Chafer, 52 Bible Doctines: Man and sin part 3


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Teaching notes used at LTCi Siliguri

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Chafer, 52 Bible Doctines: Man and sin part 3

  2. 2. A. THE MEANING OF SALVATIONKnowing about what theBible says of salvation isessential as;1. Personal salvationdepends on it2. It is the one messagecommitted by God toevery believer to tell theworld3. It alone discloses thefull measure of God’slove
  3. 3. Salvation is its widest sensemeans the work of God inrescuing man from theeternal ruin and doom of sinand bestowing on him theriches of his grace inc.eternal life and eternal gloryin heavenSalvation is a work of Godnot of man
  4. 4. The details have differedthrough the ages but thosewho trust God have beenspiritually reborn and madeheirs of heaven’s glory.Salvation includes allaspects of God’s work inman - regeneration,indwelling, sealing andbaptism of HSp.
  5. 5. B. SALVATION AS GOD’S REMEDY FOR SIN1. Sin is always equally sinfulno matter who commits it - thejudgment that goes with it is upto God to decide - Luke12:47-482. Sin can only be cured by theshed blood of Jesus - thepenalty is only removed becausethe payment for sin has beenmade - this was the same in theold covenant and is still in...
  6. 6. B. SALVATION AS GOD’S REMEDY FOR SIN...still in Jesus - Lev 4:20, 26, 31etc. - Col 1:14, Eph 1:7Christ’s work on the cross isperfectly sufficient, giving eternaljustification Rom 3:24 - thepenalty is paid 1 Pet 2:24, 3:18
  7. 7. C. SALVATION BEFORE AND AFTER THE CROSS1. God’s method beforethe cross was atonement,which biblically means “tocover”Bull and goats blood did nottake away sin - Heb 10:4For it is impossible for theblood of bulls and goats totake away sins.
  8. 8. C. SALVATION BEFORE AND AFTER THE CROSSThe need for forgivenesswas acknowledged - Lev1:4 -He shall lay his hand onthe head of the burntoffering, and it shall beaccepted for him to makeatonement for him.God anticipated thesacrifice of Christ - sinswere covered until thattime.
  9. 9. Atonement of the OT isexplained in the NT,a. Rom 3:25 - God hadpromised sufficient sacrificialpayment and then fulfilled itin Christ.whom God put forward as apropitiation by his blood, tobe received by faith. This wasto show God’s righteousness,because in his divineforbearance he had passedover former sins.
  10. 10. b. Acts 17:30 - God“overlooked” sin - The timesof ignorance God overlooked,but now he commands allpeople everywhere to repent,2. Since the cross God’smethod of dealing with sin isthat Christ died - Rom 3:26 -It was to show hisrighteousness at the presenttime, so that he might be justand the justifier of the onewho has faith in Jesus.
  11. 11. The promise is fulfilled, theprice paid - anyone,regardless of the degree ofguilt of their sin can beforgiven by believing in thework Christ did for them.
  12. 12. D. THE THREE SENSE OF SALVATION1. Past tense - it is seen astotally past and fulfilled forthose who believe - Lk 7:50,1 Cor 1:18, Eph 2:5, 82. Present tense - of thepresent power to save usfrom the reigning power ofsin - Rom 6:14, 8:2, 2 Cor3:18 etc.
  13. 13. D. THE THREE SENSE OF SALVATION3. Future tense - thebeliever will yet be savedinto full conformity to Christ -Rom 8:29, 13:11 - this doesnot give reason for doubt asit is built on God’sfaithfulness not man’s - Php1:6
  14. 14. E. SALVATION AS THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST2 aspects:1. Finished work ofChrist for all - which isfinished to infiniteperfection2. The saving work ofChrist for theindividual - themoment they believe.
  15. 15. Jn 19:30 - it is finished -is not his whole life,service or suffering - buta special work given bythe Father given at thecross and completedwhen he died - this wasfor the whole world Jn3:16 - providingredemption 1 Tim 2:6 -reconciliation 2 Cor 5:19 -propitiation 1 Jn 2:2 - forevery man
  16. 16. Christs dying does notsave men - but it givesGod ground to save allmen who believe - theblood of Jesus paid theransom price for everysinner - Christ becamethe propitiation for thewhole world.
  17. 17. F. SALVATION AS THE SAVING WORK OF GODThe work done the momentone believe includes:Redemption, reconciliation,forgiveness, regeneration,imputation, justification,sanctification, glorification,perfection
  18. 18. F. SALVATION AS THE SAVING WORK OF GODConsider the truth of thefollowing verses: Col 1:12,Eph 1:3, 6, 2:13, 19, 2 Cor5:21, Jn 1:12, Phil 3:20, 2Cor 5;17, Col 2:10, Col 1:13Guilt and penalty of sin areremoved, trespass forgivenjustified forever, saved to theuttermost...
  19. 19. G. SALVATION AS RELATED TO THE SIN OF THE SAVEDThe effect of sin upon God isa very serious matter - it isonly removed through theblood of Jesus - Rom 8:34,Heb 9:24 - the blood iseffective 1 Jn 2:1-2 - thesinner has a permanentadvocate with the Father incase we sin
  20. 20. G. SALVATION AS RELATED TO THE SIN OF THE SAVED1. Forgiveness isaccomplished for the sinneras part of salvation - throughbelieving on the work ofChrist.2. Sin is forgiven not on thebasis of believing for salvationbut upon confession of sin -confession of sin restoresrelationship with Father, Sonand HSp.
  21. 21. H. SALVATION CONDITIONED ON FAITH ALONE115 NT passages refer to thesinner believing and being saved -35 passages speak of faith forsalvation. In believing a personchooses to trust Christ - this is thewhole man not just will oremotions.This is more than an intellectual oremotional stirring - it is believingas an act in which the person willsto receive Christ by faith.
  22. 22. H. SALVATION CONDITIONED ON FAITH ALONEGod alone can save a soul -and he does it through thesacrifice of his son. The onlything man can do is to believe,turning from self works, toGod’s gracious provision.
  23. 23. Note that scripture talksabout believe and...PrayConfess sinConfess ChristBe baptisedRepentAnd make restitutionBut the basis is alwaysbelieving in Christ -that is what guaranteessalvation.
  24. 24. The word atonement meaning,passing over, overlooking,covering of sin occurs properlyonly in the OT - Christ did none ofthese - Jn 1:29Takes away the sin of the world...1 Pet 2:24 - bore our sins in hisbody...There was nothing temporary orpartial at the cross - the infiniteholiness of God was satisfied, willman be satisfied to accept thesacrifice and accept Jesus’payment?