Best Practices in the Promotion and Marketing of Online Programs

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Marketing online programs with special emphasis on how to increase lading page conversion and inquiry follow-up

Marketing online programs with special emphasis on how to increase lading page conversion and inquiry follow-up

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  • 1. Copyright 2009-2013
  • 2. 2 Agenda for Online Program Marketing Marketing Model for Online Sales Types of Online Programs Creating Landing Pages that Convert Segmentation for Follow-up Email Drip Marketing to Close the Sale Market with a Memory for Future Sales
  • 3. 3 Use Two-Step Marketing to Convert Prospects into Inquiries and Inquiries into Customers Clients Customers Inquiries/Leads Prospects Suspects
  • 4. 4 Types of Online Programs Webinars Individual Online Courses Certificate Programs (credit or non-credit) Undergraduate Degrees Graduate Degrees
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  • 10. 11 Think of Your Landing Page as a Funnel
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  • 14. 15 Landing Page Stats It‟s estimated that up to 50% of visitors to landing pages will bail in the first 8 seconds Average landing page conversion rate is around 2 to 5% How do you increase landing page conversions?
  • 15. 16 How to Increase conversions at Your Landing Page 1. Make sure you articulate what the visitor is going to get - Perhaps it is a copy of your new catalog or a promotional brochure 2. Have bullet points - that provide information making the page easier to scan, highlighting the important details 3. Tell the visitor - how the they are going to receive the requested information
  • 16. 17 How to Increase Conversions at Your Landing Page 4. Typography should be hierarchical - so the eye can quickly pick out what elements of the page are most important 5. The CTA is clearly positioned and concise - keep barriers to entry low; making it more likely the user will complete sign-up
  • 17. 18 How to Increase Conversions at Your Landing Page 6. Social Media Sharing - if these links distract users from the process of signing up, you‟re damaging the effectiveness of your page 7. Copy - does it focused on the organization and not the user? Don‟t „we-we‟ 8. Self-serving copy is a turn-off for users - Make sure you tell users how they will benefit to ensure a positive response (WIFM)
  • 19. 20 How to Increase Conversions at Your Landing Page 9. Mandatory and non-mandatory information - make sure it is clear what the minimum requirements are when completing the form 10. Limit the number of requested “fields of information” on the landing page 11. Have a call to action that - “Get updates on future webcasts” rather than the generic and intimidating “Sign Up”
  • 20. 21 How to Increase Conversions at Your Landing Page 12. Multiple Sign-up buttons - having buttons at the top and the bottom of the page means the CTA is always available, whether the user reads all the supporting information or not 13. For Long Landing Pages - where the top of the page disappears when you scroll, having multiple buttons is a must
  • 21. 22 How to Increase Conversions at Your Landing Page 14. Sample content preview on whitepapers - will help the users to gauge the usefulness and make the page more engaging 15. Good Video - Studies from report up to 80% improvements in conversion
  • 22. 23 How to Increase Conversions at Your Landing Page 16. A Side Benefit - is properly optimized video can be 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google search results 17. You may have a progress indicator form - that lets visitor know there are 3 steps and where they are in the process
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  • 26. 27 How to Increase Conversions at Your Landing Page 19. Have a Nice Mix of Bullet Points - coupled with detailed descriptions for those who need to dig deeper 20. Sweepstakes - such as a the free prize giveaway as an add-on will lift conversions
  • 27. 28 Use the Four (4) Great Motivators: Fear, Guilt, Greed, Exclusivity You may not get into the program Don‟t you owe it to your family Bottom-line gains from taking the program Enrollment is limited to „First come, First serve‟
  • 28. 29 Greed…One of the Four Great Copy Motivators
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  • 32. 33 How to Increase Conversions at Your Landing Page 21. Newsletters - are great way to engage prospects 22. White Papers - are the granddaddy of content used to create conversions 23. Use Ebooks - as an incentive when you ask for a lot of information
  • 33. 34 Know Your Data Base & Allocate Follow-up Accordingly High Recency Low MonetaryValue/Activity High Low
  • 34. 35 Following Up on Leads Lead nurturing is the process of cultivating leads not ready to buy Leads are segmented based upon profile characteristics Nurturing keeps prospects engaged by using drip marketing
  • 35. 36 Following Up on Leads Use progressive profiling where you incrementally ask contacts for additional information Contacts are much more likely to share information about themselves during the first 24 hours they are engaged with you Remember: Prospects have probably contacted several other providers
  • 36. 37 "Early impressions are hard to eradicate from the mind.“ -Saint Jérôme
  • 37. 38 A Few Thoughts About Recruitment…. There is no perfect recruitment model Nearly every school or business has an opportunity to do a better job in recruitment by following a process Personalization of even “canned emails” makes it a bit better How you recruit - or IF you recruit - is not a reflection on how “good” you are
  • 38. 39 A Few Thoughts About Recruitment…. Technology - depending on the level of complexity - is crucial Even without technology some process can be put in place Process and accountability is what is lacking in most recruitment shops
  • 39. 40 Most Embarrassing…. The empty envelope Wrong name The goofed up phone message Those who never followed up The unexpected answered phone call Duplicate emails
  • 40. 41 Most Embarrassing…. Typos Un-kept promises The 30+ day wait time The sense from our secret shopper many institutions just weren‟t that interested in her
  • 41. 42 Greatest Successes…. Emails from people (included names) Offers to connect students to financial aid, academic deans, and career services (For- Profit) Free webinars on navigating financial aid
  • 42. 43 Greatest Successes…. Open house invites on finding your next job, resume writing, and finances Personal hand-written notes tucked in with a mailed packet Consistent process
  • 43. 44 Current Process…. How is a lead handled? Does it differ depending on the type of lead? Is there a clear process and expectation (that is written down) that all those following up on leads uses?
  • 44. 45 Nothing Happens by Accident…. Process Process Process
  • 45. 46 Recommended Process…. Build the relationship Understand the motivation Determine barriers Evaluate their level of seriousness
  • 46. 47 Recommended Process…. Present a customized picture of your product Create urgency Remove barriers – educate Close the deal Continue to recruit your current clients
  • 47. 48 Recommended Process…. Build the relationship Leverage key questions that allow you to connect with the individual People love to talk about themselves – let them Identify and ask key questions
  • 48. 49 Recommended Process…. Understand the motivation New job Success at work Want my kids to be proud Identify and ask key questions
  • 49. 50 Recommended Process…. Determine barriers Money Time Lack of support Identify and ask key questions
  • 50. 51 Recommended Process…. Evaluate their level of seriously Have they considered this before Does anyone know they are talking with you Is there outside support (or motivation) for your conversation with them Identify and ask key questions
  • 51. 52 Recommended Process…. Present a customized picture of your product Limit your information to what they have told you they need to know Leverage examples of others like them you have helped Use information from key questions
  • 52. 53 Recommended Process…. Create urgency Leverage motivations Pull heart strings Use information from key questions
  • 53. 54 Recommended Process…. Remove barriers – educate Road blocks are often larger to the person who isn‟t sure what they really look like Anticipate the obstacles that most of your prospective clients face Use information from key questions
  • 54. 55 Recommended Process…. Close the deal When a client is ready to buy there is no waiting Continue to sell the choice they have made Beware of buyers remorse Be prepared to help them overcome the resistance they will now face Ask and leverage information from key questions
  • 55. 56 Recommended Process…. Continue to recruit your current clients There is no loyalty People are savvy consumers and will not tolerate poor treatment Leverage what you know about your clients to re- engage them and get them to re-invest over and over with you Use information from key questions
  • 56. 57 Redefine Your Process…. “The way I‟ve always done it” Moving from good to better… Letting go of what is comfortable
  • 57. 58 Redefine Your Process…. Challenging yourself to do what feels foreign Pushing the envelope of your own success Listening more – talking less The importance of process
  • 58. 59 Suggested Recruitment Approach…. Adult inquires – Day 1 Personal connection (email, phone, personal note) within 24 hours Follow-up contact (call) – Day 6 Follow-up contact (email) – Day 10 Follow-up contact (call) – Day 16 Follow-up contact (email or call) – Day 21
  • 59. 60 Suggested Recruitment Approach…. Follow-up contact (email) – Day 30 Follow-up contact (call) – Day 45 Follow-up contact (email) – Day 60 Follow-up contact (email) – Day 90 Follow-up contact (maintenance) – holiday/newsletter/special announcements
  • 60. 61 Telephone Follow-Up to Prospects Pre-call Planning Interest – Creating Opening Statements Effective Questioning Sales Recommendations
  • 61. 62 Telephone Follow-Up to Prospects Getting Commitment (Closing) Addressing Resistance (Objections) Wrapping Up and Setting the Next Action Attitude and Self-Motivation
  • 62. 63 Following Up on Leads with Email Email open & click through rates are a good place to start evaluating your engagement process. The 'welcome to our organization' will be the most important email you will send. Open rate is twice the regular open rates. Make sure your include an irresistible offer. When inviting people to contact you, put a person name and email address
  • 63. 64 Following Up on Leads With Email Let the 'subject' line be the key benefit of your offer Put the name of your organization along with your name in the 'from line.‟ You could also include your signature at the bottom of the email. Two signatures out perform one signature. Personalize the email by putting in the recipient's first name. Personalize by mentioning something you know about the reader. Essentially, market with a memory.
  • 64. 65 Following Up on Leads With Email Put several links to your website above the fold. Many recipients preview your email without actually opening it, so give recipients a chance to click- through at the top. Statistics say as many as 75 - 85% use only their reading pane.
  • 65. 66 Following Up on Leads With Email Use a number of eye-catching devices in your body copy. For example, use bullets, bold type, along with highlighting. Keep sentences to around 14 words. Make sure you don‟t 'we we' on your customers. Instead use lots of 'you' copy.
  • 66. 67 Following Up on Leads With Email Use appropriate images to build credibility and interest Have a photograph of the faculty member and let the email come from them Use a banner at the top that picks up the theme on your website Make sure you have multiple 'calls for action‟
  • 67. 68 Following Up on Leads With Email Include your unsubscribe link; and when people click the link, ask them to complete a short survey on why they are leaving your database Your goal is to get ideas for reducing „opt outs‟ Optimize your emails for mobile viewing
  • 68. 69 Following Up on Leads With Email Keep in mind that after the third email to the same person, design loses its appeal. Therefore, your email should be more text or copy intensive for repetitive mailings to the same target audience As a rule, you should avoid Mondays and the first day after holidays for your email marketing Keep your emails to around four paragraphs maximum
  • 69. 70 Following Up on Leads With Email Delete hard bounces right away and soft bounces that repeatedly say 'mailbox is full'...a sign of an abandoned email address. Do not delete temporary bounces Segment future emails based on who has been opening your emails during the last six months, or year, and those who have never opened your emails
  • 70. 71 Following Up on Leads With Email Use a special emails to wake up dormant leads, customers or addresses Provide a 'we missed you offer' or 'an online survey' with a completion incentive such as a lottery drawing for a $500 Amazon gift certificate.
  • 71. Copyright 2009-2013