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The right to play 3

  1. 1. The Right to Play – Chapter 3Last time, we buzzed through all of generation three’s life and managed to getto the birth of the first couple of members of generation four. This wasn’t very special, but more happens in this chapter. Although unimportant, above features Lilly Allen Almsburry, Michelle Branch Kauker, Pierre GarrandAlmsburry, and Sarah Slean Kauker having graduated from college. Lilly and Pierre are the generation three spares while Michelle and Sarah are theircousins through generation two spare Chantal (who married Elizabeth Kauker whose name I forgot last chapter).To be fair to them (and to keep up neighbourhood continuity) they will all beplayed equally with the main house. You might see their kids pop up in future chapters, specifically Lilly’s.
  2. 2. In the Almsburry Estate, life was relatively normal following the MPREG births of Christina and Justin.
  3. 3. “Man-child, let us have another baby, this time through you, so you will be forever happy.” “Wonderful idea, Jihoon.” Levi and Jihoon continued to live in the early stages of matrimonial bliss.
  4. 4. Like any Family/Fortune couple before them with the powers of ACR [and intheir case MPREG], it was expected that the pitter-patter of little feet would be surrounding them for years to come.
  5. 5. Some years sooner than others.
  6. 6. Unlike her husband, Madeleine continued to work throughout elderhood. Asshe was promoted in her Natural Science career, she came across, how should it be put, a few oddities here and there. One of which was a cross-breedbetween a cow and a venus flytrap which she decided to bring home one day after work.
  7. 7. Jihoon took on a new career as a doctor and his influence as the former Mr. Big provided him with the easy opportunity to achieve his dream of being Chief of Staff. Jihoon is the first fortune sim to achieve his LTW therefore bringing us closer to unlocking Glamour Life.
  8. 8. It seemed as though the twins had only been alive for a couple of hours before it was time for their transition to toddlerhood, but a party was still celebrated by the family to honour them.
  9. 9. Christina began to show evidence of having her grandfather’s nose, therefore the same nose as Komei, while the rest of her features appeared to be inherited from Jihoon.
  10. 10. Justin, on the other hand, seemed to be an almost exact clone of Jihoon minus, perhaps, his cheeks.
  11. 11. “Nana,” soon after their birthday, both Justin and Christina were able to talk, “Who gonna be in charge like poppy and daddy are?”Madeleine smiled down at her grandson, “Well, we don’t know that, sweetie. It still has to be decided.”
  12. 12. Simultaneously, Justin and Christina began to bite their nails. “Stop it, you two; that’s a bad habit.”
  13. 13. “But Nana,” Christina pleaded, “we nervous cause we don’t know whose gonna be in charge of the fam’y. Is it gonna be me…”
  14. 14. “… or Justin, or bof of us?”“Again, darling, that has yet to be decided.”
  15. 15. Madeleine’s ‘cowplant’ began to show an apparent liking toward sim flesh.Luckily, there was an endless supply of nannies that came to the house while she worked, which provided the perfect meal.
  16. 16. Oddly enough, it had already been nine months since Levi had beenimpregnated. It’s a good thing that these children are spun out because who knows how they would get out of their fathers (…maybe a C-Section…)
  17. 17. Soon enough, the newest member of the family was born. Meet BenKowalewicz Almsburry; named after the frontman of Billy Talent. His birth song was Rusted from the Rain.Oh, by the way, the birth songs for Christina and Justin were Ain’t No Other Man and Sexyback.
  18. 18. Meanwhile…. “Must stay young forever.” Jihoon began to notice the wrinkles around his eyelids a few days prior andwas devastated. He was the original Mr. Big; he couldn’t become an old man!He had heard rumours that the milk of the cowplant would keep him forever young. For him, the death of the nanny was a miracle.
  19. 19. Birthdays galore were occurring throughout the house. All in the same day, Ben…
  20. 20. … Christina, …
  21. 21. … and Justin all grew to the next stages of life.
  22. 22. Oh look, remember what I said earlier about seeing the other family members in later chapters? Guess who this kid is? Meet Jacob Hoggard Hunt. His relation to the family? Jacob is the son of Lilly who is the daughter of Pierre who is the son of Winona. Jacob Hoggard Hunt is named after the frontman of Canadian band Hedley.
  23. 23. He’s also the friend of Justin. Just sayin’.
  24. 24. “Daddy,” Justin asked one night, “Which one of us will be the heir; me or Christina?”
  25. 25. “Son, it still hasn’t been decided yet,” Levi pleaded, “and don’t forget about Ben; he still could be the heir.”
  26. 26. “But daddy, what if something really bad happens and… he… isn’t old enough to take care of everyone? Who’d be the heir, then?”
  27. 27. “Justin, stop worrying about heirship!” Levi barked at his son, “I promise you that nothing bad will happen to me before I’m old and grey. Even if something did happen to me, your grandparents and daddy Jihoon can still take care of you.”
  28. 28. Justin stormed off leaving his father in a cross mood. Levi began to think tohimself about why his son would ever be concerned about such a trivial thing. Sure, back when he and his siblings were younger they asked their parents about who would take over, but that only happened once or twice. Justin asked about heirship every few weeks and frankly, Levi was annoyed.
  29. 29. It was surprising that the National Association of Nannies didn’t notice thedisappearance of their peers. More victims meant a well-fed cowplant and a well-fed cowplant meant more milk for Jihoon.
  30. 30. “Alright, I got an A+! This should totally impress everyone!”
  31. 31. “Look Jus, I got an A+!”“Yeah, I tried that, too. They don’t think grades are important for heirship.” “Darn.” “Yeah, turns out daddy Levi didn’t even go to college.”
  32. 32. Soon, the number of school-aged children in the house went up by one; Ben reached the age of a child.
  33. 33. But he wouldn’t be the last one. Jihoon’s new youth from the milk also camewith a higher libido which didn’t bother Levi in any way. One night, a lullaby was heard following nekkid time.
  34. 34. “Hey daddy,” Ben began to ask one night, “why isn’t daddy Jihoon getting older? Is he a vampire? Is he a ghost or something else really cool?”
  35. 35. Levi sighed, “I don’t know, buddy. I guess it’s just a perk of being the former Mr. Big.”
  36. 36.
  37. 37. “So dad, this is the new generation, huh?” Lilly asked after visiting her childhood home after work.Pierre plucked away at the bass a song that came naturally to him, humming words in French about jet lag, “You should say hello.”
  38. 38. Lilly decided to introduce herself to the first child that she saw running around the house, “Hello, I’m your aunt Lilly.” “Oh hi, I’m Ben. You’re hair is really pretty.” “Thank you, sweetie.”
  39. 39. “You wanna watch TV with me, aunt Lilly?”“Sure, but wouldn’t you want to hang out with your siblings or your daddies?” “No.”
  40. 40. “Daddy Jihoon and Daddy Levi are always in their room.”
  41. 41. “And Justin and Christina are always trying to show everyone why they should be the heir, but I don’t think it matters. All it means is growing up and then living here afterwards.” “Very true.”“But I don’t think it matters if you’re heir or not. You still get to live so it’s not like you’re gonna die if you aren’t heir. I think Justin and Christina are too worried about it and might do something extreme.”
  42. 42. “Grandpa, that song is great, canIbeheir?”
  43. 43. “Ben, here’s some advice that I’m going to give you: never give up being yourself. Your siblings are making a big mistake and will only wind up disappointed.”
  44. 44. /cuddle/
  45. 45.
  46. 46.
  47. 47. After the nine necessary months, a new baby was born into the family: Avril Lavigne Almsburry. Her birth song is Sk8r Boi.
  48. 48. “Oh no,” Christina whispered, “another kid. Now our chances of being the heir are even lower than they were before.”
  49. 49. “Calm down, Christi,” Justin snarled, “I have this under control. I know how we can still be the heir despite … him and the new one…”“How, Jus? I’m sick and tired of waiting for them to tell us who will take over.”
  50. 50. “The plan is really simple- get rid of dad.”
  51. 51. “Which one?”
  52. 52. “Levi, of course. Meet me outside tomorrow morning before school. I’ll explain everything there.” “Fine; tomorrow, 7:30, we talk.” …
  53. 53. “Alright, Jus, spill- what’s your plan.” “Well, first of all, we get rid of Levi and then we take over as the heirs.” “How?”“By being the only ones old enough to take charge, stupid! He became heir when he was a teenager, so we have to do the same.”
  54. 54. “Jus, that how was mean for both points. How do we get rid of da- ow!” Christina shouted as a cake shaped tongue slapped her forehead. “Simple…”
  55. 55. “… we have dad eaten by this lovely creature.” …
  56. 56. A couple months had passed since their conservation and soon Justin and Christina were ready for adolescence.
  57. 57. Christina Aguilera Almsburry rolled popularity.
  58. 58. Justin Timberlake Almsburry rolled fortune. It was time for their plan to take action.
  59. 59. “Daddy,” Christina used her best impression of a younger her, “could youcome outside real quick; Jus and I want to ask you about that strange plant.” “Sure, honey, by why not ask grandma about it?”
  60. 60. “Look to your left and you’ll totally have your grosstastic answer.” “Ah… well, I guess we should check it out.”
  61. 61. “Alright, you two, what is it that you wanted to ask me about this plant.”Justin smirked at his father, “Just if you could stand right next to it for the next few minutes.” “Wait, what?”
  62. 62. Justin and Christina jolted out of the perimeter before their father could react.Within this time, Justin had taken out a remote control and brought up a brick fence around his father and the plant. “Now we play the waiting game,” he chuckled at his sister.
  63. 63. “But he’s Captain Hero, Jus; can’t he just fly out?”“Christi, our plans have no room for logic in them, okay. Just accept the fact that Levi is trapped with the carnivorous plant.” “Got it… do you want to pig out on ice cream?” “Yes… yes I do.”
  64. 64. Levi stared down the cowplant and shook his head, “What the f#%*…”
  65. 65. By morning, Levi was starving and the cowplant had presented its tongue.
  66. 66.
  67. 67. And like a fool, Levi took the bait.
  68. 68. “Did you hear that?” Christina asked her brother. Justin did not have to answer instead pulling out the same remote anddropping the fence which no one else seemed to have noticed despite going up over night.
  69. 69. Jihoon jolted outside at the sound of the cowplant having been fed, “Ah, delicious nanny milk.”
  70. 70. “Daddy Jihoon, what the hell?”“Look, Christina, I need to stay young forever and-““No, but you do realize that was daddy Levi, right?” “WHAT?!”
  71. 71. “That was his scream, did you not hear it?” “No…. no, no, no, no, no!” “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.”
  72. 72. “I just… how?”“He must have taken the cake.” “I…”
  73. 73. Jihoon ran over to the newest grave, “Oh God, why?” …
  74. 74. “So do you want to tell them, or should I?” Christina asked her brother. The pseudo-twins had called a family meeting as soon as Jihoon had returned inside. He, however, was not in attendance. Sobs could be heard from his locked room. “Let’s just hurry this up.”
  75. 75. “Alright everyone, with Le- I mean daddy Levi now dead because of someone’s careless error to bring home such a plant, we have decidedamongst ourselves that the best solution is to declare Christina and I the heirs of the generation,” Justin said with a hint of glee in his voice. “It is only the most logical solution.”
  76. 76. “We will be able to bring forth generation five earlier than Ben and Avril because we are older.”
  77. 77. “And we can lead this family in the right direction.”
  78. 78. “Besides, we have been the most valiant about heirship so it might as well be us.”
  79. 79. “You cannot deny that.”
  80. 80. “Any questions?”
  81. 81. Ben shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Something about this entire situation just didn’t sit right with him, but he was too afraid to ask the pseudo-twins about what had really happened.Pierre and Madeleine remained silent as well. The news that their middle son,their heir, was dead shocked their nerves in a way that they had never before felt.
  82. 82. Avril didn’t know any better. She had never really known her daddy Levi so his loss went unnoticed by her.
  83. 83. “Nana!... Nana, why you cry?” Avril pecked her grandmother on the cheek.“Nana is sad because she caused something terrible, dear.” “Av’il always gonna love you, nana.” “Thank you…”
  84. 84. After a few weeks since the death of Levi and the self-isolation of Jihoon, Benwanted answers. He knew his father better than that- he would never take the bait of that plant, no one in the family did. “Don’t worry, Av, I’ll figure this out.”
  85. 85. “What Ben talk about?”
  86. 86. “Can you believe how easy it was to get rid of dad, Jus? I mean, he should have suspected that we would try and do something like that to get the heirship and…” “Shh, Christi… Ben can hear you.”
  87. 87. “Who gives a rat’s ass if Ben can hear us? We’re the heirs now and nothing will stop that.”
  88. 88. A wave of anger came over Ben. He wanted to call the police, but what couldthey do? There was no proof other than what he had just heard that his father had been murdered and that tidbit could easily be denied by the pseudo- twins.He suddenly remembered what his aunt Lilly had told him years ago: never stop being yourself and that heirship would disappoint his eldest siblings because of how much they cared for it.
  89. 89. “Hey, just a thought, but did you guys know that, according to legacy rules, there can only be one heir per generation?”Justin and Christina stopped dead in their conversation. It was Christina who spoke first, “Well, between us, I should be the heir because I have the most musical ability.” “Oh hell no, Christi; I should be the heir because I do everything around here!” …
  90. 90. Ben Kowalewicz Almsburry rolled knowledge. So I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. All things considered, it was fun to play. One thing to note, I originally didn’t want there to be any sort of plot,but I changed my mind after considering how this will not be something thatlasts very long. OFB will be installed once Avril is a teenager which is still a ways away. Please note how obvious it is who I want to have as the heir.