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Chafer: Holy Spirit, Personality

Chafer: Holy Spirit, Personality



Teaching notes used at LTCi, Siliguri - based upon Chafer's 52 Bible Doctrines

Teaching notes used at LTCi, Siliguri - based upon Chafer's 52 Bible Doctrines



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    Chafer: Holy Spirit, Personality Chafer: Holy Spirit, Personality Presentation Transcript

    • Assignment: Due 0820, 28th FebruaryWhat does the Bible say aboutangels and satan?3 sectionsThe nature and ministry of angelsSatan, his personality and power, falseideas about himSatan, his work and destiny.
    • MarkingPresentation - 60% of total40% from Richard20% from peer evaluationWritten work - 40% of total
    • GODTHE HOLY SPIRIT his personality
    • 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF HIS PERSONALITYThis is important to emphasise as hedoes not speak from himself or ofhimself.He speaks what he hears - Jn 16:13,Acts 13:2He comes to glorify Christ - John 16:14The Father and Son speak for themselvesand use the personal pronoun ‘I’ - theyare in constant conversation, communionand co-operation with one another.
    • HS was not recognised as apersonality until after that ofFather and Son (whichhappened at the council ofNicea 325AD)Having said that the Bible isclear on the personality of theHS within the Trinity, formingone God with three persons.
    • 2. THE BIBLE’S REVELATION OF HOLY SPIRIT’S PERSONALITYCan you think of any Biblereferences or situations thatreveal his personality, him asa person?What sort of things does theHoly Spirit do that reveal hispersonality?
    • 2.A. THE HOLY SPIRIT DOES THINGS THAT ONLY A PERSON CAN DO1. Convicts - Jn. 16:8 - And when hecomes, he will convict the world concerningsin and righteousness and judgment:2. Teaches - Jn 14:26 -But theHelper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Fatherwill send in my name, he will teach you allthings and bring to your remembrance allthat I have said to you.3. Speaks - Gal 4:6 - And because youare sons, God has sent the Spirit of hisSon into our hearts, crying, "Abba! Father!"
    • 4. Intercedes - Rom 8:26 - Likewise the Spirit helps us in ourweakness. For we do not know what topray for as we ought, but the Spirithimself intercedes for us with groaningstoo deep for words.5. Leads - Gal 5:16, Rom 8:14 -For all who are led by the Spirit of Godare sons of God.6. Appoints men for service - Acts13:2 - While they were worshiping theLord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Setapart for me Barnabas and Saul for thework to which I have called them."
    • 7. H. Sp is appointed -Jn 15:26 - "But when theHelper comes, whom I will sendto you from the Father, theSpirit of truth, who proceedsfrom the Father, he will bearwitness about me.8. H. Sp. Ministers:Regenerates - Jn 3:6Seals - Eph 4:30Baptises - 1 Cor 12:13Fills - Eph 5:18
    • 2.B. H. SP. IS AFFECTED AS A PERSON BY OTHER BEINGS1. He is sent by both Father andSonJn 14:26 - But the Helper, the HolySpirit, whom the Father will send in myname, he will teach you all things andbring to your remembrance all that Ihave said to you.Jn 16:7 - Nevertheless, I tell you thetruth: it is to your advantage that I goaway, for if I do not go away, the Helperwill not come to you. But if I go, I willsend him to you.
    • 2. He is affected inrelationshipsIsa 63:10 - But they rebelled andgrieved his Holy Spirit;Eph 4:30 - And do not grieve theHoly Spirit of God, by whom you weresealed for the day of redemption.1Thess 5:19 - Do not quench theSpirit.Matt 12:31 - Therefore I tell you,every sin and blasphemy will beforgiven people, but the blasphemyagainst the Spirit will not be forgiven.
    • Acts 5:3 - But Peter said,"Ananias, why has Satan filled yourheart to lie to the Holy Spirit andto keep back for yourself part ofthe proceeds of the land?Heb 10:29 - How much worsepunishment, do you think, will bedeserved by the one who hasspurned the Son of God, and hasprofaned the blood of thecovenant by which he wassanctified, and has outraged theSpirit of grace?
    • 3. The Bible terms referring to the Holy Spiritall imply his personalityAnother comforter (advocate, helper), therefore asmuch as person as Christ - Jn 14:16-17 -And I will askthe Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with youforever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannotreceive, because it neither sees him nor knows him.You knowhim, for he dwells with you and will be in you.Called a spirit in the same way God is - Jn 4:24Masculine pronouns are used of the HolySpirit - usually in Greek spirit is a neuter noun - Jn14:16-17 (see above)
    • 3. HOLY SPIRIT IS CO-EQUAL WITH FATHER AND SON1. He is called God - Acts 5:3-4 -But Peter said, "Ananias, why has Satanfilled your heart to lie to the Holy Spiritand to keep back for yourself part of theproceeds of the land? While it remainedunsold, did it not remain your own? Andafter it was sold, was it not at yourdisposal? Why is it that you have contrivedthis deed in your heart? You have not liedto men but to God."Look at Isa 6:8-9 - Acts 28:25-26- see how H. Sp. is referred to as God
    • 2. He has the attributes ofGod - 1 Cor 2:9-11 - But, as it iswritten, "What no eye has seen, nor earheard, nor the heart of man imagined,what God has prepared for those wholove him"—these things God hasrevealed to us through the Spirit. Forthe Spirit searches everything, even thedepths of God. For who knows aperson’s thoughts except the spirit ofthat person, which is in him? So also noone comprehends the thoughts of Godexcept the Spirit of God.Heb 9:14, Gen 1:2
    • 3. He performs the works ofGodPs 104:30 - When you send forthyour Spirit, they are created, and yourenew the face of the ground.2 Peter 1:21 - For no prophecy wasever produced by the will of man, butmen spoke from God as they werecarried along by the Holy Spirit.1 Cor 6:11 - And such were some ofyou. But you were washed, you weresanctified, you were justified in thename of the Lord Jesus Christ and bythe Spirit of our God.
    • 4. The use of personal pronouns5. The Holy Spirit is presentedin the Bible as a personal objectof faithMatthew 28:19Acts 10:19-20 - And while Peter waspondering the vision, the Spirit said to him,"Behold, three men are looking for you. Riseand go down and accompany them withouthesitation, for I have sent them."As such he is to be obeyed - believersexperience, guidance, instruction,sufficiency of H. Sp.