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Software development services and UI design for iPhone/iPad, Google Android, Windows Phone 7 and Web.

Software development services and UI design for iPhone/iPad, Google Android, Windows Phone 7 and Web.

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  • 1. Hi,weare Developica developica
  • 2. Our focus developica We are focused on UI design and software development services for iPhone/iPad, Google Android, Windows Phone 7 and Web.
  • 3. iPhone/iPad applications development Android applications development Windows Phone 7 development Multimedia applications development Embedded systems and Set-Top-Box (STB) User Interface design and implementation Database application development for Web Signal processing and pattern recognition Machine Learning Core competences developica
  • 4. Technology developica IDE Apple Xcode, Eclipse, Borland JBuilder, Togeth- ersoft Together, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio EJB/Servlet Engines Brokat Twister, Resin, JBoss, New Atlanta ServletExec, Tomcat Platforms iPhone SDK, Google Android SDK, Microsoft .NET, Java, Objective-C RDBMS MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, MSSQL Server, MS Access Source Control Tools SVN, CVS Project Management Basecamp
  • 5. Who we are? developica Developica is a small studio specializing in software develop- ment and UI design for iPhone/iPad, Google Android, Windows Phone 7 and Web. Our programmers and user interface ex- perts leverage the latest development trends and the freshest techniques. We have more than 7 years software development experience in multimedia and mobile applications.
  • 6. Someof ourapps developica
  • 7. Comic book reader Application for iPad This is a full-featured com- ic book reader with real- time zoom, thumbnails of every page, a file library with stacks, no-lag page turning, and .cbr, .cbz, .rare, and .zip file import capa- bility. You can flip through pages as quickly as you’d like, as well as randomly access any page using a page thumbnail display which is activated at the bottom of the screen. iOS developica
  • 8. Omeopatia Android application offer- ing dynamic disease and homeopathy remedy lists with search functional- ity and details view. The user can also read static articles with homeopathic content. Included in Samsung Apps Details developica
  • 9. Cucina Italia Android application with cooking recipes. Displays dynamic lists of recipes and wines, with details on ingredients, preparation, and usage. The user can search by levels of difficul- ty, region, type of dishes, etc. Included in Samsung Apps Details developica
  • 10. Radio Monte Carlo Android application for one of the biggest italian radio networks. It provides online radio, podcasts, photo galleries and video functionality. developica
  • 11. a: Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia, 65, G. S. Rakovski Str. t: +359 2 400 80 70 m: +359 899 776655 e: w: developica Let’s talk!