Bristol Facebook Strategy Skillswap Pres


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Social Networking: The Strategic View Presentation given by @rdennys from @digitaldivinity at the Pervasive Media Studios on 30 nov 2010 kindly arranged by @tombh. Digital Divinity is a digital sales and marketing consulting business based in Bristol UK

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Bristol Facebook Strategy Skillswap Pres

  1. 1. SOCIAL NETWORKING: THE STRATEGIC VIEW Richard Dennys, Managing Consultant @digitaldivinity
  2. 2. SOCIALMEDIABACKGROUND Social Networks – So What? Integral to the nature of Human Beings Value in Socialising
  3. 3. VALUEANDBENEFITSOFSOCIALNETWORKS Twitter and Facebook – A brief history in time
  4. 4. VALUEANDBENEFITSOFSOCIALNETWORKS The Impact? “..Facebook has 550 million members. If it was a country it would be the 4th largest on the planet..” What can Social Media do for your business? 1.Allows you to open two way communications channel with your existing and potential customers 2.Enables you to reach and scale through layers of the network 3.Existing processes can be made more efficient 4.True opinions of your brand can be established
  9. 9. REACHINGYOURCUSTOMERS Where is everyone and what are they doing?? Instant Customer Feedback “..The Vast Proportion of your Target Audiences are now ALWAYS ONLINE..” F&B’s Facebook strategy is to encourage feedback. Anyone with poor experience, gets personal reply and remedial action
  10. 10. THEGOODANDBAD Best practices Measuring Results Pitfalls of not being in the conversation Promotional Above The Line activity Best buy have done a lot of work on their Facebook customer tabs using applications development and integration, plus tracking through embedded Google Analytics codes for traffic flow measurement
  11. 11. SOCIALNETWORKINGCONSIDERATIONS Dell and Social Networking Facebook Before you start, ask yourself: 1. What do we have to say? 2. How are we going to say it? What tone of voice? 3. Why would someone ”like” us? 4. What stops people “unliking” us? 5. Would people be happy to have your updates on their wall for their friends to see? 6. What do you want them to do next? Go to your website? Sign up for a newsletter? Ask a question? 7. Do we have the resource to manage it? You need to be adding a story a day or more to appear active and relevant 8. Do you have a rapid action plan if things go awry? Twitter : Twitter is simple and easy to use, however: 1. It’s VERY public 2. Tweets have a life of about an hour 3. There is a lot of bad practice on twitter 4. You have no control on what other people tweet about you 5. As with FB, ask why would someone follow you? 6. How many followers do you want? 7. What do you want Twitter to do for you? Drive sales, provide customer support, encourage store visits, build trust, raise profile? 8. How are you planning to measure results? 9. Running a company twitter account can be a full time job; it can be automated and is a 24 hour a day undertaking.
  12. 12. ORGANISINGYOURCAMPAIGNREALESTATE Organising Traffic and Digital Real Estate DR URL device, i.e. “” ATL Executions Bought TTL Trade SEM PPC Earned SEO Social Media Owned eCRM / Email / SMS Existing trade partners and affiliate sites Microsite: • WIN! • Attend! • “Like us”! – FB Widget embedded • Sign UP! Voice Trade Access Only Download and Upload Campaign Landing Site Brand Actor About / How to / Why Key Content Diary, Blogs and Photos
  13. 13. OVERALLOBJECTIVE We want your who, your why, your when and your where Your permission Purchase Loyalty BRANDS WANT.... But the one thing we really need ? Reach Influence Engagement Then Tell EVERYONE about us!
  14. 14. STARTATTHESHALLOWEND.. Getting Going Start at the shallow end... Wear things in, not out... You’re lighting a bonfire The key thing is to start, then review, modify and continue.. It’s important to give things enough time to get going.. If the basics are set right from the start then it will only take a spark .. If you get it right, the lifecycle of your social network campaigns should be linear (right above), not cyclical (above left) Using the analogy of a bonfire, there are two stages: 1. getting it alight and 2. keeping it going.
  15. 15. SOCIAL NETWORKING: THE STRATEGIC VIEW Richard Dennys, Managing Consultant @digitaldivinity