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Seventh chapter, a plan is put into action and we see the beginning of generation five.

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S3L 7

  1. 1. S3L – Chapter 7 Generations 2, 3, 4 and 5
  2. 2. Now that Laura was a child, Luke took the opportunity to explain to her what had been going on in the Legacy for the past few generations. Luke told her about their great-grandfather, the founder, wanting an entire line of all-male heirs and how only Owen would be able to fulfill that wish. He also explained to her that Owen was going to continue a fake legacy in the family home while either himself of Laura would continue the actual legacy elsewhere. “ So which one of us is gonna do it?” Laura asked. “ Well- uhm… maybe it could be me?” Luke lacked confidence in his voice, “Or maybe you. Yeah, probably you’d be best.”
  3. 3. Meanwhile, Owen had decided that it was his duty to lie to the ghosts of both his mother and great-grandfather and tell them that he was the heir. The first on his list was his mother as she had been less pushy in trying to get him to be the heir as all her actions had been indirect. “ Mom,” Owen cleared his throat, “Everyone’s been talking and, well, we’ve decided to comply and make me the heir.” Janny raised a ghostly eyebrow, “Sweet heart, that’s…suspicious. When did you all decide this?” Shit! Owen thought. He hadn’t even considered how suspicious their plan was. They had thought that their plan was so well mapped out. “ During the day time. Yeah, that’s when we decided all of this.”
  4. 4. “ Then tell me, Owen, what’s stopping Luke and Laura from having children? Do you kids really think that we’re that stupid? Sure, you can live here and father a son for your great-grandfather, but that doesn’t stop Sophie’s brats from continuing the legacy.” “ I… we…” “ You weren’t thinking. Now Owen, you do make mother very proud, but sometimes I feel like I went through all that pain for nothing.”
  5. 5. “ Mom-” “ Owen Wilson Legacy, you do not know what I had to put up with so you could be born! That woman you call an aunt tried to kick me out and have you live somewhere other than the family home because these ungrateful bastards that take care of you wanted her to be the heir. So no, you can’t just be the heir, you have to make sure that Sophie’s spawn don’t ever breed. She was not the heir, so she should not have any children. Understood?” “…” “ Owen Wilson Legacy, you will answer me when I have asked you a question!”
  6. 6. Owen looked down at the floor and swallowed a hard gulp. He hadn’t thought of any of this. He had thought of the entire situation as being a simple illusion of his heirship, but it was more complicated than that. “ OWEN!” “ I- yes, mom. I’ll make sure that my cousins don’t have children.”
  7. 7. “ Good. You make me so proud, my little muffin! I cannot wait to tell your great-grandfather that you have joined our side on things. He will be so proud!” “ Yeah.. It’s wonderful,” hot tears were streaming down Owen’s face, “I’m… so proud of myself.” Owen wanted to scream. He was afraid. What could he do now to let either Luke or Laura continue the legacy. As long as Ajay and Janny’s ghosts were wandering around town at night watching over the descendents of the legacy, he wouldn’t be able to lie and say that neither Luke or Laura were having children of their own. They would find out. And who knew if the deceased of other families were in cahoots with Ajay and Janny? Who in this town could be trusted?
  8. 8. Owen continued to ponder all of this while the family took a vacation to China. There was no one here that could try and stop Luke, Laura and himself from figuring out what the next move was. Unfortunately, due to various things the family wanted to do, he never got a chance to explain to them what Janny had forced him to promise.
  9. 9. All of this thanks to Sophie needing to complete her lifetime wish by becoming a Martial Arts master.
  10. 10. When the family returned, a certain ghost had been waiting so he could converse with Owen. Once everyone else had gone inside, Ajay pulled Owen to the side to get a chance to hear the news for himself. “ So I heard that they’re letting you be the heir,” there was an evil grin on his face, “Sounds odd to me that Sophie would approve of this considering how hard she tried to get everyone to give her that title.” “ Well, yeah, but everyone else is completely fine with it. Aunt Sophie, wow, what a nutcase. And I’ll make sure that Laura and Luke don’t have any kids. You know, so that way you’re happy that Sophie can never continue to the 10 th generation.” Ajay’s smile faded, “Well, no. I’m perfectly okay with those two having kids. It’s just so long as you have a son and he has a son and so on until the 10 th generation that I’ll be happy.” “ But, my mom said…”
  11. 11. Some of the legacy family members began to exit the house, “Kid, forget what Janny is telling you. I just keep her around because I thought that she and I had similar goals. She wants you as the heir to spite Sophie and I want you as an heir because you’re a fully male descendent.” Owen paused. At least this meant that he didn’t have to tell Laura and Luke that they had to breed in secrecy. But something about what Ajay said didn’t make any sense, “Ajay, why do you need a line of pure male descendents?” Ajay paused. He didn’t like this question. He looked around the yard hoping that he could find an answer.
  12. 12. “ Women are stu-” “ No they aren’t, Ajay. That excuse can’t hold up. What’s the real reason?” “ I… I just don’t like…I’m a misogynist. Okay? Is it that hard to understand?” “ But.. why?” “ I just hate women. I don’t know why, but I just do. That’s why I want an entirely male line; because I can’t stand the idea of a woman being in charge of my legacy. There’s no reason for it, but it’s still the reason.” Owen had to admit, it did make sense.
  13. 13. In the Legacy house, not all of the attention was being focused on heirship. Luke Legacy had begun to think about the world of dating. Heather Beatty lived down the street from the family and was quite excited when Luke had asked her out. Of course, they had been friends since they were young children, so it was only natural that they would one day become a couple.
  14. 14. Because of their previous relationship, it didn’t take long for them to become intimately close. A kiss doesn’t mean that Heather is easy, just that they have known each other long enough for the situation to be natural.
  15. 15. Sophie’s transition from young adulthood to adulthood occurred shortly before Laura’s transition into adolescence.
  16. 16. And, of course, nothing really changed.
  17. 17. Laura’s transition into adolescence was a very neutral one. No strange outfit or haircut, a positive trait, and a pretty face.
  18. 18. Laura grew up to be a natural cook. In total, she is an artistic, grumpy, technophobic natural cook. Laura remained in the “traditional good girl” outfit that she had been sporting since childhood.
  19. 19. Now that all of the children in the Legacy house were teenagers, it became obviously necessary that they discussed the prospect of heirship with each other. “ So Laura,” Owen began, “We probably should fill you in on what’s been going on. Well, to begin-” “ I already know about our family’s founder, Owen, “ Laura said sternly, “There’s no need to remind me.”
  20. 20. “ Ajay wants only males as the heir, uncle Steven got himself killed because of it, mom took over the legacy and Ajay got mad. Now he wants you, Owen, to be the heir because any male descendents of your will continue Ajay’s wishes. I just don’t see why we need to have an heir chosen out of Luke and I-”
  21. 21. “ Laura, what if I only have daughters?” Owen asked bluntly, “According to you mom, Ajay will stop the legacy if I don’t have a son and if I do, he doesn’t have a son and so on. We need to make sure that one of you continues the legacy elsewhere so that Ajay can’t destroy everything.” “ Owen, none of this really makes much sense,” said Luke. “ What do you mean?”
  22. 22. “ Well, how is Ajay going to ‘destroy us’ if you don’t have a son and he has a son and so on? Secondly, why does it even matter if you are made the heir instead of one of us?” “ Because my dad lost his life to make your mom the heir, and we need to respect that. We can’t let Ajay get what he wants.” “ But aren’t you, by living here, just giving him what he wants?” “ Nope, because I have a plan.”
  23. 23. Luke and Laura got up and began to leave, “Wait, where are you guys going?” “ Listen Owen,” Laura’s voice had no energy, “none of this really matters. By staying here, you ARE giving Ajay what he wants. Unless you plan on not having any children or just have female descendents, then you aren’t defying him.” “ But, that is my plan…” Luke looked at Laura, “So, if one of us leaves town and starts the legacy over, then it would work…”
  24. 24. “ So, then which one of us is going to be the heir, Luke?” “ Well, I’m dating Heather so…” Laura grimaced. She knew what this meant. It was her job to be the heir and she couldn’t escape it. She was the only one that could do it. It was up to her…
  25. 25. “ I’ll do it, guys,” Laura said, “I’ll be the heir.” It was from that day forth that Laura became the official heir for the fourth generation. It was up to her to make sure that Ajay wouldn’t get his way and the work of Steven and Sophie wouldn’t be a complete waste. Laura didn’t want to show it, but she was scared. Who wouldn’t be? Heirship was a huge responsibility for a legacy sim.
  26. 26. Throughout the past few chapters, very little attention has been focused on generation two heir Avery Legacy. So I decided to take a photo of him playing the guitar (which he’s awesome with because he mastered the skill decades ago).
  27. 27. Luke Legacy made it his job to explain to his mother, Sophie, the plan that the generation four children had made surrounding the heirship. “ So mom, Laura is going to be the heir,” Luke said using hand gestures to get the words out, “But Owen is going to continue to live here so that we can trick Ajay into thinking that he’s the heir.”
  28. 28. Sophie frowned, “Your plan sounds very useless. What does it matter that Laura is the heir if Owen is living here to trick Ajay into thinking he’s the heir?” Luke bit his lip, “Mom, didn’t Ajay say that if Owen doesn’t have a son then he will end the legacy? If Laura has left town, then she can continue the legacy so that it reaches the end and none of this will go to waste.”
  29. 29. Sophie pulled Luke into a tight hug, “You kids make me so proud. I knew you’d eventually find a logical way to deal with this.” “ Uh, mom, I think you’re breaking my back… and the fourth wall.”
  30. 30. Life went on the legacy house while everyone waited for Owen to eventually become a young adult and they could put their plan into action.
  31. 31. “ I’m a random child with the last name Legacy!” Meet Judson Legacy, the second child of Scarlett and Emil (Keaton) Legacy. He’s a generation four cousin.
  32. 32. Everything was going wonderfully until one day… “ Uh, creator voice author thing, I’m starting to sparkle!” It was time to say goodbye to our generation 2 spouse, Dusty (Bachelor) Legacy.
  33. 33. *BOOM* Dusty sighed, “I guess it’s time.”
  34. 34. Of course the family was sad at the lost of a wife, mother, grandmother and friend.
  35. 35. Death was happy that he had another to add to it’s collection.
  36. 36. And a new plot was added to the family graveyard for the generation two heir/spouse graves.
  37. 37. Following the death of Dusty, it was time for the family to celebrate the birthday of Shan Legacy as he transitioned into elderhood.
  38. 38. The transition was nothing special. Shan, as an elder, sported a mismatched suit and was able to retire from his medical career.
  39. 39. The same night as Shan’s transition was Owen’s transition into young adulthood. As the eldest member of generation four, Owen’s transition marked the beginning of the end of the generation and the first steps in the creation of generation five (thus bringing us to the halfway point of the legacy).
  40. 40. The newly adult Owen looked remarkably like his father, Steven. His final trait rolled was that of a computer whiz. “ Dude, you’re a nerd.” “ Yeah, well it’ll help in becoming a Super Spy.”
  41. 41. Shortly following his transition, Owen shaved his head and found that he needed a pair of glasses (which Shan prescribed for him). All in all, Owen is a brave couch potato who is a daredevil, a workaholic and a computer whiz. His dream in life is the become an International Super Spy.
  42. 42. The next morning, Owen found himself outside of the original family home where a new family was living. Now that he was a young adult, it was time to put the plan into action. The first step of course was to find a wife who could help make him a father. Maybe then Ajay would think that he tried his best and he could buy Laura some time to continue the legacy elsewhere.
  43. 43. A young woman walked out of the house and approached Owen, “Are you the man I was talking to over the internet?” she asked. “ Yeah, you must be Ada Briody,” he smiled, “You’re very pretty.” Ada began blushing, “Come inside.”
  44. 44. Ada and Owen began undressing themselves inside of the house. Online, Owen had explained the situation to Ada. She agreed to help out of the goodness of her heart. She, having lived in a house full of the paintings of generation two’s Avery Legacy, she had felt a connection to the family ever since she was a child. Ada was excited to meet the Legacy family and become a part of it.
  45. 45. Ada and Owen married in the same room as Ajay and Tamara did all those years ago. Owen laughed through the private ceremony picturing the look on Ajay’s face if he knew how much of a kick in the pants it was that the entire family was undermining his wishes and beliefs.
  46. 46. Back at home (the newer one), Avery was putting away his old guitar. For the first time in ever, his neurosis was not affecting his behaviour. He felt calm and prepared. He knew what was coming and was perfectly fine with it.
  47. 47. “ Creator voice author, I’ll miss you!” But you can always come back as a ghost. “ Yeah, but… I know that when I was a kid, I said that I hated you but I was just angry back then.” I know. “ Did I do a good job as heir?” You’ve done a wonderful job, Avery.
  48. 48. “ Goodbye everyone. I love you all!”
  49. 49. Avery Legacy passed on to his death. Avery was the final member of generation two to pass on. His sister, Rebecca, and her husband, Sam, passed away a sometime during the previous update.
  50. 50. So, in the end: Avery Legacy and Dusty (Bachelor) Legacy Died at 96 and 93 respectively. Avery the son of Ajay and Tamara, Dusty the daughter of Simis and Jocasta. Avery the brother of Rebecca, Dusty the sister of Micheal and Bella Parents of Scarlett, Steven, Sophie and Penelope Grandparents of Owen, Luke, Laura, Jonathon, Judson, Joyce, Keven, Quiana, Rasheed, Tracey and Jocelyn.
  51. 51. Following the end of generation two, it was time for the birth of generation five to begin. Ada and Owen realized that they did love each other and were willing to work together… intimately.
  52. 52. On the final Friday before Laura had to leave town forever, she held a schoolbook in her hand and contemplated finishing the work. Now at 18, she had a lot of things on her mind like “where to go” and “how would she get there”. She put the schoolbook back in her bag and folded her hands. “ I don’t know if I can do this,” she whispered to herself.
  53. 53. “ NO, don’t tell yourself that. You can do this, you have to do this… but how. How were mom and uncle Steven able to pull of their plan with such ease and grace. But where can I go to escape great-grandpa Ajay? Where would be a place that he couldn’t find me?”
  54. 54. A thought came to Laura’s head of the perfect place she could live out her life. If you follow the river that leads into Sunset Falls, you’ll find a rather large farming town. It wasn’t far away, but Laura knew that it was her best option.
  55. 55. Outside of the Legacy home, one of our pesky ghosts had come for her second pesky visit this chapter. Janny looked absolutely shocked when she saw what was going on in the house. “ This is impossible, they have to be bluffing.”
  56. 56. “ Owen, sweetheart, I cannot believe that you were telling the truth this entire time,” Janny said coyly, “So Sophie’s spawn won’t be breeding?” Owen gulped, “Uh, Ajay said that they could have children of their own, just that that if I don’t have a son, we’ll all be destroyed.”
  57. 57. “ Oh, I guess that if it’s what Ajay wants, then it’s fine.” “ Yeah..” “ But what if you don’t have any children on purpose?”
  58. 58. “ Don’t worry…”
  59. 59. “ Ada is pregnant, so let’s all hope that it’s a boy.” “ Son, I am so PROUD OF YOU! I knew you were going to grow up and be a good boy.” Owen grimaced, “Yeah… love you too, mom.”
  60. 60. It wasn’t long after the unfortunate visit with Janny that the family took the time to celebrate the last birthday of the chapter. Luke was now in his final moments of adolescence and was ready to move out of the house and move in with Heather Beatty (spelt it wrong eariler).
  61. 61. And the final trait rolled of Luke Legacy was that of an Angler. In the end, his final decision for a lifetime wish is to have the perfect aquarium.
  62. 62. <ul><li>In the end, this makes Luke: </li></ul><ul><li>Friendly </li></ul><ul><li>Grumpy </li></ul><ul><li>Vegetarian </li></ul><ul><li>Coward </li></ul><ul><li>Angler </li></ul><ul><li>Wants a perfect aquarium </li></ul>
  63. 63. “ This…is an awkward goodbye,” said Laura as she packed up all of the clothes she could find, “I love you, Luke. I’m going to miss you.” “ Well, I hope life turns out well for you. Mom said that she’s going to call you every week with updates on life here in Sunset Valley…where are you going, anyway.”
  64. 64. “ I found an empty lot in a rich neighbourhood of a town called…”
  65. 65. “ Riverview.” Upstream from Sunset Valley lies Riverview, a town divided up by the river that runs through the mainland and creating islands where various gathering buildings are located. It is where the official legacy will take place for as long as necessary. Go to the next page to see what happens next…
  66. 66. Ada grunted in the middle of the night, “LUKE, IT’S COMING!”
  67. 67. When Ada left the hospital, she came out with a little boy. Owen’s heart sank, his plan had already fallen on it’s ass. “ Owen, we need to give him a name.” “ How about Cole Legacy?” “ Sure. Cole sounds nice.” Cole Legacy was born as an athletic genius.
  68. 68. And so ends another chapter of S3L. We’ve said goodbye to generation two and said hello to generation five. To sum it up, Laura is the heir and has left town to continue the legacy while Owen is pretending to be the heir in order for Laura to have time to escape (which he had given her). Now that Cole has been born, it seems like nothing will stop Ajay from getting what he wants. There is only one three ways that Cole will be able to stop Ajay from getting what he wants (and one of them will only depend on pure luck). So until next time, PEACE EVERYONE!