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Presentation delivered at the Mobile Commerce Summit on June 3, 2009 by Bob Gilbreath, Chief Marketing Strategist at Bridge Worldwide. This conference is targeted to financial services companies.

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  • Uses google/android; only in netherlands
  • Mobile Marketing Workshop Presentation

    1. 1. Mobile Marketing: How to Optimize the Newest, Most Ubiquitous Channel in Financial Services June 3, 2009
    2. 2. Over 4 billion mobile users today More than PC owners More than credit card owners
    3. 3. Greater speed Global 3G Penetration multiplies use and is 7% and Growing innovation
    4. 4. The U.S. Is Beginning To Lead In Mobile 50 million mobile subscribers access the Web monthly (18%) Smartphone use doubled from 7% to 14% in 2008 37% of handsets now have 3G Nielsen Global Online Media Landscape 2009
    5. 5. Habits and Practices
    6. 6. Mobile Device Is a Personal Lifeline Everything we love about Broadband/PC… Made to fit our on-the-go lifestyles Raise your hand if you spend more time away from your desk than at it
    7. 7. Leading Indicator: Most Chinese mobile users sleep within 1 meter of their phones.
    8. 8. Mobile Fits Our ―Snacking‖ Culture Check Email Update Facebook Status Send an SMS Browse Photos Check Bill Payments
    9. 9. The iPhone Is Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Adoption is powered by a vast advertising campaign. Have you seen ads for Google Android? …For Symbian?
    10. 10. The iPhone Is Unlocking the Potential of Mobile The App Store makes it easy to install and distribute useful services. 1 Billion downloads in less than 9 months
    11. 11. Innovation Continues with OS 3.0 in Summer ’09 +100 New Features +1,000 New APIs Examples: - In-app purchases - Transaction alerts without app launch
    12. 12. iPhone Is Achieving Critical Mass
    13. 13. iPhone Users Are Much More ―Engaged‖ 4 times more likely to use mobile Internet 6 times more likely to use mobile applications 6 times more likely to watch mobile video Nielsen Global Online Media Landscape 2009
    14. 14. iPhone Is Following the iPod Success Model 1. Very strong product 2. Trusted, loved brand 3. Winning online ―store‖ 4. Continual innovation and improvement iPod still has a 70% share Choose the iPhone for your best apps
    15. 15. Winning in Mobile Through Meaningful Marketing
    16. 16. Traditional Banner Approaches Won’t Work Banners are ignored when people are actively searching for information. Screen size is too small for strong branding impact.
    17. 17. Mobile Marketing Faces a Wary Consumer Mobile is the ―least trusted‖ form of advertising. The most active users want ads the least. • Only 10% respond to mobile ads. • 79% did not see ads. • 67% found it unacceptable to have ads on their mobile device. Source: Nielsen
    18. 18. Mobile Ad Interruption Will Not Be Tolerated The dream of mobile ad alerts is DOA. 72% of Americans have registered on the Federal Do-Not-Call List. Service providers fear losing $50/month customers in exchange for pennies per ad unit.
    19. 19. Digital Has Created the ―Selfish Consumer‖
    20. 20. Customer Expectations Are Rising Everywhere Your Competitive Set Just Got a Lot Bigger
    21. 21. Customer Expectations Are Rising in Digital FedEx Tracks Your Package … So Domino’s Must Track Your Pizza
    22. 22. Customer Expectations Are Rising in Digital Facebook Alerts Me with Updates … So Delta Had Better, Too
    23. 23. Mobile Enables Value-Added Marketing Marketing itself can deliver on customer needs. Useful apps are marketing that consumers choose to engage with. And they might even make $.99 each.
    24. 24. Option 1: Information Resource For brands that are more about solving an unmet need May be an integration of marketing, product/service and customer relations
    25. 25. Charmin: Sit or Squat
    26. 26. REI: Snow and Ski Report
    27. 27. HP: Wireless Printing
    28. 28. Option 2: Entertaining Experience For brands that are about lifestyle and personal identification Special opportunity to link like-minded people in social networks
    29. 29. Chanel: Fashion Preview
    30. 30. Coke: Spin the Bottle
    31. 31. Zippo: Virtual Lighter
    32. 32. A Simple Strategy Model that Enables Mobile Success
    33. 33. Strategic Framework
    34. 34. Business Objective Focus on single trigger for business growth. Often useful to start with the Purchase Funnel. Must be measurable. Examples: • Improve closure rate on new account applications. • Increase number and percentage of customers using online bill pay.
    35. 35. Customer Insight Single, focused piece of information about your Target, tied to the Business Objective Can come from historic data or new research Best are surprising and lead to initial ideas Examples: • Smartphone users spend less than 5 minutes online per session. • People who write down how they will use a new product are 50% more likely to do so.
    36. 36. Marketing Strategy Your choice of the action you will take to leverage the Insight to deliver on the Business Objective Typically distinctive from the competition Examples: • Nike: create innovative services that allow runners to get more from their workouts (Nike+). • Hyundai: Offer an ―insurance policy‖ for car buyers who are worried about losing their jobs.
    37. 37. Concept Development and Execution Where your creative partners translate these choices into customer-facing work Make sure to stick to the Brief (Objectives/Insight/Strategy) Multiple stages and opportunities for feedback from customers, your management and other stakeholders
    38. 38. Measure Results Should be fully funded and planned in from the beginning Measure Meaning • Are people choosing to engage? • Do people value the time spent? • Are they recommending to others? Measure Marketing • Is this delivering on the Business Objective you started with?
    39. 39. Examples of Mobile Marketing Approaches Source of Examples: iMedia Breakthrough Conference March 2009
    40. 40. Kraft: Business Objective Increase brand penetration and share among new consumer groups.
    41. 41. Kraft: Customer Insight Younger consumers are spending less time in ―traditional‖ online environments.
    42. 42. Kraft: Marketing Strategy iFood Assistant: Delicious food at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere • Mobile is more useful when shopping for ingredients and when reading recipes in the kitchen. • Leverage vast amount of existing cooking content on • Chance to break-through on an emerging iPhone platform
    43. 43. Kraft: Measuring Results Met 3-year download goal in a matter of weeks Millions of dollars in PR coverage for Kraft Over-represented with Gen-Y and Men $.99 charge actually improves the value impression
    44. 44. CoverGirl: Business Objective Improve Trial with a younger audience.
    45. 45. CoverGirl: Customer Insight Women are highly engaged in beauty- focused magazines….often actively searching for new products and samples.
    46. 46. CoverGirl: Marketing Strategy Allow women to “text to sample” products • Younger consumers are much more likely to act on the offer. • Significantly lower cost than including physical samples – both in shipping and waste. • ―While supplies last‖ adds some motivation to act now and understanding that not everyone will receive a sample.
    47. 47. CoverGirl: Measuring Results • Sample supplies are typically exhausted just days after the magazines hit stores. • Driving traffic to a ―color match‖ tool, another example of meaningful marketing. • Mobile ―is no longer innovation…it’s just part of the traditional advertising program for us.‖
    48. 48. ―Attracting and retaining customers is no longer just about what banks offer, but how they offer it.‖ Conrad Lisco, Mobility Planning Director, 5th Finger At minimum, this is online banking all over again
    49. 49. Mobile Banking Is Now Relevant and Growing 3.1 million mobile banking households in U.S. in 2008 Up from 400,000 in 2007 7 million predicted for 2009 80 million in North America in 2014 Berg Institute 2009
    50. 50. Mobile Bankers Can Be More Profitable 150% of profits are derived from just 20% of customers. Banking Strategies Only 40% of a retail bank’s customers are profitable, contributing approximately 300% of the value. Council on Financial Competition
    51. 51. Mobile Banking Is Another Sticky Service Great service and inconvenience of moving business elsewhere Following the pattern of: • Direct deposit • Online bill pay • Reward programs
    52. 52. This Is How Your Next Customer Does Business Younger households own neither landlines nor watches. Lack of mobile service is a clear, negative differentiator. Meet their expectations or lose the entry point for a lifetime relationship.
    53. 53. Three Approaches for Mobile Financial Services
    54. 54. 1. Cover the Basics
    55. 55. Cover the Basics: Meeting Customers’ Expectations Whatever financial service you provide, it should be accessible via mobile. At minimum, this is a cost-reduction measure. • 50% of all calls to bank customer service centers are from mobile phones, and will rise to 70% by 2010 (Celent) • Many calls are simple balance requests. Trade-off in favor of broad mobile access (SMS > iPhone)
    56. 56. Cover the Basics: Meeting Customers’ Expectations Information Services Account Access • Use ATM and branch • Check balances and finder transactions • Click to call for customer • Pay bills service • Transfer funds
    57. 57. Cover the Basics: Bank of America Relaunched mobile banking platform in late 2007 Software for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Services: • Check balance • View transactions • Transfer money • Pay bills
    58. 58. Cover the Basics: Bank of America 1.9 million users by Jan 2009 • 100,000 users on peak days • Up from 1 million in June 2008 • Roughly 50% share of all mobile banking • Compare to 29 million online banking customers 80% are reviewing balance and transactions; 40% transfer money or pay bills 40% use iPhone or iPod Touch (174 index vs. market share) Driving new business: 8% to 10% signed up for mobile service in the first 90 days of opening an account
    59. 59. Cover the Basics: E*Trade Mobile Pro Complete view of accounts, stock and options trading, streaming quotes and money transfers Available on both iPhone and BlackBerry #1 download on iPhone Finance App list
    60. 60. Cover the Basics: MasterCard ATM Hunter Launched April 2009 Uses GPS to automatically calculate location Filter by: • Surcharge-free • Drive-thru • Wheelchair access • Deposit sharing
    61. 61. 2. Provide Added Services
    62. 62. ―A major thing that banks need to have been doing all along is providing more value to customers about how they manage their money and financial lives and not simply offering them checking and savings accounts.‖ Ron Shevlin, Senior Analyst, Aite Group LLC
    63. 63. Provide Added Services: Go to Higher-Level Benefits Go beyond your basic financial services and offer something more to your customers. By offering value-added services, you forge a stronger, more relevant relationship with customers. It is possible to create from scratch or license/sponsor from others. In this economy, people are actively looking for help in managing their money. The best applications just might get free advertising….
    64. 64. Provide Added Services: Wesabe iPhone app tracks deposits and purchases through all bank, investment and credit card accounts. Create graphs of spending, show progress against monthly targets. Offering a white-label version: • Everything on the current Wesabe platform • Opportunity to add ATM finder and mobile account access
    65. 65. Provide Added Services: Wesabe iPhone app tracks deposits and purchases through all bank, investment and credit card accounts ―We think that financial institutions will be able to provide Create a better experience than Wesabe graphs of spending, show progress against provide targets own.‖ can monthly on our Marck Hedlund, Wesabe Co-Founder and CEO Offering a white-label version: • Everything on the current Wesabe platform • Opportunity to add ATM finder and mobile account access
    66. 66. Provide Added Services: Local Sports App Many banks tie to sports teams for local community focus. Often includes stadium ATMs and branded debit card Create an iPhone app that features the local team. • News, highlights and schedule • Include ATM finder and marketing messages • Ask tellers to invite iPhone users to download application
    67. 67. 3. Lead the Way
    68. 68. Lead the Way: Innovation That Drives Attention Doing what no one has done before—at least in financial services Draws high word-of-mouth and free PR coverage Helps establish the brand as a leader in the market Usually focused on using the most cutting-edge features of a single platform
    69. 69. ING Ultra-ATM Finder
    70. 70. Enabling the Mobile Wallet
    71. 71. For More Information: Text ―mktgwithmeaning‖ to 50500 Bob Gilbreath Chief Marketing Strategist Bridge Worldwide