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Bawang merah

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "" o "Read Reading a narrative" Reading a narrative<br />Narrative is the most famous type of any text. Various purposes are communicated in a narrative type. However the way it is constructed is describing certain event, character or phenomenon in detail. Narrative prefer showing to telling and that the power of narrative. Reader will feel as he show by him self what happen in the text. Actually narrative can be fiction such as short story or novel and non-fiction like memoirs.<br />According to Madison smart Bell, the narrative design, or what we call form or structure, is of first and final importance to any work of fiction. In that structure, we will find elements of story; characterization, point of view, theme and plot. Plot is the way of the story constructed.<br />When we read a text, we can call it narrative as we see the following generic structure inside the text:<br />Orientation; the introduction of what is inside the text. What text is talk in general. Who involves in the text. When and where it happen.<br />Complication; what happens with the participants. It explores the conflict among the participants. Complication is the main element of narrative. Without complication, the text is not narrative. The conflict can be shown as natural, social or psychological conflict.<br />Resolution; this is the phase where the participants solve the problem aroused by the conflict. It is not matter whether the participants succeed or fail. The point is the conflict becomes ended.<br />Bawang merah<br />BAWANG Putih lived with her step mother and her step sister, Bawang Merah. Bawang Putih's mother died when she was a baby. Her father remarried another woman and later her step sister was born. Unfortunately, not long after that her father died. Since then, Bawang Putih's life was sad. Her step mother and her step sister treated Bawang Putih badly and always asked her to do all the household chores.One morning, Bawang Putih was washing some clothes in a river. Accidentally, her mother's clothes were washed away by the river. She was really worried so she walked along the river side to find the clothes. Finally she met an old woman. She said that she kept the clothes and would give them back to Bawang Putih if she helped the old woman do the household chores. Bawang Putih helped her happily. After everything was finished, the old woman returned the clothes. She also gave Bawang Putih a gift. The old woman had two pumpkins, one pumpkin was small and the other one was big. Bawang Putih had to choose one.Bawang Putih was not a greedy girl. So she took the small one. After thanking the old woman, Bawang Putih then went home. When she arrived home, her step mother and Bawang Merah were angry. They had been waiting for her all day long. Bawang Putih then told about the clothes, the old woman, and the pumpkin. Her mother was really angry so she grabbed the pumpkin and smashed it to the floor. Suddenly they all were surprised. Inside the pumpkin they found jewelries. "Bawang Merah, hurry up. Go to the river and throw my clothes into the water. After that, find the old woman. Remember, you have to take the big pumpkin," the step mother asked Bawang Merah to do exactly the same as Bawang Putih's experience. Bawang Merah immediately went to the river. She threw the clothes and pretended to search them. Not long after that, she met the old woman. Again she asked Bawang Merah to do household chores. She refused and asked the old woman to give her a big pumpkin. The old woman then gave her the big one. Bawang Merah was so happy. She ran very fast. When she arrived home, her mother was impatient. She directly smashed the pumpkin to the floor. They were screaming. There were a lot of snakes inside the pumpkin! They were really scared. They were afraid the snakes would bite them. "Mom, I think God just punished us. We had done bad things to Bawang Putih. And God didn't like that. We have to apologize to Bawang Putih," said Bawang Merah.Finally both of them realized their mistakes. They apologized and Bawang Putih forgave them. Now the family is not poor anymore. Bawang Putih decided to sell all the jewelries and used the money for their daily lives.<br />The Legend of Lake Toba <br />There was a fisherman who lived in Batak Land. His name was Batara Guru Sahala. When he was angling, he caught a fish. He was surprised to find that fish because the fish could talk and it begged to set it free. He did accordingly.After getting free, the fish changed into a beautiful woman and Sahala fell in love with her. Sahala asked her to marry him and the woman received him. However, she asked his promised not to tell anyone the secret that she was once a fish. They were very happily married, and got two daughters.It was a pity on Sahala. One day when he got very angry with his daughters, he forgot his promise and he broke it. He told his daughters that they were the daughters of a fish.His wife could not forgive him. Suddenly, the earth began to shake and volcanoes started to erupt. The earth cracked and formed a big hole. People said that the hole became Lake Toba. <br />Now let’s read the following example of narrative text !<br />was a girl called Cinderella. She lived with her stepsisters. They were very bossy. They made Cinderella do all the housework.One day an invitation to the ball came to the family. Her stepsisters would not let her go. Cinderella was sad because she wanted to go to the ball too. Her stepsisters went to the ball without her.Fortunately, the fairy Godmother came and helped her to get to the ball. At the ball, Cinderella dance with the prince. The prince fell in love with her then married her. They lived happily ever after.<br />Analyzing the TextGeneric Structure AnalysisOrientation; introducing participants, Cinderella and her stepsisters. They lived together once timeComplication; describing the conflict among the participants. Cinderella wanted to come to the ball but her stepsisters did not let her goResolution; stating a problem solving, a happy ending. A fairy Godmother helped her to come to the ball<br />Language Feature AnalysisProcess verb; did, helped, fell in love, livedSimple past tense pattern; there was a girl, she lived, an invitation came to the ball, etc<br />