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The right to play 4 The right to play 4 Document Transcript

  • The Right to Play – Chapter 4 Welcome to the 4th chapter of the Right to Play; a legacy wherein each generation unlocks a new expansion pack. This will be the last chapter to include plot as everything else afterwards will just be playing to unlockeverything and being a general update (much like Chapter 2, I believe). Thereason for this is that I will no longer have access to this computer by the end of August as I will be attending university. My goal was to complete this legacy before that and put aside the sims. Actually, you know what, skip ahead of all this crap because I’m just going to write it poorly and no one actually is reading this so I can do whatever I want.
  • “Blah, blah, blah, highschool drama.”“Blah, blah, blah, my older siblings are tools and killed my father to be the heirs and now they’re fighting about it,” said Ben.
  • “Blah, blah- no shit, really?” “Yes.”
  • “Blah, blah, we have no real friends because we’re obsessive about a trivial thing.” “Blah, blah, I don’t like focusing on that fact.”
  • “Blah, blah, who gives a crap what’s being said.”
  • “Blah, blah, we need to get laid.” “You’re right.”
  • *sadface*
  • Avril grows up and looks pissed about her clothing.
  • “Blah, blah, you’ll never be the heir because I have a stick up my ass.” “Don’t touch me or I’ll sue.”
  • “I’m condescending because I’m one of the older siblings.”
  • “IDGAF.”
  • Pierre Bouvier Almsuburry dies because he’s old. Madeleine wants her laxatives to take effect soon.
  • Graves to remind you that generation one, half of generation two, and half of generation three heir/spouse combos are dead.
  • Thisone leaves for college.
  • Hathead leaves for college.
  • Legitheir leaves for college.
  • Thatchick grows up.
  • Out of character interaction.
  • Random cousin explains that there’s a way to stop this stupidity.
  • And look, it’s sim-me! Justin: “Like a God.”Christina: “Who are you, again?” Ben: “He has wizard powers.”
  • I explain to Christina that she’ll never be the heir.
  • “Screw this!”
  • She leaves and the same thing is explained to Justin.
  • He acts cocky and leaves, too.
  • Everyone celebrates Ben being the heir and is really out of character. IDGAF, it happened. Now can we bring on generation five so I can get Pets? Starting…
  • So Ben moved home after graduating and got dressed.
  • He then started a salon to meet people.
  • “Uh… if I say you would make a great drag queen…” It was an epic fail.
  • He got engaged to one of his employees…
  • Who turned him down because she wasn’t actually an OFB sim.
  • So I made this prostitute named Leigh Ann Thompson.
  • She was willing to marry him and push out a couple of kids.
  • Their portraits.
  • Knocked up with #1.
  • Madi died.
  • This is just a friendly reminded of who in the main line is dead.
  • Birthin time!
  • Meet firstborn and the heiress: Ke$ha Almsburry. No, she isn’t on my iPod, but I felt like naming this kid this.
  • Next baby is being processed.
  • Ke$ha grew up.
  • Second baby time!
  • Rick Astley Almsburry was born as the spare.
  • Ke$ha became a whorish child.
  • Ben achieved his liftetime want. Add to the knowledge pile.
  • Toddler Rick.
  • Jihoon starts a new relationship all by himself.
  • Child Rick.
  • Teen Ke$ha, romance sim.
  • Teen Rick, also a romance sim.
  • He leaves for college.
  • Pets was then installed and the next spouse was brought in: Cyd Roseland. Also, Jihoon, Ben, and Leigh Ann became elders.
  • Ke$ha is now blonde.
  • They knock boots.
  • They get engaged.
  • They become newlyweds.
  • Oh look, terribly dark portraits.
  • Ke$ha and Leigh Ann achieve their LTWs (Leigh Ann is a pleasure sim so add one to pleasure and one to romance).
  • Ke$ha shows preggers signs.
  • Cyd achieves his LTW (add one to knowledge)
  • Bruno Mars Almsburry is born as the generation six heir.
  • Toddler Bruno.
  • Dead Jihoon.
  • Child Bruno.
  • Teen Bruno rolls Popularity. Seasons is now unlocked as he is the only G6 child.There, wasn’t that easy? No plot anymore, no mess, and two more generations complete. 4 more to go.