Chafer: Holy Spirit Baptism
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Chafer: Holy Spirit Baptism



Teaching notes from Chafer's 52 Bible Doctrines - as used at LTCi Siliguri

Teaching notes from Chafer's 52 Bible Doctrines - as used at LTCi Siliguri



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Chafer: Holy Spirit Baptism Chafer: Holy Spirit Baptism Presentation Transcript

  • Holy SpiritHis Baptism
  • The Baptism of HSp - a Pentecostal perspectiveDon Basham records the following observations:The baptism in HSp is a second encounter with God(the first is conversion) in which the Christian beginsto receive the supernatural power of the HSp into hislife. Jesus promised this in Acts 1:8 which was fulfilledin Acts 2:4This second event, baptism of HSp, is given for thepurpose of equipping the Christian with God’s powerfor service.“It is the spiritual baptism from Jesus, in which hebegins to exercise his sovereign possession, controland use of us in supernatural fashion, through theHSp.”
  • Basham goes on to describebaptism in HSp in 5 points,1. The candidate is the [water]baptised believer - Acts 2:38,8:14-172. They are baptised in HolySpirit - Mk 1:83. Jesus Christ baptises us -Matt 3:11, Mk 1:84. The purpose is to give uspower - Acts 1:8, Lk 24:495. The result is receiving theHSp with gifts and powers -Acts 2:4, 8:14-17, 1 Cor 12:4-13
  • Basham goes on...It is not essential for salvationJesus commanded the disciples not to ministerwithout this event - Acts 1:4-5You get the HSp at conversion - but there ismore to receive (by welcoming him)It is for all Christians - Acts 19:2, 8:16 - mostChristians today have salvation but no powerChristians should manifest both fruit and gifts1 Cor 14:39-40“Dispensationalism gained support not becausethe Scriptures back it up, but because itseemed to offer a ready excuse for why thechurch today is not a miracle working church”
  • Back to ChaferThis is a doctrine causing agreat amount of discussion!Chafer states confusion comesfrom the fact that HSp baptismtakes place at the same time asregeneration, sealing andindwelling, and so some makethe things synonymous.11 references in the NT to Spiritbaptism.Matt 3:11, Mk 1:8, Lk 3:16, Jn1:33, Acts 1:5, 11:16, Rom6:1-4, 1 Cor 12:13, Gal 3:27,Eph 4:5, Col 2:12
  • A. The Baptism of HSp before PentecostThe Gospels and Acts 1:5 indicatebaptism in Spirit is a future,never before taken place, event.It is not mentioned in OT and isanticipated here.Matt 3:11 shows it is an act ofChrist by the agency of his Spirit.Fire might refer to the secondcoming of Christ.Some say it should have thepreposition en - inBaptism is done by the Spirit -after Jesus’ ascension
  • B. All Christians are baptised by the Spirit in this current ageChafer states that 1 Cor 12:13 clearsany confusion as to the time andnature of Spirit baptism. By is for himthe key idea here - similar to Jesus inLk 4:1, “led by the Spirit”, and 1 Cor6:2, “by you”, Col 1:16, “by him” -Chafer thus argues that the meaningof 1 Cor 12:13 is of the Spirit bringingus into the Body of Christ - “we areall” is all Christians, Eph 4:5 thenspeaks of one baptism of the Spirit(not of water baptism) - this is not thesame as filling, Eph 5:18.
  • C. Baptism of the Spirit into the Body of ChristChafer says the baptism ofHSp does 2 things:1. Places the believer inChrists body2. Baptises the believer intoChrist (next section)Placing the believer in theBody of Christ puts believersinto union with all truebelievers in this age, a newrelationship, and relates themto the truth found in theScriptures.
  • This Body is often added to -Acts 2:47 etc. - is headedby Christ, Eph 1:22-23 - isnourished by Christ Eph5:29 - and is sanctified byChrist Eph 5:25-27Believers in the body getspecial gifts or functions,Rom 12:3-8, 1 Cor 12:27-28,Eph 4:7-16 - also there isunity regardless of race,culture etc.Eph 4:16 -
  • D. Baptism of the Spirit into ChristOne who is so baptised also hasa new position - he is in Christ.John 14:20 -Chafer says, “You in me”indicates baptism of the HSp.Being in Christ identifies youwith what Christ did - Rom6:1-4 - baptised into death,buried with him and raised withhim (and also has the life ofChrist) - Chafer says this is notonly about water baptism butSpirit baptism - see Col 2:12
  • E. Baptism of Spirit related to spiritual experienceBaptism in the Spirit takes placeat the moment of salvation, isreceived by faith and is a workof God. Chafer says,“...the baptism is not in itselfan experience. Baptismbecause it is universal andrelated to our position inChrist, is an instantaneous actof God and is not a work tobe sought subsequent to beingborn again.”
  • “Baptism as seen in Acts 2, 10, 19 with speakingin tongues was unusual and is related to thetransitional nature of the book. In all otherinstances where salvation took place, there isnot mention of speaking in tongues as attendingthe baptism of the Spirit...Further it isclear...not all Christians in the early churchspoke in tongues. The whole concept of...seekingSpirit baptism as a means to an unusual workof God is without scriptural foundation...thefilling of the Spirit is manifest not in speakingin tongues but in the fruit of the Spirit.”
  • Chafer also states:It is an error to claim there aretwo baptisms - one in Acts 2 andanother in 1 Cor 12:13. Theexample of Cornelius is that whathappened to him was obviouslythe same as what happened onthe day of Pentecost.“...the baptism of the Spiritplaces the believer into the bodyof Christ, it is the same workfrom Acts 2 throughout thepresent dispensation.”
  • Chafer also states:“Baptism in HSp places us ina new union with Christ andfellow believers, a newposition in Christ, a newassociation of intimacy in thebody of Christ. It is thebasis for justification and allthe work of God whichultimately presents thebeliever perfect in glory”
  • Baptism of Spirit - a different reading of 1 Cor 12:13John Rea takes a different approach to baptismin the Holy Spirit.He suggests we have to read 1 Cor 12:13 incontext - which is not of part of conversionand reception into the Body of Christ.1 Cor 12 is about functioning of supernaturalgifts in the church (not about receiving Christ)- and about unity in the Body of Christ - it iswritten to people who are already believersand about the common bond for them all,which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • 7 verses in the NT speak of baptismin HSpMatt 3:11, Mk 1:8, Lk3:16, Jn 1:33 -all recoding the prophecy of JTB.Acts 1:5, 11:16John Stott says that the expressionis precisely the same in all 7occurrences and therefore refers tothe same baptism in each event. “It isunwarrantable to make Jesus Christthe baptiser in 6 instances and theHSp the baptiser in the seventh”.Stott goes on to say it is clear thatthe baptiser in jesus Christ and hebaptises into Holy Spirit
  • ...made to drink of one Spirit -given to drink in the NIV - Reasuggests this is a drink which isoffered but there is nocompulsion to drink“...points to a conscious voluntaryreception of the Spirit on thepart of each Spirit baptisedChristian, not something whichautomatically happens to him orher”
  • Looking at the idea of “we all” inthe verse John Baker suggests,“the apostle centres his thoughtson 2 ideas, the unity in the Bodyand the diversity of its membersin their differing gifts andministries...which are described asmanifestations of the same oneHoly the emphasis ofverse 13 is not concerned withhow we become Christians butwith the unity or oneness ofthose who are Christians,members of the one Christ,empowered and filled by his oneSpirit, to function effectively inhis one Body here on earth.”
  • Rea concludes, “we do well toremember that it was normal inthe apostolic age for everybeliever to be baptised in theSpirit, to receive the gift of theSpirit soon after theirconversion...the experience ofEphesus reveals that it wasunusual for a professing disciplenot to have the marks of theSpirit on their life. In the earlychurch frequently as newconverts came up from the waterof baptism the Holy Spirit cameupon them so that they werebaptised in water and HSp at thesame time.”
  • Holy SpiritHis Filling
  • The work of HSp in relation tosalvation and all we havepreviously discussed arefrequently mentioned.The filling of the HSp isrelated to Christianexperience, power andservice.Filling of HSp is seen in a fewindividuals before Pentecost:Ex 28:3, 31:3, 35:31, Lk 1:15,41, 67, 4:1Before Pentecost there is noevidence of this beingavailable to any life yielded toGod.
  • The work of HSp in relation tosalvation and all we havepreviously discussed arefrequently mentioned.a new Pentecost broughtThe fillingHSpthe HSp isin age of of workingrelated to Christian all every believer -experience, power if they indwelt by HSp andservice. conditions: met hisFilling of HSp is seen in a few Acts 2:4, 4:8, 31, 6:3,individuals before Pentecost: 5, 7:55, 9:17, 11:24,Ex 28:3, 31:3, 35:31, Lk 1:15, 13:9, 4:1 Eph 5:1841, 67, 52,Before Pentecost there is noevidence of this beingavailable to any life yielded toGod.
  • “Filling of the Spirit is defined asthe spiritual state where the HolySpirit is continually fulfilling allthat he came to do in the heartand mind of the believer. It isnot a matter of acquiring more ofthe Spirit, but rather of theSpirit of God acquiring all of the present age thisis the normal, if not usual,experience of every believer”It is commanded for every believer,Eph. 5:18 - to not be is at leastpartial disobedience
  • This produces a noticeabledifference in character and qualityof the daily life of a believer. Godhas provided for this but fewChristians take hold of it.Being filled with HSp is not thesame as maturity - young believersmight manifest power etc. whilstmaturity comes through a lifetimeof experience and associatedfactors, this then brings outmaturity. The Bible speaks manytimes of growth (maturing) - Matt11:30, Eph 4:11-16, 1 Pet. 2:2, 2Pet3:18
  • A Christian filled with HSp willmature more quickly than onewho is not.Filling with HSp and maturity aremost important in bringing us tothe good works God hasprepared - Eph 2:10A believer has to be fullyyielded to HSp to mature, HSpcontrols and empowers theperson - this gives lesshindrance to HSp working in andthrough a person accomplishingGod’s will for them.Example of Jesus: Lk 4:1, full ofHSp, JTB from womb Lk 1:15
  • From Pentecost day the wholecompany were filled with HSp.This also happened repeatedlyin individuals - Peter Acts 4:8,church Acts 4:31, Paul Acts9:17, 13:9, Deacons Acts 6:3,Stephen Acts 7:55, BarnabasActs 11:24Eph 5:18 commands allbelievers to be filled. This isseparate from salvation, it isnot by human effort, you canbe saved and not filled, shouldbe a repeated event.
  • Eph 5:18 is literally “Keep on beingfilled” - compared to alcohol intoxicationwhich affects the whole of the being,so HSp affects our whole beingThis is not a once only experience butrepeatable, it can be dramatic the firsttime and might be a time whichlaunches a person to new heights.“One desiring to do the will of Godmust...enter fully into the privilegethat God has given him in beingindwelt by the Spirit and having thecapacity to yield his life entirely tothe Spirit of God”
  • A. Conditions for filling of the Spirit3 commands found in, 1 Thess 5:19,Eph 4:30, Gal 5:161. Quenching the Spirit - as inputting out a fire - cf Eph 6:16 - tosay NO! Or be unwilling to let theSpirit have his way. This was satan’soriginal sin, Isa 14:14 cf. Lk 22:42,“not my will...”So, surrender your life to the Lord -no two masters Matt 6:24, - Rom6;13, 12:1-2, both have the idea ofyielding to God once for all
  • Such yielding might make youunpopular and dissimilar with/to theworld, but you will be transformed andknow God’s will!Yielding applies in general to all areasof life - God’s will becomes final. Thisapplies to: the WOG, which is the finalauthority; guidance - the HSp appliesprinciples in WOG, Rom 8:14, forbiddento take a certain course of action,Acts 16:6-7; to God’s providential actseven when they are not what we mightdesire; supreme example is Jesus inPhp 2:5-11, we should yield in thisway.
  • 2. Not grieving the Spirit -usually as a result of sin inthe life of a believer with aresulting loss of fellowship,guidance, power etc. this canbe remedied by repenting 1 Jn1:9, and accepting 1 Jn 2:1-2Continual sin results inongoing discipline - Heb12:5-6, 1 Cor 11:31-32Remember restoration ofintimate relationship fromGod’s perspective is immediate!
  • 3. Walk by the Spirit - a positive command.Taking hold of the power and blessing brought bythe indwelling Spirit.It is a present tense command - ‘keep onwalking’.The standard for Christian life is high -unattainable without God’s power and theindwelling HSp.Walking by the HSp is an act of faith - doingwhat only the HSp can do - loving like Christ,making every thought captive to Christ, showingfruit of HSp, rejoicing, praying continually - allare impossible without the power of HSp.
  • All of this takes place withina fallen, sinful world with theinfluence of satan, making iteven more difficult.There is also the sinfulnature to deal with which isconstantly trying to draw usback to old ways. This makesdependence on the spirit evenmore important. Ultimateperfection will wait forheaven, sinless perfection willnot be attained on earth.
  • B. Results of filling with the Spirit1. Progressive sanctificationwith fruit of HSp manifest -Gal 5:22-232. A greater knowledge oftruth taught by HSp - Jn16:12-14, 1 Cor 2:9-3:23. Greater guidance andapplication of truths of WOGin particular situations - Rom12:2, Gen 24:47, Rom 8:14
  • 4. Assurance of salvation - Rom 8:165. Worship of, and love for, God - Eph 5:18-21,Jn 4:246. Prayer fellowship with the Lord - forintelligent prayer it has to be guided by HSp,Rom 8:26, praying the WOG - effective prayerdepends on walking in HSp
  • 7. Our whole life, service andexercise of natural andspiritual gifts depends onwalking in HSp - Jn 7:37-39,the whole of our life flowsout of the work of HSp -aspects of our life can goproperly unused because wedo not walk in the HSp -people with few gifts canaccomplish great thingsunder HSp influence