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  • Being CORE is the base of action which will result in accomplishing your goals. Being CORE is a combination of presenting the business, products, upgrading belief in both, and self development. Integrity, integrity, integrity. We are not your boss. We will not police whether or not you are CORE. You declare whether you are CORE or not. You senior partners will know without you declaring.
  • Presenting the business to your personal prospects and your team’s prospects; showing them how to do the business, buy doing it with them. TellShowObserveDoIf you do the presentation with your downlines prospects, or are present for the presentation with your downline; this counts toward one of your 15. Tools to use for of Presentations: www.nsoverview.com480-289-7000 Local Business OverviewageLOC Spa half face Demonstration using a standardized flipchart
  • If Nuskin makes it, use it. If the name on the back of the bottle isn’t Nuskin, you are supporting another company. Question: What does Nuskin’s toothpaste tastes like? Answer: CommissionExample: Using Nuskin’s AP24 breath spray and asking “What does this tastes like?”
  • Automatic Delivery Rewards (auto ship) 20% in free product for the first year in reward points. 30% after your first year. 200 PV (Personal Volume) assists becoming a product of the product and replacing the competitive products in your home. Our business is a combination of Distributors and Customers. Like rowing a boat across a lake. One oar is customers, and one oar is distributors. Focus on one or the other will not get us across the lake.
  • Success is an a choice, not an ability. We all join Nuskin will previously learned skills. To be successful in Nuskin, a commitment to personal self development is required to lead others to success. The greatest challenge in this business is between our ears. Personal Development is a foundation of growth. Constant never ending self improvement Study the books you read. Take notes on the books to internalize the authors principles. Leaders are Readers - Always carry two books. One to write in & one to read. Work more on myself, than I do my business. Remove the negativity; replacing it with positive thoughts, actions, and habits. Our Thoughts lead to our WordsOur Words lead to our ActionsOur Actions lead to our HabitsOur Habits lead to our CharacterOur Character leads to our Destiny
  • M-F Daily General’s Call included - 30 minutesSaturday MTC call included - 1 hour In the near future, Top Nuskin leader coaching audios will be available for Nuskin distributors. Distributed by OTG
  • Simple two rules: Never miss a meeting Never go aloneStay plugged in. Like a light needs electricity to omit light. It must be plugged in. Our business is about belief and exposure. It is a process, not a single event. The 84% of people purchase a product after five exposures. The same is true for someone looking at the business, our products, and for a new distributor in the business. Make excuses to be successful. Reason or Results.
  • We are Team Nuskin. A family. A community. Together we may do more than is possible by ourselves.It is not possible to be at all places at all times. A safe environment to send prospects to see the business opportunity is required to build a global business. Example: If it is your prospect attending the meeting, it is your prospect. If it is not your prospect, it is not your prospect.

system7 C O R E Leader Presentation Transcript

  • 1.
    15 monthly presentations
    100% product user (25 NSE Products)
    • 200pv personal ADR (#01103793)
    • 3. Ship ADR on or before the 5th of the month
    • 4. Maintain 10 circle group ADR’s
    Read S7S Book 20 minutes daily
    Listen to one system 7 CD daily (incl.General’s Call)
    Attend all meetings recommended by S7S
    Be a team player
    1. 15 Monthly Presentations
    (with your personal prospects and team)
    Types of Presentations:
    • 6. 480-289-7000
    • 7. ageLOC demonstration using System 7 Flipchart
    • 8. Attending local weekly business overviews with guests
    100% Product User
    • Become a Product of the Product
    • 9. Replace the products in your home with
    Nu Skin Products
    • Use 25 Nu Skin Products per month
    3. ADR
    • 200 PSV Personal ADR
    • 10. Earn points toward free product based on 20% of total PSV order amount
    • 11. Increase to 30% after 12 shipments on ADR
    • 12. Ship your Personal ADR on or before the 5th
    • 13. Minimum 10 circle group ADR’s
    Read 20 minutes daily
    • Read from the System 7 recommended book list.
    Recommended book list on
    Feed Your Mind!
    Listen to 1 System 7 audio daily
    • Daily Generals Call - 30 minutes
    512-225-3400 pin: 77546#
    8 am MT Monday - Friday
    • Weekly Millionaire Training Circle
    512-225-3400 pin: 77546#
    9 am MT
    • Nu Skin OTG System 7 Leadership training audios
    Attend all meetings
    • Local Weekly Meeting
    • 15. Local Weekly Training
    • 16. Fast Start Training: first Saturday of each month
    • 17. Team Elite University: third Friday & Sat of each month in Provo, Utah
    • 18. National Convention: bi-yearly
    • 19. Global Convention: bi-yearly
    Be a Team Player
    • We all win working together
    • 20. Build the depth of your business by driving depth with in a circle of influence
    • 21. Use your senior partner for validation with your prospects
    • 22. Respect fellow Nu Skin distributors at every meeting and training
    • 23. Encourage distributors to seek coaching/counseling from their upline