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Frequently Asked Questions on Luxury Portraits

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FAQ on Luxury Portraits

  1. 1. Frequently Asked Questions www.luxurycoupleportraits.com www.luxurycoupleportraits.com.au ph (07) 3374 4496 email - info@luxurycoupleportraits.com
  2. 2. Your Experience ...Why Is It Important To Capture MemoriesLet’s face it. We live in busy times when many couples spend whole days, weeks or even months apart because of workcommitments. Our imagery gives these couples a reason to celebrate their love and lets them walk out with lastingmemories of their special bond.Your imagery creates a legacy of you and your partner’s love so your children and grandchildren can celebrate themagic between you long after you’re gone.What Is The Studios Real Speciality?Our speciality lies in Luxury Couple Portraits experiences. We don’t do family portraits, kids photography or porn.Our imagery is tasteful, fun, playful, sensual, sexy even, but never tacky.Which Sort Of Couples Is This For?We cater for any couple that would like to experience our Luxury Couple Portraits experience. We don’t discriminate.What exactly is a Luxury Couple Portraits Experience?When you experience a Luxury Couple Portraits Experience it will stay with you forever. Why? Because we’ll give you anexperience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Unlike traditional photography shoots where you go and pose withyour family or partner, the Luxury Couple Portraits Experience caters to couples only.Julie, your host and expert photographer is an artist at heart. She has a knack to capture our couples in the mostamazing way with the help of light and the props some of them bring to the studio. Our couples have been known tobring their bikes, a favourite music instrument, and special items of clothing that mean something to them.You’ll undoubtedly rediscover romantic feelings about each other you forgot you had and walk away with a piece ofartwork that leaves a legacy of your love for each other.Is This for Me?If you have a partner in love... and if you want to capture your love forever, then a Luxury Couple Portraits Experience isperfect for you.Regardless whether you’re married, engaged, just found love or live in a long-term relationship, we can help you createa magic experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Plus you’ll walk away with imagery to showcase thedepths of your love for all to see – if you so wish. www.luxurycoupleportraits.com www.luxurycoupleportraits.com.au ph (07) 3374 4496 email - info@luxurycoupleportraits.com
  3. 3. Your Appointment ...What does the Accompanying $500 Photography Voucher Give Me?The gift voucher entitles you to $500 spending money at Luxury Portraits Studio. It includes 3 hours of professionalphotography services that captures the essence of your and your partner, a custom planning session, a cinematicviewing of your imagery in a luxury surrounding. We also provide $375 spending money (weekday appointments) or$275 spending money (weekend appointments) that you can use towards artwork or a gift sized print.Does the Voucher Expire?Yes, your voucher will expire 1 month from the date it is sent to you by us - unless otherwise agreed to by LuxuryPortraits. The voucher entitles you to one (1) appointment at Luxury Portraits.What are the $2,000 Accommodation VouchersWe have limited numbers of these discount accommodation vouchers each month. We reward early birders who bookwith us shortly after receiving their Photography Voucher. They give you 2 nightly accommodation breaks from aselection of resorts and hotels around Australia - all up they are valued at $2,000.00 and are a fantastic romanticopportunity! We provide them as a special studio gift. Don’t miss out. Reserve yours by calling us.Why Does The Studio Request A Fully Refundable $50 When Booking?As you appreciate, Julie, our star photographer, is in great demand and heavily booked throughout the year. We closedown the studio for each couple and it’s very important we properly reserve the time for each couple. Creatinga lifetime memory that is private, intimate is our main goal with each session.How Do I Organise My Photography Session?Call us on 3374 4496 we will arrange a suitable time. Please bear in mind that weekend appointments are in greatdemand and available on a first come first serve basis. When you call, We will customise your photography experienceand generally help prepare you and discuss timing for your photography session.What If I Don’t Like Any of the Artwork?You don’t have to buy anything if you do not wish to. After the session you get a chance to sit and watch yourimages on a movie-like screen at the studio. If you like what you see and feel like investing into one or several pieces ofartwork, then we give you an opportunity to do this without pressure or sneaky sales tactics. In fact we are so confidentyou’ll fall in love with what you see chances are you’ll beg us for the order form. No kidding!Do I Have to Buy Anything?No, please see last Q & A.Do You Offer a Payment Plan?Yes we do. We want to give every couple an opportunity to own their unique imagery if they so wish and offer a rangeof payment options including an interest free payment plan on the day of your photo shoot. We recommend you bringa credit card in case you want to purchase artwork. You will need to leave a deposit with us and we accept Mastercard,VISA, Cash or direct deposit as means of payment for your deposit on the day. www.luxurycoupleportraits.com www.luxurycoupleportraits.com.au ph (07) 3374 4496 email - info@luxurycoupleportraits.com
  4. 4. Your Session...Are the Images on Your Website for Real or Made Up?All images we showcase on our website and Facebook page are from real people like you. They all have a lovefor each other and celebrate the special connection they have.What Makes These People Look So Great? Are Your Images Created With Models?We use a soft Hollywood-style lighting technology (from the US) and play with light, shadows and position oursubjects in a way that flatters their best features. All our images feature real people like you.Do I HAVE to get Naked?No. When you join Julie at the studio you decide on how you want to be photographed. If this includes takingoff some or all of your clothes then you can in a totally secure and private environment. As well, sometimes justshowing your neck and a bit of shoulder will give an intimate feel to an image.During the session you and your partner will be alone with Julie. So you can enjoy total privacy in the process.Many couples visit us who prefer not to take off their clothes and this is perfectly fine. Our experience is notabout stripping down to your birthday suit.... it’s about capturing the deep love, respect and admiration be-tween you and your lover.Can I bring my Kids to the Shoot?No. We’re a couple portraits studio. If you like to get a family portrait done, then we suggest you find a suitableprovider to help you.Julie our photographer is experienced in couple photography so this is our forte.Can I bring Special Props (i.e. bike, music instrument, etc.)?Yes. You can bring your bike, a music instrument and any other prop you like if it carries special meaning foryou. Unfortunately though you cannot bring your car, as our studio doors couldn’t accommodate something asbig as a car.Make sure you mention any prop you have in mind when you speak to one of our friendly staff so we canconfirm it fits inside the studio.Can I Bring My Own Music?As a matter of fact we encourage you bring your own music. Your music will help you relax and get back intothose romantic memories as Julie does her magic with the lens.What Should I Wear?Please wear something comfortable. We provide full changing facilities. You get access to a private bathroomand shower (in case you arrive in your work clothes). www.luxurycoupleportraits.com www.luxurycoupleportraits.com.au ph (07) 3374 4496 email - info@luxurycoupleportraits.com
  5. 5. On the Day ...You’ll have an opportunity to get changed during the shoot and wear different pieces of your favourite clothingfor themed shots.Do I need to Bring Something Special?Please speak with our team to discuss what you have in mind so we can give you feedback on what is suitableand what not for your Luxury Couple Portraits Experience.Do I Need to Wear Make-Up?There is no need for heavy or unnatural makeup. And if you don’t normally wear any makeup, then werecommend you apply light make-up as if you’re going out for a dinner.You can trust Julie to make you look like a movie star without a single smudge of make-up on you. She’sbrilliant at positioning you in your best light and angle.Should I Bring Lingerie?If you like to wear your special lingerie during the session then by all means bring it along. You’ll get plenty oftime and opportunities to get changed. Even something as simple as a pretty bra will help to create a subtle,attractive look.How Should I Have My Hair?You can wear your hair however you feel comfortable. Having said this please be mindful of a possible changeof clothes during the session so your hair may get messed up if it’s styled in a particular intricate fashion.How Long Will It Take?A Luxury Couple Portraits Experience session takes about three hours. Everything is relaxed and there’s no rushso you can totally chill out and be yourself without pressure.Do You Provide Food and Beverages?When you arrive at the studio you’ll get to pick your favourite drink from our fully stocked bar. We also serveyou Barista-style coffees and yummy chocolates.Can I Change Clothing in Privacy?Yes. We provide full changing facilities. You get access to a private bathroom and shower (in case you arrive inyour work clothes).You’ll have an opportunity to get changed during the shoot and wear different pieces of your favourite clothing.How Many People Will See Us During the Shoot?The session is private. Only Julie your photographer will be present during the shoot. www.luxurycoupleportraits.com www.luxurycoupleportraits.com.au ph (07) 3374 4496 email - info@luxurycoupleportraits.com
  6. 6. On the Day ...What Happens After You Take The Images? Once the photo shoot is completed you get to relax with your partner while Julie prepares your images forviewing on the big cinema screen in the entry hall of our studio. One of our lovely female staff will make you acup of coffee or tea, or pours you something stronger.You will then get an opportunity to watch the images on the big screen. Once you’ve seen all your images youcan choose whether you want to buy any and if so Julie will walk you through your investment options and theproduct choices without pressure.Do You Offer CDs Of All The ImagesNo.- We create images that last 100 years. CDs are outdated and not permanent. We specialise in genuine high-quality canvases and albums.Is the Studio Warm Enough During Winter?Yes. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable and safe during the whole process.I’m Too Fat!We create flattering shadows that slim you so only the highlights in the imagery emphasise your very best parts.I’m Too Skinny!We use flattering camera angles and a cross lighting style that enhances your physique to create amazingshapes and contours on your body. Guys, you’ll actually look muscly.I’ve Got Bad Teeth! And I Rarely Smile!Much of our imagery is where couples are not smiling directly into the camera - so teeth are rarely showing inthe imagery.I’ve Got Bad Skin!We use a special Hollywood soft touch lighting system to create your images. It provides a beautiful healthyglow to you skin and anything else can be retouched - just how movie stars have the images created.I’ve Got Big Ears!We use careful shadowing to create our imagery, which means you won’t even notice your ears.I’m Short!Many of the images on our website and brochures are of tall and short people. When we create the imagery,we’ll use a special camera angle so you can’t tell any height difference.I’m Tall. He’s Short!Many of the images on our website and brochures are of couples that have height differences. When we createyour imagery, we’ll place you in such away that you can’t tell any height difference between the both of you. www.luxurycoupleportraits.com www.luxurycoupleportraits.com.au ph (07) 3374 4496 email - info@luxurycoupleportraits.com
  7. 7. About Imagery ...I Squint a Lot Under Photographic Lighting!We use a special Hollywood soft-touch lighting system to create your images. There is no flash with this systemso you never have to worry about squinting under harsh lighting. Instead, as you relax and enjoy the imagecreation session - we’ll capture beautiful expressions that naturally emanate from your eyes.I’ve Got A Tummy!If you’re pregnant and looking to accentuate your growing tummy then Julie can do her magic so you’ll walkaway with lasting art and special memories.If you prefer not to have your tummy photographed then Julie will take care of your feelings and make sureyou’re positioned in your best angle.I’ve Got Stretch Marks!We can hide your stretch marks with shadows, sensual props such as a playful throw of a shawl here and acarefully positioned hand of your partner there. Trust Julie to capture your best assets at all times.Will Tattoos Photograph Well?Yes they come out beautifully and can create quite a dramatic effect with our special lighting.Do You Use Backgrounds?No. We don’t use any artificial backgrounds. These images are about you. Using backgrounds would distractfrom the real subject and the dramatic angles of light on your face and body.My Partner Is Shy!That’s perfectly fine. Julie’s ability to make people feel at ease will have your partner hold their sides in stitchesbefore long. At the very least he or she will soon be able to relax and enjoy the moments with you.I’ve Never Had A Photo I Like!You never had a photo you like because Julie de Paola has never photographed you. We know without a doubtyou’re going to love these images. www.luxurycoupleportraits.com www.luxurycoupleportraits.com.au ph (07) 3374 4496 email - info@luxurycoupleportraits.com
  8. 8. The Studio ...What Are Your Prices?We find that everyone has different requirements and ideas about what they might love. Everything we do isfully customised to your exact requirements so we discuss pricing and options during our call with you. Thisapproach makes us very different from any experience you may have had with others. We find our easy depositand payments options are flexible and make everything so affordable --- so it’s totally up to you. Our motto is“no pressure!”Where is the Studio Located?We are located at 30 Clarkson Place - Kenmore Hills Q. 4069 - Ph - 3374 3291w • www.luxurycoupleportraits.com e • info@luxurycoupleportraits.comf • www.facebook.com/pages/Luxury-PortraitsWhat Are Your Business Hours?We are open Tuesday to Saturday - 9am to 5pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.Have You An Online Video that Discusses What to Expect During My Photography Session?Yes - Julie answers many questions here and talks directly to clients about their experiences - go tohttp://www.luxurycoupleportraits.com/experience/How Far From Brisbane Are You?We’re located on 30 Clarkson Place, Kenmore Hills, QLD 4069, and a short drive of about 15-20 minutes fromthe CBD.Do You Offer On-Site Parking?Yes. We offer free parking. We are in a quiet leafy suburb so plenty of free parking is available. www.luxurycoupleportraits.com www.luxurycoupleportraits.com.au ph (07) 3374 4496 email - info@luxurycoupleportraits.com