Hoja de vida ingles


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Hoja de vida ingles

  1. 1. Rubén DaríoFarfánLucuara Address: Diagonal 39 No 72 F - 70 South Phones: 2.383634 / 2.045612 Cell Phone: 310-2408203 / 317-5835239 Email: rdfl73@hotmail.com Date of birth: April 29, 1973 Bogota, Colombia PROFESSIONAL PROFILEArmed with extensive experience in the area of logistics developed from work experiencein the textile and petrochemical acquired optimal vision for the development ofoperational and administrative activities designed to use and / or management of physicaland human resources in the logistics operation.Also, I have great attributes of leadership, responsibility and honesty have, accordingly,the ability to develop strategies for continuous improvement both individually or within aworkgroup, (Designed to improve the individual as a person and their performance instrictly work area).
  2. 2. WORKING EXPERIENCECarboquímica S.A.S.www.carboquimica.com.coPetrochemical Industry.Title: Office Coordinator / Logistics Operations Coordinator / Analyst inventories.July 15, 2003 / August 24, 2011Superior: Fernando Garay - Logistics Centre CoordinatorCell Phone: 316-3531477Features:Delivery Coordinator: As Office Coordinator was responsible for managing the ordersentered by the commercial area through the system in terms of its delivery to the officeassistants for enlistment and subsequent charge, the license application analysis,coordination and distribution of the vehicles to the respective office and preparingclearance documents. (Preparation of documents from the offices clearance documentslocal, national and export by IBES system).Among other additional features can be counted on control orders and partial shipmentsscheduled for release pending orders, be the interlocutor between the commercial areaand the area offices, carrying dispatches reports, corresponding routing and ensurecompliance thereof.Logistics Operations Coordinator: As Logistics Operations Coordinator performing taskssuch as developing work plans aimed at implementing tasks or requirements specific tothe company and externally in coordination with industrial planning area. These tasksranged from work in the production area, storage of raw materials, finished productstorage, distribution forklift operations, readiness and palletizing of products and / ormaterials for study, generate reports and novelties overtime logistics outsourcing, thedownload operations management of raw materials both imported and domestic, andimplement and enforce safety standards.
  3. 3. Inventory Analyst: The functions performed Inventory Analyst included topics such astaking mass data and / or reports of movement of raw materials and / or finished productfrom storage to production plants and / or vice versa. Likewise fingering perform dailyphysical inventory, perform daily and random physical inventory of some products tovalidate the system generated generate store entries domestic and imported rawmaterials, generate logs of incoming goods, transfers of raw materials for use in thesystem by the production area, apply the resulting finished product revenue of packagingmade by staff operating logistics, update and create formats for daily inventory, developprogramming counts for monthly inventories and implement jointly with the productionarea monthly inventory reconciliation.Persa Industries Ltda.www.persa.com.coTextiles.Position: Assistant Warehouse / Area ManagerJanuary 20, 1993 / January 20, 2003Immediate supervisor: Carlos E. Elorza - Gte. AdministrativePhone: 2.680400Features:Warehouse Assistant: I served initially as assistant performing operationally cellarinventory management, recruitment and clearance of goods at the local, national andexport. Similarly performing the distribution and storage of finished goods in warehouses.Area Manager: Then, after six months in office as head of area (Area garment for home),which leads the area fully. Performing programming tasks as sewing, programmingpackage, insulation, packaging, palletizing and freight shipments (including shipments tochain stores), supervision of staff and inventory.As important achievements I can point the implementation of quality management systemISO 9000, business and system implementation OFIMATICA inventor
  4. 4. STUDIES• Technology in Logistics Management - University Manuela Beltran (2nd Semester).• University of La Sabana - ARP Colpatria - Diploma in Integrated Management Systems,(ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 18000, ISO 28000).• Certified Internal Auditor University of La Sabana University in Integrated ManagementSystems.• Sena - Course Management Indicators.• Sena - Course Supply Chain and Supply.• Sena - Course Management and Inventory Control.• University Antonio Nariño, Systems Engineering. (6 Semesters)• High School - College Gimnasio San Jose. OTHER COURSES AND WORK EXPERIENCE• - Sena - Statistical Techniques.• - Sena - Basic knowledge of Office Excel - Access.• - Commercial System Knowledge ERP OFIMATICA and IBES.• - Basic course in Networking.• - Course warehouse management and inventory barcode and EDI eCommerce.• - Course Industrial Safety, Storage of Hazardous Chemicals and emergency management.• - Course handling and transportation of hazardous substances - Decree 1609.• Head of Messaging – Agencia de Viajes VER Ltda 2003• LogisticsCoordinator - Yoquire Ltd. 2012
  5. 5. PERSONAL REFERENCESAlejandro BejaranoCivil Engineer - Instructor SenaPhone: 314-3316651Mario PerezPlant Manager - Persian Industries Ltd.Phone: 312-5728236René CastrillónMaintenance Manager - Footwear JovicalPhone: 312-4698568 FAMILY REFERENCESAlidaFarfánLucuaraTourist AdministratorPhone: 311-2136847Hernando FarfánSolerPensioner DASPhone: 311-5549071Gloria Parra NelcyStudent SISOMAPhone: 315-3592668Rubén DaríoFarfánLucuaraDC No. 79,618,418 of Bogotá