Experience Snap Shot Presentation (Design 3)
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Experience Snap Shot Presentation (Design 3)



This is my experience snap shot (as I call it) to get a better feel of what I have done and been exposed to over the years. I plan on constantly polishing this up for better presentation - for now ...

This is my experience snap shot (as I call it) to get a better feel of what I have done and been exposed to over the years. I plan on constantly polishing this up for better presentation - for now this is what I made. Would appreciate any queries and comments on this. Thank you.



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Experience Snap Shot Presentation (Design 3) Experience Snap Shot Presentation (Design 3) Presentation Transcript

  • Experience Snap Shot Rajat Debgupta Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering University of Windsor Employment Scope: Industrial-Manufacturing Engineering Years in Industry: 1995 - Current
  • Management Skills and Techniques
    • Task Identification, Delegation and Follow-up
    • Team Player and Lead by Example
    • Good Communication Skills
    • Exceed Expectations set by Company and Upper Management
    • Awareness of Cross Functional Role and Work Boundaries
    • Problem Resolution and Action Planning
    • Time Management and Task Objectives
    • Executive Level Presentations
    • Company Deliverable Matrices and Score Card Reporting
    • Customer Relation and Requirement Assessments
    • Interaction and Task Focus with Development and Sales Group
    • People Skills and Management Techniques
    • Offer Help and Support for Members at Crunch Situations
    • Prepare Cost Structure & Resource Rendering for Approval
    • Maintenance Management and Support
    • Process/Manufacturing Engineering Management & Support
    • Personal Attribute: Driven, Approachable, Team Player, Good Communicator, Trustworthy, Disciplined, Dedicated, Transparent and Task Oriented
  • Facilities & New Equipment Management
    • Purchase & quote equipment, and run off new equipment for production systems
    • Facilities layouts for manufacturing structure, materials and equipment placements
    • Develop supplier base and support system for all tooling and equipment
    • Recommended PM plan and spare parts management
    • Equipment spec-out to quality, delivery, safety & environmental guidelines
    • Database management system for critical equipment pertaining to product and build data and traceability
    • Test equipment and calibration standards and procedures
    • Develop CAPX proposals for Equipment Purchase
  • Launch & Program Management
    • Cross Functional Team Management
    • New Business Launch (Total Minivan Trim Div Assembly, Torque Converters, Headrests, Armrests, Seats, Lumbars, Instrument Panels, Door Panels, Front End Modules, Cut & Sew Trim Covers)
    • Cost and Resource Structuring – Labour and Equipment Quoting
    • Cost Estimation for New Program Launches
    • Facilities Planning & Procurement
    • Capital Equipment Planning & Procurement
    • Cost Reduction Proposals and Implementation
    • Continuous Improvement Action Planning and Implementation Strategies
    • Customer Interaction and Follow up
    • Overseas Launch Reporting - Scorecard and Matrices
    • Presentation of Launch Status and Progress to Executive Board Members
    • Problem Solving and Team Interface with Sales and Development Groups
    • Development, PM Development, PPAP Deliverables, Budgeting, Supply Chain & Logistics Analysis and JIT Delivery Planning etc.
    • Interaction with Suppliers (equipment and parts)
    • Dealings with all Level of Management
    • Exhibited Great Practitioner and Delegation Skills
  • Documentation Management
    • Standard Work Instructions and Procedures - QS procedure, ISO procedure
    • Process Flow Diagram
    • PFMEA development
    • PPAP documents coordination
    • APQP/AQP management
    • MOS (monthly operating system) report out
    • Conversant with Six Sigma Documents (Charter, MSA/Gage R&R, Pareto Charts, Histograms, C&E matrix, Fishbone Diagram, Hypothesis Testing, Control Charts etc)
    • Equipment matrix and Cost analysis matrix for CAPX
    • Process Change Control and Revision change log owner
    • Core team member for Control Plan development
    • Supplier log and contacts
    • New Equipment quotation matrix for project budgeting
    • Maintenance training matrix development
    • Problem Resolution Action Planning
    • Program Timeline and Time & Task Management
    • Company Mile Stones and PMS Deliverables
    • Launch Score Card and Current Status Reporting
    • Cost Allocations and Structuring in support of Launch Ramp Up
  • Product Development/Launch – Process Planning & Tooling Allocation
    • Faurecia IS 2006 Sebring & Avenger Instrument Panels, 2007 Cadillac CTS Door Panel
      • Injection Mold Equipment, Vibration Welder, Sonic Welder, IMG Vac Form, ABB & Reis Articulating Robot, Punch Press, Tunnel Oven, Assembly Fixturing, Error Proofing, Glue Booth, Laser Score Machine, Base Panel Assembly Line
    • JV Lear 2005 Mustang Seat, 2005 GMX Seat, 2006 Mazda Seat, 2006 Explorer Seat Launch & APQP:
      • Conveyor Line, Shipping System, Build Pallets, Process Fixtures, Error Proofing, Torque Tools, Infra Red Oven, Process Flow, DFMEA/PFMEA RPN Analysis, Design for Optimum Assembly
    • DaimlerChrysler 2000 Town & Country Minivan Launch & Process Planning:
      • Conveyor Line, Build Carrier, Robotic Urethane Applicator Cell, End Effectors, Motor Mount Fixturing, Torque Tools, IP Line, Error Proofing, In-Synchronous Parts Delivery Logistics, Ergonomics
  • Major Project Undertaking - 1
    • Gerber Cutter Uptime Study (3 Cutters) – Delay Study and Motion Study – 20% increase in uptime performance – GM (1995)
    • Windsor Bond Robotic Cell Optimization – Time Study and Motion Study – 2 Operator Elimination – GM (1996)
    • Implementation of Maintenance PM Program – Web Interactive PM Planner – QS Certification – Schukra of North America (1997)
    • Work Station Design and Process Improvement (175 work stations) – Yamazumi, Time Study and Ergonomic Assessments – 15% Man Power Reduction each year – DCX (1998-2001)
    • 2 Seating Assembly Line Modifications using Lean Techniques (54 work stations) – 5S, Time Study, AutoCAD Layout, Poke Yoke Intro – Man Power Reduction 8 heads per shift - Bing (2002)
    • Reduction of Scrap – Six Sigma – 40% Floor Space Savings and $240K less inventory on Hand – Bing (2003)
  • Major Project Undertaking - 2
    • Reduction in Conveyor Downtime & Developed Controls SOP for Users – Lean & Six Sigma Principles – 1 shift Elimination (3 shift to 2 Ten Hour Shifts – Effective Manpower Savings 27 heads) – Bing (2003/2004)
    • Developed all Work Station Standards for 2 new Launches (110 work stations) – MOST Study, AutoCAD – Lean Launch – Bing (2004)
    • Launched New Facility from a MFG, Logistical, Maintenance & Administrative stand point – Equipment Procurement, Supplier Contracts, AutoCAD, Personnel Hiring, Specifications Development - Plant Operational in 3 Months, 1 st Launch in 6 Months, Lear’s Largest Operative Plant in 1 year – Bing (2004/2005)
    • Developed Process Flow and Labour Standards for entire launch of JSC/JSD & GMX commodities – Faurecia (2006/2007)
    • Supplier Assessment and Selection Criteria Planning and Negotiations for Outsourcing Operations – Savings of $0.09/door panel on labour + Handling & Testing Cost Savings– Faurecia (2006/2007)
    • Developed labour standards and equipment standards to submit quote to customer for new business of Plant operating costs – Schukra (2008)
  • Shop Floor & Process Flow Improvements
    • Development of AutoCAD Layouts for Space Optimization and Time Studies and MOST Analysis for Process Flow Improvements
    • Packaging Improvements for Added Flexibility
    • Cardboard Elimination and Re-Cycling Implementations
    • JIT Delivery Planning and Implementation
    • Equipment Placement and Optimizations
    • Value Stream Mapping for Optimized Material Movements
    • Work Station Design for ‘Parts Presentation’ and VA Work content with Ergonomic Risk Factor Assessments
    • Yamazumi & PDCA Recording to Balance Work Content and optimization
    • Error Proofing (Poke Yoke) and Test Equipment Planning to achieve FTY in a 1 piece flow asynchronous assembly system
  • Process Improvements Techniques
    • Motion & Delay Time Studies and MOST
    • Layout Optimization (AutoCAD)
    • PFMEA RPN score reduction
    • In-Process Error Proofing Methodologies
    • Minimal Operator Dependency for Critical Operations
    • VA/VE Strategic Process Planning (design concept)
    • Machine Uptime and Repeatability Analysis
    • Improved Method and Line Balancing – 1 Piece Flow/Synchronous Assembly/Modular Assembly
    • Human Factor and Ergonomics
    • Value Stream Mapping and Overall Flow
    • Yamazumi & Moving Line Simulation
    • Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing Concepts
  • Training & Certifications
    • ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Certified
    • TS 16949:2002 Internal Auditor Certified
    • Direct Labor Methods Engineering Certified
    • Six Sigma Green Belt Certified
    • MOST – Engineering Work Standard Certified
    • Hazmat US MDOT Certified
    • Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing Training Work Shop
    • QS 9000, TS 16949 Principles & Guidelines Awareness Trained
    • Work Place Health & safety, Environmental & Ergonomics Training Work Shop
    • Torque Fastening Application & Controls Trained
    • Product Critical Component Database Management Trained
    • Toyota & Honda Operating Principles Training Work Shop
    • Faurecia Excellence System Principles Training
    • Leadership and Management Training and Certified
  • Accomplishment Highlights
    • 15% Labor Reduction per year = $12M Cost Save to Company (DCX)
    • Eliminate Non-Standard contents = $1M Cost Save to Plant (DCX)
    • Lead Process Engineer for RS Town & Country Launch (DCX)
    • Through process improvements and lean implementations, eliminated 1 shift = 27 heads (JV Lear)
    • Identified & Facilitized (Contractor & Supplier Interface) a Warehouse Space to a Production Facility (JV Lear)
    • Lead Engineer for S197 Mustang Seats & J56 Mazda Seats Assembly Launch
    • Productivity Improvements from Launch Ramp Up = $1M Cost Save to Company (JV Lear)
    • Managed Brand New Maintenance Department with Unionized Skill Trade Workers (JV Lear)
    • Lead Cross Functional Team for Plant Launch of JSC/JSD 27 & 41 Chrysler/Dodge IP’s and GMX 322 Cadillac CTS DP’s Launch (Faurecia)
    • Chairperson for Plant ISO 14001 Procedure Implementation and Obtainment of Certifications (JV Lear)
    • Monthly Scorecard and Reports Development to Corporate Head Quarters (Faurecia & JV Lear)
    • Cost Reductions through VA/VE Task Initiatives & Process Improvements (Faurecia)
    • Resource & Cost Restructuring Panel (JV Lear & Faurecia)
    • Formulated Material Handling scheduling system based on customer orders per master schedule (Schukra)
    • Created Ergonomic scoring system for all work stations for production planning (Schukra)
  • Personal Attributes
    • Self Starter, Dependable, Reliable
    • Trustworthy and Approachable
    • Good Communicator
    • Self Driven and can Work Well without Supervision
    • Team Leading Experience with Good Track Record
    • Good Time Management Skills
    • Good People Skills
    • Perfectionist and Detail Orientated
    • Data and Facts Driven
    • Can bring out the best out of team members
    • Strong Mathematical and Analytical Skills
    • Thrive to Exceed Goals and Expectations
    • Good Organizational Skills – Computer
    • Possess Good and Quick Judgment Skills
    • Work Well with Others – Good Team Player