, otherPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual Sales contacts:license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage EMEA: uksales@attachmate.combased, other. AsiaPac: aus-info@attachmate.comCompany Profile Activity: Software vendorAtos Origin is a leading international IT services provider. Specialist areas: Data management; storageAtos Origin provides integrated design, build, and operate management; security; web integration and legacysolutions to large multi-national clients in carefully reengineering toolstargeted industry sectors. Our business approach is Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,based on establishing long-term partnerships that Linux, otherencourage success through mutual benefit. Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix, Linux, Windows, otherAtos Origin is one of the few companies that can provide Pricing options: One-time charge.all the ‘design, build, and operate’ elements of abusiness solution. More than 60% of the revenue base is Company profilerecurring, deriving from multi-year outsourcing and Attachmate, owned by an investment group led byapplication maintenance contracts, and we deliver this Francisco Partners, Golden Gate Capital, and Thomawithin a global framework of three major Service Lines. Cressey Equity Partners, enables IT organizations to extend mission-critical services and assure they areProduct/service information managed, secure and compliant. Attachmate’s leadingAtos Origin is a leading supplier of innovative and flexible solutions include host connectivity, systems and securityIBM Mainframe Services at market competitive prices. management, and PC lifecycle management. Our goal is to empower IT organizations to deliver trustedOur portfolio of services is based on a twin mainframe applications, manage service levels, and ensuredata center with state-off-the-art fully resilient processing, compliance by leveraging knowledge, automation anddisk and tape technology and network connections. The secured connectivity.service portfolio includes the whole spectrum ofmainframe related services scaling from support at the Product/service informationcustomer’s site (Secondment and Remote Server Attachmate’s Reflection, EXTRA!, and INFOConnectManagement) up to fully exploiting the scalability of terminal emulation solutions provide reliable connectionsmainframes infrastructures via Data Center Outsourcing from any Windows desktop or web browser toor On Demand processing. applications on IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, UNIX, Linux,• Remote Management provides a selective HP, OpenVMS, Unisys, and Tandem systems. Advanced outsourcing approach, which includes remote features are designed to strengthen host security, operational and infrastructure management and improve user productivity, and support existing and software support. emerging technologies (including Windows Vista).• Data Center Outsourcing involves lifting the customer mainframe workload to, and providing service from, Attachmate also offers legacy integration for IBM the Atos Origin’s twin data center. If required, staff and mainframe platforms with Verastream. The Verastream assets are transferred to Atos Origin. integration suite provides a complete range of• On Demand Processing offers fully managed mainframe, web, and desktop modernization tools that mainframe capacity, offered with a flexible on- speed the reuse of legacy applications in service- demand, pay-as-you-go pricing model. oriented architectures.• Special attention to the Linux on Mainframe service. This provides a managed application and database52 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 53. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory Attunity Axios Products IncAddress: Address:40 Audubon Road, Wakefield, MA, 1880, USA. 353 Veterans Highway, Suite 204, Commack, NY 11725,Phone: 781-213-5200. USA.Email: Phone: 800-877-0990.Web: Email: Web: www.axios.comActivity: Software vendorSpecialist areas; Web integration and legacy Activity: Software vendorreengineering tools Specialist areas: System management; dataMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VMVSE, managementLinux, Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix, Pricing options: Processor/capacity-basedLinux, Windows, other.Pricing options: One-time charge Company profile Axios Products develops, distributes, and supportsCompany profile mainframe performance enhancement and managementAttunity is a leading provider of enterprise data integration software for z/OS, OS/390, and MVS environments. Forsoftware. Using Attunity’s products, companies can over 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providingseamlessly connect to mainframe data sources, stream customers with useful, reliable, and cost-effectivedata changes across the enterprise, and federate software along with responsive technical support. Ourheterogeneous information to achieve a single view of strong customer commitment to providing qualitytheir business. Attunity Mainframe Integration Products software products and service is the driving force behindenable companies to accelerate the integration initiatives the continuing growth of our mainframe customer base.that require interaction with mainframe systems, whiledramatically reducing the cost of building and Product/service informationmaintaining such solutions. RefWiz is a powerful analysis and documentation tool that provides, in one place, comprehensive data aboutProduct/service information application element interrelationships for mainframeAttunity provides remote access, open interfaces, secure batch and CICS applications, including whether or not theand highly reliable integration to all the major mainframe element is being used. This information is available forinformation systems including CICS, IMS/TM, IMS-DB, immediate access in a variety of standard or customizedVSAM, DB2, Adabas and Natural: forms to suit your specific needs. RefWiz is used for• Attunity Connect allows seamless access to relational conversions, upgrades, audits, migrations, daily and non-relational legacy data for business maintenance, documentation, mergers, operations intelligence and enterprise portals, and helps users management (including failure analysis), disaster to build .NET and J2EE applications that interoperate recovery, change scope analysis, and much more. with legacy systems and accelerate EAI initiatives with certified adapters. ROPES (Remote Online Print Executive System) is a• Attunity Stream, allows users to move mainframe and comprehensive CICS print spooling and transmission enterprise operational data in real-time to data software for IBM mainframe-based systems. ROPES warehouses and data marts, dramatically improving provides complete facilities for generating, retrieving, the efficiency of ETL processes, synchronizing data browsing, distributing and printing reports from online sources, and enabling event-driven business activity transactions, batch jobs, or the operating system spool. monitoring and processing. Its versatile set of capabilities allows you to place report• Attunity Federate allows heterogeneous data sources data on the ROPES queue concurrent with online printing to be joined, to make them available as a virtual data operations. A comprehensive command structure allows layer. The product employs distributed query any authorized terminal operator to effectively control optimization and processing engines that reside ROPES, eliminating the need for dedicated control natively on enterprise data servers. Federate provides terminals. superior performance, security, and transaction management, and leverages Attunity Connect The SPI-TAB+ table management system provides one adapters to access any data source in the enterprise. simple product that will manage your tables using the same standards for all applications, eliminating the need© Arcati Ltd, 2011 53
  • 54. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directoryto write programs for this process. SPI-TAB+ lets you B & M TechConsult offers consultancy for short-term,quickly and easily update, customize and maintain your bespoke projects.tables, and get your new applications on line faster, withless effort. Plus, the same tool can be used on line or in B & M ProLegacy is a support service for vital butbatch. In addition, the new SPI-TAB+ web interface stabilised application systems.component allows you to list and update SPI-TAB+ tablesvia a web browser, eliminating the need for traditional B & M SkillSource contract support services, for technicalmainframe access and ultimately expanding your user systems software on large enterprise systems.base by providing access for less technical end userswho may not have CICS knowledge. Baer Consulting B & M Europe Ltd Address: 28154 Meadow Trail, Conifer, CO 80433, USAAddress: Phone: +1 303 838-3374Whitehouse Farm, Silchester Road, Tadley RG26 3PY, Email: contactbci@baer-consulting.comUK. Web: http://www.baer-consulting.comPhone: 0118 981 1880 Activity: ConsultantEmail: Specialist areas: System management; dataWeb: management; storage management; security; programming/testing; web integration and legacyActivity: Consultant reengineering tools; network performance/managementSpecialist areas: System management; data Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,management; storage management; security; Linuxprogramming/testing; web integration and legacy Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, Linux,reengineering tools; network performance/management WindowsMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Pricing options: One-time charge, otherLinuxNon-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix, Company profileLinux Founded in 1982, Baer Consulting Inc. (BCI) providesPricing options: One-time charge, other mainframe systems software administration and management. BCIs primary business is to assist ourCompany profile national client base with selection, implementation, andB & M enables business-critical IT systems for large administration of IBM compatible operatingcomplex enterprises by delivering a tailored blend of environments. Our clients range from small/mediumtechnical expertise, project management, and efficient businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.administration. The company has delivered technicalsupport and consultancy services since 1992, working BCI’s project-based solutions include z/OS rolloutexclusively on systems software and network connectivity projects, data center implementations, migrations,for z/OS, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux enterprise upgrades, business recovery, maintenance to third-partyplatforms. B & M is completely vendor-independent and operating systems and software, or servercurrently provides services to Europe’s top organizations. consolidations. BCI project management, planning, andB & M offers a portfolio of technical services to meet our status reporting procedures ensure all services arecustomers needs. completed on schedule and within budget throughout the project lifecycle.Product/service informationB & M ProTech delivers technical projects, fully managed Our services range from short-term, peak-load projectby B & M or managed by the customer. support to complete facilities management. Baer Consulting offers individualized Mainframe SupportB & M Assure services provide contingency cover for Services from T&M to 24x7 Support.planned or unplanned shortages in key resources. BCI consistently delivers high quality solutions to ourB & M ProSupport provides second and third tier technical clients, while dramatically increasing the effectiveness ofsupport services on-site or remotely. their information systems management teams, project54 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 55. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directorymanagement for Enterprise strategies, and Enterprise Pricing options: one-time charge, monthly/annualsystems support. license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage based.Product/service informationBCI draws on years of experience and training to provide Company profileresponsive and quality answers in core areas such as: Beta Systems develops high quality software products and services for secure and efficient processing of largeOperating Systems quantities of data. Beta software products and solutionsIBM z/OS, IBM S/390, IBM VM/ESA, IBM VSE/ESA, z/VM, support users in the automation, safeguarding andLinux, etc. traceability of their business processes within the three core areas of user management, documentSubsystems management and information management in dataIBM Transaction Server (CICS), IBM DB2/UDB, IBM processing centres.Security Server, IBM MQSeries, IBM Tivoli StorageManagement, WebSphere, and ISV Installation/Upgrade/ Beta Systems’ 1,300 customers worldwide include sevenConversion, etc. of the ten largest European insurance groups and 50% of the largest European banks.NetworkTCP/IP, OSA Configuration, TN3270, NCP, SNA Since 1997, Beta has been listed on the Stock ExchangeConfiguration, and Host-On-Demand, etc. and currently employs around 700 staff, mainly in competence centres in Berlin (Business Headquarters),Storage Management Cologne, Augsburg and Calgary. In addition, the companyVTS/ATL, SAN, DASD, etc. is internationally active through 18 subsidiaries and numerous partner organizations.For longer-term solutions, BCI also provides a widerange of expert services such as: Product/service information The Beta portfolio encompasses software products andStorage Management Assessment through solutions in three core fields: identity management,Implementation document management and information management inFacilities/Outsource Management data processing centres.Data Center Relocation/ConsolidationProject Management ECM – Document ManagementCapacity/Performance Planning Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offers industry-Business Recovery specific products for processing, preparing, distributingSecurity. and archiving documents and data. FrontCollect covers every station in document processing from scanning, capturing and archiving to case processing, and allows businesses to capture their entire inbox and transfer it to Beta Systems Software Ltd downstream applications such as ERP or postbox systems. The VIDiDOC-Suite connects output management with solution-oriented document post-Address: processing, handling the distribution, display andAlt-Moabit 90d, D-10559, Berlin, Germany processing of documents generated in businessPhone: +49 30 726 1180. applications.Email: info@betasystems.comWeb: IDM – User Management Beta Systems’ Identity Management (IDM) and securitySales contacts: administration solutions provide optimal data securityAmerica +1 301 486 4600 through constant monitoring and implementation ofEMEA +44 01189 769224 security standards. SAM Jupiter offers policy-based management of IT users and their rights across entireActivity: Software vendor businesses and platforms, with single sign-on and userSpecialist areas: System management; storage; job scheduling; document management;security; web integration and re-engineering tools DCI – Information management in data centresMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux. The Data Centre Infrastructure (DCI) business area offersNon-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix, solutions for secure and efficient informationLinux, Windows© Arcati Ltd, 2011 55
  • 56. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directorymanagement. This includes the control, monitoring, requirements. As such we have extensive experience ofprocessing and documentation of complex, IT -supported supplying and implementing software to all the majorbusiness processes. Beta offers cross-industry products sites. Contact us for more information on how we canfor storage, scheduling and auditing, with comprehensive help your business grow. Also, if you are a softwaretools for backup, recovery and data transfer. developer who wants products distributing in the UK and Ireland, please dont hesitate to call us. We have more than 100 licences with customers Big Iron Associates including: • Banks: Barclays, Chase Manhattan & AIB Bank (AlliedAddress Irish Bank)356 Rankin Drive, Burlington, ON, Canada L7N 2B4. • Financial Institutions: Allied Dunbar, InternationalPhone: +1 905-637-5146 Factors, and CISEmail: • Utilities: Thames WaterWeb: • Building: Blue Circle • Telecoms: British Telecom & Telecom EireannActivity: Consultant • Manufacturers: Nissan & Sony.Specialist areas: Asset and change managementMainframe Platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Product/service informationLinux Out tools help users with improving the capacity and performance of z/OS, UNIX, DB2, etc. And a wide range ofCompany Profile products to help operations departments (JCL checks,Big Iron Associates provides software asset add-ons to TWS, dataset renaming and much more).management consulting services primarily for mainframeclients who are trying to better manage their softwarecosts and licenses. John Anderson has over 30 yearsexperience in the industry. He has been a regularpresenter in the SAM track at the annual Guide/Share UK Blue Sea Technologyconference. Address Beckumer Str. 152, Germany Phone: +49 (0) 2382 966225 Email: Blenheim Software Web: www.blueseasoft.deAddress Activity: Software vendor6 Forest Mews, Horsham, Sussex, RH12 4GG, UK Specialist areas: System management; dataPhone: 0870 240 6771 management; storage management; asset and changeEmail: management; security; programming/testing; networkWeb: performance/management Mainframe Platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Activity: Software Vendor Linux, otherSpecialist areas: System management; data Non- mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, other Unix,management; storage management; asset and change Linux, Windowsmanagement; security; programming/testing; web Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualintegration and legacy reengineering tools; license, processor/capacity-basedMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Linux, other Company ProfileNon- mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, other Blue Sea Technology is privately held softwareUnix, Linux, Windows, other development, technical support, consulting and trainingPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual company. Company supports over 30 multiplatform, MVSlicense, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage and VSE mainframe systems products, which are usedbased, other by data centers of all sizes and configurations worldwide. With our security solutions, large companies canCompany Profile manage their security infrastructure. We are proudlyWe supply companies with the ideal solution to their distributing software solutions from our Partners.mainframe and non-mainframe technical software Software Sales, Licensing, and Technical Support are our56 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 57. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directorypriority. Our loyalty and 100% dedication to ourCustomers and Partners are well known . BluePhoenix SolutionsThe philosophy of Blue Sea Technology is based on the Addressfollowing: the simple ideology that Information 8000 Regency Parkway, Suite 300, Cary, NC 27518, USATechnology must be developed and delivered for the end Phone: +1 919 380 5100user. This must serve both the company concerned and Email: usa@bphx.comits staff. The goals of this specialist company are to bring Web: www.bphx.comto the users, software of the highest quality, coupledclosely with its professionally supported technical Activity: Software Vendordepartment and documentation. Specialist areas: System management; data management; security; programming/testing; webAs would be expected this dependable consultancy unit integration and legacy reengineering toolsis well placed to assist its customer base, to attain Mainframe Platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,maximum ease of use of its preferred software Linuxpackages. Non- mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, other Unix, Linux, WindowsOur company has gained invaluable close support Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualcontact with its customer base. It can assist in your licensetechnical and IT based needs. This will enable itscustomers to make clear and concise decisions based Company Profileon the highly sort after software it supplies. BluePhoenix Solutions (NASDAQ: BPHX) is a leading provider of value-driven legacy IT modernizationProduct/service information solutions. BluePhoenix offerings include aOur mainframe solutions for the areas of Performance comprehensive suite of tools and services from global ITMonitoring Software, CICS Utilities, Report & Backup, asset assessment and impact analysis to automatedSession & Print Management, File Transfer & database and application migration, rehosting, andCompression, Multiplatform Scheduling, and Remote renewal. Leveraging over 20 years of best practicePrint Management are known for the highest quality domain expertise, BluePhoenix works closely with itssoftware, documentation and technical support in the customers to ascertain which assets should bebusiness. migrated, redeveloped, or wrapped for reuse as services or business processes, to protect and increase the valueOur customers can rely on the quality software from our of their business applications and legacy systems withpartner, like Software Diversified Services (SDS), a minimized risk and downtime.leading provider of enterprise software. We are proud topresent this high quality Software like VIP - VitalSigns forIP the complete monitoring, alerting, diagnosis, and BluePhoenix provides modernization solutions torepair for IP Networks on z/OS, or VitalSigns for FTP, companies from diverse industries and vertical marketsSnap-in security and encryption for FTP file transfer jobs such as automotive, banking and financial services,on z/OS. With Vanguard Security Solutions large insurance, manufacturing, and retail. Among itscompanies can manage their security infrastructure. The prestigious customers are: Aflac, DaimlerChrysler,software products are designed to meet todays Danish Commerce and Companies Agency, Europeunprecedented security challenges. The products bring Assistance, Lawson Products, Los Angeles County,together formerly separate functions of security Employees Retirement Association, Merrill Lynch, SDC,administration, access and authentication, reporting and Udvikling, and TEMENOS. BluePhoenix has 15 offices inanalysis, and policy compliance. the USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Cyprus, South Korea,Our professionals assist our clients through consultancy, Australia, and Israel.development, project delivery and training. By out-taskingto our company our clients not only saving time and Product/service informationmoney, but they get top technologies delivery and still BluePhoenix provides a wide range of legacycontinuing its overall control. By that way of working, we modernization services:do not replace the customer’s teams and work places,but helping them to be more competitive on the market, to Language Migration to C#, Java, COBOL, and Visual RPGbe able to react faster for the real time technological and To migrate legacy language applications, our languagebusiness development demands. migration solution cleanly compiles programs, including source code, copybooks, and comments documenting© Arcati Ltd, 2011 57
  • 58. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directoryprogram modifications. Our highly efficiency tools migrate Company profilea range of languages, generating easy-to-read code with BMC Software, Inc [NYSE:BMC] is a leading provider ofno residual runtimes. The resultant code is typically enterprise management solutions that empowercleaner, more reliable than hand-generated code, and companies to manage their IT infrastructure from acontains fewer errors. business perspective. Delivering Business Service Management, BMC Software solutions span enterpriseDatabase Migration to DB2, SQL Server, or Oracle systems, applications, databases and serviceReasons for database migrations include shrinking management. Founded in 1980, BMC Software hassupport frameworks, multiple database systems, offices worldwide and fiscal 2005 revenues of more thanconnectivity, growing maintenance fees, and scarcity of $1.46 billion. For more information about BMC Software,trained personnel. visit from a non-relational database to an industrystandard relational database increases business agility Product/service informationand ROI. BMC Software offers a broad set of mainframe solutions designed to solve systems and data managementPlatform Migration and Rehosting issues. Regardless of the environment, customers relyMigrating or rehosting systems on new hardware and on our expertise and solutions to manage their IToperating system environments such as Linux, Unix, infrastructure. And now, through Business ServiceJ2EE, and .NET reduces the ongoing costs of existing Management (BSM), we are enabling customers to alignapplications and increases the pool of available IT systems and services with their business objectives.development and support professionals. We provide comprehensive mainframe solutions in theseEnterprise IT Remediation key areas: systems monitoring, management, andAutomated solutions that enable companies to extend the automation; enterprise data management; dynamic batchlife of their existing IT systems by rapidly adapting to new scheduling management; application performance;regulatory changes and business requirements. These storage resource management; and performance andtools include data field adjustment, IT standardization, capacity planning.and system consolidation. Products include FieldEnabler,StandardsEnabler, COBOL/LE-Enabler, EuroEnabler, andmore. BOB Tech Solutions Address: Madiwala, Bangalore, India BMC Software Phone: 08040016000 Email: Web: http://www.bob-technologies.com2102 Citywest Blvd, Houston, TX 77042, USA.Phone: +1 713 918 8800 Activity: ConsultancyWeb: Specialist areas: Other.Sales contacts: Company profileAmerica +1 800 291 4262 BOB Tech Solutions is a Bangalore-based softwareEMEA +44 1784 478000 development company with staff augmentation vertical. We are working partners with above 60 clients in INDIA.Activity: Software vendor. We have about 200+ professionals working with us. 100+Specialist areas: System management; data consultants in mainframes with different clients like MBT,management; storage management; asset and change Patni, SPI,; security; web integration and legacyreengineering tools; network performance/management. Product/service informationMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, We are into consulting services. We have around 100+Linux consultants in Mainframe with skills like COBOL, JCL,Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix, DB2, CICS, IDMS, IMSDB/DC, CSL with different kind ofLinux, Windows, other tools like Endeavor, Xpeditor, panvalet, changeman, etc.Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage based, other.58 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 59. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory Bsecure – The Mainframe & Security Bus Tech Inc Company Address:Address: 129 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803, USA.c/ Isaac Newton, 1, office 42, Parque Tecnológico Phone: +1 781 272 8200. Email: Madrid, 28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain. Web: +34 902 104 934.Email: Activity: Hardware vendorWeb: Specialist areas: Storage management. Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Activity: Consultant others.Specialist areas: System management; data Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5management; security; network performance/management Company profileMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390. Bus-Tech was founded in 1987 as a developer ofNon-mainframe platforms supported: Linux; Windows mainframe channel emulation technology. From thePricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual beginning, Bus-Tech has been a pioneer in applyinglicense, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage leading edge technology to the mainframe environment.based Today, we are connecting open system storage arrays to mainframes in support of virtual tape libraries (VTL) forCompany profile the mainframe environment.Bsecure - The Mainframe & Security Company is aSpanish company that works in Spain and South Advancements in disk technology, where reliability hasAmerica. surpassed that of tape and the cost per MB is under one cent, have made tapeless backup an attractive option toWe provide mainframe services and software physical tape.distribution to the Spanish and Latin-Americamarketplace. Bus-Tech’s leading-edge channel technology solutions offer simple, efficient and cost-effective ways forWe specialize in security services and mainframe customers to provide enhanced disasterproducts. In security we produce special services like recovery and business continuation capabilities. Thesehacking, security assessment, RACF administration and solutions enable users to seamlessly accessTop Secret to RACF conversions. applications and data, which reside on the Mainframe, without sacrificing performance, reliability, security orProduct/service information manageability.We support and work with particular expertise in thefollowing areas: Product/service information• Vanguard Integrity Professionals, covering all aspects Mainframe Data Library - The Virtual Tape Library for of mainframe security Mainframes.• Host Systems products to address IBM Catalogs integrity. The main product is CIM (Catalog Information With the Mainframe Data Library (MDL), your mainframe Manager). tape headaches, risks and costs can be greatly reduced• EPV Products. Performance and Capacity without any changes to your mainframe tape applications Planning products for all sizes of mainframe or processes. customers.• Time Machine Products. Batch Performance products The Mainframe Data Library (MDL) is a family of high- to measure and improve all kinds of productions performance mainframe virtual tape controllers that use executions doing more with less resources. open system disk storage to store and retrieve tape data.• Professional services and consulting for production All versions share the same architecture and can be environments. used in any combination. The result is a modular,© Arcati Ltd, 2011 59
  • 60. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directoryscalable solution that incorporates the advantages of virtually every country in the world and reported fiscal yearopen system storage and networking technologies into 2008 revenue of $4.3 billion.the mainframe data center. Product/service informationThe MDL enables enterprise data centers to lower tape CA Mainframe Management is a complete, integrated andprocessing costs; improve end-user service levels; open solution for the mainframe server. Just as theoptimize disaster recovery benchmarks; and include mainframe has evolved, Mainframe Management is thecompliant storage in their mainframe tape environment. result of an ongoing evolution of CA software. Our focusSignificant performance improvements can be realized on improving product effectiveness is elevated abovewith the MDL. It accelerates your batch, data individual products to a solution level. We have groupedfacility hierarchical storage management (DFHSM), products with their most popular options to form newbackup, and restore processes to help meet shrinking offerings, called CA Mainframe Management Solutiondata processing windows and growing service level Sets, which are attractively priced using new Measuredrequirements. Workload subscription licensing. We are designing our Solution Sets to interact with each other and leverage common services, not only to ensure cross-functional capabilities but also to deliver tightly integrated CA mainframe management to meet the increasing demands for flexibility and availability with best practiceAddress: methods. The breadth and integration of these solutionsOne Computer Associates Plaza, Islandia, NY 11749, empower today’s IT organizations to fully optimize theirUSA. data center resources, reduce total cost of ownership,Phone: +1 631 342 6000. maintain alignment of utilization with business value, andWeb: quickly respond to ever-changing enterprise computing requirements.Sales contacts:America +1 888 423 1000.EMEA + 44 1753 577733.AsiaPac +603 7490 1889. Canam Software Labs, IncActivity: Software vendor. Address:Specialist areas: System management; data 5770 Hurontario Street Suite 310, Canadamanagement; storage management; asset and change Phone: +1 905 712 3840management; security; programming/testing; web Email: sales@canamsoftware.comintegration and legacy reengineering tools; network Web: www.xmlthunder.comperformance/management.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Activity: Software vendorLinux. Specialist areas: Programming/testing; web integrationNon-mainframe platforms supported: i5, Linux, and legacy reengineering toolsWindows. Mainframe Platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual Linux, Otherlicense, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, otherbased. Unix, Linux, Windows, other Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualCompany profile license, processor/capacity-based, otherCA Inc. (NASDAQ: CA) is the world’s leading independentInformation Technology (IT) management software Company profilecompany. We help companies manage IT to better Canam Software Labs, Inc was established in 1994 toperform, compete, innovate and grow their create automated software development solutions forbusinesses.With our Enterprise IT Management (EITM) enterprise application development. With focus on XMLvision and technology, customers can unify IT and integration and application reporting the company hassimplify the management of complex computing designed and developed innovative products that areenvironments, whether distributed or mainframe, across currently used in more than 40 countries by over 200the enterprise. CA software works with customers’ clients including many of the Fortune 1000. We continueexisting infrastructure to better manage risk and costs, to strive to provide innovative, high ROI product solutionsimprove service and ensure IT is supporting the for the professional developer community. We also offerbusiness. Founded in 1976, CA serves customers in professional consulting services and outsourced60 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 61. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directorydevelopment and maintenance of new or existing FTP. JES2Mail/JES2FTP’s report content processing andsystems. Our service clients include a wide variety of blue PDF overlay capabilities enable creation of advanced,chip US, Canadian and international organizations. The final-form PDF output to replace printing and otherCanam Software projects are well managed, transparent information delivery methods.and provide high additional value to our customers. CICS2PDF - is native CICS software to create rich, final-Product/service information form PDF output within CICS applications and deliver theXML Thunder is a development tool that lets you generate results via a browser, email or directly into a database orCOBOL or ANSI C code that tocreate or parse XML or other repository. CICS2PDF (and its LE-callableSOAP data. When a COBOL or ANSI C application needs component called zMakePDF) is used to support on-to get the content of an XML document or SOAP message demand and compliance reporting needs.for processing, the it needs to be parsed so the values ofthe XML or SOAP nodes can be accessed using regular Mail2ZOS / FTPSweeper - is mainframe software thatCOBOL or ANSI C variables. And conversely, when an receives email contents and attachments or retrievesapplication has to create an XML document or SOAP files from designated servers or FTP sites; decodes,message, the COBOL or ANSI C program needs to use processes and stores these emails, attachments andthe values of variables to create a well-formed XML files into MVS datasets; dynamically composes jobdocument. XML Thunder solves the complexities involved streams for execution; and sends e-mail or text messagewith the development of COBOL or ANSI C logic to create notifications regarding mainframe processing status.and parse XML documents. Visual design, full codegeneration! CDB Software Inc CASI Software Address: 11200 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77082, USAAddress: Phone: +1 800 627 656110231 Slater Avenue, Suite 117 Fountain Valley, CA Email: info@cdbsoftware.com92708, USA. Web: +1 714 378 1109.Email: Activity: Software vendorWeb: Specialist areas: Data management Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390Activity: Software vendor. Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualSpecialist areas: Data management license, processor/capacity-based, otherMainframe platforms supported: z/OSPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual Company profilelicense, other. CDB Software is an innovative leader in data management solutions for DB2 z/OS. CDB focuses itsCompany profile business on DB2 for z/OS to provide unique andCASI Software is a leading provider of electronic innovative solutions that enable companies to expandinformation delivery solutions for the IBM zSeries their DB2 system to meet business needs whileplatform. CASI creates e-delivery solutions that leverage controlling the overall cost of the mainframe. Founded inexisting mainframe assets while exploiting the 1985, CDB is a privately held corporation based inefficiencies and benefits of intranet and public Internet Houston, Texas with offices worldwide.technologies. Customers realize a high ROI on CASIproducts because they deliver hard dollar cost savings, For more information visit: useful and secure information content, andmeasurable operational improvements. Product/service information CDB Software streamlines data management processesProduct/service information so that enterprises can discover more performance andCASI Software has three main product lines: availability from their z/Series DB2 environments to meet the changing demands of business. Including solutionsJES2Mail/JES2FTP - transforms mainframe report for all facets of DB2 data management, the CDBcontent into PDF, HTML, XML, and other formats and Intelligent Data Management (IDM) Suite features flexible,securely delivers that content to users via e-mail and© Arcati Ltd, 2011 61
  • 62. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directoryintelligent automation and advanced processing as they teach a lot of shortcuts in solving COBOL dumps.techniques to reduce overall management costs while We also work closely with Fantom Systems, CSI and DPIimproving DB2 reliability, efficiency and staff productivity. Software to help develop their software in Assembler.So, no matter how much data you manage, you remainflexible and in control.CDB provides the solutions to improving your business’s Cole Software LLCdata management process through: Address:• Built-in intelligent decision making for data 736 Fox Hollow Road, Afton, VA 22920, USA management automation to streamline tedious Phone: +1 540 456 8210 processes so that you can focus on those tasks that Email: are more complex. Web:• Intelligent processing techniques have been specifically designed to uncover new levels of Sales Contacts performance and availability from your DB2 America: 1 800 XDC 5150 enterprise. EMEA +1-928-771-2003.• Flexible new products provide the flexibility you want to AsiaPac +1-928-771-2003. meet the specific requirements of your business. Activity: Software vendor.CDB’s Intelligent Data Management Solutions deliver Specialist areas: Programming/testing.dramatic benefits for every DB2 z/OS data management Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS.need: Pricing options: Workload/usage based.• Database utilities• Data backup and recovery Company profile• Data replication Cole Software is dedicated to the continued development• Data propagation of powerful software for sophisticated mainframe• Partition management programmers. Many of the industry’s foremost• Compliance and auditing programmers use Cole Software’s core product, z/XDC,• Data conversion to DB2 the indispensable debugging tool for Assembler• Database statistics programs. Cole Software is an Advanced Business• Storage reporting . Partner in the IBM PartnerWorld program. Product/service information Cole Software announced the availability of a beta test program for z/XDC release z1.10 in August 2008. This Cobbs Mill Consulting latest beta version of z/XDC includes support for IBM System z10 processor machine instructions and “A LaAddress: Carte” configuration options. A major enhancement129 Coachmans Trail, Asheville, NC 28803, USA. available with z/XDC z1.10 is the support for displayingPhone: +1 828 299 4649 and debugging IBM C/C++ programs with the new c/XDCEmail: Feature. This feature is seamlessly integrated into theWeb: existing z/XDC technology.Activity: ConsultantSpecialist areas: Data management; asset and changemanagement; programming/testingMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE Compu Management Address:Company profile 3010 Grand Concourse, New York, NY 10458, USACobbs Mill Consulting specializes in support for Phoenix Phone: +1 718-733-1861Softwares Key/101 data entry software (formerly Key/ Email: from Mercator and TSI). We provide trainingcourses, implementation and conversion services for Activity: Consultant.Key/101. We have extensive experience with the Aperture Specialist areas: Programming/testing; web integrationrange of data center documentation tools. Our COBOL and legacy reengineering toolsdump debugging courses are popular with programmers Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE.62 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 63. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryCompany profile Phone: +1 800 436 7264We provide full life-cycle support to legacy IS systems. To E-mail: cmghq@cmg.orgaccomplish this objective, we will upgrade, renovate, or Web (US): http://www.cmg.orgre-engineer your current IS system to better integrate toyour current Enteprise Architecture across multiple- Activity: Education.platforms. We will can also provide you with a migration Specialist areas: System management; dataplan to renovate your current Architecture to new management; storage management; programming/Enterprise Architecture. testing; network performance/management. Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Linux, other Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix, Linux, Windows, other Computer Management Sciences, Inc Company profile (CMS) The Computer Measurement Group, commonly called CMG, is a not for profit, worldwide organization of dataAddress: processing professionals committed to the634 Lakeview Drive, Hartfield, VA 23071, USA. measurement and management of computer systems.Phone: +1 703 922 7027.E-mail: Product/service informationWeb: CMG in the USA hosts an annual conference the first week of December every year. This conference providesActivity : Software vendor. approximately 120 educational sessions covering allSpecialist areas: System management; data aspects of computer measurement, performance andmanagement capacity planning. All computing platforms are included.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 CMG also supports many regional groups which meetPricing options: Monthly/annual license. throughout the year, providing an opportunity for the computer performance professional to gain knowledgeCompany profile and share experiences. Information on the internationalCMS was incorporated in 1986, and initially provided network of CMG groups can be found on the CMGconsulting services in the IBM mainframe environment. In website.1991, CMS delivered its CPExpert software product. Since1991, CPExpert has been installed in over 200 sitesworldwide.Product/service information Compuware CorporationCMS offers CPExpert to help analyze performanceproblems with z/OS environments. CPExpert automates Address:computer performance evaluation by detecting system Compuware Corporation, One Campus Martius, Detroit,performance problems, identifying the causes of the MI 48226, USAproblems, and suggesting ways to improve performance. Phone: +1 313 227 7300.Different components of CPExpert analyze performance Web: http://www.compuware.comproblems with WebSphere MQ, DB2, PR/SM, WorkloadManager, CICS, and DASD. CPExpert is written in SAS Sales contactsand is composed of hundreds of expert system rules, America: 1-800-COMPUWAREanalysis modules, and queuing models. CPExpert EMEA: +44 1753 444000 / as a batch job, and analyzes standard SMF/RMFdata contained in either MXG, SAS/ITSV, or MICS Activity : Software vendor.performance database. CPExpert’s low fee is affordable Specialist areas: System management; datafor all sites! management; asset and change management; programming/testing; web integration and legacy reengineering tools: network performance/management Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 Computer Measurement Group (CMG) Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix, WindowsAddress:151 Fries Mill Road, Suite 104, Turnersville, NJ 08012, Pricing options: Processor/capacity-based.USA© Arcati Ltd, 2011 63
  • 64. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryCompany profile batch processing applications, and pinpoints the preciseCompuware provides software and IT services that help lines of code, database calls or system services causingto maximize the value of your technology investments. We application inefficiencies.can help you to:• govern your IT operations and infrastructure as a Manage data effectively with File-AID: analyze, edit and whole view data regardless of where it is stored. The product• increase efficiency, cost control and employee creates manageable test data, reducing the test cycle productivity and producing more reliable applications.• improve time-to-market and software quality in application development and delivery• maximize availability and performance of critical business systems. Conexus Technologies IncFounded in 1973, Compuware serves the world’s leading Address:IT organizations, including more than 90 per cent of the 8081 Twin Creek Trace, West Chester, OH 45069, USAFortune 100 companies. Phone: +1 513 779 5448. Email: products focus on business-critical Web: throughout their life-cycle. We offer you themost complete set of solutions in the industry today, Activity: Consultant.including IT governance and management, application, Specialist areas: Asset and change management; otherdevelopment, quality assurance, service management Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390and support. With our solutions, you can:• manage and align the entire IT portfolio, including Company profile projects, applications and infrastructure Conexus provides structured cabling solutions for the• build applications that capture competitive advantage raised-floor, data center environment. The company’s• deliver enterprise-wide application quality core competency is in the design, provisioning,• provide comprehensive insight to deliver superior installation, testing and documentation of physical application service cabling infrastructure for the ESCON, FICON and Fibre• meet the growing demand for improved IT cost control Channel architectures. Our services are available to and client satisfaction. Fortune 1000 corporations throughout North America.Product/service information Product/service informationThe enterprise product line includes Xpediter, QACenter, Conexus provides fiber-optic trunk cabling, jumperAbend-AID, Strobe and File-AID. cables, patch panels, distribution cabinetry and conveyance/tray systems for the raised-floor environment.Develop quality code with Xpediter: analyze the execution, The company provides turnkey cabling solutions tologic and data flow of business functions; manage risk by provide physical connectivity for data center moves,determining what percentage of an application was consolidations, new data center construction, push-pullexercised and how often; identify and resolve logic and project initiatives and technology refresh problems quickly.Verify application quality with QACenter: build tests thatrepresent all conditions of a program or application by ConicITcapturing actual transactions; execute repeatable tests ina simulated production environment; capture and Address:replicate TCP/IP, LU6.2 and WebSphere MQ messages 20 Ben Gurion St, Givat shmuel, Israeleasily. Phone: +972 3 7341327. Email: program abend details with Abend-AID. This Web: allows viewing of all application errors from acentral location, lists code configuration at the exact time Activity: Software error occurs, and specifies corrective action. It Specialist areas: Systems managementsupports WebSphere MQ and CICS web interface. Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 Pricing options: Processor/capacity-basedMeasure application performance with Strobe. Thismeasures the activity of S/390 and zSeries online and64 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 65. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryCompany profile a $12 million per year company, employing more than 40ConicIT was founded by Yoram Kariv (the founder of people, and serving more than 2000 VSE sitesPrecise software). The company has a seasoned worldwide. CSI products are sold directly in Northexecutive team with years of experience in Enterprise and America and through distributors and IBM to the rest ofSystems software. The Chairman of the company is Sam the world. In early 2002, CSI acquired B I MoyleSomech President, CTO and co-founder of Level 8 Associates in a cash transaction. Contrary to modernInventor of MQSeries technology acquisition processes, all BIM offices remain open, and all BIM employees have been retained. Three additionalProduct/service information senior product developers have been hired and a numberConicIT is an out of band, Linux-based production of high-profile products are under development. It is thesolution that constantly analyzes mainframe system and CSI mission to ensure a long and successful experienceapplication performance information provided by existing for those who select and use the VSE operatingmainframe monitors. By utilizing proprietary mathematical environment.models and self-learning algorithms, ConicIT providesreal-time tracking of critical resource behavioural patterns Product/service informationand predicts abnormal behavior of these resources CSI International is the major provider of TCP/IP productsbefore it occurs. Based on this information, ConicIT for the VSE platform. Additionally CSI provides a wideprovides meaningful pre-event alerts aimed at reducing range of VSE system and security products through ourre-occurrence of performance-related malfunctions. subsidiary company, BI Moyle Associates. We are certain that if you have a VSE communications or systemsNow IT managers and performance administrators have requirement, we have a solution for you. TCP/IP for VSEall the information needed to enable detection of the root provides a complete solution for connecting thecause of problems, enabling IT staff to solve the actual mainframe to the Internet.cause of the incident and not spend valuable time andresources trying to battle the symptoms.By quickly getting to the root of the problem after its first CONNX Solutions Incoccurrence, IT staff can now provide first fault problemresolution. Address: 2039 152nd Ave. NE, Redmond, WA 98052, USA. Phone: +1 425 519 6600. Email: Connectivity Systems Inc Web: Activity: Software vendor.8120 State Route 138, Williamsport, OH 43164, USA Specialist areas: ata management; Web integration andPhone: +1 740 420 5400. legacy reengineering toolsEmail: Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux,Web: VM/VSE Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix,Sales contacts: Linux, WindowsAmerica 740 420 5400. Pricing options: Processor/capacity-based, workload/EMEA 1 800 795 4914. usage based.Activity: Software vendor. Company profileSpecialist areas: Systems management; data CONNX Solutions, Inc is a leading provider of simplifiedmanagement; storage management; security; data access, management, and integration softwareweb integration and legacy reengineering tools; network solutions. CONNX Solutions’ products allow companiesperformance/management. to:Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, VM/VSEPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual • Access mainframe data sources (IMS, VSAM, DB2license, processor/capacity-based. and Adabas), using modern reporting and data analysis tools.Company profile • Integrate multiple relational and non-relational dataCSI International was founded in 1995 to provide TCP/IP sources in order to create one business view of theconnectivity for the VSE environment. From a single data.employee and a $20,000 capitalization, CSI has grown to© Arcati Ltd, 2011 65
  • 66. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directory• Web enable mainframe data utilizing its choice of America: 001 203-245-0611 development tools for direct user access. EMEA: +44 (0) 1225 745500• Develop tactical and strategic applications that have access to all of the data needed by end users, while Activity: Software vendor preserving its options with open architectural Specialist areas: Data management standards. Mainframe platforms supported: Linux• Move a company’s mainframe changed data to Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix, virtually any data warehouse or data mart in a fraction Linux of the time required by full extracts. Pricing options: Processor/capacity-based, workload/ usage based.CONNX Solutions’ products, CONNX, CONNX DataSync,and InfoNaut Professional, have been implemented by Company profileover 3,000 organizations worldwide. Government and CopperEye is a provider of enterprise search software forbusiness entities use CONNX and CONNX DataSync in a business transaction data that allows companies towide range of industries, including manufacturing, quickly retrieve exactly the records they need from monthseducation, healthcare, financial services, or years of history and billions of business transactionstelecommunications, aerospace, and information stored on low-cost file systems. Unlike other enterprisetechnology. search solutions that focus on unstructured data such as web pages and word processing documents and returnProduct/service information ambiguous results, CopperEye specifically addressesCONNX for IMS, VSAM, DB2 and Adabas the needs of business transaction data that wouldCONNX provides real-time, read/write, SQL access to otherwise require a costly and complex databasemainframe data source, using open data solution to provide rapid retrieval of specific records.access standards (ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC and .NET).With CONNX, companies can connect to various CopperEyes products are appropriate for use across allenterprise or departmental mainframe databases using industries and are intended for customers that have largeany standards-based compliant tool/application. CONNX volumes of data – often held on a mainframe. Systemsallows companies to integrate multiple relational and integrators and consultancies are a central element ofnon-relational data sources, no matter where they reside. CopperEyes sales and marketing strategy, as areAs a result, a single SQL view of the data is presented as software vendors who embed CopperEyes technologyif it exists in a single relational database. within their solutions. CopperEye has relationships with industry-leading vendors including IBM and Logica. TheCONNX DataSync product is available through CopperEye’s flagshipCONNX DataSync is a change data capture tool that product – Greenwich – an enterprise search solution; orcaptures incremental changes from mainframe source through the CopperEye Software Developers Kit (SDK),databases (IMS, VSAM, DB2 and Adabas) and delivers intended for use by developers creating high-them at user-defined intervals to single or multiple performance bespoke databases.database targets. This is done in a fraction of the timerequired by full extracts. Several functions can be Product/service informationperformed with CONNX DataSync: Data extracts, CopperEyes underlying technology innovation is ascheduled or on-demand full reloads and incremental patented type of data indexing that represents a quantumupdates. CONNX DataSync can be used to support leap in performance over all other industry-standardBusiness Intelligence or event-driven business process indexes. Where traditional approaches to improvingmanagement applications. database performance have focused on data caching, parallelism and specialist hardware, CopperEye attacks the core of the problem by dramatically improving indexing efficiency. The CopperEye technology is a CopperEye Ltd general-purpose scalar disk-optimized index technology. It eliminates the traditional design compromises between real-time application performance and prolificAddress: indexing for fast query performance. It is applicableSuite 47, Aztec Center, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TD, across virtually all data types. Benefits include:UK • greater performance: CopperEyes indexingPhone: +44 (0) 1454 203610 technology breaks the disk I/O bottleneck, improvingEmail: performance a hundred-fold on that basis alone. ThisWeb: means that large volumes of data can be loaded in a fraction of the usual time.Sales contacts:66 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 67. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory• data center optimization: business event data can be the clients to make substantial savings through deferred moved off an expensive relational database and into processor upgrades, reduced MIPS usage, reduced flat files, dramtically reducing hardware requirements software costs and pre-outsourcing CPU reductions. while simultaneously enhancing access to the data• lower cost: data can be handled and accessed more CPT understands that many clients are unsure whether rapidly, optimizing hardware investment. such savings can be achieved on their sites, and so offers a number of models to suit different companies. These models range from Risk/Reward, where fees are based upon savings achieved, to Fixed Price, which caps CPT Global Ltd the total cost to the client.Address: In Europe, CPT Global’s assignments are mostlyLevel 1, 4 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia. focused on mainframe performance tuning, but CPT alsoPhone +61 3 9690 3911 . provides expertise in IT management as well as OpenEmail Systems and Windows technical services.Web contacts:America +1-917-210-8668. CSCEMEA +44 20 8334 8085, Address:Activity: Consultant. Royal Pavillion, Wellesley Road, Aldershot, Hants GU11Specialist areas: System management; data 1PZ, Phone: +44 (0) 1257 236017.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 Email: platforms supported: i5, AIX, Unix, Linux Web: profile Activity: Outsourcer.CPT Global was founded in Melbourne in 1993 by Gerry Specialist areas: System management; dataTuddenham, who remains the CEO today. The company management; storage management; asset and changehas been listed on the ASX since 2000. The name ‘CPT management; security; programming/testing; webGlobal’ came from the abbreviation of Capacity Planning, integration and legacy reengineering tools; networkPerformance Tuning and Testing. The focus of the performance/managementbusiness remains specialist capacity and performance Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, VM/VSE, Linux,management services although, in Australia, CPT offers a otherwide range of additional services related to IT Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, Unix,efficiencies. Operations were extended into Europe in Linux, Windows1998, with offices now in the UK, the Netherlands and Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualGermany, as well as further engagements in Ireland, license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usageAustria and Switzerland. CPT expanded into the USA in based2003, setting up an office in New York to service Tier Oneclients such as General Motors and American Express. Company profile CSC is a global leader in providing technology-enabledCPT has over 120 clients worldwide, including many solutions and services through three primary lines oflarge and well-known businesses such as ABN AMRO, business. These include Business Solutions andAIB, Audi, Bank of Ireland, Credit Swiss, Deutsche Bahn, Services, the Managed Services Sector, and the NorthING, Lloyds TSB, Lufthansa, Prudential, and UBS. CPT American Public Sector. CSCs advanced capabilitiesdraws on a network of over 200 specialist consultants, include systems design and integration, informationmany of whom are worldleaders in their fields. The depth technology and business process outsourcing,of experience offered and the range of clients allows CPT applications software development, Web and applicationto quickly identify performance and capacity problems, hosting, mission support, and management consulting.and to design and implement practical cost-effective Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., CSC hassolutions based on best practice. approximately 92,000 employees and reported revenue of $16.2 billion for the 12 months ended July 3, 2009.Product/service informationCPT aims to reduce mainframe processing power Product/service informationrequirements by 10 to 30% at most clients. This allows CSC provide outsourced Managed Services for clients© Arcati Ltd, 2011 67
  • 68. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryMainframe Systems. CSC support over 100,000 IBM Mips the z/VM system programming team. The Linux sys-world-wide and have expertise in z-OS, VM/VSE, zLinux admins’ scopes and action permissions throughout theoperating systemsm as well as Unisys Mainframe server farm are easily managed via CSL-WAVE usersystems. CSC have strategic Mainframe Data Centres in management and security subsystem.Asia, Australia, Europe Middle East and Africa and North CSL-WAVE allows your sys-admins to “Get z power,America regions. without the need for z skills!”. CSL International Data Kinetics LtdAddress: Address:22 Maskit St, POB 12897, Hertzelia 46733, Israel. 2460 Lancaster Rd, Ottawa, ON K1B 4S5, Canada.Phone: +972 9 9540470 Phone: 613-523-5500Email: Email: kallingham@dkl.comWeb: Web: Software vendor. Activity: Software vendor.Specialist areas: System management; Specialist areas: Data managementMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, VM/VSE, Linux Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Non-mainframe platforms supported: Linux LinuxPricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/ Non-mainframe platforms supported: Linuxcapacity-based, other Pricing options: OtherCompany profile Company profileCSL International provides software services to the DataKinetics optimization products enable data centersenterprise market for the last 5 years. Our engineers within IBM System z Mainframe (z/OS), Linux andcombine zSeries (z/VM and z/OS) internals skills as well distributed environments to achieve superioras very strong Linux abilities. These combined skill set performance gains and capacity while dramaticallyallowed us to respond to the industry need for a simple reducing operational costs. System online transactionyet powerful virtualization management solution that throughput can be improved markedly, batch windowmakes the zSeries the perfect infrastructure for virtual problems can be solved, and total MIPS costs can beLinux server farms - We call this solution: CSL-WAVE. reduced, all while running existing applications on existing hardware systems.Product/service informationCSL-WAVE is a best-of-breed simplification, provisioning, The result is distinct competitive advantage in support ofand management solution for zSeries- based virtual the business’ goals:server farms running Linux. CSL-WAVE answers all theexpressed needs of our customers in terms of • Decreased enterprise costs,simplification and effective management. CSL-WAVE • Increased enterprise workforce effectiveness,targets the emerging need for management of • Increased ability to deliver new products and servicessophisticated virtual server environments such as Clouds to market (and to do it faster), andand large consolidation projects. Our solution provides a • Increased ability to attract and retain new customers.graphical representation of the virtual data center withadvanced expert system abilities. An IBM Advanced Business Partner in business for over 30 years, DataKinetics continues to provide best-in-class optimization solutions to the world’s top banks, insuranceCSL-WAVE enables management of every virtual object companies, credit card processors, brokerage houses,and operation procedure of the virtual server farms: and retail companies. DataKinetics can help you, too.server attributes and server cloning, network switches,disk storage and storage quotas, script management Product/service informationand much more. tableBASE: A real-time in-memory table management solution thatOne of the most important value points CSL-WAVE reduces mainframe resource usage, allowing for muchprovides our customers is freedom from the need that faster applications, especially in batch and transactionLinux sys-admins must have z/VM skills. Using CSL- processing environments. tableBASE can dramaticallyWAVE enables full autonomy for the Linux sys-admins. lower your costs, lower your mainframe TCO andThey are able to carry out any task in the server farm that optimize your MIPS usage, offering dramatic performancewithout our solution would have required assistance from benefits and more powerful and efficient applications.68 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 69. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectorytablesONLINE: of OS/390, z/OS, TPF, Linux/390, CMS and VSE systemA flexible, interactive front-end for tableBASE. It provides code easier and faster.speed and convenience for end users wanting to create,update, manipulate, test, and process in-memory data Systems/ASM is the Dignus assembler, used fortables, from within a CICS or ISPF environment. assembling IBM mainframe assembler source. Systems/ ASM is compatible with IBM’s HLASM, supporting themainframeDIRECT: complete HLASM macro processing language. It can beEmulates a standard web server directly on the used in conjunction with Systems/C or stand-alone tomainframe. It transforms native 3270 screens into web create programs for OS/390, z/OS, TPF, CMS, VSE andpages on the fly. Allows for web enablement of legacy other mainframe operating systems. Systems/ASM isapplications as the initial step in a migration project, with now available as a cost effective alternative to IBM HLASMno impact on current business processes. for z/VM. The Dignus Systems/ASM assembler is HLASM- compatible and can help lower total costs for installationtableDIRECT: of z/VM RACF for use with IFLs. Installation of RACF (orA data distribution manager for the corporate network. It current equivalents) requires the use of an assembler.ensures that your distributed network servers receivemainframe-based corporate data that they need quicklyand reliably. It eliminates the repetitive DBMS access bymany applications that typically causes congestion and DINO Software LLCdelay in the corporate network. tableDIRECT alsoremoves the need for complex DBMS replication Address:configurations and elaborate synchronization schemes 1912 Earldale Ct, S-200, Alexandria, VA 22306, USA.offered by many of today’s migration solutions. Phone: +1 703 768 2610 E-mail: Web: Dignus LLC Sales contacts:Address: America sales@dino-software.com8378 Six Forks Rd, Suite 203, Raleigh, NC 27615, USA. EMEA, tel: +44 (0)20Phone: +1 919 676 0847. 7549 3657Email: AsiaPac sales@dino-software.comWeb: Activity: Software vendorActivity: Software vendor. Specialist areas: System management; dataSpecialist areas: Programming/testing management; storage management; networkMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, performance/managementLinux Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix, Non-mainframe platforms supported: Linux, WindowsLinux, Windows Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/Pricing options: Monthly/annual license capacity-based, other.Company profile Company profileDignus is an innovative company, located in Raleigh NC, DINO Software came into existence after Softworks wascommitted to providing the best compilers, assemblers acquired by EMC in 2000. All of the original productand development tools for the IBM mainframe, including authors as well as many of the sales reps and370, ESA, 390 and the latest z/Architecture (z/800, z900 management subsequently reconstituted as DINO, andand z990) series. Dignus provides unique mainframe set about the task of re-engaging our customers withprogramming and development solutions that offer better, actively supported products. DINO’s vanguardsavings in time and effort, while streamlining product, T-REX, incorporates over two decades ofdevelopment costs. Our solutions are applicable to experience gained from the development and support ofprogramming for a wide range of IBM mainframe Catalog Solution and rapidly became the fastest sellingoperating systems, including OS/390, TPF, VM, Linux/390 ICF catalog management and recovery tool everand others. released. The product is in daily use by hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and is continually augmentedProduct/service information and improved.Systems/C and Systems C++ are compilers for the IBMmainframe, with unique features that make development© Arcati Ltd, 2011 69
  • 70. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryDINO products are distributed and sold via the website, programming/testing, otherthrough direct sales and a network of qualified Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux,distributors worldwide. The company is based in the otherWashington DC metropolitan area and maintains offices Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, otherin the UK and Germany. DINO is privately held and Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/develops enterprise-wide multi-platform solutions and capacity-based, workload/usage based, otherservices for the optimization of complex IT environments. Company profileProduct/service information Direct Computer Resources’ family of DataVantageT-REX is the newest, fastest and most comprehensive software products has served hundreds of Fortune 1000catalog management tool on the market today. It contains companies in more than 20 countries for over 25 years.the functionality of six separate products in the market During the late 1970s the company’s principals helpedplace in a purpose-built, integrated framework. All of the define the data management and applicationutilities needed to simplify management of catalogs and development testing market with their flagshiptape subsystems are provided, as well as the critical DataVantage for IMS. DCR has now applied long-termbackup and recovery to protect data in the event of minor experience in the market to the rapidly growing field ofproblems or major disasters. T-REX ensures the health data privacy through DataVantage Global, a data privacy,of a user’s catalogs and TMC in five key areas: testing and data management solution for mainframe,• maintenance client/server and personal platforms. Companies• diagnostics worldwide that use and depend on DataVantage products• reporting include American Express, IBM, EDS, Verizon, Computer• SMF management Sciences Corporation, Metropolitan Life Insurance• backup and recovery. Company, Lockheed Martin, FreddieMac, Avon, and SunGard, among others.In addition to VSAM cluster support, TMC synchronizationand HSM validation, T-REX can repair any VSAM object Product/service information(BCS, KSDS, and Variable RRDS) with a broken index In the midst of application testing or in the unfortunatewithin minutes. It can also REORG a catalog (or move a situation when data has been stolen, DataVantage Globalcatalog to a new volume) while it is OPEN and allocated protects confidential health, financial, personnel andto CAS on any number of connected systems. T-REX other data. As a single, scalable enterprise solution,multi-tasks all major functions (not just back-up) and is DataVantage Global effectively obfuscates, tests,approximately nine times faster than Catalog Solution. migrates, and manages data across multiple platforms to aid compliance with stringent data privacyReleased in 2006 were RAPTOR, an extended tape requirements. A recent Gartner Group research report,toolset to simplify and facilitate tape drive and robotic/ “Security and Data Management for Privacy,” namedvirtual library capacity planning, and TERADON, a DataVantage Global as a leading solution in the category.dynamic HSM product. Mainframe solutions (DataVantage for DB2 andDINO has a full range of training and professional DataVantage for IMS) include functionality for DB2, IMS,services packages related to catalog maintenance and VSAM, flat and PDS files that resolve productionmanagement. challenges quickly and permit table editing, data masking and test database management. In the DB2 environment, users will enjoy additional performance assurance such as SQL automated quality assurance, index analysis, and workload detection. Direct Computer Resources IncAddress;120 Birch Road, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417-2718, USA DPI SoftwarePhone: +1 201 848 0018Email: Address:Web: P.O Box 14613, Lenexa, KS 66215, USA. Phone: +1 919 426 6518Sales contacts: Email: ronp@filemarvel.comAmerica: +1 800 878 4211 Web: http://www.filemarvel.comActivity: Software vendorSpecialist areas: Data management, security,70 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 71. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectorySales contacts: Sales contacts:America +1 913-599-7987; America +1 770 922 2444Activity: Software vendor. Activity: Software vendor.Specialist areas: Data management; programming/ Specialist areas: System management; storagetesting managementMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390Non-mainframe platforms supported: n/a Pricing options: Processor/capacity-basedPricing options: One-time charge; monthly/annuallicense; processor/capacity-based Company profile DTS Software is recognized worldwide as a leader inCompany profile enterprise storage management technology. OurDPI Software is a software development company integrated suite of products help you to monitor, managededicated to making z/OS and the IBM mainframe a and control your storage subsystems. We specialize inusable platform for many years to come. We focus solely products developed for the IBM z/OS and OS/390, Hitachion developing system software for z/OS. Our tools have VOS3, and Fujitsu MSP operating systems.been available for many years, especially FileMarvelwhich has over a hundred Fortune 500 users around the Our products are designed to solve many of the problemsworld. We believe that mainframe software should be encountered by storage administrators and operationsaffordable and that maintenance fees should include staff – allowing a limited number of administrators toautomatic upgrades to new versions of the software. manage a rapidly expanding storage environment. All of our software is written and supported by the originalProduct/service information authors of the code. We do not employ any out-sourcedFileMarvel services, never have, never will.Use FileMarvel to look at and maintain any kind ofdataset – VSAM, SAM, BDAM or source, JCL etc in a Product/service informationPDS. Even tape. Things you can do to your datasets Storage Control Center (SCC) is a group of integratedusing FileMarvel include browsing, editing, changing the storage management products. These products can:layout, copying, sorting/merging, printing and allocatingdatasets. Displays can be formated in a number of ways • Recover space allocation errors and allow jobs toincluding hex, character and (of particular interest to continue in execution without abnormal terminationsapplication programmers) laid out to match a copy (SRS)member. • Control DASD and TAPE allocations by setting individual fields like SPACE or DCB instead ofDumpMarvel classes (ACC)DumpMarvel is an ISPF-based abend dump formatter • Monitor DASD subsystem using a ISPF or PC GUIand analyzer that helps you analyze a z/OS application or interface (SCC-MONitor)system program abend quickly. z/OS or MVS dump • Limit the total DASD space an individual/group cananalysis becomes a breeze because you can find your allocate (DLimit)way around the dump more quickly, locate storage • Easy/Exit allows installations to code systems exits inareas, and skip irrelevant control blocks. For new an English like language.programmers, it provides a more logical and lessdaunting view of a program dump. For experienced Our newest product, SCC-FTP, lets you define FTPprogrammers, it increases the amount of information transfers within JCL.that can be obtained from a complex application orsystem software dump. Edge Information Group, Inc DTS Software Address:Address: 479 Business Center Drive, Suite 115, Mt. Prospect, IL2913 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh NC 27609, USA 60056, USAPhone: +1 919 833 8426 Phone: +1 847-297-2020.Email: Email: Web:© Arcati Ltd, 2011 71
  • 72. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryActivity: Software vendor. license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usageSpecialist areas: Asset and change management; basedprogramming/testing; web integration and legacyreengineering tools. Company profileMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 ESAi is a vendor that provides mainframe productivityPricing options: One-time charge. tools and professional services for enterprise customers. Our mission is to help IT get the job done while realizingCompany profile operational savings. Qualified database and IT staffEdge Information Group Inc is the premier provider of resources are in short supply, workloads are increasing,Language Environment (LE), COBOL and PL/I compiler and there are still only 24 hours in a day. The economicmanagement solutions for upgrading to the latest levels pressures of today are forcing IT to do more with less.of the IBM mainframe operating systems, z/OS. We offer ESAi can help with innovative solutions that save time,a unique LE and portfolio management tool – the Edge money, CPU and staff resources.Portfolio Analyzer – as well as consulting and training inLE and other IT areas. The company is based in Orlandos UCF Research Park and is affiliated with the Florida High Technology CorridorProduct/service information Council. Partnerships include: IBM Partner inThe Edge Portfolio Analyzer (EPA) provides OS/390 and Development, IBM Business Partner, UBS-Hainer,z/OS users with the means to understand and control the Inside Products and Enterprise Performance Visio.contents of their application portfolios. This informationis critical in order to plan and manage a migration to the Product/service informationlatest levels of COBOL and PL/I. In addition, because Our products are designed to help DBAs, QA, andupdates to the latest CICS and DB2 also require that Applications staff with fast delivery and refreshing ofapplication use current compiler technologies, it is application data for testing, QA, batch, warehousing, andnecessary to coordinate all of these migrations. With the other critical needs. For example:Edge Portfolio Analyzer, you can reduce problems - andspeed implementation - when migrating to new • BCV4 is a DB2 subsystem cloning tool that reducescompilers, run-time environments and subsystems. You DB2 clones from hours/days down to minutes. SAPcan also use the EPA to improve the performance of your and PeopleSoft users can have clones and systemproduction environment while monitoring conformance to copies in record time.installation standards, and to assist in problem source • BCV5 is a fast copy/migrate/refresh tool that checks,identification and problem determination. The product automates and copies/refreshes DB2 targetand the processes that it enables can help reduce the environments faster than Unload/Load or other ISVeffort of implementing and operating quality control, solution BCV5 delivers on average 90% savings inchange management and production management CPU, job elapsed time, and manual efforts.procedures. In addition, DBAs and Performance Specialists can more productively manage performance as well as automate tedious DB2 data maintenance tasks like Buffer Pools, Enterprise Systems Associates, Inc REORG, statistics, and DB2 admin tasks: • The Total Utility Control product uses Real Time (ESAi) Statistics, user policies, and automation to save resources and help lean DBA staffs maintain criticalAddress: service level agreements.3259 Progress Drive, Suite 165 UCF Research Park • Buffer Pool Analysis product has replaced the old,Orlando, Fl 32826, USA dated solutions with a new level of expert analysisPhone: +1-866-GO-4-ESAI (866-464-3724) and performance proposals. The sister productEmail: Exception Master for DB2 expands on performance byWeb: monitoring for potential DB2 problems anywhere in any DB2 z/OS system. Intelligent problem detection/Activity: Software vendor. handling, dynamic SQL issues, performanceSpecialist areas: System management; data problems are tracked and reported upon so DBA staffmanagement; asset and change management can find problems before they impact users.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 • UBS Log Tracker/Analyzer answers the question "WhyNon-mainframe platforms supported: Unix, Linux, is a good, reasonably priced log analyzer so hard toWindows find?" Undo/Redo, identify, audit, or propagate. A logPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual72 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 73. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory analyzer that is the faster, better, more economical Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix, alternative. Linux, Windows• EPV for Z/OS, Unix, & Windows brings a new level of Pricing options: One-time charge capability and ease to Performance and Capacity Planning. Utilizing SMF and other data to truly give a Company profile fast and complete understanding of your systems and EPV Technologies is an Italian company based in Rome costs. and Milan. It was founded in June 2003 with the goal of developing and selling the EPV line of products. Epoka Group A/S EPV Technologies’ mission is to develop products thatAddress: provide high-quality and ready-to-use information toHjulmagervej 21, DK-9490 Pandrup, Denmark customers allowing them to give a better service andPhone: +45 96 730 800. save money by improving their Capacity ManagementEmail: processes.Web: EPV Technologies founders have more than 25 yearsActivity: Hardware vendor. experience mostly in Capacity Management projects.Specialist areas: Other They built a very strong technical background working forMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, many years for Boole & Babbage, BMC Software, SASLinux, other Institute, and then as independent consultants.Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIXPricing options: Other Since the beginning, EPV Technologies sponsors and presents at major technical conferences in EuropeCompany profile such as CMG and GSE in Austria, Germany, Italy, and UK.Epoka Group A/S is an innovative supplier of pre-owned,high-performance enterprise computer solutions. Our EPV Technologies partners:extensive range of blue-chip brands extends from • Benny Tal Marketing Software Solutions in Israel andmainframes, NAS and SAN solutions to best-of-breed Northern Europenetworking equipment. • Inspired Solutions in UK and Ireland • JVL in FranceEpoka is a reliable, triple-A rated company that offers • Senmesoft in Canadacustomers around the world quick access to quality • TPS-DATA in Austria, Germany, and at competitive prices. Based in Denmark since • ECCOX in Brazil and other SA countries1991, Epoka is committed to providing real value, world- • ESAi in USA.class service and continued expansion. Please browsethrough our website to learn more about our products, Product/service informationservices and job opportunities. EPV products have been designed to help system analysts in Performance and Capacity Planning activities.Product/service information EPV for z/OS, EPV Parser for SMF, EPV for DB2, EPV forIBM: zSeries 800, 890, 900, 990 • CMOS(9672) G2 - G6 • Unix (including Linux), and EPV for Windows are the mainStorage & Peripherals. products. Same products in two lines: SAS-based and PERL/SQL-based. EPV Parser for SMF is written in PERLproviding input data to EPV for z/OS. Free agents provide input data to EPV for Unix and EPV for Windows. EPV Technologies PERL; a light version is included as a free component.Address:Viale Luigi Mancinelli 106, Rome, ItalyPhone: +39 0686399398. Exspans Systems IncEmail: Address: RPO 20082, Perth Mews, RPO 20082, Perth, Ontario K7HActivity: Software vendor. 3M6, CanadaSpecialist areas: System management Phone: +1 613 268 2057.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS© Arcati Ltd, 2011 73
  • 74. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryEmail: Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualWeb: licenseActivity: Software vendor Company profileSpecialist areas: System management; data The EZ Source aCMDB dramatically reduces anmanagement enterprises Applications Management costs, improvesMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 its application development and maintenance speed,Pricing options: monthly/annual license flexibility and quality of its deliverables and lowers the risk involved in application development and maintenance.Company profileEstablished in 1989. IBM business partner. Specializing Established in 2003, EZ Legacy is a market leader of thein automation products. Exspans is dedicated to the Enterprise Applications Mapping & Management marketcontinued success of z/OS systems, by providing high with offices in the United Kingdom, US, Germany,performance automation, scheduling and systems Romania, Israel and Australia. EZ Legacy has more thanmanagement tools, that reduce the total cost of 50 clients worldwide, including ING Life, Thomsonownership. Reuters, BearingPoint, Time Warner, Telecom Italia, Fujitsu and more.Product/service information• AutoMan is a family of event automation and EZ Legacy has partnerships with IBM, SAP, CA, CSC, scheduling products, that enables the user to select Serena and HP. the functionality they need. There is a version of AutoMan that meets every need and budget. Product/service information• Matrix is an application programming interface that EZ Legacy provides the EZ Source product suite to help provides high performance cross-memory and cross- with: systems control and data sharing. It makes • z/OS infrastructure discovery and mapping dataspace technology and cross-systems services • Cross application dependencies available to the high-level language programmers, • Detailed applications impact analysis - both online without any need for them to use Assembler. and batch• TapeMan is a cross-systems tape device sharing • Application metrics technology for OS/390 and z/OS systems that are not sysplex enabled. TapeMan V1.0 is provided free of The EZ Source product suite is an Application oriented charge to the MVS systems community. TapeMan V2.0 Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) that is a low-cost alternative tape sharing solution. automates Application understanding, analysis and interactive technical documentation for use in all Application Management activities. It is either provided as an in-house platform or on demand under our Documentation as a Service (DaaS) solution. EZ Legacy Limited EZ Source includes analysis for a wide range of z/OSAddress: environments (COBOL, ADS/O, PL/1, Assembler, Natural,Missenden Abbey, London Road, Great Missenden, MQ, CICS, JCL, REXX, etc) as well as SAP, Java and .NET.Bucks HP16 9BD, UKPhone: +44 1494 866811 All EZ Source information can be federated within yourEmail: Enterprise CMDB platforms such as HP, BMC, IBM andWeb: CA.Sales contacts:America usinfo@ezlegacy.comEMEA Fujitsu Technology SolutionsActivity: Software vendor. Address:Specialist areas: System management; asset and Mies-van-der-Rohe Str. 4-10, 80807 Munich, Germanychange management; programming/testing; Phone: +49 89 3222 2610.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Email:, other Web: platforms supported: i5, AIX, Unix, Linux,Windows Activity: Hardware and software vendor.74 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 75. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectorySpecialist areas: System management; data BS2000/OSD is the mainframe OS offered by Fujitsumanagement; storage management; security; Technology Solutions - a part of the global Fujitsu Group.programming/testing; web integration and legacy The BS2000/OSD mainframes (S-, SQ, and SX-Series)reengineering tools; other are more than just servers: they represent a complete,Mainframe platforms supported: Other autonomous and dynamic IT infrastructure for differentNon-mainframe platforms supported: Linux, Windows kinds of applications. With his fully mainframe offeringPricing options: Monthly/annual license, other Fujitsu Technology Solutions is committed and responsible for the seamless and efficient interaction ofCompany profile all the BS2000/OSD infrastructure components. BS2000/Fujitsu Technology Solutions is the leading European IT OSD guarantees efficient, risk-free data center operationinfrastructure provider with a presence in all key markets – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, today, tomorrow,in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, plus India, serving whenever you want. On-going innovations in hardwarelarge-, medium- and small-sized companies as well as and software, based on proven technologies, willconsumers. With its Dynamic Infrastructures approach, continue to make it the most reliable andthe company offers a full portfolio of IT products, solutions costeffectivplatform for many large-scaleand services, ranging from clients to datacenter applicationsensuring security of investment and datasolutions, Managed Infrastructure and Infrastructure-as- today as well as in future. BS2000/OSD has been thea-Service. Fujitsu Technology Solutions employs more subject of continuous innovation for more than thirty yearsthan 10,000 people and is part of the global Fujitsu and has been adapted to take account of constantlyGroup, which delivers IT-based business solutions to changing market requirements. For instance, BS2000/customers in 70 countries through a workforce of OSD is a mainframe OS that can run on servers based175,000 employees. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu on industry standard processors. And with its openreported consolidated revenues of 4.6 trillion yen (US$47 interfaces it offers future-proof integration into modernbillion) for the fiscal year ended 31 March 2009. application architectures.Product/service information AUTOMATING APPLICATION IMPACT ANALYSIS AND TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION Many organisations are faced with Application Lifecycle Management inefficiencies, due to the lack of understanding of their applications cross applications interdependencies and the detailed internal struc- ture and component relationships. - to automate all applications analysis activities, both for an in-depth understanding for developers and support staff as well as application metrics for architects and management. EZ Source is used by our customers to accelerate delivery and quality for break / fix, assessment, en- hancement and SOA / Web services use cases. It supports applications written in a comprehensive range of languages including COBOL, Assembler, PL/1, Natural, ADS, CICS, JCL and MQ as well as a wide variety of distributed languages including Java. Email© Arcati Ltd, 2011 - 75
  • 76. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directory GT Software H&W Computer SystemsAddress: Address:235 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1400, Atlanta, GA 30303, 6154 N Meeker Place, Suite 100, Boise, ID 83713, USAUSA Phone: +1 208 377 0336Phone: +1 404-253-1300 Email: webtrack@hwcs.comEmail: Web: www.hwcs.comWeb: Sales contacts:Activity: Software vendor America: 800 338 6692Specialist areas: Web integration and legacy EMEA: 208 377 0336reengineering tools AsiaPac 208 377 0336.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Linux, other Activity: Software vendorNon-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, other Specialist areas: System management; dataUnix, Linux, Windows management; storage management; web integration andPricing options: Other legacy reengineering tools Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSECompany profile Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualGT Software serves the largest mainframe organizations license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usageover half of Fortune 1000 companies are customers based.delivering the most productive and comprehensivetoolset on the market. GT Softwares longstanding Company profilepositive customer relationships demonstrate the quality An IBM Advanced Business Partner, H&W Computerof our products and people, and our ongoing ability to Systems has been a leading provider of quality softwaredeliver real, usable solutions to meet customer needs. solutions since 1979. H&W creates reliable, technically- sound solutions that provide long-term value. Today,GT Softwares product strategy is to continue to provide hundreds of corporations worldwide, incuding manyunparalleled capability to leverage the mainframes Global 500 companies, trust H&W for their IT softwareproven functionality, power, stability, and performance to and services needs. H&W primarily develops tools for theits fullest potential. z/OS environment. Our flagship product, SYSB-II, provides a cost-effective way to enable 24/7 availability of CICSFounded in 1982 and headquartered in Atlanta, GT applications that rely on VSAM.Software is a privately held company that is currentlyrepresented in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia, Product/service informationAfrica and South America. With SYSB-II, you can gain a competitive edge by providing timely updates of batch data while CICSProduct/service information remains available to online users.For more than 20 years, GT Software has deliveredmainframe integration solutions that are simple to use, SYSB-II is mainframe software that allows CICS andwithout sacrificing sophisticated results. batch to have concurrent access to VSAM files. This means you can process batch during the business day,The Ivory product family from GT Software is the latest while CICS applications and data remain fully available.example of our mainframe innovation. Ivory is an SYSB-II doesnt require application source-codeintegrated toolset that enables rapid Service Oriented changes, additional hardware, data migration, orArchitecture (SOA) development for the mainframe using rearchitecting your existing IT infrastructure. With SYSB-II,existing skills sets, applications and data, allowing your you can add batch into the information-on-demandmainframe to become an active participant in an SOA. equation with minimal effort. This helps yourWithout retraining, Ivory enables mainframe developers to organizations employees make better businessleverage mainframe resources to seamlessly support the decisions using up-to-date information and make moreright-sizing, building and deploying of multi-step, multi- timely decisions.operation business services within an SOA.76 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 77. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory Higobi Systems Product/service information We have developed two unique DB2 for z/OS tools : • zSQLMON – Dynamic SQL monitoring made easyAddress: ( Smoke Lane, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7HJ, UK • DB2CPI – Advanced productivity toolkitPhone: +44 (0)788 757 1953 ( info@higobi.comWeb: Both these tools have been “Designed by DBAs for DBAs” ,and all of our consultants have exclusive use of theseActivity: Software vendor productivity tools when you engage us.Specialist areas: Data management; programming/testing; web integration and legacy reengineering toolsMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annuallicense HORIZONTCompany profile Address:Higobi is a network of highly-motivated and experienced Garmischer Str. 8, 80339 Munich, Germanyconsultants that along with our partners, provides Phone: +49 89 540 162 0consultancy services, software products, education, and Email: offerings for the relational database, CRM, and Web: http://www.horizont-it.comSAP markets. We concentrate our efforts on largesystems with high-availability requirements across Sales contacts:multiple industry sectors worldwide. America A NETWORK OF HIGHL MOTIV Y ATED EXPERIENCED CONSULTANTS We provide consultancy services and education for the relational database, CRM and SAP markets. We also specialize in premier DB2 consultancy and provide industry leading DB2 productivity tools for the z/OS platform. z/OS and DB2 are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG. DB2CPI and zSQLMON are trademarks of Higobi Systems Limited.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 77
  • 78. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryActivity: Software vendor I/S Management StrategiesSpecialist areas: System management; storagemanagement; asset and change management Address:Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 4942 N Hollywood Avenue, Whitefish Bay, WI 53217, USANon-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix, Phone: +1 414 332-3062Linux, Windows, other Email: al@sherkow.comPricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/ Web: http://www.sherkow.comcapacity-based, other Activity: ConsultantCompany profile Specialist areas: System managementHORIZONT is a software development company located Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 1993 Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualas R.O.S.E. by three OPC (TWS) consultants. Due to legal license, otherconflicts, the name was changed to HORIZONT in 1997.The companys first product was OPC/Graph (now TWS/ Company profileGraph), net plan display software for TWS, which was Al Sherkow is a capacity planning and performancedeveloped together with IBM Germany. With more than consultant at I/S Management Strategies and author of150 customers worldwide, it has become the de facto the LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis Toolstandard for TWS compatible software. Additional (LCS). Al is a recognized industry expert regarding theproducts include TWS/BatchAD, TWS/BatchCP and TWS/ configuration and planning of processors and PR/SM andAudit, rounding off the TWS product line. IBM mainframe Workload License Charges, and has worked with many companies around the globe to helpWith the introduction of XINFO in 1997 (SmartIS in the US them reduce mainframe costs through efficient capacityin 1999), HORIZONT took a big step into a much wider and licensing strategies. As principal of I/S Managementmarket. XINFO (SmartIS in USA) integrates with Strategies, Al has been helping clients since 1988 and isschedulers other than TWS, for example CA-7, CA- a regular presenter at industry conferences. I/SScheduler, APM, Control-M or ZEKE. In 2002 HORIZONT Management Strategies is a System z Developmentreleased DSN/Change and SmartJCL, which are Partner of IBM and we are also affiliated with IBMs ITcompleting the product line. And since 2003 HORIZONT Analyst Relations.has a new ground-breaking product: TWS/WebAdmin Product/service informationProduct/service information The LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS)XINFO - The IT Information System (also known as Software is the only tool available to assist installations inSmartIS). planning for, implementing, monitoring and leveragingXINFO is the information system for batch production. It IBM’s Workload License Charges (WLC). LCS reads yourenables you to access and cross-reference all data from SMF data and prepares interactive reports that can helpvarious IT systems like JCL, TWS, CA-7, CA-Scheduler, you decrease your IBM software charges month afterControl-M, ZEKE, SMF, RMM, CA-1, COBOL, PL/I and month. LCS is truly unique. No other tool is available thatmuch more. 100 satisfied customers worldwide! combines information about your licensed software products, analysis of utilization data, and prices to provideSmartJCL - The Easy Way to Faultless JCL. near real-time estimates of your software charges. LCSSmartJCL is a new JCL checker. It offers an integrated allows sites to "tune" their IBM monthly software invoices!scheduler interfaces, reformat functions, batch mode andmuch more. Large and small sites have licensed LCS throughout the USA and the world (Australia, Canada, the Netherlands,DSN/Change - The Dataset Renaming System Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom).If you want to carry out file name migration under z/OSautomatically, reliably and at low cost, DSN/Change is theright tool for your data center. i3 Business Solutions LLCTWS Products - especially designed for TWS (TivoliWorkload Scheduler). Address:These products are especially designed for TWS, you 5005-B Cascade RD SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, USAcannot not use them if you are running schedulers other Phone: +1 616 956 6888.than IBMs TWS. Email:, TWS/Graph, TWS/Audit, TWS/BatchAD, Web: http://www.i3BusinessSolutions.comand TWS/BatchCP.78 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 79. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryActivity: Consultant. Company profileSpecialist areas: System management; data IBM is the worlds largest information technologymanagement; storage management; asset and change company. Measured by revenue, it is the biggest providermanagement; security; programming/testing of IT services ($43B), hardware ($28B) and rental andMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE financing ($3B). 2003 revenues were $89B. IBM hasNon-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix, approximately 319,000 employees and conductsLinux, Windows business in some 170 countries.Company profile IBM Software Group had 2003 revenues of $14.3 billion.i3 Business Solutions accelerates business results by IBMs e-business strategy is being fueled by the worldsintegrating information solutions. We are an IBM and largest portfolio of software patents. Software accountedMicrosoft Business Partner offering products and for more than 40 percent of the 3,415 US patentssolutions for iSeries, pSeries, xSeries, and zSeries. We awarded to IBM in 2003. IBM received nearly three timesalso offer consulting services in the manufacturing and as many patents as Microsoft, and twice the combineddistribution sectors and planning, installation, and total awarded to its four closest software industryimplementation support for PM, EMR, ERP and CRM informationi3 Business Solutions provides a full-range of z/OS,OS/390, z/VM, and VSE/ESA system programming Identity Forgeservices including version and release upgrades, day-to-day operating systems support, performance and tuning, Address:and on-site or remote 7x24 operating system support. 5885 Cumming Hwy, Suite 108-350, Atlanta GA 30518, USA. Phone: +1 678 266 3399 x201. Email: Web: IBM Activity: Software vendor.Address: Specialist areas: SecurityNew Orchard Road, Armonk, New York 10504, USA Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390Phone: +1 914 499 1900 Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, otherWeb: Unix, Linux, Windows Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualSales contacts (hardware):America Ernie Fernandez +1 914 642 3713 licenseEMEA Martina Koederitz +33 1 41885653AsiaPac Sheddrick Harrison +81 3 5572 2728 Company profile Identity Forge (IdF) is a leading provider of identitySales contacts (software): and access management solutions for mainframe,America Dot Alexander +1 914 642 4952 midrange and/or other legacy systems. Our solutionsEMEA David Wilson +44 1256 344682 securely provide real-time bi-directional password andAsiaPac Erik Elzerman +65 6418 2230 identity synchronization and communication between mainframe, midrange and legacy systems with identityActivity: Hardware and Software vendor. management systems, web services or enterpriseSpecialist areas: System management; data; storage management; asset and changemanagement; security; programming/testing; web IdF has been providing Identity and Access Managementintegration and legacy reengineering tools; network solutions and services for mainframe, midrange andperformance/management. legacy systems since 2001. Building upon IdF’s coreMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, technology Pioneer & Voyager Agents and the LDAPLinux Gateway. Identity Forge has recently released its vendorNon-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix, editions. The new vendor editions provide “out of the box”Linux, Windows integration along with a complete set of enterprise class features for most of today’s leading identity managementPricing options: One-time charge; monthly/annual vendors.license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usagebased, other.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 79
  • 80. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryIdentity Forge’s solutions and services are used Company profileworldwide. Our solutions are being used by Norfolk illustro Systems focus on delivering software solutionsSouthern Corporation, GE Healthcare, The Boeing that empower today’s mainframe customer to lead theCompany, HBOS PLC, Charles Schwab, ING House, KK way with innovation.Bank, Country Wide, Scott Trade, JM Family Enterprises,Inc., Embarq and many others. We believe that web-enabling mainframe applications should mean return on investment in hours, not months.Product/service information And our z/Web-Host product provides just that. And withThe Advance Adapter provides native real-time collection the rapidly emerging standard of SOA and using Webof identity events and bi-directional issuance of Services and XML as the method of exchanging datacommands between the host target system and identity between computers, our z/XML-Host product delivers amanagement or external application. The IdF advanced powerful yet simple solution. Our customers have theiradapter suite comprises of adapters supporting IBM- Internet-enabling projects in production in the same timeRACF, CA-ACF2, CA-Top Secret, and IBM-i5 target it takes just to evaluate competitive Product/service informationIdF LDAP Gateway illustro’s z/Ware family of products have earned the reputation of being easy. The z/Web-Host productAdvanced Adapter Suite transforms any 3270 application, whether CICS or non-IdF Advanced Adapter for RACF CICS, directly into a fully functional, web-based interfaceIdF Advanced Adapter for ACF2 that anyone can use – all without touching the originalIdF Advanced Adapter for Top Secret application. And with z/XML-Host, mainframe data can beIdF Advanced Adapter for System i automatically converted into XML documents and accessed via Web Services using SOAP, meaning yourVendor Editions names and listing: data and business-critical logic can be shared with any platform or application. This includes languages like JavaIBM Tivoli Edition and .Net, or Web-Services-enabled platforms includingOracle Edition IBM’s WebSphere and Microsoft Office.Ping Identity EditionRadiant Logic Edition What’s more, both z/Web-Host and z/XML-Host runSAP NetWeaver Edition directly on either z/OS (OS/390) or z/VSE (VSE/ESA), soSentillion Edition there’s no need to add cost and complexity to the processSun Edition by using a different, less reliable platform just to Internet-SymLabs Edition. enable your mainframe. And now that your mainframe data can easily be made available on the ‘Net, security is an important issue. That’s where our iCYA network appliance comes in. The iCYA delivers full Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection Illustro Systems International so your data is encrypted until it reaches a trusted source.Address:1950 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 5001, Dallas, Texas75207, USA. Informatica CorporationPhone: +1 214 800 8900Email: Address:Web: 100 Cardinal Way, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA. Phone: +1 650 385 5000 (800-970-1179 in the USA).Activity: Software vendor. Web: http://www.informatica.comSpecialist areas: Web integration and legacyreengineering tools Activity: Software vendor.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE Specialist areas: Data management; web integrationPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual and legacy reengineering tools; otherlicense, workload/usage-based Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS80 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 81. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryNon-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix, Company profileLinux, Windows InfoSec Inc provides high-quality software and services toPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual mainframe customers resulting in increased operationallicense efficiencies, improved compliance and decreased costs. Our goal is to help you to leverage your mainframeCompany profile investment.Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) is a leadingprovider of enterprise data integration software. Using Product/service informationInformatica products, companies can access, integrate, InfoSec provides mainframe consulting resources to helpmigrate and consolidate enterprise data across systems, our customers continue to leverage their mainframeprocesses and people to reduce complexity, ensure investment. Our specialty is mainframe security andconsistency and empower the business. More than 2,100 compliance, but we can perform any mainframe-relatedcompanies worldwide rely on Informatica for their end-to- services including systems programming, databaseend enterprise data integration needs. management, workload management, output management and more. With all of the regulation andProduct/service information legislation in place today for compliance relatedInformatica PowerCenter for Mainframe is a unified data initiatives, organizations need support to help themintegration platform that integrates data directly on the achieve that compliance.mainframe, helping companies better leverage the ever-growing amount of corporate data residing on IBMeServer zSeries mainframe systems. PowerCenter forMainframe leverages the business-critical aspects ofmainframe computing while providing the same time-to- INNOVATION Data Processingvalue and cost-of-ownership advantages thatPowerCenter brings to non-mainframe environments. Address:These include PowerCenter’s metadata-driven 275 Paterson Ave, Little Falls, NJ 07424. USA.architecture for defining integration tasks once and Phone: +1 973 890 7300deploying them anywhere on or off the mainframe, and Email: sales@fdrinnovation.comInformatica PowerExchange’s ability to access real-time, Web: http://www.innovationdp.comchanged-only and batch data. The combination ofPowerCenter for Mainframe with Informatica Activity: Software vendorPowerExchange’s unique data access and changed data Specialist areas: Data management; storagecapture technology creates an industry-leading end-to- managementend data integration platform. This can help enterprises Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 ,VM/VSE,extend the value of their mainframe investments with Linuxnear-universal mainframe access and a holistic view of Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix,enterprise information, while maximizing the reliability Linux, Windows, otherand reducing the costs of data integration processing. Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual license, processor/capacity-based, other Company profile INNOVATION Data Processing has over 33 years InfoSec Inc experience of providing backup/restore, non-disruptive protection and storage management solutions forAddress: enterprise-scale z/OS and OS/390 mainframe and open14001-C St. Germain Drive, Suite 809, Centreville, VA systems (SAN/LAN/Unix, Windows, Novell, and Linux)20121, USA. installations. INNOVATION partners with BMC, Compaq,Phone: +1 703 825 1202 Computer Associates, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi,Email: IBM, Informix, Lotus, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Red Hat,Web: StorageTek, Sun, SuSE Linux, Sybase, Turbo Linux and others.Activity: ConsultantSpecialist areas: System management; data INNOVATION’s prime objective in partnering with softwaremanagement; storage management; security; companies is interoperability and co-existence withprogramming/testing; network performance/management operating system platforms and databases; whileMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 ,VM/VSE, partnering with storage vendors allows the creation ofLinuxPricing options: Monthly/annual license© Arcati Ltd, 2011 81
  • 82. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directoryunique solutions that provide customers with the benefits Several of the tools and software we supply are either theof advanced storage management. de facto standard for their area, or soon will be.Product/service information Product/service informationBest recognized as the provider of the Fast Dump As well as performance management and capacityRestore (FDR) suite, INNOVATION solutions offer planning tools, we also provide XINFO, the data centreenterprise storage management and non-disruptive repository; tools for TWS for zOS (OPC) and Distributed ;business protection. FDRINSTANT supports Timefinder, JCL Checking; CICS, VSAM, VTAM, and developers’ tools,FlashCopy, ShadowImage and SnapShot Copy for non- DB2 tools, utilities and tuning for zOS & distributed.disruptive backup of off-line volumes. More details at our partners websites:IAM allows users to achieve performance enhancements Enterprise Performance Vision for Performance &and system resource savings for most applications that Capacity Planning - www.epvtech.comutilize VSAM datasets. FDRPAS provides non-disruptive Horizont GmbH for TWS Products - www.horizont-it.comvolume relocation of z/OS disk volumes from one device MacKinney for CICS, VSAM, VTAM Products -to another, while FDRERASE provides safe, secure, fast www.mackinney.comerasure of z/OS data volumes. FDR/UPSTREAM allows Responsive Systems for DB2 Buffer Pool Tuning -users to position the OS/390 or z/OS mainframe as a www.responsivesystems.combackup server, with additional support for zLinux. Relational Architects International and Insoft Software for DB2 tools - www.relarc.comSites with EMC Symmetrix arrays rely on FDRSOS for ITGain for UDB DB2 products - www.itgain.dehigh-speed network-free volume-level backup/restore InSoft for DB2 tools - ESCON/FICON channels. FDR/UPSTREAM/SOSextends this protection with logical file granularity, centraladministration and policy-based management. Interskill Learning Address: Inspired Solutions (Software) Ltd 11770 Haynes Bridge Road, Suite 205 PMB 526, Alpharetta, GA 30004, USA.Address: Phone: +1 770 407 2269208, Moor Lane, Salford M7 3PZ, UK. Email: sales@interskill.comPhone:+44 (0) 161 7926540 Web: http://www.interskill.comEmail: Activity: Education Specialist areas: System management; dataActivity: Software vendor management; asset and change management; security;Specialist areas: System management; data programming/testing; network performance/managementmanagement; asset and change management; other Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 ,VM/VSE,Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 ,VM/VSE, LinuxLinux Non-mainframe platforms supported: LinuxNon-mainframe platforms supported: Other Unix, Linux, Pricing options: Monthly/annual licenseWindowsPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual Company profilelicense, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage Experiencebased, other Since 1993 – across a client base of over 1,500 companies, including over 60% of the Fortune 100 – weCompany profile have proven our expertise at developing and deliveringSave Money on the Mainframe training solutions that form the backbone of our clients’ employee training on these mission critical systems. WeInspired Solutions and Blenheim Software work together have always prided ourselves on being entrusted with ato distribute software in the UK and Ireland. Our cost- task of such importance.effective software covers many of the most importantareas in the data centre for both mainframe anddistributed platforms.82 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 83. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryWe are the only eLearning provider with current, technical Activity: for the IBM z/OS, midrange space. We will Specialist areas: System management; asset andcontinue to manage our development projects with an change managementemphasis on maintaining currency while expanding intotopics that are relevant to the mainstream IBM mainframe Company profileshops across North America. ISAM provides valuable and unique information for software asset management teams. This informationOur alliances are primarily with third party LMS (Learning helps optimize software usage and reduce overallManagement System) providers – such as SumTotal, software expenses. The in-depth information we provideKnowledge Planet, Thinq, and Pathlore – that enable us is not available through any other internal or externalto integrate our content with their platforms. resource.Product/service information As an industry leader in software asset management,Products & Solutions software benchmarking and software optimization, ISAMInterskill’s offerings include a comprehensive range of helps its clients understand their total mainframeproducts: software portfolio and how to implement best practice strategies that help them strive toward “Best in Class”• zSeries, iSeries, and Unix Courseware: The industry’s status for software pricing. most comprehensive, technology-based education offering, encompassing over 150 titles of unmatched ISAM’s Software Intelligence Database, with more than 7 depth, breadth and currency. million data points, has software pricing data from data• Mainframe Skills Assessment: Extensive banks of centers of various sizes (total MIPS) and representing scenario based questions enable an organization to nearly all industries. Our database is the largest and accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of most comprehensive in the software asset management their workforce. Analysis of the data can be used to set industry. ISAM’s Software Intelligence Database and its benchmarks, identify skill gaps, measure learning applications offer extremely valuable data needed by effectiveness and calculate ROI. every company’s SAM team.• Learning Plans: Provides individuals with a graphical, defined path of learning activity that offers direction, Product/service information motivation and lays the foundation for technical ISAM Services: competence in their z/OS job role. Can be tailored to • SAM Guidance & Monitoring reflect your particular systems and/or job role • IBM Software Pricing Audit requirements. • SAS Software Usage Analysis• MyInterskill Learning Management System: Managers • Software Benchmark control the education solution – register new • Data Center Optimization students, assign specific courses/learning paths to • Software Usage Analysis – PILSTM Analysis students, run detailed report on progress and results. • Software Vendor Negotiation Students access their education – access courses • Data Center Consolidation 24x7x365 via the web, username, and password • Data Center Relocation. protected, print certificates on course completion.• Custom e-Learning Content Development: We bring the same quality to your e-learning project. Let us show you how simply and inexpensively you can have world class e-learning on your topics. iTech-Ed Ltd Address: iTech-Ed House, 16 Brinkworth Close, Chippenham, Wilts SN14 0TL, UK Phone: +44 1249 443256. ISAM (Information Systems Email: Web: Asset Management) Activity: Consultant.Address: Specialist areas: System management; data7701 France Ave S, #200, Minneapolis, MN 55435, USA management; storage management; asset and changePhone: +1 952 841 6330 management; security; web integration and legacyEmail: reengineering tools; network performance/management;Web: other© Arcati Ltd, 2011 83
  • 84. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 valuable tool for the z/OS environment and strive toNon-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, Windows maintain and enhance it. Trevor Eddolls has a regular mainframe-centric blog at mainframeupdate.Company profile Ltd provides a source of highly technicalinformation and expertise for people using IBMmainframes, servers, the Internet, mid-range computers,and PCs. iTech-Ed provides consultancy on a wide variety Levi Ray & Shoup Incof mainframe-related areas, produces technical articlesand White Papers on current trends in computing, Address:performs software reviews, writes up research in 2401 West Monroe Street, Springfield, Illinois. USAtechnical areas, and edits marketing copy to avoid Phone: 217 793 3800.ambiguities and eliminate any technical errors. The Email: asklrs@lrs.comcompany can also provide in-house training (with Web: http://www.lrs.comdocumentation) in a variety of mainframe-related areas,as well as Microsoft Office training. iTech-Ed also Sales contacts:designs and creates Web sites to fit W3C standards. EMEA: +44 1242 537500,, Regent House,Since 2004 iTech-Ed Ltd has offered motivational training Rodney Road, Cheltenham, Glos, GL50 1HX, UK.for staff as well help with personal development and life AsiaPac: Activity: Software vendor Specialist areas: System management; security Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Linux, other Laid Back Software Inc Non-mainframe platforms supported: OS/400, AIX, other Unix, Linux, WindowsAddress: Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual20654 Maple Tree Place Cupertino, Ca 95014-0449. license, processor/capacity based, workload/usageUSA. basedPhone: 408 749-0655.Email: Company profileWeb: Since 1981, Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. has been providing software solutions that help customers save money,Activity: Software vendor improve business productivity, and provide assuredSpecialist areas: System management; security delivery of business-critical documents. Ninety-fiveMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390. percent of the Fortune 100 companies trust LRSPricing options: Monthly/annual licence, processor/ solutions to deliver their most critical documents.capacity-based, Product/service informationCompany profile VPS and VPS/TCPIP. The VPS software suite manages,Laid Back Software is a software development and monitors and delivers documents to network destinationsconsulting company dedicated to support of the OS/390 through the organization. Originally designed for VTAM-and z/OS operating systems. Keith Moe, the founder, has controlled SNA networks, LRS added TCP/IP functionalityover thirty years of mainframe systems programming and pioneered the migration of enterprise printing to theexperience and is now available for consulting work on all TCP/IP network protocol. The VPS solution offers web-aspects of z/OS installation, support, maintenance, and based monitoring and control, enabling administrators,customization. operators and end users to control production printing.Product/service information VPS/Secure. VPS/Secure offer encrypted distribution ofLaid Back Software is proud to offer the TSO Environment confidential documents from host to printer or host toand Administration Manager (TEAM), a comprehensive host. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES),tool for both administrators and end users. It allows end supporting the exchange of encrypted data betweenusers to customize and manage their TSO session(s) Windows, Unix, OS/390 and z/OS mainframes.with minimal administrative involvement. It provides TSOadministrators and other support personnel with tools to VPS/E Mail. This expands the print distribution channel tomanage and assist the TSO end users without getting in include direct e-mail delivery from the host.their way. We believe that TSO is still a critical and84 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 85. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryVPS/PDF. VPS/PDF provides dynamic conversion of AFP 3 Training. We can provide a mentor for junior systemsdocuments to Portable Document Format (PDF) for programmers, perform fast Mainframes fordelivery via e-mail, web or file. Beginners briefings, or provide other training and assistance you require.DRS captures, manages and controls documentsoriginating from any platform via the LRS EnterpriseOutput Server. LooksoftwareDRS/Output Manager. With DRS/Output Manager, SAP R/3users gain full control over document printing, along with Address:feedback on print status, without leaving the SAP app. 9/622 Ferntree Gullu Road, Wheeler’s Hill, Melbourne, AustraliaPageCenter. PageCenter archives documents received Phone: 61 3 9535 4444.from VPS for secure viewing with web browsers on Email: info@looksoftware.commultiple platforms. Web: Sales contacts: America: 678-354-1094, Longpela Expertise EMEA: 61 3 9535 4444, AsiaPac: 61 3 9535 4444, Lilly Street, South Fremantle WA 6162, Australia Activity: Software vendorPhone: +61 404 757 821 Specialist areas: Web integration and legacyEmail: reengineering toolsWeb: Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX,Activity: Consultant WindowsSpecialist areas: System management; programming/ Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualtesting license, processor/capacity based, workload/usageMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 basedPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annuallicense, other Company profile Dynamic application modernization and integrationCompany profile solutions for customers and application vendors. Our on-We provide mainframe technical and systems the-fly architecture automates the modernization process,programming consulting services throughout Australia, requiring no changes to your back-end System zSouth Asia, and South Africa. We have over 18 years applications.experience in System z mainframes and related systemssoftware including z/OS, CICS, and IMS. Front-end modernization supporting: • Rich, thin and mobile multi-channel GUIsProduct/service information • Integration with virtually any desktop, web and back-Longpela Expertise offer three service streams: end application • Delivery of core applications in popular UIs like1 Systems programming services. Our consultants can Outlook and Google cover for systems programmers on leave, perform • Integration with most portals assembler programming projects, assist with skills • Offline support. such as dump reading and performance analysis, or simply add an extra resource to get a project moving. Back-end modernization supporting: • Creation of SOA compliant Web services from2 General Mainframe technical advice to groups such unchanged back-end applications as auditors, managers, and non-mainframe technical • Two-way Web services support people. We can answer your Mainframe questions, • DDM, ADO, RPC, 5250, 3270 support. and help you control your project. From a one hour phone call to longer term on-site projects, we can provide an expert to use when and where you need.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 85
  • 86. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryComposite Solutions Environment: Activity: Software vendor.• Supports on-the-fly delivery of new solutions Specialist areas: Storage management• Assemble composite application components with Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, external applications and services. Linux, other Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix,Product/service information Linux, Windows*Developer Product Suite* Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualnewlook licenseDynamic generation of smart, thin and mobile userinterfaces (UIs). Use newlook to rapidly webface and Company profilecreate new UI’s. Access 5250/3270 applications from Founded in 1994, Luminex is privately held andvirtually any front-end including: Outlook, SharePoint, headquartered in Riverside, CA, with additional offices inNotes, WebSphere, Google, Apple iPhone, PDAs, rich San Diego, CA and Beaverton, OR. Luminex developsclients, AJAX, .Net, and Java, etc. distinctive data storage products based upon proven technologies that tackle the complex challenges ofsoarchitect storing, archiving, distributing and protecting data.Creates web services from modules of code within Complemented by quality customer service, Luminex’sexisting applications. Provides a complete solution for re- innovative products create real value for our customers.using, extending and integrating your existing With a history of expertise in mainframe connectivityapplications. Heterogeneous database access and web products, Luminex’s Virtual|BLUE product line bridgesservices consumption make multi-platform integration the gap between the mainframe enterprise and openeasy. systems world, thereby transforming the economics of mainframe storage. Luminex’s Data|WARE family*Deployment Product Suite* enables customers to archive and distribute data on CDlookserver and DVD media. Luminex’s products have been certifiedIt enables customers to access iSeries applications from and tested by IBM (Total Storage Proven), StorageTek,any device that supports a browser, or from mobile Diligent, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, Innovation and E-devices including PDAs. Vault.thinclient Product/service informationZero deployment UIs are best suited to external users Luminex Virtual|BLUE is a comprehensive suite oflike partners and customers. Support for most popular connectivity products for the IBM mainframe user. Thebrowsers running Linux, Mac or Windows makes thin Virtual|BLUE 3990 is the first disk-independent controlclients an easy option for instant global access. unit that enables open systems disk storage for use as native DASD on mainframes, eliminating the proprietarymobileclient boundaries and vendor lock-in that traditionally separateMore and more employees are on the road using the mainframe and open systems worlds. Virtual|BLUEwireless devices such as web pads, PDAs, and phones. 3490 is a plug-compatible mainframe tape and tape- library control unit enabling any open systems tapesmartclient device or library to be used as a mainframe device.Suits knowledge workers needing smart/rich client Virtual|BLUE VTS is a mainframe virtual tape control unitsupport including high performance, advanced UI support enabling open systems disk storage solutions to operate(such as datagrids, tree controls and many more), offline as a mainframe tape library. And Luminex’s Virtual|BLUEsupport, desktop integration, web services consumption 4995 and 7995 are the next generation of 3995/OAMand database access. No touch deployment and optical storage solutions (and the logical upgrade pathautomated updates make smartclient deployment a for z/OS and OS/390 mainframe users faced with IBM’sbreeze. end-of-life announcement for its 3995/OAM optical library). Luminex’s mainframe connectivity products offer all the flexibility and ROI advantages of open systems storage. Luminex Software IncAddress:871 Marlborough Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507, USAPhone: +1 951 781 4100.Email: info@luminex.comWeb: http://www.luminex.com86 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 87. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory MacKinney Systems Inc Productivity-enhancing tools: • MacKinney Batch to CICS gets your batch processingAddress: on the fast track! Close and open files, dynamically4411 East State Highway D, Suite F, Springfield, MO allocate and unallocate files, send CEMT commands.65809, USA • SimpList is a powerful and highly productivePhone: +1 417 882 8012 mainframe interface that makes ISPF much easier toEmail: learn and use.Web: • VTAM/Switch allows users to switch between VTAM applications without logging on and off, and providesActivity: Software vendor single sign-on to applications.Specialist areas: System management; storagemanagement; asset and change management; securitymanagement; programming/testingMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE Macro 4Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annuallicense, processor/capacity-based, Address: The Orangery, Turners Hill Road, Worth, Crawley, WestCompany profile Sussex, RH10 4SS, UKMacKinney Systems, a member of IBM PartnerWorld, Phone: +44 1293 872000SHARE, and NaSPA, has been developing and marketing Email: market@macro4.commainframe software for 30 years and has over 50 Web: http://www.macro4.comproducts to help meet mainframe software needs. Sales contacts:Product/service information America: +1 800 766 6224 market.usa@macro4.comCICS upgrade assistance: EMEA: as UK• VS/Cobol Interpreter allows programs written and AsiaPac: as UK compiled with OS/VS COBOL to execute in CICS Transaction Server V3.1 and V3.2. Activity: Software vendor• Macro Level Interpreter allows running macro-level Specialist areas: System management; data code in z/OS or VSE versions of CICS TS management; programming/testing environments without any coding changes. Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, LinuxCost-effective printing solutions: Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, Unix,• JES Report Broker manages the access, distribution Linux and archival of reports. Archive reports for viewing via Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual web browser. E-mail and FTP reports securely. license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage• MacKinney Print Transform is a server product that based provides document transformation services for client products. Company profile• JES Queue for Printers prints any report from the For your critical business applications, Macro 4 is the system spool to printers defined to VTAM or TCP/IP. software specilaist that enables performance Supports LPD and Direct Socket. Interfaces with improvement by making the complex simple. Solimar Systems and Xerox.• VTAM Virtual Printer captures existing VTAM Organizations are often hindered by the unnecessary IT application (CICS, IMS, etc) print and creates a report complexity which results from business growth and in the system spool without any programming technology evolution. Our philosophy is to derive changes. enhanced performance by making the complex simple.Simplified program testing and debugging: This approach has come about through a dedication to• Track is an online testing and debugging product for understanding user needs developed during the 40 years CICS application programs. Detects and corrects we have been serving our customers. multiple errors in a single debugging session.• XRAY provides the same capabilities for batch Macro 4 solutions: applications.• Dump Detective solves program abends by automatically formatting and analyzing CICS dumps.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 87
  • 88. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directory• Assist IT operations to analyze and fix failures in Activity: Integrator mission critical applications, quickly and efficiently. Specialist areas: System management; data• Allow developers to interactively develop, troubleshoot management; storage management; asset and change and resolve program errors with unprecedented management; security; programming/testing; web speed. integration and legacy reengineering tools; network• Deliver files and test data to developers, allowing a performance/management precise and secure testing and debugging Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux environment. Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual• Measure and report on application performance, license quickly identifying opportunities for performance improvement. Company profile Independent software vendor, professional services,Product/service information outsourcing of mainframe enviromentMacro 4’s solutions are a world-leading range of software generally everything about your mainframe that increase operational efficiency in IBM’smainframe environments. Today, these solutions are Product/service informationdelivering significant cost savings and efficiency Replacement of RACF (security server)improvements as well as assuring the reliability of Database enginemission-critical applications in thousands of IT z/OS documentation (auditing z/os enviroment).departments globally.Fault Analysis:• DumpMaster – high performance fault diagnosis of mainframe application failures. Mainstar Software Corporation• TraceMaster – source level interactive program testing and debugging. Address:• M4Explorer – Unique web interface for DumpMaster PO Box 4132, Bellevue, WA 98009, USA and TraceMaster which improves productivity by up to Innovation Centre, Warwick Technology Park, Warwick 20%. CV34 6UW, UK Phone: +1 425 455 4589Application Integrity: +44 (0)1926 482 570• TraceMaster CodeTrack – CICS codepath analysis Email: and pre-emptive storage violation detection. Web: Performance: Activity: Software vendor.• FreezeFrame – comprehensive, yet easy-to-use Specialist areas: Systems management; data application performance measurement. management; storage management• ExpeTune – automated application performance Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux management and analysis partner for FreezeFrame. Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/• ExpeTune DB – focussed on helping users manage capacity-based DB2 performance, especially dynamic DB2 workloads. Company profile Mainstar Software Corporation, founded in 1978, providesData Manipulation: innovative data access solutions throughout the USA,• InSync – simplifies the process of data management Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and the Asia by providing fast and easy access to the business Pacific region. We offer business-critical products and data used by key applications. services, backed by an extraordinary depth of knowledge. Our areas of expertise include catalog management, data cloning, disaster and local recovery, and HSM and storage tools, and mirroring solutions. For over 30 years, we’ve focused on MVS management and disaster Mainframe Co Ltd recovery. We’re dedicated to providing the software and services you need for serious results. That’s why sevenAddress: of the top ten Fortune 500 companies turn to Mainstar forul. Zielona 18, 05-090 Raszyn, Poland storage and recovery products and expertise. In 2006Phone: +48 22 7156950 Mainstar was acquired by Rocket Software giving ourEmail: customers access to even greater expertise and productsWeb: http://www.mainframe.pl88 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 89. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directoryacross both the mainframe and Open systems Matter of Fact Softwareenvironments. Address:Product/service information 12 Abbotsford Road, Galashiels TD1 3DS, UKCatalog Management Phone: +44 (0)845 833 5610• CatalogRecoveryPlus (CR+) is the world’s most Email: powerful ICF catalog management product. This Web: includes being able to reorganize files even while they are being used. Sales contacts:• VSAM Manager provides in-depth reporting on VSAM America: KSDS files EMEA: as UK AsiaPac: Cloning• Volume Conflict Rename (VCR) provides quick Activity: Software vendor. access to point-in-time copies made from ‘cloned’ Specialist areas: Systems management volume data. DB2 subsystems can be ‘cloned’ in just Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS a few seconds. Pricing options: Monthly/annual license• Fast Tablespace Refresh (FTR)can create copies of DB2 tablespaces. Company profile• IMS Copy & Rename (ICR) provides quick access to Founded in 2008, Matter of Fact Software writes and point-in-time copies of IMS subsystems. markets innovative software in the CICS arena.• Rapid Database Refresh (RDR) can create copies of any type of IMS data base very quickly Our Directors have over 70 years experience of managing• The Database Recovery utility (DBR) provides a much CICS, upgrading it, implementing large scale application faster and easier to use alternative to using DB2 infrastructures, and supporting day-to-day operations. Image Copy for backing up and recovering DB2 This has led to a deep understanding of the challenges susbsystems and/or data bases. faced within businesses that depend upon CICS and a burning desire to help them to improve the quality ofDisaster and local recovery services they deliver to their customers.• The Backup and Recovery Manager suite provides powerful, flexible tools for managing and recovering Product/service information data sets through tracking MVS backup utilities Our PlexSpy Application Status Monitor solution offers• Catalog Baseline supports the ‘empty catalog’ real-time status monitoring information about named methodology at the disaster recovery site, providing business applications that depend on CICS on system z. you with a simpler, cleaner solution.• SYSchange backs up, inventories, protects and Its ease of use means it can be easily adopted by provides change control for libraries at the member support staff. level. Access is via a Web browser and there is no off-hostHSM and storage tools installation required.• The FastAudit/390 Suite (Catalog & DASD Audit, HSM FastAudit, HSM FastAudit-Media Controls, Tape Audit) Using PlexSpy will cut the time it takes to understand the helps you keep your HSM and tape environment nature of problems affecting your CICS applications, trouble-free with fast, accurate, and flexible audits. allow you to visualize the entire CICS footprint of your• HSM Reporter/Manager puts commonly needed application, plan and monitor change implementations. system information at your fingertips and provides fast and complete reporting on HSM• HSM Online CDS Reorg. This product enables the HSM CDSs to be reorganized without having to stop applications or having to bring HSM down. Meerkat Computer Services Ltd• Storage Manager follows and even anticipates operational changes in DASD storage management Address: environments, and manages effective DASD Serengeti House, 47 Escomb Road, Bishop Auckland, utilization. County Durham, UK Phone: +44 1388 609 124 Email: Web:© Arcati Ltd, 2011 89
  • 90. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryActivity: Consultant. customization and support of SUN HSC, VSM, NCS andSpecialist areas: System management; data Library Station; storage management; asset and changemanagement; security; programming/testing; web Meerkat Computer Services Limited also provideintegration and legacy reengineering tools; network expertise in Cobol Conversion, Serena Changeman, PL1performance/management programming, Microfocus Cobol and IBM AssemblerMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux programming.Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix,Linux, WindowsCompany profile Micro FocusMeerkat Computer Services Limited was founded in July2004. The company’s Managing Director is John Bradley. Address:John has worked in the IT industry for twenty five years. 22-30 Old Bath Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 1QN, UKOriginally working on ICL Mainframes he became an IBM Phone: +44 1635 32646.Operator in 1985 working for Cummins Engines in the Web: He quickly progressed into MVS and VTAM SystemsProgramming and was Systems Programming Manager Sales contacts:at Cummins before leaving in 1989. America: EMEA: 1989 he moved to Black and Decker as a MVS and AsiaPac: Systems Programmer. He worked on many majorprojects at Black and Decker, including the consolidation Activity: Software vendorof several European Sites to the European Data Centre Specialist areas: Data management; asset and changebased at Spennymoor, County Durham, England. Over a management; programming/testing; web integration andperiod of fifteen years he worked as Systems legacy reengineering toolsProgramming Project Manager, Network Manager, Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, LinuxSystems Integration Manager and eventually was Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix,European Technical Services Manager. He travelled Linux, Windowsextensively with Black and Decker visiting most of Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/Western Europe, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Middle capacity-basedEast, Africa and the USA providing technical andmanagerial expertise to various areas of IT within Black Company profileand Decker. Micro Focus International plc provides innovative software that allows companies to dramatically improve theMeerkat provide services to all areas of mainframe and business value of their enterprise applications. Microhave recently been heavily involved in z/OS, CICS, and Focus Enterprise Application Modernization andDB2 upgrade projects with financial and retail mainframe Management software enables customers’ businessoperations in the UK. applications to respond rapidly to market changes and embrace modern architectures with reduced cost andProduct/service information risk.Meerkat Computer Services Limited specifically providesspecialist services in IBM z/OS Systems Programming, Micro Focus has more than 30 years of expertise andincluding z/OS, Communications Server, CICS TS, DB2, more than 15,000 customers and one million licensedRACF and various OEM products. All aspects of Systems users, including more than 70 of the Fortune Global 100Programming are covered including installation, companies.maintenance, upgrades, support and planning. Inaddition they have several specialists who work with By exploiting the latest technologies and leveraging theWindows AD and Exchange Server installation, strength of our business partners worldwide, Micro Focusmaintenance, support and planning. enables customers to make sense of their application portfolios, improve the productivity of applicationMeerkat Computer Services Limited provide a number of developers, take advantage of Web services to modernizespecialised Storage Management Services. Meerkat core applications and exploit low-cost contemporaryspecialists have installed and configured IBM DS8000 platforms, such as Windows, Unix or Linux.disk subsystems, SUN 9310 and SL8500 tape libraries,IBM ESS disk subsystems and various SAN basedtechnologies. We are specialists in the installation,90 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 91. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryMicro Focus has over 500 employees worldwide, with Activity: Integrator.principal offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Specialist areas: System management; dataGermany and Japan. management; storage management; asset and change management; security; programming/testing; webProduct/service information integration and legacy reengineering tools; networkMicro Focus Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition performance/managementA mainframe development and testing environment Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,hosted on your PC: Linux• Reduces mainframe overheads Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, Linux,• Analysis, compilation, debugging and testing of Windows applications on your PC Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual• Support for all major mainframe languages and license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage subsystems (including COBOL, Assembler, JCL, based CICS, IMS, DB2…)• Flexibility to extend business transactions to new Company profile platforms. MSI Systems Integrators is a leading provider of comprehensive information technology solutions thatMicro Focus Revolve Enterprise Edition combine hardware, software and services. From storage,Reduces the costs and risks associated with large scale networking, and servers to enterprise software, outputchange initiatives and regular maintenance: management, data center solutions, consulting and• Impact analysis and documentation of mainframe services, MSI enables information technology for applications business. MSI uses its deep technical skills and• Saves up to 90% of the time spent on major analysis partnerships with technology leaders to help companies work. become more responsive, productive, and resilient.Micro Focus SOA Express Product/service informationUnlocks embedded business processes in existing MSI Systems Integrators offers the complete breadth andmainframe applications and delivers them to Service depth of IBM product offerings, including all mainframeOriented Architecture (SOA) through Web services. systems and applications. There are several key areas• Uses your existing mainframe skills and processes where MSI can provide best-of-breed solutions, including:• No proprietary middleware infrastructure • security management – balancing risk of exposure• Integration with all major platforms, including and user access is a difficult challenge for many WebSphere organizations. Working with partners like Vanguard• IBM ‘Ready for SOA’ certified. and Stonesoft, MSI can help you assess your exposures and implement an enterprise securityMicro Focus Data Express strategy to meet the needs of your business as wellManages test data to allow you to meet data privacy and as meeting government and industry requirements.performance needs. • server consolidation – combining workloads onto• Automatically extracts a representative and fewer systems creates unique security and anonymous subset of data management issues. By incorporating firewall and• Respects referential integrity for high quality testing VPN solutions from Stonesoft, MSI can implement a• Supports compliance with international regulatory secure network within your zSeries system that standards and laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA leverages the speed of internal communications and EU Data Privacy. versus external connections and maximizes the value of your mainframe system footprint. • systems management – meeting service level agreements and managing your systems environment is increasingly difficult in today’s dynamic MSI Systems Integrators business environment. MSI uses IBM and BMCAddress: Software to provide functions such as hardware and14301 FNB Parkway, Suite 400, Omaha, Nebraska application monitoring, alert notification, and68154, USA performance tracking and modelling for our clients.Phone: +1 800-640-4674. • Linux migration and services – MSI can help youEmail: develop a Linux strategy to meet your businessWeb: requirements for availability, clustering, management,© Arcati Ltd, 2011 91
  • 92. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directory and security. We can also analyze your total cost of Product/service information ownership and help you make an informed decision The NEON Enterprise Software solution is a powerful set regarding application and system migration of IMS database tools that support both full-function and alternatives. Fast Path databases. Through self-directed automation,• enterprise tools and utilities – capitalize on the power this integrated solution provides as much or as little of the mainframe with application development, data automation as desired: management, and CICS tools that eliminate certain • The Eclipse Reorganization Utilities are a set of redundant tasks and processes. MSI offers the full intelligent IMS tools that take advantage of new breadth of IBM zSeries software tools and utilities that hardware and operating system services to provide capitalize on the inherent abilities of the mainframe unmatched speed and performance. They typically run and are less expensive than third-party alternatives. two to six times faster than other IMS utilities.• z/OS or subsystem migration and SystemPacs – the • Database Director provides online reorganization gold standard for operating systems, OS/390 has without any application outages, making sure that evolved into z/OS, a true 64-bit operating system business operations are not affected for a second. providing more reliability and availability to your critical • Mission Control is an intelligent management business applications. MSI has the skills in house to console that can be used to detect problems, manage develop a customized SystemPac to minimize the the escalation process, alert appropriate parties, and downtime involved in operating system, DB2, IMS and even resolve problems. CICS migrations and upgrades. • The Backup and Recovery Solution performs local and disaster recoveries, change accumulations, and database backups for both IMS full function and Fast Path databases. It also includes specialized disaster recovery support. NEON Enterprise Software • Partitioned Database Facility (PDF) is the leading IMS partitioning product and supports all types of IMSAddress: databases. It can be used to partition even the most14100 SW Fwy, Suite 400, Sugar Land, TX 77478. USA complex databases and is completely transparent toPhone: +1 281-491-4200. applications, eliminating costly changes. PDF not onlyEmail: increases IMS database capacity by 100 times, butWeb: also improves performance and availability. It comes with the powerful Eclipse Reorganization Utilities.Sales contacts: • The application availability solution, Eclipse AffinitiesEMEA: +49 7234 980 429 . Server, allows you to take full advantage of your CICSplex environment by eliminating the problemsActivity: Software vendor associated with transaction interdependencies –Specialist areas: Data management; storage called application affinities. The utility manages all ofmanagement the major application affinity types, eliminating theMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 need for costly application rewrites.Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annuallicenseCompany profileNEON Enteprise Software was founded in 1995. John NewEra Software IncMoores, along with several of the most recognizednames in the IMS and CICS industry, joined together to Address:build a company that offers intelligent and innovative 155 East Main Avenue, Suite 130 Morgan Hill, CA 9503,mainframe products. At NEON Enterprise Software, we USAhelp customers to manage their mainframe enterprise Phone: +1 408 201 7000 (or 800 421 5035 in Northdata. Our solutions address several crucial areas in America).enterprise computing environments: application Email:, data management, backup & recovery, and Web: management. Sales contacts:NEON Enterprise Software is both a business partner EMEA: Fitz Software +353-21-4832131/and development partner of IBM. Our commitment to is to provide solutions that reduce the cost AsiaPac: Serus Software Zolutions +61 2 6234 8014.and effort of managing their mainframe data and assuremaximum availability.92 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 93. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryActivity: Software vendor. OGS ConsultingSpecialist areas: System management; asset and Address:change management; security Suite 885, 279 Balestier Road, #01-01 Balestier Point,Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 Singapore 329727Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual Phone: (65)9626-7045license, processor/capacity-based Email: Web: www.ogsconsult.comCompany profileNewEra Software, Inc. was founded in 1989 with the Activity: Consultancyspecific goal of developing, marketing, and Specialist areas: System management; datasupporting innovative system management management; storage management; othersoftware tools and services. Thanks to the continued Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSEsupport of thousands of systems professionals Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/worldwide that have come to depend on NewEra, the capacity-based,company has become an industry leader and its products- Stand Alone Environment (SAE) and Image Control Company profileEnvironment (ICE) - the industry standards for repair, OGS Consulting Pte Ltd covers Singapore, Malaysia,recovery, data erasure, and integrity of large systems. Thailand, and China supporting mainframe sites to provide training, consultancy, and legacy migrationProduct/service information services related to the z/OS platform. OGS also partnersThe Image Control Environment (ICE) provides the with principals for software distribution of database,platform for the Image FOCUS family of z/OS Inspectors, performance, and utility tools.the Image SENTRYfamily of Explorers, the Control Editorand Fast DASD Erase for z/OS. Product/service information OGS provides training in the mainframe environmentImage FOCUS Inspectors automatically discover, including z/OS, JCL, VSAM, CICS, and COBOL. Legacyevaluate and blueprint every z/OS resource required for migrations include migrations between databases and/orthe IPL of an Image and/or Sysplex. The JES2/3 platforms (one of which is the mainframe). Software toolsInspectors and Net Inspectors perform similar tasks for include DB2 z/OS database tools for performance,JES, VTAM, TCP/IP, Telnet, and CICS. The Supplemental administration, and backup/recovery. Other tools includeInspectors look beyond prevailing resources storage management, tuning, and productivity add-ons.documenting each member, module and the CICSSystem Definition File (CSD).The IODF Explorer detects and reports on changes to theInput/Output Definition File. The Security Explorers joininformation derived from the RACF, ACF2, or Top Secretwith Image FOCUS Trusted Reports to detect OpenTech Systems Incweaknesses in overall z/OS system integrity. Address: 405 State Hwy 121, Building C, Suite 130, Lewisville, TXThe Control Editor allows security administrators to easily 75067, USAtrack changes to critical z/OS components unseen by Phone: +1 469 635 1500RACF, ACF2, and Top Secret. Email: Web: http://www.opentechsystems.comFast DASD Erase for z/OS can be used to erase criticaldata directly under z/OS. Activity: Software vendor. Specialist areas: System management; storageStand Alone Environment (SAE) is a self-contained, self- management; securityloading system software utility that provides immediate Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390access to system datasets without an active MVS system. Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualIt also contains Fast DASD Erase, which is license, processor/capacity-based, other.indispensable at DR tests for erasing mission-criticalinformation from floor systems. Company profile OpenTech Systems, Inc. specializes in z/OS Disaster Recovery and Storage Management solutions to© Arcati Ltd, 2011 93
  • 94. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directoryautomate IT processes and ensure Business Continuity. datasets that have been migrated due to HSMIn addition, we provide world-wide tape migration as well as storage management point solutions. Data SecurityProduct/service information • CopyCrypt (CC) is a data encryption solution thatOpenTech Systems offers DR automation, tape storage compresses and encrypts tape data for secure offsitemanagement, performance optimization, data security, storage or delivery to other organizations.and professional migration services. Our DR solutioncan automatically identify, backup, and restorecritical data to ensure the integrity of your DR operation.Our feature-rich tape storage products help you make themost of your media, time, and money. Our encryptiontools help you comply with government regulations and Oracleprotect your valuable data. Our professional services Address:migration team can quickly turn your new media or virtual 500 Oracle Parkway, Redwood Shores, CA, USAtape library investment into business value. Phone: +1 603-502-7635 Web: include:DR Automation Activity: Software vendor.• DASD Backup Supervisor (DBS) automates the Specialist areas: System management; data process of building JCL to create and recover DASD management; programming/testing; web integration and full volume backups and stack them on high density legacy reengineering tools tape media. DBS automates replication technologies Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux, such as TimeFinder, Snapshot, and Flashcopy. other• Virtual Data Recovery (VDR) duplicates and Non-mainframe platforms supported: Unix, Linux, catalogues ATL or VTL resident datasets for disaster Windows, other recovery and data availability. VDR LE is similar to Pricing options: Workload/usage based, other VDR but is especially designed to provide a reliable DR solution for the new breed of tapeless VTL Company profile products from IBM, EMC, Bus-Tech, and others. Oracle has a worldwide team dedicated to modernization• DR/Xpert automatically identifies, backs up and and migration projects – the Platform Migrations Group. recovers critical mainframe application data. It This team is part of Oracle Server Technologies (Oracle eliminates redundant backups, thereby making the Development) and has over 300 resources worldwide. most effective use of your backup resources. DR/Xpert These resources are knowledgable in legacy systems complements popular mirroring technologies. It also and modernization, Oracle Grid Database, Oracle Fusion audits and tracks application backups for compliance Middleware, Oracle Development tools and Oracle requirements and offers selective encryption capability Modernization Alliance partners’ tools and products. to protect your company’s data. Each modernization project is assigned an Oracle lead from the Oracle Modernization Solutions team. The teamTape Storage Management has direct linkage into Oracle development, and has• DR/Xpert for DB2 automatically audits, backs up and close relationships with Oracle Product Managers. recovers DB2 tablespaces and ensures the corresponding arclogs are backed up Oracle’s PTS Modernization Solutions team has been a• Tape/Copy (T/C) offers dataset stacking to consolidate key member for hundreds of modernization project over tapes, tape migration from one format to another, the past four years. The team has engaged at a number media refresh, and ATL/VTL management. of levels including: architecture design, modernization tools selection, modernization assessments, evaluationPerformance Optimization and portfolio analysis, project scoping and estimating,• Virtual Tape Advanced Recall (VTAR) provides an proof of concepts, project advisor, hands on technical efficient and flexible process to ensure that virtual tape enablement, and trusted technical advisor. The projects datasets required by applications are in the VTL have been for oth Oracle customers, Oracle System cache when called, thus eliminating delays caused by Integrator partners, Oracle Independent Software Vendor waiting for backend recalls on the VTL. partners, and Oracle modernization partners.• HSM Advanced Recall (HSM/AR) performs a function similar to VTAR for HSM migrated datasets to improve The projects have spanned many industries and utilized production run times for applications calling HSM a variety of modernization approaches. The projects have94 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 95. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directoryalso encompassed many source technologies from DB2, of PDF documents in business and prepress workflowsIMS, COBOL, RPG, Adabas to PL/I, Sybase, Informix, or for online billing systems. The development tools ofPowerbuilder and Assembler. PDFlib GmbH are readily available for all common environments of operating systems and programmingOracle has also been involved with 150 customer languages.mainframe modernization projects where Oracle BEATuxedo is the application serer and transaction PDFlib GmbH operates worldwide with main markets inprocessing platform for legacy COBOL, CICS and JCL/ North America, Germany and Japan. PDFlib GmbH is ledbatch systems. by Thomas Merz, internationally renowned expert on PDF.Product/service information Product/service informationOracle offers the only open systems active/active grid The PDFlib Product Familydatabase platform. Oracle’s Database Real Application PDFlib is the leading developer toolbox for generatingClusters (RAC) running on clusters provides Oracle’s and manipulating files in Adobe’s well-known Portablehighest level of capability in terms of availability, Document Format (PDF).scalability, and low-cost computing. Oracle Database The PDFlib product family is available in three differentRAC supports the transparent deployment of a single flavors: PDFlib, PDFlib+PDI (PDF Import), and PDFlibdatabase across a cluster of servers, providing fault Personalization Server (PPS).tolerance from hardware failures or planned outages. PDFlib offers all functions required to generate PDFRAC provides scalability using any hardware, regardless documents with text, graphics, images, and interactiveif you prefer small systems or large boxes. elements such as annotations or bookmarks. PDFlib+PDI includes all PDFlib functions plus the PDFFor application relability, scalability and availability, Oracle Import Library (PDI). With PDI you can open existing PDFoffers the Oracle WebLogic Application Grid. Oracle documents and incorporate some pages into the PDFlibWebLogic Application Grid works with any application output.server – including Oracle WebLogic Server, IBM PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS) includesWebSphere Application Server, and JBoss Application PDFlib+PDI plus additional functions for variable dataServer – or in a pure grid environment without an processing using PDFlib blocks.application server PDFlib PLOP and PLOP DS PDFlib PLOP is a versatile tool for linearizing, optimizing, repairing, analyzing, encrypting, and decrypting PDF documents. PDFlib GmbH The extended version PLOP DS offers all features of PLOP plus the ability to apply digital signatures to PDFAddress: documents.Tal 40, 80331 Munich, Germany.Phone: +49 89 29164687 PDFlib TETEmail: The PDFlib Text Extraction Toolkit (TET) is a developerWeb: product for reliably extracting text from PDF documents.Activity: Software vendor PDFlib pCOSSpecialist areas: Data management; storage PDFlib pCOS provides a simple and elegant facility formanagement; security; retrieving any information from a PDF document which isMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux not part of the page contents.Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix,Linux, Windows, othersPricing options: One-time charge, processor/capacity-based Phoenix Software InternationalCompany profileMunich-based PDFlib GmbH, founded in 2000, develops Address:leading edge development tools for server-centric 831 Parkview Drive North, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA.generation and processing of PDF documents. Phone: +1 310 338 0400 Email: sales@phoenixsoftware.comCustomers of PDFlib GmbH are using the software for Web: http://www.phoenixsoftware.comautomated and high volume generation and processing© Arcati Ltd, 2011 95
  • 96. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryActivity: Software vendor PHX-ODE: an online tool designed for reliable headsSpecialist areas: System management; network down data entry, data entry application development andperformance/management sophisticated system control facilities, as well asMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE standard data entry tasks.Non-mainframe platforms supported: WindowsPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annuallicense, processor/capacity-basedCompany profile PIR Group, IncPhoenix Software International, Inc is a major systemssoftware development company providing advanced Address:software solutions to enterprises around the world. Our 345 North Canal, Ste C202, Chicago, IL 60606, USA.diverse products support IBM and compatible Phone: +1 312 756 1000mainframes, personal computers, and local and wide Email: info@pirgroupinc.comarea networks. Phoenix customers range from small Web: http://www.pirgroupinc.comentrepreneurial companies to major federal and stateagencies to Fortune 500 leaders. Phoenix has been Activity: Integratorproviding software solutions since 1979 and is a privately Specialist areas: Web integration and legacyheld corporation. Corporate headquarters are located in reengineering toolsEl Segundo, California with satellite offices in Raleigh, Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Complete othercorporate information can be found on our website at Non-mainframe platforms supported: Pricing options: One-time chargeProduct/service information Company profile(E)JES: a systems management tool that provides all the PIR Group specializes in the development of automatedinformation you need to monitor and manage your z/OS migration utilities. These tools assist companies inJESplex – whether you are running JES2 or JES3. (E)JES modernizing their applications by allowing them to movepanels provide up-to-date information on jobs, printers, off the mainframe. PIR Group has partnered with multiplequeues, and resources in a z/OS JESplex. You can enter IBM business partners to provide customers with a total(E)JES commands directly from these panels to control computing solution.job processes and the operation of system resources. Product/service informationCONDOR: a comprehensive library management and COBOL KeePIR for the AS/400 automates the conversionprogram development system designed for use in all of legacy applications. Mainframe CICS online / batchz/VSE and z/OS environments. programs are converted into native AS/400 COBOL, DDS and CLP. MVS/VSE JCL is converted into AS/400 CL. TheFALCON: an efficient, easy-to-use, online data entry mainframe database is duplicated under DB2/400.system that is fully functional in IBM environments. COBOL KeePIR’s use of native COBOL screen handlersKey/101: (formerly Key/Master) is a single software guarantees identical functioning of the interactive screensolution for integrating data input via IBM 370 architecture and online processes. Automated conversion options canmainframe, personal computers, data capture devices enhance the look of screens. Batch program processingand networks. time is reduced. The batch programs/reports function and look the same. The JCL is converted one for one whileNetTester/1: a z/OS VTAM utility that measures true end-to- customization/flexibility has been built into the tool-set.end response times and line integrity by generatingadjustable levels of network traffic.PHX-Adders: allows you to handle decentralized ormigrated data entry functions. Adders migrates and PKWAREexpands with your enterprise. Address:PHX-KeyPlus: an online data entry system that runs on 648 N. Plankinton Ave, Suite 220, Milwaukee, WI 53203,IBM and IBM-compatible mainframes using standard USA.3270-type terminals. It incorporates features of off-line Phone: +1 414 289 9788data entry systems with the benefits of online systems. Web: http://www.pkware.com96 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 97. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectorySales contacts: Progress | DataDirectAmerica: 1.888.4.PKWARE. Address:Activity: Software vendor. 3005 Carrington Mill Boulevard, Suite 400, Morrisville, NCSpecialist areas: Security 27560, USA Phone: +1 800 876 3101Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS E-mail: insidesales@datadirect.comNon-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix, Web: www.datadirect.comLinux, Windows, othersPricing options: Other Sales contacts: America: 800 876 3101Company profile EMEA: 0800 169 1907PKWARE, Inc. is the leading provider of enterprise AsiaPac: 0120 209 613solutions for secure and efficient data transfer andstorage. As the inventor and continuing innovator of the Activity: Software vendorZIP standard, PKWARE leverages the cross-platform Specialist areas: Web integration and legacycompatibility of ZIP. Using advanced encryption and reengineering toolscompression, PKWARE products provide secure and Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linuxefficient file exchange both internally and with external Non-mainframe platforms supported: Linux, Windowspartners, across all major platforms including windows, Pricing options: Monthly/annual licenseserver, midrange, and mainframe systems. Company profilePKWARE’s customer base includes many Fortune 100 Progress DataDirect is a leader in data connectivity andcompanies, including 23 of the top 25 financial mainframe integration software for corporate enterprisesinstitutions, health care, retail, and manufacturing and independent software vendors, including IBM.companies, and federal agencies and state Progress DataDirect Shadow is the industry’s only unifiedgovernments. integration platform for mainframe data access and SOA enablement. Shadow delivers secure, high performanceProduct/service information and scalable access to a broad range of mainframe dataPKWARE’s family of products is supported on the IBM and application environments – with unique capabilitiesz/OS mainframe, providing industry-leading data to extend System z specialty engine exploitation beyondcompression and security. DB2 for dramatically lower mainframe TCO.Below are some features of SecureZIP for IBM z/OS: Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS) is a• SecureZIP for z/OS with Application Integration global software company that enables enterprises to be decrypts data and streams it directly to the application operationally responsive to changing conditions and without staging decrypted data to disk. customer interactions as they occur – to capitalize on new• Write directly to, and read from, UNIX/Linux and opportunities, drive greater efficiencies and reduce risk. Windows servers, eliminating extra steps when The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of best-in- moving files across systems. class infrastructure software spanning event-driven• SecureZIP leverages IBM System z Integrated visibility and real-time response, open integration, data Cryptographic Services Facility (ICSF), enabling access and integration, and application development and organizations to take advantage of significant cost deployment – all supporting on-premises and SaaS/ savings as a result of reduced resource Cloud deployments. requirements.• SecureZIP can significantly reduce the time needed to Product/service information write zip archives to, and extract files from zip archives Shadow is the industry’s only single, unified platform for on tape media with Enhanced Tape Processing. mainframe SOA enablement and data connectivity. From• SecureZIP provides passphrase and/or X.509 digital this single integration architecture, Shadow supports a certificate-based encryption, allowing for flexibility full range of standards-based mainframe integration depending on an organization’s infrastructure. products:© Arcati Ltd, 2011 97
  • 98. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directory• Shadow z/Services – comprehensive, bi-directional Consulting Partner, our company specializes in providing mainframe Web services to support SOA and consulting, training and software products for IBM Orchestration, including transformation ofbusiness Mainframe and Enterprise UNIX/Linux systems. logic and/or 3270 screens into reusable Web services, or data via SOAP interface, as well as Our training division, trains over support for mainframe consumption of external, 10,000 IT professionals each year from a curriculum of distributed Web services. over 500 instructor-led courses in traditional and virtual• Shadow z/Events - a comprehensive facility for real- classroom, as well as a library of self-paced elearning time mainframe data change capture, transformation, offerings. ProTech provides public classes and publishing in support of event driven integration, throughout North America and onsite training Worldwide. BI and data warehousing.• Shadow z/Direct - high performance data connectivity Product/service information APIs (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET) to enable direct, SQL RMF Redux - Analyzes WLM data for better policy access and transactional support to a broad range of management implementation by creating real-time mainframe datasources. reports of actual SMF 70/72 records of system behavior.• Shadow z/Presentation - supports automatic presentation layer generation for extending screen- EZChange for OPS/MVS - aids in change control for OPS/ based applications to the Web. MVS data center rules and REXX applications.Shadow’s unique exploitation of IBM’s new mainframe QuickREXX - a set of productivity tools and functionsspecialty engines allows customers who have purchased developed by literally thousands of hours working in thethe System z Integration Information Processor (zIIP) and ESM & DCA field. Let our experience help you!System z Application Assist Processor (zAAP), the addedbenefit of diverting workloads to these unmeasured Please call for more information or product sheets on anyenvironments, which has the proven ability to dramatically of these software solutions.lower Total Cost of Ownership by up to 99% and improveperformance. QSGI – Data Center Hardware & MaintenanceProTech Professional Technical Services Address:Address: 3225 Neil Armstrong Blvd, Suite 600, Eagan, MN 55121,610 Beatty Road, Bldg B, Pittsburgh, PA 15146, USA. USA Phone: +1 866 303 9672.Phone: 800-373-9188 (international +1 412 810 8855). Email: orEmail: Web: Education Activity: Hardware vendor.Specialist areas: System management; data Specialist areas: Total cost of ownership analysis;management; storage management; asset and change software/hardware/maintenance utilization analysis;management; security; programming/testing; web reliability analysis; and data center environment planningintegration and legacy reengineering tools; network Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390performance/management.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Company profileLinux, other QSGI, through its Data Center Maintenance group, offersNon-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, other hardware maintenance services on enterprise-classUnix, Linux, Windows, other hardware – with our primary focus on the mainframe.Pricing options: one-time charge Through its Data Center Hardware group, QSGI sells refurbished and certified enterprise-class hardware. WeCompany profile carry the world’s largest independent inventory of S/390ProTech is an expert professional services firm and zSeries hardware.specializing in Enterprise Systems Management, ITService Management (ITSM/ITIL), and Data Center Our primary purpose is to provide the best value inAutomation. As an IBM Business Partner and CA hardware and maintenance services as an alternative to98 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 99. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directorythe manufacturer. QSGI can provide maintenance Rocket Softwarecoverage in all major metropolitan areas throughout theUnited States and has an impressive list of Fortune 1000 Address:references. Additionally, we buy and sell enterprise-class 275 Grove Street Suite 3-410, Newton, MA 02466-2272,hardware throughout the world. USA Phone: +1 (617) 614-4321QSGI started as QualTech International and QualTech Web: www.rocketsoftware.comServices Group, but changed its name to QSGI after amerger with WindsorTech Inc in 2004. Activity: Software vendor Specialist areas: System management; dataProduct/service information management; programming/testingWe sell and provide maintenance for: Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390• IBM mainframe products (zSeries and S/390)• IBM mid-range products (pSeries and iSeries) Company profile• IBM storage products Rocket Software was founded in 1990 with an initial focus• HDS storage products on developing and delivering software solutions to IBM• EMC storage products mainframe customers deploying IBM DB2. Within the first• IBM controller products five years, Rocket licensed all of its intellectual property to• ESCON & FICON products IBM, and all of Rockets products were rebranded and• IBM front-end processors licensed to enterprises through IBMs worldwide sales channel. Rocket brands include Mainstar and Seagull. Relational Architects International RSM PartnersAddress:33 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ 07030 , USA Address:Phone: +1 201 420-0400 Greenhill Industrial Estate, Birmingham Road,Email : Kidderminster DY10 2RN, UKWeb: Phone: +44 (0)0870 050 1004 Email : robinh@rsmpartners.comActivity: Software vendor Web: http://www.rsmpartners.comSpecialist areas: System management; datamanagement; programming/testing Activity: ConsultantMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 Specialist areas: System management; dataPricing options: One-time charge management; storage management; security; programming/testing; web integration and legacyCompany profile reengineering toolsProvides best-of-breed point products for DB2/z and z/OS. Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,IBM Advanced Business Partner. Linux, other Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix,Product/service information LinuxSmart/RESTART enables z/OS batch applications to runrestartably - often without changes to source code. Smart/ Company profileRESTART is a robust, reliable, and proven solution that From the network and associated hardware, to the z/OSGlobal 2000 organizations worldwide use to run their operating system – through the various subsystems andmission-critical z/OS batch applications. associated middleware – RSM leads the way in the UK with its specialised focus on the z platform.RLX designates a family of REXX Language Xtensionsthat endow REXX with additional capabilities for DB2/z, Over the years, RSM has built a flawless reputation forVSAM, and z/OS . consistently delivering a ‘best practises approach: whether specific skills; technical consultancy; supportLaunch Express provides a complete solution and services; software; or training.methodology for Dynamic ISPF.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 99
  • 100. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryCommended by clients and business partners alike, Product/service informationRSM regularly receives high praise from senior Publicly presented and customised, one-companymanagement, not only for our professional conduct and training and education courses covering such areas as:approach, but for our industry knowledge and commercial z/OS, CICS Transaction Server, DB2 for z/OS, WebSphereawareness. MQ, IMS TM & DB, WebSphere Application Server, TCP/IP for z/OS.Highly valued too for our assured handling of softwaremigrations; the implementation & deployment of IBM andthird-party z software; and delivery of training. SAS InstituteRSM also offers a number of niche software tools, eachselected for delivering unique and significant value in Address:addressing certain known issues within a z environment, SAS Institute Inc, 100 SAS Campus Drive, Cary, NCat the same time targeting a rapid ROI. 27513-2414, USA Phone: +1 919 677 8000For more information visit us at International Headquarters: SAS Institute GmbH, PO.Box 105340, NeuenheimerProduct/service information Landstr. 28-30, 69043 Heidelberg, GERMANY• zOS Installation & Customisation (including Phone : +49 6221 4160 associated subsystems) Web:• Customisation & Exploitation of DFSMSsms, DFSMShsm & DFSMSrmm Activity: Software vendor• Software Consolidation, Planning & Migration Specialist areas: Data management• Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing• ISV Software Implementation & Customisation (CA, Company profile BMC, Compuware, ASG, etc) • Business intelligence. With SAS business• Data Migration, when installing new DASD intelligence, you can integrate data from across your subsystems (TDMF/LDMF, FDRPAS, FDRERASE etc) enterprise, and deliver fast access to self-service• Technical Project Management reporting and analysis to all levels of user. Easy-to-• Security Healthchecks, Audits and Penetration Testing use interfaces make it simple for decision makers to (RACF, ACF2, Top Secret) get the answers they need – saving you time while• Technical Training in conjunction with RSM driving better decisions. Technology• 24 x 7 Remote & Telephone support. • Analytics. With SAS, you can deliver analytic results to all users to share insights and drive fact-based decisions. RSM Technology • Data integration & ETL. With SAS, you gain an integrated approach for managing your increasingAddress: volumes of enterprise data. You can simplify theDralda House, 24-28 Crendon Street, High Wycombe, process of data extraction, transformation and loadingBucks HP13 6LS, UK while improving data quality and achieving true dataPhone: +44 (0)1494 45 13 13 integration.Email : Training ScortMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, LinuxPricing options: Monthly/annual license Address: 13, avenue de Verdun 92130 Issy Les Moulineaux,Company profile France.Founded in 1980, RSM is the UKs leading independent Phone: +33141383500.provider of technical education & training for users of IBM Email: info@scort;com.mainframe systems. Working in partnership with the Web: Computer Society (BCS), RSM has beeninstrumental in developing and launching the Mainframe Activity: Software vendorTechnology Professional series of examinations and Specialist areas: Asset and change management;qualifications. programming/testing; web integration and legacy100 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 101. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directoryreengineering tools Product/service informationMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux, ChangeMan ZMF is the industrys leading mainframeother software change management solution. According toNon-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix, Gartner, "Serena has been and remains the leader inLinux, Windows, other competitive selections for mainframe SCM". It supportsPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual modern interfaces, such as Web services, to enablelicense, processor/capacity-based mainframe modernization.Company profile Application Release Management combines ChangeManScort is a major European software vendor specializing in ZMF with innovative workflow capabilities, providing amainframe applications integration in new Services powerful, efficient way of managing application releases.Oriented Architectures (SOA). Dimensions addresses the need for a single SCMProduct/service information solution that covers z/OS, z/Linux, USS, and distributedSCORT solutions offer a unified and scalable bridge environments.between mainframe and J2EE worlds, thus maximizingpast and future investments. StarTool enhances application availability. It keeps mainframe developers moving quickly, accurately and efficiently while spanning every phase of z/OS application testing, implementation and problem analysis. Serena Software IncAddress:1900 Seaport Boulevard, 2nd Floor Softlib LtdRedwood City, CA 94063-5587, USAPhone: +1800 457 3736 Address:Email: 10 Hanagar Street, P.O. Box 2323, Kfar-Saba 44641,Web: Israel Phone: +972-9-767-7955.Sales contacts: Email: +44 (0) 1727 812812. Web: +65 6834 9880 (Singapore). Sales contacts:Activity: Software vendor. America: 5909 West Loop South Suite 555 Bellaire,Specialist areas: Asset and change management, other Texas 77401 USA +1 713 482 6789 .Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS and OS/390 EMEA: Emergo House, 3 Poseidon Street P.O. Box 21372Non-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, other Unix, 1507 Nicosia Cyprus .Linux, WindowsPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual Activity: Software vendorlicense, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage Specialist areas: Programming/testing; Web integrationbased and legacy reengineering tools Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Company profile Linux, otherSerena is a privately owned company, headquartered in Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, Other Unix,Redwood City, California USA, with 29 offices in 14 Linux, Windows, othercountries and over 800 employees. Serena provides Pricing options: Othersoftware on premise and on demand to over 15,000customers including 96 of the Fortune 100. Serena Company profileenables teams of programmers to become more efficient Softlib is a privately held software company founded inby standardizing and automating development processes 2000. Softlib’s headquarters and development center isacross both mainframe and distributed environments. in Kfar Saba, Israel. The company has a subsidiary inSerena makes business analysts and developers more Europe with a distribution network, a sales offices in theproductive in building collaborative applications through a United States, and ongoing cooperation with IBM softwareunique lean business process management solution. development teams. Softlib’s mission is to provide best-Serena also enables IT executives to gain visibility into of-breed customized technical libraries for ITtheir projects, resources and costs. professionals. iDoc, Softlib’s flagship product, is© Arcati Ltd, 2011 101
  • 102. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directorydesigned for IT departments to manage and search a Unix, Linux, Windows, othercentralized IT technical library. iDoc and Find IT Fast are Pricing options: otherwidely used within the financial, telecom and governmentsectors. Company profile Software AG is the world’s largest independent providerProduct/service information of Business Infrastructure Software. Our 4,000 globalProblem: IT technical information is typically provided by a enterprise customers achieve business results faster bymultitude of vendors in different formats. It is spread modernizing, integrating and automating their IT systemsacross diverse sources with no single entry point and no and processes. As a result, they rapidlysingle search engine. It is cumbersome, tedious and build measurable business value and meet changingtime-consuming for IT professionals to find relevant business demands. Based on our solutions,information. Technical documentation is not used organizations are able to liberate and govern their data,effectively and sometimes not used at all. systems, applications, processes and services – achieving new levels of business flexibility.Solution: iDoc provides a comprehensive TechnicalDocumentation Portal specifically designed to maximize Our leading product portfolio includes solutions for highefficiency and simplify the usage of documentation for IT performance data management, developing anddepartments. With iDoc, IT professionals have a single modernizing applications, enabling service-orientedpoint of entry to a centralized repository regardless of architecture, and improving business processes. Byvendor and format. iDoc provides easy-to-use tools that combining our technology with industry expertise andautomatically keep the library content current and filter out best practices experience, our customers improve andnon-relevant publications; it also organizes information differentiate their businesses – faster.into meaningful shelf structures. iDoc is very simple toinstall and does not require an RDBMS infrastructure. By Software AG has almost 40 years of global IT experienceproviding efficient access to documentation, iDoc and over 3,600 employees serving customers in 70improves quality and allows programmers to be self- countries. The company is headquartered in Germanysufficient. and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (TecDAX, ISIN DE 0003304002 / SOW). Product/service information One of the world’s most widely deployed mainframe Software AG databases, Adabas, serves as the foundation for enterprise systems for one in five of the Global 500.Address: Natural, Software AG’s widely adopted businessUhlandstrasse 12, 64297 Darmstadt, Germany application development and deployment environment, is recognized for the speed and efficiency in creating highly-Phone: +49 6151 92 0 scalable enterprise systems running on mainframeEmail: or open systems platforms. We have more than 2,000Web: active customers using Adabas and Natural, spread across 60 countries. The largest Adabas system handlesSales contacts: 10 billion transactions a day and was recently measuredAmerica: +1 703 860 5050 / in a test environment at more than 320,000 tps. An R&DEMEA: see investment of more than $1Billion over the lifespan ofCompany/offices/default.asp Adabas and Natural has led to a consistent streamAsiaPac: +61 2 9463 6400 / marketing- of product For extending the value of mainframe systems, SoftwareActivity: Software vendor AG’s webMethods Application Modernization SuiteSpecialist areas: System management; data provides a full range of capabilities. The Discoverymanagement; storage management; asset and change Edition jumpstarts application modernization projects bymanagement; security; programming/testing; web providing deep understanding of complex applicationsintegration and legacy reengineering tools. and preparing code for re-use; the Web Edition transforms green-screen applications into browser- based interfaces; the SQL Edition provides real-time,Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, VM/VSE, Linux, SQL-based access to relational and non-relational dataother sources to streamline the flow of data betweenNon-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, other applications; and the SOA Edition exposes, orchestrates102 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 103. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directoryand governs critical functionality as standards-based VIP provides:services within a SOA. • Complete analysis of HPR and Enterprise Extender performance • Graphic reports daily by e-mail • Easy tracking of TN3270 response times • Real-time reports of TCP application demand Software Diversified Services (SDS) • A minimum of CPU demand.Address: VIP gets data by multiple techniques, as needed, thus1322 - 81st Ave NE, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432-2116, avoiding blind spots and increasing efficiency.USAPhone: +1 763 571 9000 VIP is the most robust, fully helpful, monitoring,Email: diagnosis, and trouble-shooting tool in the mainframeWeb: industry.Activity: Software vendor The SDS FTP Manager(SFM) provides security,Specialist areas: System management; asset and monitoring, automation, and auditing for FTP trafficchange management; security; web integration and through z/OS FTP servers and clients.legacy reengineering tools; network performance/management SFM converts FTP to secure SFTP or FTPS withoutMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, changing the batch jobs that use FTP.LinuxNon-mainframe platforms supported: Other Unix, Linux, Security staff can take precise control over which usersWindows are allowed to execute which FTP commands, and theyPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual can archive complete records for regulatory compliance.license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usagebased With web browsers and secure connections, administrators can what was transferred, whetherCompany profile transfers succeeded, which users were responsible, andSoftware Diversified Services has been developing first- more.rate tools for IBM mainframes for over a quarter century.SDS mainframe products have been installed at over1,000 companies worldwide. SDS is noted for having thehighest quality software, documentation, and technicalsupport in the business. SDS technical support was Software Engineering GmbHrated number 1 several years ago by Xephon’sprestigious IBEX Bulletin. Address: Robert-Stolz-Strasse 5, 40470 Dusseldorf, Germany.IP monitoring and FTP security for mainframes is now our Phone: +49 (0)211 96149 0main focus at SDS. SDS began providing mainframe Fax: +49 (0)211 96149-32network monitoring tools over a decade ago, with Vital Email: VisionNet (VSV). In the Vital Signs IP Monitor (VIP) Web: http://www.seg.de7.1, we provide the most complete, easiest to use, and Company web site link : IP monitor on the market. The SDS FTP Monitor(SFM) provides snap-in security, easy control, and real- Sales contacts:time monitoring of FTP traffic on z/OS America: SEGUS Inc 14151 Park Meadow Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151Product/service information Email: info@segus.comVital Signs IP Monitor (VIP) from SDS provides real-time, Phone: +1-800-327-9650browser-based management of TCP/IP networks on z/OS Web: www.segus.commainframes. EMEA: AsiaPac: is noted for the breadth of its monitoring scope, forease of use, and for minimal demands on CPU Activity: Software vendor and consultingresources. VIP navigates the complexity, letting system Specialist areas: Database performance, maintenance,operators concentrate on maintaining throughput and recoverymission-critical operations. Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 Pricing options: Processor/capacity based, other© Arcati Ltd, 2011 103
  • 104. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryCompany profile Restart relevant prerequisites of a production database. ItSoftware Engineering GMBH has been developing also provides recovery time objectives for each object,standardized DB2 software and providing DB2 consulting pinpointing the period of time that is required for aservices for more than 25 years. By combining intensive recovery. Recovery HealthCheck for DB2 z/OS makes theresearch with target-oriented development of new DB2 prerequisites for a critical recovery scenario transparentsoftware products, we have established powerful skills in and enables proactive adjustments and optimizationDB2 solutions. Driven by customers, consultants, and before an outage occurs.other highly skilled DB2 users at our Design Councils,we develop practical innovations to keep DB2 in the bestshape. Software (Europe) LtdProduct/service information Address:RealTime DBAExpert insures high data availability, as Nibley House, Low Moor Road, Doddington Road,well as fast and secure recoverability, 24x7. RealTime Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN6 3JY, UKDBAExpert automates the management of DB2 for z/OS Phone: +44 (0)1522 881300databases. Using real-time statistics and user-defined Email:, combined with continuous monitoring of DB2 Web:, RealTime DBAExpert detects and responds todatabase problems immediately. Seamless integration Activity: Software vendorwith all job schedulers and existing IT procedures Specialist areas: System management; datasecures existing investments and the exploitation of management; storage management; asset and changelatest technologies saves valuable resources. management; security, programming/testing, web integration and legacy reengineering tools; networkBind ImpactExpert completely automates the evaluation performance/management.of access paths for static and dynamic SQL. Integration Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390into all existing rebind and bind procedures automatically Non-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix,determines the rebinds and binds necessary to insure Linuxconsistent or improved performing access paths, as well Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualas to avoid those that are unnecessary. Used as a license, processor/capacity-based, other.migration aid, Bind ImpactExpert predicts the accesspaths that will result under a new DB2 version and Company profilecategorizes the changes into version-specific results. Software Europe was formed in April 1989 to market and support mainframe systems software. We have exclusiveSQL PerformanceExpert for DB2 z/OS insures well-tuned contracts to distribute supplier products in the UK andSQL statements, which translates to efficient CPU usage, Eire and market a variety of business solutionsimproved reponse time, reduced I/O activity and reduced developed at our Lincoln Office. Our client list includesresource locking. SQL PerformanceExpert automates the many of the best-known UK blue-chip and FTSE 100analysis of SQL performance (both static and dynamic) companies. We provide frequent training courses and runand identifies tuning changes that improve application product user groups and regular seminars for all clients,performance, pinpointing problem areas and saving time ensuring an unrivalled service 24/7.and money associated with inefficient applications. It alsoautomates package management and catalog change Product/service informationmanagement, as well as the optimization of performance Products marketed and supported by Software Europeindexes. include:PiT Recovery for DB2 z/OS automates, controls, and • Consul zSecure Suite: consists of modularspeeds up all the necessary actions needed for a point in components that enable customers to easilytime (PIT) recovery of ERP and CRM systems like administer their mainframe, monitor for threats, auditPeoplesoft, SAP, and Siebel. Pit Recovery not only usage and configuration, and enforce policygenerates, executes, and controls the necessary jobs, it complianceeven weighs different scenarios like using DB2 imagecopies, flashcopies, or even the new DB2 V8 RESTORE • ETF/A: a set of very powerful utilities to assist ACF2SYSTEM feature. Additionally, it provides all the required security administratorsinformation necessary to forecast how long a specificoutage will last. • Catalog Information Manager (CIM): covers all aspects of catalog management from maintenanceRecovery HealthCheck for DB2 z/OS verifies all Recovery/ and backup to diagnosis and complete recovery.104 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 105. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory• Cross Sysplex Manager: synchronous and remote Our solutions can help you to reduce the cost of data access mainframe computing while more effectively managing vWLC, improving the administration and performance of• RMF Magic: zSeries disk subsystem analysis & your DB2 databases and applications, enhancing the reporting, consolidates information from all hosts. visibility of the impact of application and system changes, as well as improving your overall system operations.• SmartProduction: reduces the CPU resources required to run your batch workload, by identifying all At SoftwareOnZ we really do offer a better way on z. your product inefficiencies. Product/service information• Smart TS XL: an intuitive browser-based search SoftwareOnZ offers mainframe software solutions for engine for the mainframe/mini environment. capacity planning and management, change management and compliance, DB2 administration, and• E-SRF: a comprehensive security reporting facility systems and application management. designed specifically for information security and audit professionals. For capacity management, SoftwareOnZ offers AutoSoftCapping (ASC). This solution maximizes• Capacity Magic: calculate the effective storage software cost efficiencies for IBM zSeries platforms. ASC capacity of your current and future disk subsystems automatically adjusts defined capacity by LPAR based through an easy-to-use graphical dialog. upon you actual workload, while maintaining a consistent overall defined capacity for your CPC. In this way, ASC can• Batch Magic: a powerful application for tape and batch reduce the monthly software bill for customers using window tuning and capacity planning. vWLC pricing.• Disk Magic: provides users with a thorough For DB2 environment, SoftwareOnZ offers solutions for understanding of current disk subsystem improving performance by automating access path performance and enables them to make better control (zAPX), more effectively managing storage (zSPM), purchase and configuration decisions. automating DB2 utilities (DB-Genie), and improving application development (RDBA). Managing change is a constant battle, even more so in this day and age of regulatory compliance. SoftwareOnZ Software on Z offers solutions for tracking and managing the changesAddress: you make to your system software (SYSchange) and to15714 SE 25th Street, Bellevue, WA 98008-5410, USA your applications (Ripple-Trac).Phone: +1-425-351-2316.Email: SoftwareOnZ also offers solutions for improvingWeb: mainframe systems and applications management. RealTime Defrag provides automated storageActivity: Software vendor. defragmentation, enabling you to continuously andSpecialist areas: System management; data reliably recover disk space while your systems remainmanagement; storage management; asset and change operational. Additional solutions offer automated ISPFmanagement; network performance/management screen painting capabilities (PADEST) and mainframeMainframe platforms supported: z/OS sort automation (Express Sortware).Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annuallicense, processor/capacity-based, otherCompany profileSoftwareOnZ specializes in optimizing your usage of Solimar SystemsSystem z. Our software solutions will help your reduce the Address:amount of time, effort, and human error involved in 1515 Second Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101, USAimplementing and maintaining a cost-effective Phone: +1 619 849 2800.mainframe computing environment. Whether you are a Email:, a capacity manager, a systems programmer, an Web: http://www.solimarsystems.comapplication developer, or a development manager,SoftwareOnZ has a solution for improving your workload Activity: Software vendor.and reducing your computing costs.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 105
  • 106. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectorySpecialist areas: System management Sosa CousinsMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Address:Linux, Other USANon-mainframe platforms supported: Windows, i5, AIX, Phone: +1 770-671-9392.other Unix, Linux Email: support@sosacousins.comPricing options: One-time charge, Monthly/annual license Web: http://www.sosacousins.comCompany profile Specialist areas: Data management; asset and changeFounded in 1991, Solimar Systems Inc is a leading management; programming/testing;developer of enterprise output management solutions for Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,digital document creation, production and distribution Linuxenvironments. Installed in thousands of sites around the Non-mainframe platforms supported: Other Unix, Linuxworld, including nearly 40% of the Fortune 100, Solimar Pricing options: Monthly/annual licensesolutions satisfy a wide range of customer requirementsby combining integrated connectivity, data stream Company profiletransforms, print optimization, document re-engineering/ Sosa-Cousins, Inc is a hand- on InformationTechnologyrepurposing and sophisticated print queue management consulting firm with over 35 years of global experience inwith secure web-based document presentation, consulting and systems development for the financial,distribution and tracking. insurance, and travel industry. Our belief is that by using teamwork we can achieve the best load controlExperts in legacy and modern data streams, Solimar management system tailored to your provide essential infrastructure to organizationsin a variety of industries including insurance, financial Expertise lies in:services, banking, pharmaceuticals,telecommunications, healthcare, government, education, zTPF and TPF 4.1 systemsretail, manufacturing, utilities, distribution and print Implementation and Solution Servicesservice bureaux. Communications Project and Product ManagementProduct/service information ApplicationsProducts include: Development tools• Solimar Print/Director Enterprise – Client/server Databases . based enterprise output management solution that provides multi-level security, remote administrator and Sosa-Cousins, Inc has developed the first commercially operator access, email alerts, powerful job routing/ available TPF Load Control Management (LCM) System, tracking capabilities, and industry leading data stream automating the management of promotion and staging transforms. processes for all programs deployed onto any test and production host environments.• iCONVERT – Stand-alone powerful transform engine for AFP environments that automatically routes Product/service information mainframe and AS/400 print reports directly to Development lifecycle management for testing and networked desktop and production PostScript acceptance. printers, viewing stations and archive systems. Files Single button application builds. are parsed and renamed with job events module. Automatic and coordinated deployment to mixed platforms• SOLscript – PostScript preamble that emulates and Audit trail compliance optimizes Xerox VIPP software by generating DSC Auditing facilities track source version. compliant PostScript, extending the reach of VIPP Automatic on-line fallback notification applications to virtually all types and brands of Flexible deployment dates workgroup and production printers, as well as ERM/ Concurrent Development support COLD and archive systems. Leverages extensive metadata to ensure quality• SOLsearcher – Highly scalable and secure electronic Sosa-Cousins is proud of its ability to create realistic document delivery and web presentation solution that project implementations that will minimize the change enables organizations to effectively index, store, management process. Project plans are created jointly search and retrieve large collections of transactional with prospective customers with realistic milestones and/or scannned documents. Ideal for B2B and B2C agreed to ensure fail safe implementations. environments.106 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 107. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory SSH Communications Security remote command execution methods with enterprise- class administator tools based on the SSH2 standard.Address: Secure File Transfer enables secure automated andSSH Communications Security Corp, Valimotie 17, interactive file transfers throughout the network, both forFI-00380 Helsinki, Finland. internal and external file sharing. SSH Tectia providesPhone: +358 205007000. secure drop-in replacements for FTP and additional APIsEmail: that facilitate effortless transition from legacy file transfersWeb: to strong file transfer security.Sales contacts: Secure Application Connectivity offers end-to-endAmerica: +1 781 247 2100 / confidentiality, integrity, and authentication for applicationEMEA: +358 20 500 7000 / connections between workstations and servers. SSHAsiaPac: +81 3 3459 6830 / Tectia protects transparently both in-house developed and commercial business applications without the needActivity: Software vendor to modify the applications or the supporting ITSpecialist areas: Security infrastructure.Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, LinuxNon-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, Other Unix,Linux, WindowsPricing options: One-time charge, processor/capacitybased, workload/usage based Stonesoft IncCompany profile Address:SSH Communications Security is a world-leading 1050 Crown Pointe Parkway Suite 900, Atlanta, GA 30338,provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end USAcommunications security, and the original developer of Phone: +1 770 668 1125.the Secure Shell protocol. The company’s SSH Tectia Email: addresses the most critical needs of large Web: http://www.stonesoft.comenterprises, financial institutions, and governmentagencies. With SSH Tectia, organizations can cost- Sales contacts:effectively secure their system administration, file America: and application connectivity against both EMEA: and external security risks. As the original AsiaPac: of the Secure Shell protocol and other keynetwork security technologies, SSH has for ten years Activity : Software vendordeveloped end-to-end communications security solutions Specialist areas: Securityspecifically for the enterprise. Currently more than 100 of Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Fortune 500 companies are using SSH security Linuxsolutions. SSH shares are quoted on the Helsinki Non-mainframe platforms: i5, Linux, WindowsExchanges Main List. Pricing options: One-time chargeProduct/service information Company profileSSH Tectia is the leading end-to-end communications Stonesoft Corporation (HEX: SFT1V) is a worldwidesecurity solution for the enterprise. SSH Tectia is based company focused on enterprise-level network protectionon the SSH Secure Shell and SSH’s other industry and business continuity assurance. Its StoneGateleading technologies, used by millions worldwide. SSH security platform unifies firewall, VPN and IPS to deliverTectia enables secure system administration, secure file defense agility combined with high availability fortransfer and secure application connectivity with business-critical applications. StoneGate incorporatescentralized management throughout the internal and the award-winning load-balancing technology ofexternal network. SSH Tectia provides transparent strong StoneBeat. Enterprises that require advanced networkencryption and authentication and easily integrates into security and always-on business connectivity can chooseheterogeneous, multi-platform environments. StoneGate for the lowest up-front costs, best price-to- performance ratio, and highest ROI of any high-endSecure System Administration offers system firewall, VPN and IPS solution.administrators the ability to remotely manage servers in aheterogeneous operating system environment. SSH Founded in 1990, Stonesoft Corporation has internationalTectia replaces legacy login (eg Telnet and Rlogin) and headquarters in Helsinki, Finland; Americas© Arcati Ltd, 2011 107
  • 108. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directoryheadquarters in Atlanta, Georgia; and Asia Pacific • application integration and business processregional headquarters in Singapore. optimization, • solutions that connect the right people with the rightProduct/service information information at the right time.StoneGate Firewall and VPN protects against unwantedvisitors, illegal access, and unauthorized connections to We are an IBM Business Partner Solution Provider for IBMcustomers’ networks and data. It is a perimeter firewall zSeries hardware, storage hardware and software, z/OSas well as an internal enterprise firewall and VPN, which software and IBM Passport Advantage software (DB2,means that the mainframe is protected from the outside Lotus, Rational, Tivoli, WebSphere).and from within. Traffic inside the mainframe ismonitored as well as the traffic to and from the Product/service informationmainframe – regardless of operating system used. Services include: • sale of IBM zSeries z9 hardware, storage hardwareThe centralized management system of StoneGate and software, z/OS and Passport Advantageallows administrators to monitor, upgrade, and control • installation, customization and maintenance of z/OSfirewall and VPN instances remotely, through a graphical and PA softwareuser interface, which eases the administrative task and • consultancy and supervision of complex informationlowers the total cost of ownership. With its built-in projectspatented Multi-Link technology, StoneGate provides • design and implementation of standards and securityInternet communication high availability. StoneGate for in information systemszSeries removes the need for external firewall servers, • provision of continuous availability and disasterand offers security right up to the mainframe. recovery services • design and implementation of Service Level Agreements • computer training and education, design, production, SV Group implementation and maintenance of new e- applications and life insurance applications.Address:V. Ravnice 15,HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia.Phone: +385-1-2958742.Email: Syspertec CommunicationWeb: http://www.svgroup.hr Address:Sales contacts: 196 Bureaux de la Colline, 92213 Saint-Cloud Cedex,EMEA: +385-1-2958745. France Phone: +33 (0)1 46 02 60 42Activity: Integrator. Email: cominfo@syspertec.comSpecialist areas: System management; data Web: http://www.syspertec.commanagement; storage management; security;programming/testing; network performance/ Sales contacts:management; web integration and legacy reengineering America: (925) 937-5816 / platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Activity: Software vendor.Linux Specialist areas: Web integration and legacyNon-mainframe platforms supported: AIX, Linux, reengineering toolsWindows Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Pricing options: One-time charge Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, workload/usage based.Company profileBased in Croatia, SV Group d.o.o. is a project-oriented Company profileinformation company founded in 1995, providing: SysperTec is a software publisher of over 20 years of• design, implementation, security, management and experience with on-the-fly protocol conversion between maintenance of information technology solutions mainframe and heterogeneous servers and terminals. "end-to-end",108 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 109. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryProduct/service information Product/service InformationVIRTEL is a simple, fast, powerful, and cost-effective We provide a number of products to help z/OS users:solution to help users extend legacy applications such asCICS and IMS to the Web, adapt their presentation and PassGen: a solution to generate one-time RACFfunctionality, and reuse their proven core functions to passwords ( Passtickets ) – this allows applications offdevelop new Web applications. host to securely communicate with z/OS applications and databases. Passgen is available in a native WindowsVIRTEL realises all of it without modifying or re-hosting version and a Java version that executes on any systemthose legacy applications, without installing any with a JRE.components outside the mainframe, but with outstandingperformance, scalability, and availability thanks to a two- Mimic: a solution to assist users migrating fromtier all-mainframe-based architecture. Connect:Direct and CA-XCOM to another managed file transfer system. Mimic allows removal of existingVIRTEL Pure Web Suite extends mainframe applications products by providing an emulation of existing productsand data to the Web instantly; allows adding a new and converts existing systems to the users chosendynamic Web 2.0 user interface with AJAX; allows replacement product.developing bi-directional connections betweenmainframe and Web applications to integrate them with DR/VFI: a product that identifies critical files for Disastercorporate SOA, WOA, or WebSphere. recovery and compliance.It now extends 3270 applications to smartphones andPDAs! Megacryption: a z/OS encryption and PGP suite for complaince and easy to use encryption.Host-based, Virtel is a thin-client solution that can bedeployed in two or multiple tier configurations. It requires DataExhange: a publishing system to make z/OS datano modification of the application code or transaction available to any user with a browser independent of itsserver. It uses no 3270 emulation and no middleware source. Systemwerx T3 Technologies IncAddress: Address:PO Box 1195, Bedford, MK42 8WY, UK 1408 Westshore Blvd, Tampa, Florida 33607, USAPhone: +44 207 0606601. Phone: +1 813 288 9800.Email: Email: Web: Software vendor and consultancy. Sales contacts:Specialist areas: System management, security, web EMEA: Concorde House, Trinity Park, Solihull,integration and legacy reengineering tools. Birmingham B37 7UQ UK. Phone +44 (0) 121 635 5571Mainframe platforms supported: z/OSNon-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, Unix, Activity: IntegratorLinux, Windows. Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS,OS/390, VM/VSE,Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual Linuxlicense, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualbased licenseCompany profile Company profileSystemwerx has, for over 10 years, provided our Since our inception in 1992, T3 has been dedicated tocustomers with solutions to their business needs. providing the mainframe community with more cost effective solutions than traditional systems. Our tServer isOur system specialists provide our customers with now the world’s best selling mainframe under 80 MIPSpratical experience in the development of business and has helped over 600 clients maintain and modernizeapplications and exploiting operating system, networking, their data centers.database, and cryptography across multiple platforms.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 109
  • 110. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryProduct/service infromation Products can be used individually or in combination toNow T3 will be offering even greater choice as we address various needs, and they scale to thousands ofintroduce a new generation of plug-compatible servers in complex, heterogeneous and virtualizedmainframes (PCMs), capable of handling larger and environments.more complex environments, and based on technologyoriginally developed by Amdahl Corporation. With models TeamQuest Performance Software uses a client/serverranging to 300 MIPS and supporting 64-bit architecture, architecture. Connections are made between the client“Liberty” brings back freedom of choice to mainframe and the server via TCP or HTTP for TeamQuest On thedata centers. Web. The client portion – TeamQuest Model, TeamQuest View, TeamQuest Alert, and TeamQuest On the Web – runs on your workstation or wherever you want to analyze the data. The server portion – TeamQuest Manager, which includes data collection agents and a performance TeamQuest Corporation database – is installed on each server you want to manage. (One exception is that, for IBM System z and i,Address: TeamQuest Manager is installed on a separate systemOne TeamQuest Way, Clear Lake, Iowa 50428, USA and retrieves performance data from the server beingPhone: +1 641-357-2700 managed.)E-mail: info@teamquest.comWeb: www.teamquest.comSales contactsAmerica: TechMaint, LLCEMEA: emea@teamquest.comAsiaPac: Address: 4360 Hanover Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27127, USAActivity: Software vendor Phone: +1 336-724-1638Specialist areas: System management E-mail: techmaint@techmaint.comMainframe platforms supported: z/OS., OS/390, Linux, Web: www.techmaint.comotherNon-mainframe platforms supported: i5, AIX, other Unix, Activity: ConsultantLinux, Windows Specialist areas: System management; dataPricing Options: One-time charge, monthly/annual management; storage management; security; networklicense, processor/capacity-based, other performance/management Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Company profile LinuxTeamQuest Corporation is the global leader in IT Service Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, otherOptimization (ITSO). Specializing in software that helps IT Unix, Linux, Windowsorganizations consistently meet service levels whileminimizing costs, TeamQuest provides quick and Company profileaccurate capacity modelling and performance solutions. TechMaint has a team of consultants that work in the z/OS operating system space. Most consultants have over 30Companies around the world trust TeamQuest to help years experience as system programmers. TechMaint isthem improve IT service delivery while mitigating risks, partners with major IT vendors that provide staffallowing them to proactively optimize IT resources while augmentation and also work on system type projects.minimizing infrastructure costs. TeamQuest software is MVS,especially well-suited for use in heterogeneous and OS/390, and z/OS maintenance and migrations includingvirtualized computing environments. Complementing and disaster recovery, security, and network. TechMaint has asupporting ITIL best practices, SOA and BSM goals, group of Unix, AIX, Solaris, and application developers onTeamQuest software can help organizations manage IT the mainframe.from both the business and IT perspectives. Product/service InformationProduct/service Information TechMaint services consists of many years experience inTeamQuest Performance Software is made up of a suite the mainframe space including most third-party products.of four integrated products that help organizations Security, disaster recovery, hardware installations, andoptimize IT services, from performance management and most z/OS services.reporting to event monitoring and capacity modelling.110 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 111. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor Directory Techsys Software Services Inc Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390 Pricing options: per program or engagement timeframe.Address:PO Box 1070, Coppell, TX 75019, USA Company profilePhone: +1 972-725-9315. Source Recovery is the sole provider of the recovery ofEmail: COBOL or Assembler source code from IBM MVS or VSEWeb: executable programs. Our company is an IBM Developer Business Partner. We have recovered over 10 millionActivity: Consultant. lines of source code utilizing our patented ReSource™Specialist areas: System management; data; storage management; asset and changemanagement; security; programming/testing; web Product/service informationintegration and legacy reengineering tools; network The Source Recovery’s primary service is to recoverperformance/management Cobol or Assembler source code. We support any versionMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, of COBOL running on an IBM mainframe. Through ourLinux validation process, we are able to compare the recovered source to the original executable to guarantee theCompany profile accuracy of our recoveries. Our recoveries areTechsys Software Services LLC helps mainframe guaranteed to produce 100% functionally equivalenttechnology providers who have a part-time, short-term, or source code.on-demand need for mainframe expertise. Our missionis to provide our customers with an affordable alternative Additional services include the recovery of copybooks andto hiring or outsourcing their systems management and reconciling existing source to production executables.technical support staff, while saving them up to 80% onstaffing costs. If you cant afford, or dont want, a full-timemainframe systems programing or technical applicationsdevelopment staff, let us customize a support package tomeet your needs. Give us a call at 877-390-4878 to TONE Software Corporationdiscuss Address:Product/service information 1735 S. Brookhurst Street, Anaheim, CA 92804, USAWe provide the following types of services for our Phone: +1 714 991 9460customers: Email: Web:• Mainframe Product Management Strategy• Mainframe Problem Diagnosis Activity: Software vendor.• Mainframe Solutions Development Specialist areas: System management; data• Mainframe Installation, Customization, & management Administration Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux• Remote Technical Support of z/OS, Z/VSE, Z/VM, and Non-mainframe platforms supported: Other Unix, Linux Z/Linux Systems Pricing options: One-time charge; monthly license• Mainframe Staff Mentoring. charge Company profile TONE Software is a software development firm specializing in business computing solutions for IBM The Source Recovery Company mainframe platforms and several distributed platforms. Based in Anaheim CA, TONE is a privately held firm thatAddress: answers to customers, not shareholders. TONE has built1070 Applecross Drive, Roswell, GA 30075, USA a reputation for delivering premier solutions, exceptionalPhone: +1 770 667 5043. expertise, and unparalleled customer service andEmail: support 24x7.Web: TONE’s commitment to technology advancement isActivity: Service provider apparent, devoting over 25% of annual revenues toSpecialist areas: COBOL or Assembler Source Recovery research and development. TONE enjoys strategic alliances with industry leaders such as IBM, Sun, Hewlett© Arcati Ltd, 2011 111
  • 112. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryPackard, and AT&T. These relationships, together with TRILOGexpertTONE’s progressive development culture, ensure that ourproducts deliver maximum benefit to each user. Address: Ammerthalstr. 21, 85551 Kirchheim near Munich,Product/service information GermanyTONE’s mainframe-based product line includes powerful Phone: +49 89 99199 0solutions to manage the corporate IT infrastructure, and Email: contact@trilogexpert.comincrease system and human productivity to meet the Web: www.trilogexpert.comoverall business objectives of the client. TONE’ssolutions include OMC-FLASH JES2 and JES3 spool Sales contacts:viewing and management; OMC-PRINT host and TCP/IP America: AQM Solutions, Inc. Phone: +1 508 405 4346.output routing and print management; DYNA-STEP Email: Web: www.aqm-dynamic STEPLIB and library management; ACC host solutions.comconsole automation and management; SyBridge VTAMinterface to NetView; and VTAM application automation. Activity: Software vendorTONE products are marketed and supported throughout Specialist areas: System management; dataNorth America directly from the Anaheim headquarters, managementand across Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390through authorized distributors. Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual license, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage based, other Company profile Top Gun Technology TRILOGexpert is a leading provider of Application Quality Management (AQM) software and professional services.Address: Our mission is to help Fortune 1000 companies5500 Cottonwood Lane SE, #106, Prior Lake, MN 55372, implement Automated AQM programs to improveUSA. application quality, performance, and IT profitability. OurPhone: +1 952 226 9700 customers consistently defer mainframe upgrades andEmail: substantially reduce their IT operational costs using ourWeb: integrated product suite consisting of TriTune and APC for TriTune to simplify and automate the task of identifyingActivity: Hardware vendor. application performance bottlenecks. Major corporationsMainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, Linux rely on our products and services to turn their applicationNon-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, Linux performance tuning practices into a proactive process and strategic advantage.Company profileWe buy and sell used IBM processors (zSeries TRILOGexpert has locations in Zurich, Switzerland andmainframes) and servers (pSeries and iSeries), IBM Munich, Germany. The US subsidiary AQM Solutions, Incstorage, IBM connectivity, Hewlett Packard (HP) servers, is based in Framingham, MA, USA. TRILOGexpertHewlett Packard storage, EMC and Hitachi (HDS) storage products are available worldwide.products. We also can provide OS support services forIBM system z, system p, and system i environments. Product/service information TRILOGexpert’s measurement product TriTune helpsProduct/service information corporations analyze applications and resources in theirMulti-platform refurbished hardware options host environment, pinpointing application execution• Hardware leasing delays and presenting an in-depth performance profile• Pre-sales consultation through an easy-to-use, interactive interface. The• Environment planning and trending consultation software provides detailed delay and execution metrics• OS support for systems z, p, and i that let analysts quickly improve the performance of all• Multi-platform hardware maintenance. mainframe applications.112 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 113. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryAPC is the automation and datamining platform which is program product that looks for patterns of abuse andtightly integrated with TriTune. It automates the process of sends real-time alerts. It supports systems environmentsidentifying, measuring, prioritizing and analysing across multiple CPUs and over geographically diverseperformance bottlenecks, reducing manual tasks and locations. SMA_RT tracks activity, monitors systemsfocusing analyst efforts on applications with the greatest resources and records vital information. Alerts are routedtuning potential. It does this by continuously tracking to the SMA_RT management GUI, external security logthousands of batch and online systems running across concentrator products or other threat managementz/OS-based environments, discovering runaway tasks, products that use TCP/IP SYSLOG protocol.and highlighting hidden tuning opportunities with minimalmanual intervention. Benefits: • Real time security alerting and DB2 auditing events occurring on the z/OS operating system. • Security team alerted on threatening events and malicious activity. It protects from Denial of Service Type80 Security Software Attacks, identifies internal patterns of security abuse and saves on hundreds of man-hours trackingAddress: through SMF reports to investigate a security breach. It211 North Union Street, Suite 100, Alexandria, VA 22315, also leverages other security products currentlyUSA licensed to provide complete enterprise-wide threatPhone: +1 703-519-1229 management coverage and allows you to see whatEmail: you want to see and when you want to see it.Web: http://www.type80.comActivity: Software vendor.Specialist areas: SecurityMainframe platforms supported: z/OS Vanguard Integrity Professionals, Inc.Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annuallicense charge, other. Address: 6625 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 100Company profile Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA.Type80 is an industry leader in mainframe-based Phone: 702-794-0014intrusion detection and security event notification. Our Email: approach to mainframe security ties in several Web: http://www.go2vanguard.comdecades of mainframe expertise with enterprise-levelsecurity knowledge to help organizations maintain Activity: Software vendorcomplete security situational awareness. Specialist areas: Security Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS.Type-80 Security Software was founded by experts in the Pricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annualareas of Systems Programming and information security. license, workload/usage based, otherOur founders draw from a diverse background, fromproviding security training to NATO counter intelligence, Company profileconducting enterprise-wide security assessments for Vanguard Integrity Professionals provides enterprisecompanies maintaining the nation’s critical infrastructure, security software and services that solve complex securityand developing high-level mainframe applications for and regulatory compliance challenges for largemajor financial institutions. enterprises and government agencies around the world. With solutions for Identity and Access Management, AuditProduct/service information and Compliance, Security Administration and IntrusionType-80s flagship products, SMA_RT and its “Real-Time Detection, Vanguard automates processes necessary toDB2 Connector”, are revolutionary host-based intrusion identify and mitigate the risks customers face.detection products for the z/OS mainframe system. Using Vanguard’s customers receive a rapid return ona combination of both signature-based and anomaly- investment and are able to focus on other criticalbased attack detection, SMA_RT notifies administrators business needs thereby becoming more productive andof malicious activity in real-time. SMA_RT can easily more secure. For more information, visitintegrate with a variety of security management products many leading SIM/SEM products. Product/service informationSMA_RT combines z/OS Communications Server and Security Management Solutionsclient/server technology. It functions as a security monitor© Arcati Ltd, 2011 113
  • 114. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor DirectoryVanguard Administrator - Automated security Email: Web: Advisor - Event detection, analysis, andreporting Sales contacts:Vanguard SecurityCenter - Windows-based security America: 001 941 322 8778.administration of RACF EMEA: +44 (0) 1225 339705.Vanguard Enforcer - Intrusion detection and management AsiaPac: +44 (0) 1225 339705.system for z/OS and OS/390 mainframe systemsVanguard Policy Manager- A "Best Practices" enforcer for Activity: Educationz/OS Security Server RACF Commands Specialist areas: System management; data management; storage management; asset and changeCompliance and Audit Solutions management; security; programming/testing; webVanguard Analyzer - System integrity and analysis integration and legacy reengineering tools; networkVanguard inCompliance - Continuous system performance/management, othercompliance verification Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE,Vanguard Enforcer - Intrusion detection and management Linuxsystem for z/OS and S/390 mainframe systems Non-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, otherVanguard Policy Manager - A "Best Practices" enforcer for Unix, distributed Linux, Windows, otherz/OS Security Server - RACF Commands Pricing options: Public schedule and one company on- site options.Access Management SolutionsVanguard Authenticator - Scalable, modular, and Company profileintegrated authentication solution for entire enterprise On 1st November 2009, Verhoef Training was 15 yearsVanguard ez/SignOn - Enterprise identity management old. We continue to support the IBM Enterprise Serverand intrusion detection community, running a public schedule in the WorldVanguard ez/Token - A two-factor authentication solution Heritage city of Bath and delivering courses on customerintegrated with RACF for users logging on to the sites. Our IBM courses are for z/OS, iSeries, AIX, andmainframe Linux encompassing all the disciplines of TechnicalVanguard Tokenless Authentication - Delivers strong Support, Operations, Applications, Communications,authentication capabilities by generating and sending a Audit and use, time-sensitive passcode to acommunication device the user already possesses: the We have improved our offerings in, WebSphere, WMQ,users cell phone, PDA, Blackberry and more Portal and Process Server, Java, DB2, virtualisation,Vanguard ez/Integrator - Security programming tools that testing, systems analysis and z/OS for auditors. Not all ofallow your applications to inherit the enhanced security of our courses are scheduled as public events, so if youRACF can’t find what you’re looking for then please go to ourVanguard ez/AccessControl - Extending RACF access website.and identity management to desktops and serversVanguard PasswordReset - User reset of forgotten If you do have training needs please consider us. We’repasswords competitive, flexible, and friendly, just a call or a click away.Intrusion Detection SolutionsVanguard Enforcer - Intrusion detection and management Product/service informationsystem for z/OS and S/390 mainframe systems z/OS For Beginners; TSO/ISPF; Job Control Language;Vanguard Advisor - Event detection, analysis and VSAM; COBOL, PL/1, Assembler, REXX, Java, C and XML;reporting z/OS System Services; z/OS Basic & AdvancedVanguard ez/SignOn - Enterprise identity management Operations; z/OS Systems Programming Introduction; z/and intrusion detection. OS Performance; z/OS Migration; z/OS Problem Analysis; RACF; SMP/E; Parallel Sysplex; Workload Manager; SMS Overview, Implementation and Control; Storage Management Fundamentals; HSM Implementation and Control; ICF Catalog Management; Capacity Planning; Verhoef Training Ltd HCD and Dynamic Reconfiguration; HMC Hardware Management Console; JES2 and JES3 ; AFP AdvancedAddress: Function Presentation; UNIX on z/OS; TCP/IP on z/OS;11 Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AB, UK VTAM; SNA; APPN; z/VM In Depth; z/VM and Linux;Phone: +44 (0) 1225 339705. WebSphere for z/OS and LUW; Application Server; Portal114 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 115. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007 2011 Vendor DirectoryServer; Process Server; WebSphereMQ; WebSphere William Data Systems LtdMessage Broker; CICS for Applications Programmers;CICS 3.1 Structure and Debug; CICS 3.1 Systems Address:Administration; CICS For Auditors; DB2 for z/OS and LUW; 505 Huntmar Park Drive, Herndon, VA 20170, USADB2 SQL for z/OS and LUW; DB2 Administration for z/OS Phone: +1 703 674 4047and LUWl DB2 for Auditors; CA-Endevor; CA 7 Workload Email: info@willdata.comAutomation; CA-Deliver; CA-View; Omegamon; Workload Web: for z/OS (OPC); Tivoli Information Managementfor z/OS. Sales contacts: America +1 703-674-2200 Europe +44 (0)1342 321234 Activity: Software vendor Specialist areas: Security; network performance WDR Ltd management Mainframe platforms supported: z/OSAddress: Pricing options: Monthly/annual license, processor/Park Lodge, 60 London Road, Horsham, West Sussex, capacity-basedRH12 1AY, UKPhone: +44 (0)1403 268251. Company profileEmail: Founded nearly 20 years ago, William Data SystemsWeb: (WDS) is the pioneering developer of ZEN, cost saving z/OS network management and security solutions. OurActivity: Consultant products are trusted by major government, financial andSpecialist areas: System management; data commercial organisations,; storage management; asset and changemanagement; security; programming/testing; web WDS creates original, leading edge solutions for better z/integration and legacy reengineering tools; network OS network management. Based on delivering moreperformance/management, other functionality for less cost, ZEN solutions reduce annual z/Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, OS budgets and costs for many within the z/OSLinux community. As customer requirements evolve, so doesNon-mainframe platforms supported: IBM i, AIX, Unix, ZEN, with mobile access from cell phone and tablet PC’s.Linux, WindowsPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual WDS’s ZEN products and support services are availablelicense, processor/capacity-based, workload/usage from its offices and distributors in the USA, Europe,based Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australasia and South America. WDS products are also distributed via the IBM GlobalProduct/service information Services SystemPac. All ZEN products can beEstablished nearly 40 years ago by two senior ex-IBM downloaded for free evaluation from the WDS website.Executives, WDR is one of the UK’s leading IT ZEN products are easy to install, fast to use andspecialists. The early years, through hands-on automatically generate management information.consultancy, training courses, seminars and systemsdevelopment, were dedicated to improving performance Product/service informationand management predominately in the IBM mainframe ZEN, the cost saving suite of z/OS network managementmarket. Always the niche company, WDR remains products includes:attracted to the difficult challenges that others may miss. • ZEN IP MONITOR: Providing better IP visibility to locate potential disruption faster, with easy, real-time,WDR has since broadened its focus from mainframes to detailed monitoring of IP stacks across LPARs, CPUsmid-range systems to networks and distributed systems and entire Sysplex the desk-top and server-based systems of today. • ZEN TRACE & SOLVE: Minimizes disruption toThroughout, we have remained current in all these business operations via expedient problem diagnosisactivities. with intelligent network tracing offering faster problem analysis and resolution.WDR have an attractive office and training centre at • ZEN FTP CONTROL: Overcomes FTP’s weaknessesHorsham, an old market town in West Sussex in the by providing secure, audited use of ftp to minimize riskSouth of England, and maintain facilities to give and maximize compliance, with FTP traffic monitoringseamless support to our many prestigious clients. and process automation.© Arcati Ltd, 2011 115
  • 116. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Vendor Directory Product/service information• ZEN EE MONITOR: Eliminates poor APPN/HPR and/or Zephyr specializes in TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250, Enterprise Extender (EE) routing for maximum TN5250E, VT, Wyse, and SCO ANSI host access, terminal network availability. emulation, and host integration solutions for Microsoft• ZEN EE SECURITY: Recycle SNA investments with Windows desktops and servers. secure, encrypted IP technology by adding SSL/TLS encryption and digital certificate authentication to Zephyrs PASSPORT product line includes both desktop Enterprise Extender (EE) without the need to re-write and browser-based terminal emulation, as well as applications. several programmatic API modules, allowing our• ZEN OSA MONITOR: Provides an immediate, customers to connect and integrate proven legacy comprehensive and user-friendly picture of your most applications with other PC, server and ActiveX/.NET important mainframe network device, helping you applications. maintain service levels with intelligent and unique monitoring capabilities.• ZEN AUTOMATION: Save time, costs and skills, replacing expensive alternatives with scheduling facilities that allowing the ZEN suite to be Zosterops Ltd orchestrated, creating customer specific network management solutions. Address: 9 Borelli Yard, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7NU, UK Phone: +44 (0) 845 121 8335. Email: Web: Zephyr Development Corporation Activity: Software vendorAddress: Specialist areas: System management8 E Greenway Plaza, Ste 1400, Houston, TX 77046, USA Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390Phone: 713-623-0089. Pricing options: Monthly license charge; workload-basedEmail: pricing.Web: Company profileActivity: Software vendor Zosterops is the UK distributor for German developerSpecialist areas: Web integration and legacy APS|ENTERprise and US company, Javelina Software.reengineering tools Founded in 2005 by ISV veteran Colin Reardon,Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE, Zosterops aim is to bring best-of-breed operating systemLinux and network software products to UK customers.Non-mainframe platforms supported: WindowsPricing options: One-time charge, monthly/annual Product/service informationlicense, workload/usage based, other Zosterops provides tools to assist with the design, development, documentation, management andCompany profile monitoring of mainframe batch schedulers, TivoliZephyr Development Corporation has been developing Workload Scheduler (TWS – previously OPCA) and BMCsadvanced terminal emulation and host integration for Microsoft Windows since 1985. Zephyr is aMicrosoft Certified Solution Partner, member of the With the ability to download complete schedules andMicrosoft Developer Network, IBM Partner in calendars from the mainframe to a desktop/server,Development, Cisco Enterprise Associate, and Citrix VISUAL|job allows the user a complete view of the mostPremier Partner. complex scheduling environment, as well as enabling the user to define new schedules and test existing flows.116 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 117. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Media Guide by Mark Lillycrop A media guide for IBM mainframers Newsletters, magazines, user groups, and social networkinginformation resources for the z/OS environmentAlthough there are now relatively few publications focusing specifically on the mainframe,there are plenty of ways to gather information and comment on large systems. Apart fromtraditional magazines, there are numerous e-zines, blogs, discussion groups, and other onlineresources, and this media guide offers a personal selection for readers to sample. A list of themain mainframe user groups is also included, which, though not exactly ‘media’, are one ofthe best sources of information available. Please feel free to suggest other sites/titles forinclusion in the next edition of the Yearbook (email Understanding and Mitigating Severe WeatherThomas Communications’ zJournal the leading independent journal http://www.naspa.comfor z/OS and OS/390 users. Itprovides detailed coverage of INSIGHT-SPECTRAdevelopments on the IBM C3B Consulting’s INSIGHT-SPECTRA is amainframe platform, and its e-mail successor to its Middleware-Spectra publication.companion zFlash contains regular The most recent issue icludes articles entitled:updates and product news as well Reflections on competing virtualization prioritiesas highlights from the magazine. zJournal is now and the consequences; “Single contributors’available from the MainframeZone Web site. anonymous” – the architect’s dilemma; The tomorrow you were promised yesterday can be here today; Regulatory obligations may yet driveMainframe Executive ‘MDM and information fusion’ to produce forThomas Communications’ customers; Value-based case study #8 Real liveMainframe Executive is aimed at issues when virtualizing 4000+ servers.CIOs and IT managers in http://www.insight-spectra.comenterprises with IBM mainframesystems. This is a less technical, Enterprise Systemsbut no less informative, stable mate Based on the once-celebrated Enterpriseof zJournal. Systems Journal, the Enterprise Systems website and newsletter provide some very interesting articles and discussions on mainframe themes.Technical Support Magazine http://www.esj.comNaSPA has started publishing TechSupport magazine after a hiatus of IBM-MAIN listserva couple of years. The October 2010 The IBM Mainframe discussion list has beenissue includes articles entitled: maintained for many years by the University ofIntroduction to the Process-Centric Alabama, and continues to be well supported.Architecture Paradigm; What’s Your Unlike the high-level blogs, this is the place forIT Competency? Really?; Building very specific technical discussions. SubscribersRelationships, One Conversation at can sign up to receive useful summaries ofa Time; Legal Compliance: From message threads.Software Development to Delivery; and© Arcati Limited, 2011 117
  • 118. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Media GuideIBM SystemsMainframe Edition Magazine, Mainframe social mediaIBM Systems Magazine (formerly In addition to the ever-growing number of blogseServer Magazine) also comes in focusing on mainframe-related topics, it’s nowa Power Systems (IBM i and AIX) possible to intereract with mainframe-mindedversion. The content is now online people on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other socialwith a monthly e-mail newsletter. media. IBM set up the Mainframe Blog as part of theMainframe Market Information Service (MMIS) zNextGen initiative (http://Through Arcati’s MMIS subscription service, Barry This has a number ofGraham keeps users up to date with mainframe short videos as well – I particularly like the chickenhardware and software pricing trends and helps video about food distribution.them to negotiate the best deals. The full MMISservice includes the Another good blog is James Governor ’sdetailed quarterly Mainframe Monkchips site ( Monitor as well as jgovernor), which contains links to Stephenphone/e-mail support. The OGrady and Michael Coté’s blogs.monthly e-mail MainframeMarket Bulletin is also Also worth a look is Marc Wambekes Mainframeavailable separately. Watch Belgium at http://mainframe-watch- And don’t miss the Mainframe Update blog at http:/TechTarget publishes a range of Web-based /, written by Arcatinewsletters, and its data center title provides associate Trevor Eddolls.plenty of interesting and relevant mainframecoverage. There’s always interesting blog by CA’s Marcel Hartog at default.aspx.SHARE’s Five Minute Briefing: Data CenterDatabase Trends and Applications publishes a Bob Thomas, who owns zJournal, is blogging atnumber of Five Minute Briefing newsletters, but Data Center title should appeal directly tomainframers. Published in conjunction with user Willie Favero’s DB2 for z/OS blog is at http://group SHARE, the newsletter provides an weekly round-up of relevantannouncements. Alan Radding describes himself as a 20-year IT industry analyst and journalist covering mainframe, midrange, DancingDinosaurWikipedia Mainframe computing in the 21st century blogWikipedia is a great on-line encyclopaedia that is can be found at PC, web, and cloud computing.written and maintained by its readers. The editors His DancingDinosaur – Mainframe computing inwork hard to make sure that valuable content is the 21st century can be found at http://not vandalized, and the site contains a surprisingly range of mainframe-related definitions. © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 119. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2007Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Media GuideThere’s a group of techie/creative people working The really good news is that there are many otherin and around IBM’s Hursley Park Lab in the UK. excellent IT bloggers out there, and hopefully weThey produce an interesting blog is at http:// will have more space next year to give them mention.There are a number of very insightful blogs at IBM’s IBM fan pages can be found on Facebook at http:/My developerWorks. You can click on the links / 107572525938726 for just IBM. At http://mydeveloperworks/blogs/?lang=en_us w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / p a g e s / I B M - D B 2 / 10442975871 for DB2. At http://Always up-to-date is Mark Fontecchio’s blog at for IMS, and http://Mainframe Propeller Head. He’s been a reporter TechTarget since 2006. The URL is http:// for There are mainframe-related discussions on LinkedIn. For example, there’s MainframeZone atAn occasional blogger is Steve Baugh, styling h t t p : / / w w w . l i n k e d i n . c o m /himself The CICS Guy. His blog is at http:// groups?mostPopular=&gid=2196066 and z Advocates at groups?mostPopular=&gid=155723. Mainframe user groupsThe IBM mainframe world has attracted numerous • WAVV – World Alliance of VSE, VM (and nowuser organizations and special interest groups Linux apparently).(SIGs). Most hold regular meetings and http://www.wavv.orgconferences, often with satellite groups andchapters throughout the world. Here are a few of • TPFUG – TPF User Group (yes, it’s still outthem: there, handling 5000 transactions per second).• SHARE. The oldest (1955) and probably most influential IBM user organization with SIGs • WUG – the WebSphere User Group. focusing on various aspects of IBM software, hardware and security. Known as GUIDE/ • International zSeries Oracle SIG. SHARE in Europe and Interaction in Australia. There are also two large user organizations for data center managers with a focus on infrastructure (including mainframe):• CMG. The Computer Measurement Group is • AFCOM ( widely supported and specializes in capacity • 7x24 Exchange planning and performance issues (mainframe ( and increasingly distributed). There is a large network of CMG organizations worldwide. Apart from the Virtual IMS user group (, regional IMS user groups include the long-established Dallas/Fort• IDUG – International DB2 User Group. Worth group and some newer ones.© Arcati Limited, 2011 119
  • 120. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 iTech-Ed Compiled by Trevor Eddolls of GlossaryGlossary of TerminologyDefinitions of some mainframe-related termsThis glossary is intended as an aide memoire for experiencedmainframers and a useful reference for those new to the z/OS world. Ifyou would like to suggest any new entries for the next edition, pleasesend them to (we will even list you as acontributor!).3270 Access methodIBM’s family of dumb, block-mode synchronous screen IBM-specific jargon for software that moves data betweenand printer terminals, which became the standard for main storage and I/O devices.terminal/mainframe connectivity. ACF/VTAM3270 data stream Advanced Communications Function / VirtualFormat used by 3270 devices for communication, and Telecommunications Access Method is IBMs proprietarymuch used for emulation to make PCs look like dumb telecommunications software.terminals. ACID5250 This acronym describes the properties of a transaction.Terminal standard for the iSeries/400, System/3x etc. Atomicity refers to a transactions changes to the state – either it all happens or nothing happens. ConsistencyABARS refers to the state of a transaction. It must not violateAggregate Backup And Recovery Support. A disaster any of the integrity constraints associated with the state.recovery feature within DFSMShsm for automatically Isolation refers to the transaction not being affected bycreating files containing back-ups of critical data. The others. Durability refers to the survival of changes to statemain use of ABARS is to group all the datasets relating after a transaction a particular application together. ACL (1)Abend Access Control Lists control which users or groups ofABnormal ENDing. IBMspeak for an unexpected users can access which files and programs. They aretermination to a program run, eg a crash. part of the security system and are checked by RACF.Above the line ACL (2)In z/OS, z/VM, and VSE/ESA, above the line refers to Automated Cartridge Library. Synonymous with ATLvirtual/real memory locations with an address greater (Automated Tape Library).than 16MB. The 16MB limit resulted from earlieroperating systems supporting 24-bit addressing. ACO Automated Console Operations. Automated proceduresACB that replace or reduce the number of actions an operatorAccess Control Block. The control block used to tie an takes from a console in response to system or networkapplication program to a VSAM dataset. activities.Access control ADAEnforcing rules governing use of computer resources by Programming language much loved by the military (ADArestricting both the use and type of use to authorized is a US government standard), which uses it for writingindividuals and the computer resources they are systems for controlling guided missiles and the like.responsible for. Withdrawn August 1994.120 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 121. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryAddress Resolution Protocol APIThe Internet Protocol (IP) used to dynamically map IP Application Program(ming) Interface. Documentedaddresses to physical hardware Media Access Control programming procedures to access a given piece of(MAC) addresses. software; typically an entry point name and parameter list.Address spaceThe virtual storage allocated to an executing task in a APLmainframe. Generally used within z/OS to mean the A Programming Language, conceived within IBM by K Espace used by one of batch job, system task, or TSO Iverson, and popular on the mainframe in the late ’70suser. and early ’80s to support end-user activities.AIX APMAdvanced Interactive eXecutive. IBM’s version of Unix Application Performance Management monitors andfor mid-range systems (System p). manages the performance and availability of software applications in order to meet business needs.AJAXAsynchronous Javascript And XML is a way of creating Appletinteractive Web applications using a group of A small application program written in the Java that cantechnologies together. These technologies include be retrieved from a Web server and executed in a browser.XHTML (or HTML) and CSS; the Document Object Model;and the XMLHttpRequest object. APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking architecture is anAMASPZAP enhancement to SNA architecture. It can handle dynamicz/OS batch utility to apply a fix directly to object code in multipath routing.situ. Often protected against unauthorized use becauseof its additional ability to make direct changes to disk. ARM Automatic Restart Management is a sysplex-wideAMODE integrated restart mechanism that can restart MVSAddressing MODE. Attribute of z/OS programs indicating subsystems after an abend, restart workloads on anotherthe length (in bits) of the addresses used in the program. MVS image after an MVS failure, and restart a failedIntroduced in MVS/XA to differentiate between the then MVS 31-bit addressing that expanded the addressablespace from 16MB (24 bit) to 2GB. z/OS introduced 64- AS/400bit addressing. Application System/400. IBM’s mid-range processor. Announced June 1988, replaced by the iSeries/400 inAMS October 2000, now System i.Access Method Services. z/OS and VSE subsystemfor performing various data-related actions on VSAM and ASCIIICF catalogs, including defining VSAM datasets, and American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Adeleting and copying most dataset types. In short, a modification of the international code which has becomemulti-purpose utility. Also known as IDCAMS because a de facto standard (except for IBM which also uses thethat is the program name. EBCDIC code) for transmitting data. Uses seven bits plus a parity bit, and includes alphanumeric and controlAPAR characters. ASCII must be converted to EBCDIC forAuthorized Program Analysis Report. An official report uploading to IBM mainframes.of a software error to IBM. Also used to refer to the patchsupplied by IBM to fix the error (PTF is the correct term).© Arcati Limited, 2011 121
  • 122. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryASM BatchAuxiliary Storage Manager. The part of z/OS that looks An accumulation of data brought together for processingafter the I/O operations relating to paging – specifically or transmission, usually unattended. Less formally, thethe pages and page slots on external storage (typically processing of such data, as opposed to online processingDASD). where a user is present to respond interactively.Assembler BCDProgramming language that allows the user to get close Binary-Coded Decimal. A binary-coded notation in whichto the hardware on IBM mainframes. Assembler each of the decimal digits is represented by a binarystatements correspond one-to-one with mainframe, numeral. This differs from the pure binary notation, wheremachine-level instructions. the entire number is represented as a single binary numeral.ATLAutomated Tape Library (also known as Automated BCSCartridge System – ACS, tape silo, or silo). Type of mass The Basic Catalog Structure and the VVDS are the twostorage system (MSS) in which industry standard tapes parts of the ICF catalog. The BCS contains dataset andare loaded by a robotic arm. alias names and volume serial numbers.Auxiliary storage BCUAll storage needing a channel I/O to access it (basically A Balanced Configuration Unit comprises processorcache, SSD, disk, tape, mass storage). memory, I/O, storage, and DB2 resources. It is the smallest combination of these that work togetherAWLC efficiently. As more work is added to the system, soAdvanced Workload License Charges is a new monthly more BCUs can be added. This avoids any onelicence pricing metric from IBM and applies to z196s. component being too big in terms of the others.Backout BDAMA process that removes all database updates performed Basic Direct Access Method allows programmers toby an application that has abended (qv). access specific blocks of data on DASD.BAL BenchmarkBasic Assembler Language. The machine language on An agreed workload used as a standard against whichthe original S/360 from which the modern Assembler to compare the performance of different hardware/languages are derived. software. For a benchmark to be useful it needs to be a public standard.BandwidthA measure of how fast a network can transfer information, BINDoriginally measured in Hertz (Hz), but now used for any The SNA/APPN command used to activate an LU-LUmeasure of network throughput. The more precise session following the successful completion of the SNA/definition: frequency range within a radiation band APPN session initiation processing.required to transmit a particular signal. Measures thedifference between the highest and lowest signal BIOSfrequencies in millions of cycles per second. Basic Input/Output System. The I/O component of a simple operating system defining the interface betweenBASIC the operating system and the outside world.Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.Universal interactive programming language.122 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 123. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryBLOB C/C++Binary Large OBject. A generic term for a file containing An optional, separately priced feature of z/OS, availablesome kind of binary data (text, image, document, sound, with or without Debug Tool. The C/C++ IBM Open Classetc). Typically BLOBs can be transferred and manipulated Library is included with z/OS, but is only enabled whenacross a wide range of platforms. C/C++ is licensed.Block CacheA string of data elements, such as characters, words, High-speed buffer between a fast device and a slowor physical records, that are recorded or transmitted as device. In large IBM systems cacheing may take placea unit. in the CPU (in main or expanded storage), the controller, device head-of-string, or the device itself (eg in a trackBMS buffer). It is used to reduce access time.Basic Mapping Support. An interface between CICS andan application to control the movement and presentation Capacity on Demandof datastreams to and from a dumb terminal. BMS allows Processors can be purchased with extra capacitydata to be displayed without allowing for display- already on-board but not functioning. When extradependent formatting characters. capacity is required at a site, it is turned on. This is non- disruptive and customers don’t pay for the extra capacityBoolean until they start using it.An operation that follows the rules of Boolean algebra. CatalogBoot A dataset that contains information about other datasets,To prepare a computer system for operation by loading eg type, location, size, format. The z/OS master catalogan operating system. usually also contains entries for user catalogs.BPAM CCLBasic Partitioned Access Method is a low-level access Communication Controller for Linux (CCL) on zSeriesmethod used to access Partitioned DataSets (PDSs). runs the Network Control Program (NCP) software product in Linux, enabling users to get rid of their legacyBSAM 3745 communication controllers running NCP-based SNABasic Sequential Access Method, along with QSAM, is workloads to zSeries access method used to access sequential datasets. CDSBus Configuration DataSet.Generic term in data communications to describe awiring topology (such as that used in Ethernet) in which CGIdevices are connected along a single linear medium. Common Gateway Interface. A mechanism used by HTTP servers to invoke arbitrary programs for additionalByte processing of certain requests; typically, those involvingA string of 8 bits that represents one EBCDIC character. database access.The IBM mainframe architecture is organized around theconcept of the byte. Change management The methodology for planning and controlling softwareC changes.A programming language developed at Bell Labs in 1972,so named because its predecessor was named B. Unixwas written in C.© Arcati Limited, 2011 123
  • 124. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryChannel Somewhere else an application launches and work isA specialized computer used in the IBM mainframe done. The mainfame seems to have always worked inarchitecture to control transfers between devices and this way. Organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, andthe processor unit. The channel offloads some of the Google are trying to become big players in this ‘new’processing associated with I/O from the main CPU. paradigm.Channel adapter CMOSHardware unit to attach a channel to a processor. Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. A chip technology used widely by IBM in its processors,Channel attached superseding the water-cooled ECL chips on theDevices that are directly attached to the processor by mainframe.cable rather than over a communications link. CMSChannels Conversational (originally Cambridge – the lab where itCICS TS 3.1 introduced a replacement for size-restricted was built) Monitor System. Operating system runningCOMMAREAs – they are channels and containers. Any under VM, and providing timesharing and programnumber of containers can be passed between programs development facilities.and they are grouped together in channels. COBOLCHPID Programming language, very widely used for commercialCHannel Path IDentifier. A single byte binary value used applications on the mainframe. Some sources suggestto uniquely identify each channel path on an eServer that CICS and COBOL account for 85% of all transactionszSeries and previous mainframe systems. processed.CICS Communication ServerCustomer Information Control System. General purpose IBM’s all inclusive, multi-platform, software bundle thatTP monitor for terminal-oriented and inter-system provides a plethora of terminal emulation, Web-to-host,transaction processing in z/OS and VSE/ESA and networking capabilities.environments. Now with added SOA. CompileCICSplex The translation of a high-level programming languageA CICS complex (CICSplex) is a group of inter- (source program) into a machine language program (ancommunicating CICS systems. executable program).CKD CompilerCount Key Data is a way to format disk drive using A program that translates high-level programmingcylinder number, track number, and physical record. languages into machine language programs.Client/server Composite applicationsGeneric term for systems (also known as server/ A composite application is an application built byrequester) in which one machine provides a range of combining multiple services. This tends to mean takingservices to one or more other machines. part of a really useful mainframe application and combining it with some other code so that the mainframeCLIST application becomes available over the WebControl language used to manage interactive applicationsin the z/OS TSO environment. Largely superseded by CompressionREXX. Generic term for a method of reducing the amount of space needed to store data, by encoding the data. ThisCloud computing is achieved through the elimination of empty fields, gaps,A new name for something similar to client/server redundancies, and unnecessary data to shorten thecomputing. A user launches a browser and clicks a link. length of records or blocks.124 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 125. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryConnector an easy way to make existing CICS applications part ofOne way of integrating CICS applications as Web a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).services is to use connectors on the mainframe and usenative interfaces to permit tight integration with the target CTCapplication. Channel-To-Channel connections would link two mainframes and provide high-speed communication.ContainersCICS TS 3.1 introduced a replacement for size-restricted CylinderCOMMAREAs – they are channels and containers. Any The tracks, in an assembly of magnetic disks, that cannumber of containers can be passed between programs be accessed without repositioning the accessand they are grouped together in channels. Channels mechanism.are deleted when no programs are using them. DASDControl Point Direct Access Storage Device. IBMspeak for disk.SNA/APPN/HPR functionality that performsauthorization, directory services and configuration DATmanagement. Dynamic Address Translation. The process by which virtual addresses are converted into real addresses duringCORBA instruction execution.Common Object Request Broker Architecture. Set ofstandards for distributed object management from the Data dictionaryObject Management Group (OMG). A data dictionary (DD) is a database containing information about the way items of data are used.Coupling Typically a DD contains details of data names, dataGeneric term used to mean connecting of processors usage, data structures, data models, and so on.together into a more or less tightly-knit computingcomplex. Used specifically by IBM to mean the Data miningconnection of multiple eServer zSeries processors in a The practice of using a data warehouse for highlySysplex. complex, ad hoc queries.Coupling Facility Data warehouseHardware from IBM, where common tables can be shared General term for a collection of database, middleware,in a Sysplex, for high-speed cacheing, update locking and query tools that allow fast, flexible access to near-of shared data, list processing and workload balancing operational corporate data.between multiple processors. DatasetCPC A unit of data storage and retrieval consisting of one orCentral Processor Complex. more data records. Outside of the IBM mainframe environment, people call them files.CPUCentral Processing Unit. Processor. The part of a DB2computer that executes instructions. Database/2. Relational database management system first announced for mainframe environments in 1983.CRM Originally promoted as an end-user tool, but is now IBM’sCustomer Relationship Management refers to the way preferred DBMS for just about everything and runs on allorganizations manage their relationships with customers platforms.- including finding, marketing to, selling to, and servicingthese customers. Debug The human problem determination process for software.CTG Literally, to remove bugs.CICS Transaction Gateway provides J2EE standards-based access to CICS applications, which means it’s© Arcati Limited, 2011 125
  • 126. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryDEDB individual datasets, or to override the default migrationData Entry DataBases are one of two types of IMS fast and/or back-up parameters.path database. These databases do not have indexesand are stored in VSAM files. DFSMSrmm DFSMS Removable Media Manager. Its goal was toDefragmentation integrate the system managed storage principles ofThe use of a software utility to improve access and DFSMS into all removable media, most notably taperetrieval time by rewriting fragmented data to contiguous and optical.sectors of a computer storage medium. DL/IDenial of Service Data Language/I. The I is the Roman numeral One. TheAn insidious, carefully-orchestrated attack on computer data manipulation language within IMS DB. DL/I is alsosystems or networks to overload their resources with a the product name for IBM’s VSE/ESA implementationbarrage of requests in the hope of discovering overload- of IMS DB.induced vulnerabilities within the targets or to just disruptthe mission-critical activities of an enterprise. DLSw Widely-used SNA/APPN(/NetBIOS)-over-TCP/IPDevice transport mechanism which, however, unlike EE, doesAny computer peripheral, such as tape or DASD, or any not support SNA COS or routing.object that appears to be a peripheral. DMZDFSMS A De-Militarized Zone is used in the on-going war againstData Facility Storage Management Subsystem. An viruses and malware etc. Typically, one computerelement of z/OS and also available for z/VM, as DFSMS/ accepts incoming data and send outgoing data. BehindVM. The idea is that you simply tell the system about it is a firewall, and behind that is the protected LAN.your storage, back-up, performance, and otherrequirements of the data, and the system does the rest Dominofor you. Of course, it’s not really that simple. Web server technology from Lotus (June 1996), which allows browsers to interact with Notes and access NotesDFSMSdfp databases. Now closely integrated with WebSphere.DFSMS Data Facility Product. A component of DFSMSthat provides functions for storage, data, program, and EBCDICdevice management, in conjunction with distributed data Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.access. Enables the definition of the services to be Coded 8-bit character set (giving 256 characters) usedassigned to new datasets. Handles catalog management by IBM mainframes.and access methods. e-businessDFSMSdss Used to refer to business transactions that use theDFSMS DataSet Services. An optional, separately priced Internet.feature of DFSMS that handles device migration, copy,space management, and dump/restore. It also converts ECIexisting data between non-SMS and SMS volumes, and The External Call Interface is used by CICS to allowprovides an interface for storage administrators (ISMF). non-CICS programs to invoke programs under CICS.DFSMShsm EclipseDFSMS Hierarchical Storage Manager. An optional, Eclipse is an Open Source IDE. IBM’s version is soldseparately priced feature of DFSMS. It is a sophisticated as WebSphere Studio Workbench. The Eclipse platformautomated system for both back-up and hierarchical comprises the platform run-time, the workspace, thestorage management. It includes an ISPF interface for workbench, the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), theend users who wish to migrate, recall, back-up, or recover Version and Configuration Management (VCM), and the126 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 127. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Glossaryhelp system. Eclipse comes with a large number of plug- ESBins. The user interface for Eclipse is known as the An Enterprise Service Bus is a software architectureworkbench. construct that is standards-based and flexible. It is an attempt to separate the service being called and theECLipz required transport medium.A not very secret IBM project to use many of the samecomponents on its different server lines (i, p, and z) and ESCONthereby save huge amounts of money on development Enterprise System Connectivity. The high-speed fibre-costs. It’s also thought the plan is to thwart Sun optic channel architecture (using a serial, packet-Microsystems’ server plans – as in “total eclipse of the switched protocol) first available on ES/9000 and 3090Jssun”. and many peripherals. Replaced by FICON in May 1998, though still available.EEHPR-over-UDP/IP, created by committee and codified in ESDSRFC 2353 in 1998, which permits SNA/APPN networking, Entry Sequenced DataSet is a VSAM sequential dataset.replete with native COS and routing, across IP networks. ESMEJB An External Security Manager is software that controlsEnterprise JavaBeans. A server-side, transaction-oriented access to applications and data externally. RACF is anextension to the JavaBeans component model External Security Manager.specification published by Sun. EJB are JavaBeans, buthave no user interface and are designed to run within a ESSspecial EJB container. In principle, any properly coded The Total Storage Enterprise Storage Server, code-namedEJB should run within any fully compliant EJB container. shark, is a high-speed data storage product.Enqueue EWLCThe z/OS expression (often abbreviated to ENQ) for Entry Workload Licence Charges allow customers onlyrequesting resource serialization. ENQ can be used to pay for peak z/OS usage, not for full machine capacity.put a user-named entry in the system resource queuein order to prevent another program using a serially usable FBAresource. Fixed Block Architecture is a way of formatting disk drives where space is allocated in fixed-length blocksEnterprise Extender rather than cylinders.Enterprise Extender (EE) is a combination of SNAencapsulated in IP packets, so it can be thought of as a Fibre optic channelkind of protocol. Channel technology which replaced copper bus-and-tag channel cables with fibre-optic links.EPIA CICS External Presentation Interface service is an FICONimplementation of a service that can be created from a FIbre CONnection. Mainframe channel that implements3270 terminal. EPI provides communication with 3270 the ANSI FCS transport. Each FICON channel can handleterminal-based CICS applications. over 4,000 I/O operations per second, equivalent to eight ESCON(qv) channels. The FICON channel link speed isERP 100MB/sec full duplex, compared with 17MB/secEnterprise Resource Planning systems try to integrate simplex with ESCON links.all the data and processes that exist within anorganization into a single unified system. Firewall Specialized software designed to prevent unauthorizedError log access to a computer system while permitting validated,A dataset or file that contains a record of machine checks non-harmful interactions to get through.on device errors, which are stored for later analysis.© Arcati Limited, 2011 127
  • 128. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryFlat file GDPSAny file (dataset, mainframe parlance) stored in a file Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex is anaccess method without an index which, of course, application to manage z/OS remote copy configurationeliminates all relational DBMSs. and storage subsystems, to automate various tasks, and perform failure recovery for a sysplex located at twoFloating point sites.One of several methods of storing numbers on an IBMmainframe and most other computers. Similar to scientific GTFnotation, such as 3.75 times 10 to the 25th power, only Generalized Trace Facility. An optional z/OS utility thatit is 2 or 16 that is taken to some power. records system events, which can be used for problem diagnosis.FLPAThe Fixed Link Pack Area is an area of storage containing GUIDEmodules loaded at IPL time. Guidance for Users of Integrated Data processing Equipment. For many years, an international user groupFORTRAN for users of large IBM equipment. Main GUIDE interestsFORmula TRANslation. A programming language best were in applications and the commercial world.suited for engineering, scientific, and mathematical Depending on the area of the world you live in, it eitherapplications. stepped aside for SHARE or merged with SHARE (now GUIDE/SHARE in Europe, for example).FragmentationWhen an operating system writes data to disk or other HALDBstorage media, and there is insufficient contiguous High-Availability Large Databases are the newest (sincespace, the data is then written to discontiguous sectors. V7) IMS databases. They are like souped-up very bigThe result is fragmented data. Fragmentation can cause full-function databases.increased data access times because the operatingsystem must search different tracks for information. HCD Hardware Configuration Definition is an interactive toolFTP used to define the hardware configuration.File Transfer Protocol is an application layer protocolthat uses TCP and Telnet services to transfer bulk data HDAfiles between machines or hosts. Head/Disk Assembly. The read/write head and associated bits and pieces that read data from disks. The implicationFWLC is also of a sealed unit, at least from the customerFlat Workload License Charge. A flat monthly charge for perspective, as opposed to a removable disk pack.a software product, no matter what size of zSeries serverit is being run on. HFS Hierarchical File System comes with Linux and refersGateway to the way files are stored.One way of integrating CICS applications as Webservices is to use gateways, which run off the mainframe HiperBatchon middle tier servers and may well use traditional A way of running batch jobs in hyperspace, so theremethods, such as screen scraping. was far less I/O and things ran faster.GDG HMCGeneration Data Group. Collection of (z/OS non-VSAM) Hardware Management Console used to managedatasets all with the same logical name (GDG Base hardware.Entry); the individual datasets are uniquely identified bythe generation number which is stored as part of thedataset name.128 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 129. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryHost IDEA computer system that is a server and/or serves Integrated Development Environment. Salesmen say itattached terminals. Often used to refer to mainframe. stands for “It Does Everything”, and unlucky customers as “I Do Everything”! An IDE could be a glorified textHPR editor right up to all-singing all-dancing software likeHigh-Performance Routing is an extension to APPN Eclipse and Visual Studio.networking providing improved routing performance andreliability. IEBCOMPR z/OS Compare Datasets utility does a logical compareHSA of datasets. Replaced by SuperC in ISPF/PDF.High-Speed Adapter is the name for subchannels onsome servers. IEBCOPY z/OS Library Copy utility for copying members of aHTML partitioned dataset (PDS), unloading a PDS into aHyperText Mark-up Language is a "mark-up language" sequential dataset and back again. Unloading isfor defining the structure of a document – eg Web pages. especially useful for copying a PDS to tape.HTTP IEBGENERHyperText Transfer Protocol is the protocol used to z/OS Sequential Copy/Generate Dataset utility.request, transfer, and display hypertext documents. Replaced by ICEGENER in DFSORT and several non- IBM products.HubA generic term for a device that has a single connection IEBPTPCHto the host and many connections for other devices to z/OS Print-Punch utility for producing a hard copy ofconnect to it. datasets and library members. Replaced by ISPF/PDF’s hardcopy capabilities.I/OInput/output. Refers to the transmission of data into or IEBUPDTEout of a processor’s memory. This would include z/OS Update Dataset utility. Can only be used for PDScommunication lines and peripherals such as disk drives. members and sequential datasets with fixed-length records no greater than 80 bytes in length.ICETOOLAn enhanced DFSORT utility that includes the OUTFIL IEHLISTfeature. z/OS List System Data utility for listing a VTOC or the directory of a PDS.ICFIntegrated Catalog Facility contains catalog information IEHMOVEabout datasets. It is made up BCS and VVDS. z/OS Move System Data utility for moving or copying logical collections of operating system data. ReplacedICSF by DFSMSdss.Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility is part of MVSsecurity, protecting data on the mainframe. IETF Internet Engineering Task Force. An open community ofIDCAMS network designers, operators, vendors, and researchersAccess Method Services. Multi-purpose batch VSAM concerned with the evolution of the Internet architectureutility program. and the smooth operation of the Internet.© Arcati Limited, 2011 129
  • 130. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryIFL IPLIntegrated Facility for Linux. Dedicated Linux processor Initial Program Load. The first part of the process ofon the zSeries. loading an operating system into a machine.IIOP IRCInternet Inter-ORB Protocol is an object-oriented protocol Inter-Region Communication is a CICS facility providingthat makes it possible for distributed programs written communication between CICS regions using functionsin different programming languages to communicate over such as Multiregion Operation (MRO) and Distributedthe Internet. Program Link (DPL).IML IRDInitial Microcode (sometimes Machine) Load. The first Intelligent Resource Director. z/OS feature forstep in starting up a mainframe, during which the firmware redistributing workloads on the automatically copied into the machine. ISHELLIMS ISHELL (ISPF Shell) is the name of the panel displayedInformation Management System. Vintage but extremely after issuing the ISH command. It can be used to viewpowerful system for transactional workloads, still files and directories.underpinning many of the world’s business-criticalapplications. Composed of two systems: Database ISPFManager (IMS DB) and a Transaction Manager (IMS Interactive System Productivity Facility. Menu and screenTM). management system.IND$FILE ISPF/PDFMainframe file transfer program. ISPF/Program Development Facility. ISPF facility providing access to application development services forInfo/Man end users and programmers. Incorporates C and REXXIBM Information/Management. Software problem, change programming support, and some support forand configuration management software. Now called Tivoli programmable workstations.Information Management for z/OS. ISVIOCDS Independent Software Vendor. A software vendor whichInput/Output Configuration DataSet. The dataset isn’t part of and/or doesn’t belong to a hardwarespecifying the I/O devices that can be connected to a manufacturer.mainframe. ITILIOCP Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITILInput/Output Configuration Program. The program provides a framework of best practice guidance for ITdescribing the I/O configuration to the channel service managers. The actual ITIL publications coversubsystem. areas such as service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, and continual serviceIP improvement.Internet Protocol. An Internet protocol that routes datathrough networks. IP acts as an intermediary between J2EEthe higher protocol layers and the physical network. It Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. The Java Softwaredoes not provide error recovery or flow control. Development Kit (SDK) tools, APIs, and run-time (ie execution) environment targeted at Java developersIP address building enterprise-class, server-side applications.The numerical Internet Protocol (IP) address of an Internetcomputer. Every computer has a unique numerical IPaddress.130 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 131. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryJava JMSAn object-oriented programming environment developed The Java Message Service is a Java API to message-by Sun towards the end of 1995. Java creates applets oriented middleware (MOM).which can be downloaded across the Internet, and whichwill allow clients running, for example, the HotJava JNDIbrowser to interact with objects on the Web and intranet Java Naming and Directory Interface is really two APIsservers. used to keep track of, and access, dispersed data.Java Virtual Machine JNIThe facility allowing Java applets/source code to run on The Java Native Interface is a programming interface fora computer. writing Java native methods and embedding the Java virtual machine into native applications.JavaBeansA platform-independent, software component technology JSPfor building reusable Java components called Beans. The JavaServer Pages. Uses XML-like tags and scriptlets toJavaBeans component model specifies how to build encapsulate logic that fills out the dynamic content ofreusable software components, how the resulting Beans HTML pages.describe their properties to visual rapid applicationdevelopment tools, and how they communicate with each JVMother. Beans can be combined to create applications or see Java Virtual Machine.applets. KerberosJavaScript Security system for Unix environments derived from MIT’sAn interpreted scripting language. Project Athena. Uses a trusted server to ensure that there are no unwanted systems in the network.JCAJ2EE Connector Architecture is used to connect CICS Kernelwith a J2EE platform. The core of an operating system that performs basic functions such as allocating hardware resources.JCLJob Control Language. The language used on the Kilobitmainframe to describe the steps of a batch job (files to 1024 bits, or 2 to the 10th power, when referring tobe used, programs to be run, etc). processor storage, real and virtual storage, and channel volume. However, when referring to disk storage capacityJDBC it is 1000 bits. Abbreviated as Kb.Java DataBase Connectivity. An API that is designed foruse by Java database applications, and has the same Kilobytecharacteristics as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). 1024 bytes, or 2 to the 10th power, when referring to processor storage, real and virtual storage, and channelJDK volume. However, when referring to disk storage capacityJava Development Kit. Software development kit from it is 1000 bytes. Abbreviated as KB.Sun consisting of a Java compiler, a debugger, standardJava classes, and a Java run-time (ie JVM) for Unix. KSDS Key Sequenced DataSet is a type of VSAM dataset inJES2 and JES3 which the physical location of records is controlled byJob Entry Subsystem 2. One of two batch processing the key used.subsystems available for z/OS, both developed in the1960s and with a different heritage and different controlstatements. Each reads batch jobs in, schedules theirexecution and spools their output. JES2 is by far themore popular.© Arcati Limited, 2011 131
  • 132. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryLAN LinuxLocal Area Network. A generic term for the transport An Open Source Unix variant that seems to run onmechanism for a local (eg site or building) network. The everything from workstations (where Microsoft hatersthing that makes current LANs special is their intimacy insist it will replace Windows) to mainframes (where IBMwith the connected machines; effectively the LAN acts has spent bags of money making it run well).as an extension to the internal bus of the attachedsystem, and allows a single system to be built from Listenerphysically dispersed components. An application that ‘listens’ for input on a line and then acts on it.Language EnvironmentLE provides a common run-time environment for major Load moduleprogramming languages. The common library of run-time A program in a form that can be loaded into memory forservices includes message handling, condition handling, immediate management routines and time/date functions. Logical PartitioningLatency A way of dividing up a processor’s capacity under PR/A measure of response time. On a disk drive, how long SM into physically separate areas (LPARs or Logicalit takes for the first bit of requested data to rotate under PARtitions) for resilience, performance or securitythe head. In a network, the minimum elapsed time for a reasons.message to be transmitted, consisting of the aggregatedelay contributed by the communications links and LPAdevices along the way. Link Pack Area. The z/OS area used for resident programs, eg those programs which are most frequentlyLDAP used and (usually for performance reasons) should notLightweight Directory Access Protocol. An Internet be loaded by each application program from librariesdirectory management standard that provides a stored on disk.consistent way to manage user access to networkresources, such as information, applications and LPARsystems. Logical PARtitioning is a way of dividing up a processor’s capacity.LDSLinear DataSet is a type of VSAM dataset that can be LSRkept permanently in memory thus improving performance. Local Shared Resources. A technique for improving CICS performance by the sharing of a common buffer pool forLegacy system VSAM datasets.The description given to any system that’s been aroundlonger than the programmer who wants to change it. LUSome ‘legacy systems’ can be comparatively recent and, SNA’s software interface (or ‘port’) through which enddespite popular perceptions, they are certainly not users gain access to the SNA network.exclusive to the mainframe. LU 6.2LIFO SNA’s protocol suite for program-to-programLast In, First Out. A queuing technique where the most communications.recent addition to the queue is processed first. Also knownas a push-down stack.Linear DatasetA VSAM dataset type, similar to an ESDS, but whichalways has 4096 byte blocks, and which can be keptpermanently in memory for enhanced performance.132 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 133. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryLUW MFLOPSLogical Unit of Work is the amount of work that will be MegaFLOPS. One MFLOPS is one million floating pointbacked out in the event of a failure. For example, a CICS operations per second – a common measure oftransaction is processing away happily and then numerically intensive compute power.something goes wrong. The LUW defines how much ofwhat has been processed will be backed out and how MIBmuch that occurred previously can be left. Large LUWs Management Information Base. Generic term (often usedare efficient providing that failures are rare. Small LUW specifically in relation to the SNMP managementuse processing power, but are more efficient for recovery protocol) for the database of the objects managed in aafter a failure. network – usually a LAN.MAC MicrocodeMedia Access Control. Generic term for the way in which Although it can have very specific alternative meanings,workstations gain access to transmission media. its most common usage is as a synonym for firmware.Macro MicrosecondA preprocessor (precompiler), and the statements it 1/1,000,000 of a second.processes, for Assembler. Generates Assemblerinstructions and machine instruction mnemonics as well Microsoftas allowing assembly time conditional logic. The company that made the shrewd move of persuading IBM to use its DOS operating system for the IBM PC.Mainframe The rest is history.A high-performance computer serving many people atonce and running many different applications Middlewareconcurrently. Though it defies definition, its primary role is to provide connectivity and other shared services betweenMan-in-the-Middle platforms. There are numerous types.Data siphoning scheme where fraudulent softwaremanages to insert itself, undetected, between two MIMEnetwork partners by actively emulating the two partners Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. An encodingbeing deceived. format allowing e-mail messages containing a variety of media forms (audio, video, image, and text) to be sentMaster catalog across the Internet.The z/OS catalog where the search begins for a dataset. MIPSMCM Million Instructions Per Second (or Meaningless IndicatorThe MultiChip Module (MCM) contains the Central of Processor Speed). A crude and not very meaningfulElectronic Complex (CEC) of a S/390 system. way of expressing raw computer power, widely used for comparing the power of different mainframe models andMeasured usage for demonstrating the futility of comparing the mainframeThe method of charging for software based on the monthly with other platforms.usage. Same as Usage-based pricing. MirroringMegabit The technique of constantly maintaining a parallel copy1,048,576 bits. Abbreviated as Mb. of critical datasets, so that the duplicate data can be used if there is a problem with the main data.MegabyteRoughly one million bytes – actually 1,048,576 bytes.Abbreviated as MB.© Arcati Limited, 2011 133
  • 134. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryMLPA MultiplexerThe Modified Link Pack Area is an area of storage used A generic device (also known as a mux) that combinesto contain re-enterable routines from APF-authorized data from two or more devices, transmits the data as alibraries. single datastream over a high-speed communications medium, and disentangles (de-multiplexes) the data atMOM the other end.Message Oriented Middleware. For example,WebSphere MQ. Multi-point Communications configuration in which a single primaryMPF node communicates with two or more secondary nodesMessage Processing Facility. A utility in z/OS that (which cannot communicate with one another, exceptcontrols message display and message processing, through the primary). Also known as multi-drop.typically to suppress unnecessary system messages.A first step towards automated operations. MVS Multiple Virtual Storage. In z/OS’s long history, MVSMQSeries has the honour of being its name for the longest periodMessaging and Queueing Series – see WebSphere MQ. (about 20 years), and the operating system is still referred to as MVS by many mainframe technicalMRO specialists. Popularly believed to stand for Man VersusMulti-Region Operation is a function of the CICS Inter- System.Region Communication facility enabling communicationbetween CICS regions. Nanosecond 1/1,000,000,000 of a second.MSDBsMain Storage DataBases are one of two types of IMS NASfast path database. These databases do not have Network Attached Storage.indexes and are stored in VSAM files. .NETMSS .NET is a Microsoft strategy for creating Web services.Mass Storage System is hardware for storing large In essence, a Windows user should be able to runamounts of archive data, typically involving the use of a applications locally or over the Web without noticing thejukebox mechanism to retrieve discrete data cartridges. difference. Visual Studio .NET is a development environment that is currently available.MSUMillions of Service Units. Measure of mainframe compute NetViewpower, used selectively by IBM as an alternative to MIPS. SNA network management product. Announced mid-Opinions vary as to how the two metrics compare. 1986. Although it started off life as a rather half-hearted bundling of various mainframe-centric networkMTBF management products (including NCCF, NLDM, NPDA,Mean Time Between Failures. The average value of the VNCA, and NMPF), by mid-1995 it had turned into alength of time between consecutive failures under stated fully fledged distributed network management system,conditions of a system. with a strong focus on distributed Unix boxes as network management workstations. Replaced by Tivoli NetViewMTO and other products.Master Terminal Operator. Software enabling a terminalto control a subsystem, eg CICS. NFS Network File System. Set of Unix protocols (originallyMTTR developed by Sun Microsystems) for file sharing acrossMean Time To Recovery or Repair. The average time a LAN. Built on top of Ethernet and TCP/IP.required for corrective maintenance. See also MTBF.134 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 135. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryNJE OMGNetwork Job Entry. JES facility enabling multiple hosts Object Management Group. A group of vendorsto share job queues and system spools. responsible for standards for object management and interoperability including CORBA, UML, MOF and CWM.Node IBM joined in 1991.In SNA, a total unit of network-attachable functionality,realized in software, that gets implemented within a OMVSdevice or runs on a computer. The OMVS command is used to invoke the z/OS Unix shell.From here you can use shell commands or utilitiesNotes requesting services from the system. You could alsoLotus groupware product that IBM took on in June ’91. write shell scripts and run shell scripts or programs written in C.OCROptical Character Recognition. OCR software is used Open Systemsto convert scanned documents into machine-readable Computer systems that provide either interoperability,text files. portability, of freedom from proprietary standards, depending on your perspective.ODBCOpen DataBase Connectivity. An API created by OpenEditionMicrosoft that allows Windows applications to access ‘Open’ version of MVS that was replaced by Unix Systemrelational databases, such as DB2 and Oracle, and other Services in z/OS and OpenEdition Shell and Utilities indata sources using SQL statements. z/VM.OEM ORBOriginal Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM is a Object Request Broker. A specialized object that allowsmanufacturer who makes a product and sells it to other objects to communicate with each other to makeanother company, which puts its own badge on it and and receive requests and responses.sells it to the end user. OS/390OLAP Replacement for MVS, announced in 1995. NowOn-Line Analytical Processing. A term coined by superseded by z/OS, but still used in some mainframedatabase guru Ted Codd and used to refer to multi- sites.dimensional analysis and reporting applications of theEIS and Information Warehouse type. OSA Open Systems Adapter is an integrated hardware featureOLE allowing zSeries 900 platforms to provide connectivityObject Linking and Embedding. Microsoft-sponsored directly to clients on LANs.standard for moving and linking data and other objectsbetween applications and systems in Windows. OSA Express Open Systems Adapter-Express are an IBM adapterOLTEP family consisting of integrated hardware features thatOn-Line Test and Execution Program. IBM engineer’s are designed to provide direct connection for zSeriestool for analysis of hardware problems. and S/390 Parallel Enterprise Servers G5 and G6 to high speed routers and switches, to other high speed servers,OLTP and to clients on LANs.On-Line Transaction Processing. Generic term for high-throughput, very resilient transaction systems. OLTPtends to be used to refer to systems with some degreeof fault tolerance.© Arcati Limited, 2011 135
  • 136. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryOTC PASCALOne Time Charge. An initial license charge. Caused a Programming language, mainly used in academia, thoughfurore when the concept was introduced, but people seem even there it is rarely seen these have got used to it now. At the beginning of 1999,OTC was dropped from any mainframe software product Patchfor which a monthly charge option was available. A code modification to correct a reported problem that is sent to software product users after the release of aOTE product.Open Transaction Environment was introduced with CICSTS 1.3. Its aim is to open up the CICS application PAVexecution environment, allowing applications to be Parallel Access Volumes are used to eliminate I/Odefined to execute under their own TCBs within CICS supervisor queueing against DASD. Thus improving theand allowing CICS to better exploit multiple processors. performance of anything accessing the disk devices.Outsourcing PCIThe notion of contracting out part or all of your IS function Peripheral Component Interconnect. Extremely popularto an outside organization. Used to be often used PC bus standard originally promoted by Intel and soonsynonymously with facilities management, although supported by IBM, even though it meant dropping itsstrictly speaking facilities management involves beloved MCA.delegating responsibility for the whole service rather thanjust part of it. PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card InternationalPage Association. Industry-standard interface (not just forAn essential process within virtual storage technology. memory, but for modems, network interfaces, etc) forFixed sized blocks (typically 4096 bytes) of memory laptop and notebook computers.are freed up by writing their contents to a paging deviceuntil any virtual address within that block is referenced. PDF Portable Document Format. File definition format usedParallel Sysplex by Adobe Acrobat.See Sysplex. PDSParity bit Partitioned DataSet. A z/OS feature that is really madeA binary digit check bit appended to a group of binary up of datasets within a dataset. Each PDS is made updigits to make the sum of all the digits, including the of zero or more members. Each member has all theappended binary digit, even or odd, depending on whether characteristics of a standard sequential dataset, thoughEven or Odd Parity is being used. all members share the same attributes: those that were defined for the PDS when it was allocated. Each memberParmlib has a one to eight character name that follows the sameParameter Library. A dataset in z/OS containing rules as a level of a standard z/OS dataset name (DSN).parameter settings. The most important is Each PDS has a directory of its members, which canSYS1.PARMLIB which contains parameter settings for also (optionally) contain other information, known asz/OS and many key subsystems. Statistics, which are maintained by software such as the ISPF/PDF editor.ParseThe analysis of the operands entered with a command PDSEin addition to the creation of a parameter list for the Partitioned DataSet Extended. Software which enablescommand processor. It can also refer to the initial the space freed by expired or deleted PDSs to be reused.processing of source code by a compiler, when it divides Introduced in 1989 in an attempt to address the limitationsup each program statement into its component parts, of the PDS.also known as tokens.136 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 137. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryPeer-to-peerA form of distributed system in which all participating PL/Inodes can function as both client and server. Programming Language/One. Language developed by IBM. A sort of love-child of COBOL and FORTRAN, itPERL was widely used on the mainframe for many years butPractical Extraction and Reporting Language. A general- never quite achieved the ‘universal standard’ status thatpurpose Unix scripting language, which is popular for IBM had hoped.writing CGI programs. Its speed and flexibility make itwell suited for form processing and on-the-fly page Plain textcreation. Data that is not encrypted. Typically refers to data while it is being transmitted across a network.Petabyte1024 terabytes (TB) – 2 to the fiftieth power, or PLPA1,125,899,906,842,624 bytes. Abbreviated as PB. Pageable Link Pack Area is part of memory containing system-level programs that may be run by multiplePF key address spaces.Program Function key. A single keystroke can be usedto perform a specific command. Polling Generic name for a method for controlling devices (egPGP networked workstations or terminals), in which aPretty Good Privacy. Encryption technology which uses computer calls (polls) each device in turn to see whetherthe public key approach. Messages are encrypted using it wants to communicate.a public key, but can only be decoded using a privatekey kept by the intended recipient of the message. POP Principles of Operation. The name of the manual thatPhishing defined the S/360 and subsequently the S/370A malicious scheme to obtain the credentials necessary access a secure system by masquerading as thatsystem and fooling people into entering the sought after Portcredentials. Generic noun and/or verb. As a noun, it means a point at which data can enter or leave a data network orPicosecond individual device; as a verb it means to convert a piece1/1,000,000,000,000 of a second. A time span during of software written for one environment so that it runs inwhich even <insert your least-liked company name here> another.would not be able to put up prices. POSIXPING Portable Operating System Interface Standard. OperatingPacket INternet Groper. A test of reachability in TCP/IP system interface standard from the IEEE, designed asnetworks. A PING is a program used to test the ability a procurement reference standard for ensuring source-to reach destinations by sending an echo request and level application code portability.waiting for a reply. PostScriptPipeline Language/protocol cum page description languageIn Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, a pipeline developed by Adobe Systems for driving high-resolutionis a set of processes chained together. Output from one page printers.process is then input for the next process until all theprocesses have executed.© Arcati Limited, 2011 137
  • 138. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryPPP PSLCPurchasing Power Parity is Gustav Cassels theory Parallel Sysplex License Charge, a monthly license(1920) that, in an efficient market, identical goods must charge designed to support the design of a Parallelhave only one price. Sysplex cluster. In a fully qualified Sysplex environment, PSLC software charges are based on the total MSUPR/SM value for only those machines where the productsProcessor Resource/Systems Manager. Logical execute.partitioning hardware technology that makes a singlesystem, even if it has only one processor, look like PSWmultiple systems each of which is a Logical PARtition Program Status Word. A hardware register (double word)(LPAR). in the mainframe. The PSW contains the address of the next instruction to be executed and, when an applicationPrivate area or system software error occurs, why it happened andArea within z/OS which contains the user’s own data/ other status information.programs. PTFPrivate key Program Temporary Fix. An official IBM temporary patchA key known only to the sender or receiver of an encrypted to a program – often less temporary than IBM and itsmessage. users would wish. PTFs are distributed on PUTs. Sometimes the term APAR is used instead of PTF.Problem StateA term used in performance measurement to indicate Public keywhen the machine is performing end-user work. The A published key value used as one of the two keys inopposite is Supervisor State, when the machine is public key encryption.spending time generally managing itself. QMFPROLOG Query Management Facility. Query and report-writingPROgramming in LOGic. Language mainly used for system for DB2 with some analysis and graphicsdeveloping artificial intelligence and expert systems. features.PROP QSAMPRogrammable OPerator. A facility in z/VM that allows Queued Sequential Access Method is an access methodremote control of a virtual machine, enabling limited for communicating with sequential datasets.automation of routine operator activities. RACFProprietary Resource Access Control Facility. Security and accessProprietary is used to refer to architectures and standards control system under z/OS and z/VM. The z/OS versionowned by a hardware or software vendor. The term is is a component of SecureWay Security Server, but isusually used in opposition to ‘open’. also available as a stand-alone product. RACF authorizes access to resources (datasets, mini-disks, TSO/CMS/Proxy server CICS/IMS TM log-on, etc) and logs unauthorized accessA server that receives and fulfils requests intended for attempts and accesses to protected datasets.another server. RAGPRPQ Red/Amber/Green status lights used to indicate in anProgramming Request for Price Quotation. IBM easily interpretable way the status of a system, with redterminology for a customer request for a price quotation indicating poor system health.on alterations or additions to the functional capabilitiesof system control programming or licensed programs.138 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 139. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryRAID RMFSet of redundancy standards for disk subsystems (RAID Resource Measurement Facility. On-line performance0-6), developed by the University of Berkeley and adopted and resource monitor for z/OS. Also includes a formatterby the RAID Advisory Board. for printing performance reports. An optional, separately priced feature of z/OS.RAMRandom Access Memory, also known as system RPGmemory, is the amount of physical memory that is Report Program Generator. Programming languageaddressable by and directly accessible to the processor widely used on the eServer iSeries 400 and itschips on the motherboard. predecessors, AS/400 and System/3x. As its name implies, originally used mostly for report generation andRAS very strong sort/merge facilities, where it can be usedReliability, Availability, and Serviceability – the three most completely non-procedurally.desirable properties for IBM computers. RRDSRDBMS Relative Record DataSet is a type of VSAM file. EachRelational DataBase Management System. Database record is accessed directly by its record number.system based on relational principles. DB2 is IBM’spreferred RDBMS for just about every platform. RSM Real Storage Manager. The part of z/OS that controlsRead-only mode real memory.A mode that does not allow updates to the data beingread. SAF Security Authorization Facility can be used for exampleReal storage with CICS to divert requests to an ESM (External SecurityThe combination of central and expanded storage. Also Manager – such as RACF). In this way, security can beknown as processor storage. added to an operating system of subsystem.Redbook SANA more readable version of an IBM manual Storage Area Network.Relational database SAP (System Assist Processor)A type of database that allows information in one set of A System Assist Processor is a specialized processordatabase tables to be connected to information in another that assists a central processor on a mainframe.set of tables without requiring duplication of information. SCEMREXX Supply Chain Event Management examines all possibleRestructured EXtended eXecutor language. A widely events and factors that might disrupt a supply chain.used job control language, REXX has become areplacement for existing procedural languages such as SCMCLIST. REXX is an effective programming language in Supply Chain Management applies to all movement andits own right with powerful string processing facilities. storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point-of-origin to point-of-RJE consumption. It is the process of planning, implementing,Remote Job Entry. Dedicated RJE terminals include and controlling the operations of the supply chain as2780/3780 or 3770. efficiently as possible.© Arcati Limited, 2011 139
  • 140. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryScreen scraping SLAA programming technique for interacting with online host A Service Level Agreement is a formally negotiatedapplications that generate text-only display output. The agreement between two parties (the IT departmentdisplay output is read (scraped) right off a virtual screen usually being one of them) where the level of service isby the workstation-based software and input generated formally defined.on a virtual keyboard. What the user sees is quitedifferent, and usually includes a GUI. SMF System Management Facilities. Function within z/OSSDSF which collects data on all system activities for use inSystem Display and Search Facility. Online tool for accounting, performance monitoring, capacity planning,programmers and operators monitoring jobs awaiting etc. SMF creates log entries (SMF records) of this data.execution in the JES2 input spool queues and, mostcommonly, viewing the printed output of batch jobs in SMP/Ethe Held output spool queues, to save printing it on paper. System Modification Program / Extended is used to install most software products.Serial numberTerm used to denote the machine which you own today, SMSwhich may be very different from the one you originally System Managed Storage. The philosophy of letting thebought. computer system manage the storage of data rather than having it done by a human data administrator.ServerA device providing database information, or Web pages, SMTPany other information. It usually has a number of clients Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The protocol allowing theor users of this data. transmission of e-mail messages across the Internet.Service Level Agreement SNAGeneric term for an agreement between a user and the Systems Network Architecture. IBM’s extremely powerfulpeople providing a computer service. The SLA specifies but complex data communications architecture definingsuch things as response time, availability, etc. levels of protocols for communications between terminals and applications, and between programs. While SNA-Service Unit only networks have all but disappeared, SNA applicationsThe basic charging unit in usage-based pricing. are still very much in evidence in the large enterprise.Servlet SNMPA Java applet, without a user interface, that is executed Simple Network Management Protocol. Unix protocolon a Web server. Often used to replace CGI routines, originally developed for management of TCP/IP networks.because they support dynamic HTTP requests. SOASFM A Service-Oriented Architecture is a collection of servicesSysplex Failure Manager is used when one of the that communicate with each other. The services are self-systems in a parallel sysplex fails. It is responsible for contained and do not depend on the context or state ofrecovery of the system and subsystem. the other service. Mainframe applications become available to Web browsers and now mainframeSGML applications can call other Web services.Standard Generalized Mark-up Language. The canonicalmark-up language from which HTML and XML are SOAPderived. Simple Object Access Protocol. A lightweight form of middleware for accessing services, objects, and serversSIGP in a platform-independent manner.SIGnal Processor.140 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 141. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossarySockets Supervisor StateSoftware interfaces that allow two Unix application A term used in performance measurement to indicateprograms to talk to one another using TCP/IP protocols. when the machine is spending time generally managing itself. The opposite is Problem State, when the machineSpool is performing end-user work.Simultaneous/Shared Peripheral Operation On-Line.DASD storage used as a temporary storage area SupportPacbetween devices – eg printer and processor. A SupportPac is supplied by IBM and contains complementary software, which may be new utilities, orSQA class libraries, or things that IBM thinks will make theSystem Queue Area. Storage area in z/OS. product more usable or work better.SQL SVCStructured Query Language. IBM and ANSI standard SuperVisor Call. An interface to operating system(they diverge and converge regularly with the passage of functions that is used to protect the operating systemtime) for access to relational databases. from inappropriate user entry. It can also refer to the SVC Assembler mnemonic or machine languageSRB instruction it represents.Service Request Blocks are requests to execute aservice routine and they are usually initiated by system Swappingcode executing from one address space to perform an The process of transferring a complete program betweenaction affecting another address space. main memory and auxiliary storage (usually disk).SRM SyncpointSystem Resources Manager. Software which is meant A point in a transaction’s life when updates areto improve throughput by optimizing the use of system committed. In a distributed environment, where theresources. transactions may be across several databases, the syncpoint enables the commit to be delayed until all theSSCP participants can commit simultaneously.SNA’s System Services Control Point, in an hierarchicalnetwork, typically implemented on a mainframe within SYSGENVTAM, that is responsible for directory services and System Generation. The process of creating aconfiguration management. Now superseded by the peer- customized version of an operating system. In the IBMto-peer oriented functionality of APPN/HPR control environment this was a complex, error-prone and time-points. consuming process.SSL System iThe Secure Sockets Layer is a much-used protocol for Formerly iSeries and now called just i – a later incarnationmanaging the security of messages sent over the Internet. of the AS/400 family of hardware that runs on Power hardware.Stand-alone dumpA display of all used memory locations, typically stored System pon DASD or tape, created with a program that does not Formerly pSeries – this is the latest incarnation of therequired the operating system to be functioning normally. RS/6000 family of hardware.Superuser System zA user ID with minimal security restrictions. Formerly zSeries – this is the name for mainframes running z/OS and/or z/VM and/or other operating systems.© Arcati Limited, 2011 141
  • 142. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossarySYSOUT tn3270z/OS output intended for a printer. The name comes Specialized TCP/IP telnet protocol which providesfrom the JCL DD parameter SYSOUT, where SYSOUT=A compatibility with a 3270 datastream by emulation ofmeans send the output to the JESx Class A spool queue. the screen buffer. Used for mainframe host access across the Internet and internally within organizations to replaceSysplex SNA terminal-to-host access with TCP/IP.SYStem comPLEX. A processor complex which isformed by loosely coupling System/390 processors tn3270etogether into a single unit (using channel-to-channel Improved version of tn3270 that supports colour, the 3270adapters or ESCON/FICON fibre-optic links); the System Request key and other capabilities not presentprocessors are synchronized using the Sysplex Timer, in tn3270.and can be managed as a single system image. TPFTCB Transaction Processing Facility. Low-function but highTask Control Blocks represent tasks executing within performance mainframe TP monitor for very largean address space. There are usually several TCBs communications systems. Derived from ACP (Airlineassociated with each address space, so more than one Control Program), which was derived from PARStask could be running in any one address space at any (Programmed Airline Reservation System).one time. TCBs are created when a program issues theATTACH macro to initiate a new task. Transport layer The network layer responsible for quality of service andTCP/IP accurate delivery of information, ie error detection/Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. Set of correction occurs here.protocols for the network and transport layers of a packet-switched data network, most notably the Internet. TSODeveloped in the US for the Department of Defense Time Sharing Option. These days, everyone just saysARPAnet system and has become the de facto standard TSO when they mean TSO/E.for most forms of data communication. TSO/Etelnet Time Sharing Option/Extensions. An element of z/OSThe remote, or virtual, terminal protocol for the Internet. that provides an on-line interactive environment forAllows users to log-in to their home machine from any programmers and users. Best known for the ISPF/PDFother machine, or vice versa. environment that runs on TSO/E. Can also be used to test batch programs.Terabyte1024 gigabytes or 1,099,511,627,776 bytes. Abbreviated TXSeriesas TB. A merging of CICS, Encina and IBM Transaction Server.TeraFLOPS UCB1000 GigaFLOPS, a measure of supercomputer Unit Control Block is used to control access to devices.performance. UDDItn Universal Description Discovery and Integration is aRefers to tn3270, tn3270e and tn5250 collectively or directory model for Web services. UDDI is a specificationinterchangeably. for maintaining standardized directories of information about Web services, recording their capabilities, location, and requirements.142 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 143. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryUnified Resource Manager VirtualizationThe Unified Resource Manager is an integrated System A way of dividing up a computer’s components andz management facility responsible for platform sharing them in order to maximize their on z196s. This tool set enables clients toinstall, monitor, manage, optimize, diagnose, and service VMresources and workloads from a single point. Virtual Machine. Mainframe operating system which can act as a hypervisor, enabling users to run multiple OSsUnit of work on a single machine. There are two components to VMThe statements executed between one commit point – the hypervisor itself, which provides resources to theand the next – usually a group of SQL statements which virtual machines; and CMS, which provideswould need to be rolled back as a group if any single conversational and timesharing facilities. VM was on thestatement in the group could not be executed. It’s the way out when IBM discovered a new role for the software:basic recovery unit. z/VM can host hundreds (technically thousands) of Linux images on the mainframe at a fraction of the cost ofUnix distributed hardware.A misspelling of UNICS (UNiplexed Information andComputing Service). A hardware-independent operating VOLSERsystem originally for minicomputers. Volume Serial Number. The key identifying a tape or other storage volume. Maximum six characters. MostUnix System Services installations use a six-digit VOLSER for in-house tapesA full function Unix implementation under z/OS that to easily differentiate them from DASD volumes.complies with the POSIX standard. Originally introducedas OpenEdition. Volume The unit of physical storage. Originally the volumeUsage pricing equated to a single disk or tape, but logical volumes areThe principle of charging for software on the basis of the more the norm today, especially with most current DASDamount of work done, eg the number of transactions or devices emulating previous products and VTS doingthe amount of batch data processed. volume stacking on tape.User catalog VSAMIn z/OS, an ICF catalog created to reduce the number of Virtual Storage Access Method (aka Very Slow Andentries in the Master Catalog, thereby improving Mysterious). IBM mainframe proprietary software forperformance. direct (by key or by record number) or sequential processing of fixed and variable length records on DASD.VIOVirtual I/O. Hyper-efficient z/OS paging technique. VSESimulates DASD using real storage and so avoids the Virtual Storage Extended. For many years, VSE wasoverhead of channel activity. IBM’s principal operating system for small to medium- size mainframes. A few years back it looked as if VSEVirtual storage support would slowly be withdrawn, but customer supportA technique for giving programs the illusion that they is strong and the re-dubbed z/VSE now looks set tohave massive quantities of main storage to themselves. continue for some time.The technique works by allowing programs to addresslots of virtual memory, but making the operating system VTAMpage the required data in and out of real main store and Virtual Telecommunication Access Method. The mainto and from a paging device at the appropriate time. The SNA subsystem resident in the mainframe, whichtechnique enables cheap DASD to be used instead of manages session establishment and data flow betweenexpensive main storage. terminals and application programs, or between application programs.© Arcati Limited, 2011 143
  • 144. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryVTOC Web serviceVolume Table Of Contents. The area of a disk used to Web services are essentially “mini” applications thatstore the directory of components, including datasets, include a description of what another application does,held on that volume. Anything that takes DASD space how to accesses it, and what data it requires. They areis listed in the VTOC. For example, the index and data often utilized in integration projects where disparatecomponents of a VSAM KSDS file are listed in the VTOC, systems may have difficulty interacting with each otherbut not the cluster name, which is only listed in the without the use of the common standards.catalog. WLMVVDS Workload Manager. Feature within SRM for simplifyingThe VSAM Volume DataSet along with the BCS make the management of system resources such as CPU andup the ICF catalog structure. The VVDS is a special storage. eWLM reportedly adds the ability to definetype of ESDS. It is created automatically whenever a business performance objectives across disparateVSAM component (including a BCS) is allocated on a systems.volume which does not yet have a VVDS. The VVDS isalways called SYS1.VVDS.Vvolser. Workload License Charges An IBM software licensing scheme which chargesVWLC according to required software capacity, not hardwareVariable Workload License Charge. IBM software pricing capacity.scheme that allows users to license a product for acapacity less than the total capacity of the system. WSATReplaced by AWLC on zEnterprise mainframes. Web Services Atomic Transaction is now supported in CICS TS 3.1. Web services can be configured to takeWAS part in an extended or global unit of work. This is knownWebSphere Application Server. IBM’s Java application as an atomic transaction. Recoverable updates are notserver. WAS for z/OS version 6.0.1 supports J2EE 1.4 committed or backed out until instructed to do so by theand many mainframe-specific functions. Web service.Web 2.0 WSDLA practically meaningless term in itself (the Web is not Web Services Description Language is the standardsoftware with version and release numbers) that can be format for describing a Web service. A WSDL definitionused as a way of highlighting some of the new describes how to access a Web service and whattechnologies that are available over the Internet and operations it will perform. WSDL (along with SOAP andidentifying the companies that are using them, like UDDI) is one of the three foundation standards of WebGoogle Earth, Flickr, etc. services.WebSphere WSRRAn IBM Internet-focused software platform that supports WebSphere Service Registry and Repository is used withe-business applications and sits at the heart of IBM’s WebSphere in SOA environments.middleware strategy. The foundational products areWebSphere Application Server and WebSphere MQ. WTO Write To Operator. A message sent to the mainframeWebSphere MQ (WMQ) operator console from JCL or an application program.Originally MQSeries. IBM software/middleware thatprovides a message queuing infrastructure; it sits on XMLvarious systems in a heterogeneous environment, eXtensible Mark-up Language is a W3C recommendationproviding integration between disparate systems and and provides a standard approach for describing,applications. capturing, processing, and publishing information.144 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 145. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 GlossaryX-Terminal Users then add POWER7 or System x blades to fourA type of terminal developed in the Unix world that racks.provides a GUI type environment (usually X-Windows)without the need for a programmable workstation. zIIP z9 Integrated Information Processor. A co-processorz/Architecture similar to zAAP (the idea is that you pronounce themIBM’s latest architecture for mainframes and peripherals. ZIP and ZAP), but designed to off-load DB2 work and integrate data across the enterprise. Like zAAP, youz/OS pay for the hardware but do not incur IBM softwareThe latest incarnation of MVS, the principal operating charges for the additional capacity. Minimumsystem for the IBM mainframe. Announced in October requirement: z9-109 with z/OS 1.6 or later and DB2 V8.2000, it brought with it support for 64-bit addressing anda broad range of technical innovations. As well as running Z/TPFon zSeries machines, it also runs on System/390 G5 The latest version of the Transaction Processing Facility,and G6 processors and Multiprise 3000 systems. a low-function but high-performance TP monitor for very large data communications systems.zAAPA Java co-processor for the z890 and z990, which allows z/VMcustomers to offload Java application processing without The latest version of the much-loved Virtual Machine, apaying software costs for the additional capacity. hypervisor that enabled users to run multiple operating systems on a single machine.ZapAffectionate name for various utilities (AMASPZAP, aka zFSSUPERZAP in z/OS), which can be used to apply a fix zSeries File System is a Unix file system that can bedirectly to object code in situ. Zapping is a bad thing – it used in addition to HFS.creates programs in which the object code does notagree with the source, and which are hence totally This glossary is based on the former Xephonunmaintainable. publication, the Handbook of IBM Terminology.zBXThe zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) on Trevor Eddolls of iTech-Ed Ltd isoperates as a tightly-coupled extension to the z196 an independent mainframemainframe through a high-performance private network. consultant and writer. Courtesy of© Arcati Limited, 2011 145
  • 146. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Technical information Technical information Hardware tables: System z z196 – 2817 System z z10 EC – 2097 (700 Series) System z z10 EC – 2097 (400/500/600 Series) System z z10 BC – 2098 Mainframe hardware timeline 1952-2011 Mainframe operating system development146 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 147. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Technical information Model IBM MIPS MSUs Model IBM MIPS MSUs 2817-401 240 30 2817-719 16,476 1,983 2817-402 459 58 2817-720 17,171 2,064 2817-403 672 85 2817-721 17,862 2,144 2817-404 879 110 2817-722 18,550 2,224 2817-405 1,082 135 2817-723 19,234 2,306 2817-406 1,280 160 2817-724 19,915 2,388 2817-407 1,476 183 2817-725 20,592 2,469 2817-408 1,667 207 2817-726 21,266 2,550 2817-409 1,855 229 2817-727 21,937 2,627 2817-410 2,039 252 2817-728 22,604 2,704 2817-411 2,220 274 2817-729 23,268 2,780 2817-412 2,397 296 2817-730 23,929 2,855 2817-413 2,571 318 2817-731 24,586 2,927 2817-414 2,742 339 2817-732 25,241 2,998 2817-415 2,909 359 2817-733 25,893 3,068 2817-501 588 74 2817-734 26,543 3,134 2817-502 1,123 140 2817-735 27,191 3,207 2817-503 1,642 204 2817-736 27,837 3,279 2817-504 2,147 265 2817-737 28,482 3,351 2817-505 2,639 326 2817-738 29,124 3,418 2817-506 3,118 385 2817-739 29,765 3,489 2817-507 3,586 442 2817-740 30,403 3,564 2817-508 4,042 498 2817-741 31,040 3,639 2817-509 4,486 552 2817-742 31,675 3,713 2817-510 4,919 604 2817-743 32,308 3,788 2817-511 5,342 655 2817-744 32,938 3,861 2817-512 5,754 705 2817-745 33,568 3,935 2817-513 6,156 754 2817-746 34,195 4,009 2817-514 6,547 806 2817-747 34,820 4,082 2817-515 6,929 849 2817-748 35,443 4,155 2817-601 768 97 2817-749 36,065 4,228 2817-602 1,460 182 2817-750 36,683 4,300 2817-603 2,131 263 2817-751 37,297 4,372 2817-604 2,783 344 2817-752 37,907 4,444 2817-605 3,417 421 2817-753 38,514 4,515 2817-606 4,035 497 2817-754 39,117 4,586 2817-607 4,635 569 2817-755 39,717 4,656 2817-608 5,219 640 2817-756 40,313 4,726 2817-609 5,788 709 2817-757 40,905 4,795 2817-610 6,341 777 2817-758 41,494 4,864 IBM System z z196 – 2817 (continues)© Arcati Limited, 2011 147
  • 148. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Technical information 2817-611 6,879 843 2817-759 42,079 4,933 2817-612 7,403 907 2817-760 42,661 5,001 2817-613 7,913 969 2817-761 43,239 5,069 2817-614 8,409 1,028 2817-762 43,814 5,136 2817-615 8,891 1,084 2817-763 44,385 5,203 2817-701 1,202 150 2817-764 44,953 5,270 2817-702 2,272 281 2817-765 45,517 5,336 2817-703 3,311 408 2817-766 46,078 5,402 2817-704 4,320 531 2817-767 46,622 5,466 2817-705 5,300 650 2817-768 47,147 5,528 2817-706 6,251 766 2817-769 47,656 5,588 2817-707 7,175 879 2817-770 48,149 5,646 2817-708 8,072 988 2817-771 48,626 5,702 2817-709 8,943 1,091 2817-772 49,087 5,757 2817-710 9,788 1,191 2817-773 49,534 5,810 2817-711 10,609 1,286 2817-774 49,967 5,862 2817-712 11,407 1,381 2817-775 50,385 5,912 2817-713 12,181 1,473 2817-776 50,791 5,960 2817-714 12,932 1,562 2817-777 51,183 6,007 2817-715 13,662 1,648 2817-778 51,563 6,053 2817-716 14,371 1,731 2817-779 51,931 6,097 2817-717 15,076 1,816 2817-780 52,286 6,140 2817-718 15,778 1,899 IBM System z z196 – 2817 (continued)148 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 149. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Technical information Model IBM MIPS MSUs Model IBM MIPS MSUs 701 920 115 733 18,376 2,257 702 1,729 215 734 18,819 2,309 703 2,497 312 735 19,259 2,366 704 3,226 401 736 19,696 2,422 705 3,930 488 737 20,131 2,478 706 4,609 571 738 20,562 2,530 707 5,266 651 739 20,992 2,585 708 5,900 729 740 21,418 2,636 709 6,512 804 741 21,841 2,687 710 7,103 875 742 22,260 2,740 711 7,674 944 743 22,677 2,789 712 8,225 1,011 744 23,090 2,838 713 8,757 1,076 745 23,500 2,886 714 9,284 1,139 746 23,906 2,934 715 9,805 1,202 747 24,309 2,981 716 10,321 1,264 748 24,709 3,028 717 10,831 1,329 749 25,106 3,075 718 11,336 1,390 750 25,500 3,120 719 11,836 1,451 751 25,891 3,166 720 12,331 1,512 752 26,279 3,214 721 12,821 1,571 753 26,664 3,262 722 13,306 1,631 754 27,045 3,305 723 13,786 1,690 755 27,424 3,352 724 14,262 1,748 756 27,800 3,395 725 14,732 1,805 757 28,171 3,438 726 15,198 1,865 758 28,539 3,480 727 15,660 1,922 759 28,902 3,525 728 16,120 1,979 760 29,261 3,570 729 16,577 2,037 761 29,616 3,611 730 17,031 2,092 762 29,967 3,652 731 17,482 2,146 763 30,314 3,695 732 17,931 2,200 764 30,657 3,739 IBM System z z10 EC – 2097 (700 Series)© Arcati Limited, 2011 149
  • 150. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Technical information Model IBM MIPS MSUs Model IBM MIPS MSUs 401 218 27 507 2,761 340 402 413 51 508 3,103 382 403 600 75 509 3,435 422 404 779 97 510 3,758 462 405 954 118 511 4,071 500 406 1,125 139 512 4,376 537 407 1,291 160 601 638 79 408 1,453 180 602 1,204 149 409 1,612 199 603 1,743 215 410 1,766 218 604 2,257 277 411 1,917 237 605 2,755 339 412 2,063 255 606 3,238 398 501 471 58 607 3,707 455 502 891 110 608 4,162 511 503 1,292 160 609 4,603 565 504 1,675 207 610 5,031 617 505 2,048 252 611 5,445 668 506 2,410 296 612 5,848 717 IBM System z z10 EC – 2097 (400/500/600 Series) Model IBM MIPS MSUs Model IBM MIPS MSUs A01 26 3 I05 361 45 B01 30 4 K04 372 46 C01 38 5 U01 381 47 D01 46 6 M03 398 49 A02 48 6 P02 401 50 E01 53 7 J05 402 50 B02 56 7 V01 429 53 F01 59 7 L04 440 55 A03 69 9 Q02 449 56 G01 70 9 K05 451 56 C02 71 9 N03 456 57 H01 78 10 W01 480 60 B03 80 10 R02 501 62 D02 85 11 M04 508 63 A04 88 11 O03 511 63 I01 88 11 L05 533 66 J01 98 12 X01 538 67 E02 99 12 S02 563 70 C03 101 12 P03 572 71 B04 102 13 N04 582 72 A05 107 13 M05 615 76 IBM System z z10 BC – 2098 (continues)150 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
  • 151. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Technical information Model IBM MIPS MSUs Model IBM MIPS MSUs F02 110 14 Y01 615 76 K01 110 14 T02 631 78 D03 122 15 Q03 641 80 B05 123 15 O04 653 81 C04 129 16 Z01 673 83 G02 130 16 N05 705 87 L01 130 16 U02 707 88 E03 141 17 R03 715 89 H02 145 18 P04 731 91 M01 150 19 O05 791 98 C05 156 19 V02 797 99 D04 156 19 S03 803 100 F03 156 19 Q04 819 102 I02 163 20 P05 885 110 N01 172 21 W02 891 111 E04 180 22 T03 901 112 J02 182 23 R04 913 113 G03 186 23 Q05 991 123 D05 189 23 X02 999 124 O01 193 24 U03 1010 125 F04 200 25 S04 1025 127 K02 204 25 R05 1106 137 H03 207 26 V03 1137 141 P01 216 27 Y02 1142 142 E05 218 27 T04 1151 143 I03 233 29 S05 1241 154 G04 237 29 Z02 1250 155 L02 241 30 W03 1272 158 F05 242 30 U04 1289 160 Q01 242 30 T05 1393 173 J03 260 32 X03 1426 177 H04 264 33 V04 1452 180 R01 270 33 U05 1561 194 M02 279 35 W04 1625 202 G05 287 36 Y03 1631 202 K03 292 36 V05 1758 218 I04 298 37 Z03 1784 221 S01 303 38 X04 1822 226 N02 319 40 W05 1968 245 H05 320 40 Y04 2083 258 J04 332 41 X05 2206 274 T01 340 42 Z04 2279 283 L03 345 43 Y05 2523 313 O02 358 44 Z05 2760 342 IBM System z z10 BC – 2098 (continued)© Arcati Limited, 2011 151
  • 152. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Technical information Mainframe hardware timeline 1952-79 Source: Mark Wilson and Staffan Tylen152 © Arcati Ltd, 2011
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  • 154. Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2011 Technical information Mainframe operating system development Source: Mark Wilson and Staffan Tylen154 © Arcati Ltd, 2011