S3L 6


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Family moves forward, kids realize how to take back control.

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S3L 6

  1. 1. S3L – Chapter 6 Generations 2,3 and 4
  2. 2. Last time, Steven Legacy’s death gave rise to Sophie Legacy as the generation three heir. But through a series of impossible events, his newly widowed and now late wife, Janny, gave birth to a son named Owen. Sophie Legacy and her husband Shan Frio Legacy became the legal guardians of Owen before they had a son of their own (Luke Legacy). In the spirit world, deceased founder, Ajay Legacy, got wind of Owen’s birth and came to visit the family on his transition into toddlerhood to inform them that he wishes for Owen to be the generation four heir as he continues the line of all male descendents. It also became known that Ajay is working with Janny to achieve his success (Janny helping him because she wants to see her son take over the legacy). And that’s what happened. Now on to chapter 6.
  3. 3. Nearly all of Shan Frio Legacy’s young adulthood had been dedicated to his work. Now that he was married to legacy heir Sophie Legacy, he had decided to put some of that aside to help in raising their children (including Owen). Luckily for young adults, when they become adults nothing can change. Except for a few more wrinkles, but there was no need to worry about all of that.
  4. 4. With her days as a teenager drawing to a close, Penelope “Penny” Legacy had decided to stay out after curfew to see a movie. Unfortunately for her, the officers of Sunsent Valley are very strict when it comes to the protection of their youth and she was forced to pay a fine for her behaviour. For some reason, this author is glad to live where he does.
  5. 5. On the night that Luke became a toddler, the family realized that it wasn’t just their youngest that was doing a bit of growing; it seemed as though a titular slide had been a bit necessary in showing a certain legacy heir become pregnant once more.
  6. 6. Owen Legacy looked down at his younger cousin Luke, “You got bigger!” Luke giggled and pointed to the crayons. “ Oh, I can teach you how ta draw,” the older boy smiled and began scribbling something with a crayon labelled as ‘Burnt Cyan’, “Now you try.”
  7. 7. Luke, instead of grabbing a crayon, picked up a red pyramid block and began chewing on it. His looked up at his cousin for approval, but instead saw Owen shake his head. “ No, silly. You build with the blocks. Watch me do it!” The two boys played endlessly. It was as if the cousins were actually twins. Not literally, of course, but metapysically.
  8. 8. Time in the Legacy household slowly, but surely, progressed and soon Dusty Bachelor Legacy’s birthday was upon us. Her transition into elderhood would mark the last of generation two entering the final phase of life. It was exciting for everyone in the family to see.
  9. 9. Dusty grew up into an outfit that was, well, let’s just say that it was not too appealing. It made this writer remember Christmas. But in the end, we were able to find Dusty a nice outfit that can remind us all of bumblebees…or just not make us throw up.
  10. 10. Shan took a lot of interest in raising Luke. Being able to teach a young mind how to grow and do everyday things made Shan feel wonderful about himself and made him feel proud to be a father.
  11. 11. The months flew by and soon the Legacy family was blessed with a new addition: Laura Legacy. I want you to take a moment to think about the names; Owen, Luke and Laura. If I were to say Wilson, would you understand the naming scheme? Owen and Luke Wilson are actors and are brothers while their mother’s name is Laura Wilson (nee Cunningham) and is a photographer. Our Laura is a grumpy and artistic.
  12. 12. Shortly after the birth of Laura, it was time for the legacy family to celebrate Owen’s transition into childhood. Owen grew up into the daredevil trait, previously held by his great-grandmother, Tamara.
  13. 13. Unfortunately for us, a certain someone was aware of Owen reaching childhood and took it upon himself to make a friendly introduction. “ Cool, mister! You’re all shiny, like the statues at the art museum,” Owen said in awe of Ajay, “Wait, I’ve never been to an art museum.” “ Never mind that, kid; I’ve got some news for you,” a wide grin appeared on Ajay’s face.
  14. 14. Owen’s eyes widened as the ghost of Ajay spoke to him, “Listen kid, you’re aunt Sophie isn’t meant to be the heir of my legacy. I chose for your father, my grandson Steven, to be the heir. Because you’re his only descendent, that means that you are the heir of the legacy.” Owen scrunched up his nose; something in the way that Ajay phrased his ‘news’ came off as a bit fishy, “Well, don’t legacies usually have spares in case the heir can’t do their job?”
  15. 15. Owen began scratching the back of his head, “So… wouldn’t aunt Sophie be a spare?” “ Yes.” “ But because my dad died, someone from group of siblings had to become the heir.” “ No, because he died while your mother was pregnant with you.” “ But someone from his group of siblings had to become the heir apparent to fill his place and raise me because my parents are dead… right?” “ Well, my son and daughter-in-law could have raised you- LISTEN KID! You are my heir. You are not trying to get out of this like your father did!” Owen paused.
  16. 16. Owen looked up at Ajay with a frown, “Well, if my dad didn’t want to be the heir, then why did you force it on him?” Ajay began to frantically make hand gestures trying to explain his points. He was silent. Everything was silent. The only think that broke it was the sound of a raccoon knocking over a garbage can somewhere in the distance. Ajay sighed, “Look, I’ll be frank with you, kid. I didn’t have a choice. I need a male heir and he was the only one I had. Now, you’ll probably think that I’m being sexist-” “ What’s sexist?” “ But I just don’t think that a female heir is the right fit. When you’re older you’ll understand that women can be difficult.” Owen looked puzzled, “But girls are nice. I don’t see why you don’t like them.” Ajay began to be pulled back into the grave, whispering something along the lines of , “One day you’ll see.”
  17. 17. Once Owen was back inside the house, Penelope Legacy rushed down the stairs, “Owen, whatever he told you, don’t listen to a word of it.” Owen began to laugh, “Don’t worry, Aunt Penny. Great-grandpa Ajay sounded like a crazy old man. I know that my dad wanted aunt Sophie to continue the legacy instead of him.” Sophie’s eyes widened and Dusty began to chuckle.
  18. 18. “ Mom, back when Owen became a toddler, Ajay said that the legacy would end if Owen doesn’t have kids… or only daughters. I can’t exactly remember.” Dusty groaned, “Sophie, don’t let him get to your head. He’s a complete jack- I mean he’s just rude.” “ Yeah, but-” “ Sophie, you are taking him way too seriously!”
  19. 19. While Dusty and Sophie continued their conversation, Owen had something that was echoing through his mind, “ The legacy would end if Owen doesn’t have kids…or only daughters… ” It was so obvious how they could stop Ajay from harassing them; all they had had to do was have Owen live in family home and continue the family name while the actual legacy continues elsewhere. Ajay would just assume that the family have finally succumb to his will. Owen couldn’t believe that no one had thought of it yet.
  20. 20. Over the next few days, the family experienced a series of birthdays for Penelope, Luke and Laura.
  21. 22. Luke Legacy developed the vegetarian trait (as shown by his organic clothing).
  22. 23. Laura didn’t really changed that much and retained her traits of being artistic and grumpy.
  23. 24. Penelope Legacy developed her final trait of being friendly. This makes her a clumsy loner, who is absent-minded and loves the outdoors while remains friendly. Her lifetime wish is to be a creature-robot cross breeder.
  24. 25. Penelope Legacy moved out of the family home in order to marry Mortimer Goth’s son, Sebastian Goth. Penelope broke tradition in the Legacy family and took on Sebastian’s last name. **Note** This probably is the best time to explain that there is a glitch in my neighbourhood where I can’t move any sims out to live on their own. I can, however, break up households, but I didn’t realize this until after this generation was over…ssshh…
  25. 26. “ Tonight on CelebChefTV, Martha Simart will show you how to make the perfect decorative gingerbread houses for the holidays. ” Luke groaned, “Ooooweeen, can’t we watch cartoons or something?” Owen looked at his cousin and frowned, “No, they’re distracting. I need your full attention for this.”
  26. 27. “ You know how we’re a legacy family, right?” Owen asked. Luke nodded in response, “Well, that ghost that keeps popping up on my birthdays, our great-grandpa Ajay, says that I’m supposed to be the heir. But I’m not because your mom was the heir for her generation after my dad died.” Owen paused, “Luke, are you even listening?” “ Those gingerbread houses look really yummy…” “ LUKE!”
  27. 28. “ Yeah, whatever, something about a ghost. Look, we don’t need to worry about it-” “ Yes we do. Our great-grandpa isn’t something that going to go away until he gets what he wants. Either you or Laura need to be the heir and continue the actual legacy outside of this home while I stay here and keep a fake legacy going.” “ Okay, you’re like, 11; you really shouldn’t be spending so much time trying to find ways to stop our mean great-grandpa from making life sucky for the heirs of the legacy.”
  28. 29. After a long, awkward pause, Luke spoke up again, “Look, I’m sorry, Owen. But we really shouldn’t need to worry about the legacy. You’re 11 and I’m 7. This can wait for at least another 5 years.” Owen sighed, “Maybe you’re right, Luke. But your mom and grandma are so upset about everything.” “ Mom’s upset…?” “ Yeah, I just wanted to help them.”
  29. 30. Luke cleared his throat, “Maybe, when Laura is older, she can help us figure out how we’re going to act on your plan.” Owen’s face went pale, “You mean it? You’ll actually help me stop our great-grandpa?” “ Of course.” Luke was lying. His gut told him that he would be completely useless when it came to this plan, but he had to put on a brave face. Of course Owen was right in that they had to actually do something to put a stop to Ajay, but Luke knew he wasn’t going to be the one that would do it.
  30. 31. But stopping Ajay was put in the back of Luke mind. He entire conscious mind was focused on a little girl that lived up the street from him. Heather Beatty had dark skin and long blonde hair. After her father left (and moved across the street), Heather was left in the care of her aging mother. It was rare for another sim to take interest in her, so she took the opportunity to become friends with Luke. The two children got along famously. Soon they were the best of friends and nearly inseparable. Who knows, maybe they’re meant to be more…
  31. 32. Life in the legacy home progressed slowly during the next few weeks. Laura learned how to talk which pleased everyone around her. Her relatives found it cute whenever she said “no” to everything that they asked. Luke became rather interested in studying different kinds of fish after a school project asked him to examine the favourite lures of minnows. He didn’t like the idea of people eating the fish, but being able to share his favourite fruits and vegetables with them was something that he enjoyed doing.
  32. 34. After his teenager transition, Owen developed the workaholic trait. He also managed to grow a bit of a beard in a few short minutes…if you consider that a beard. I mean, look how tiny it is.
  33. 35. During the last few days of Laura’s toddlerhood, the family made sure that she was fully prepared for life as a child. They provided her with all the necessary things she could use to skill, made sure that they had taught her how to walk and use the potty, and did everything they could to make her one happy little girl.
  34. 37. Laura grew up into a very… interesting child. Everyone expected her to be a genius, but instead she became a technophobe. Under further investigation, it seemed like a certain game player wanted his sims to have more interesting traits instead of being perfect.
  35. 38. As for Luke, he grew up into a cowardly teenager. It seems like dealing with the plot won’t be the only thing he’s afraid of…that..that wasn’t a very good joke….please move onto the next slide.
  36. 39. <ul><li>So, you’re probably wondering to yourself, what the hell is going on in this story. I’m trying to communicate it as best I can, and I know, I’m failing it. So here’s a recap: </li></ul><ul><li>Ajay our founder is a sexist pig who only wants male heirs </li></ul><ul><li>Generation 3’s Steven didn’t want to be the heir, so he passed it on to Sophie and offed himself by being cursed by a mummy, but not before impregnating his wife with a son (Owen) </li></ul><ul><li>Ajay and Steven’s wife, Janny, want Owen to be the heir. Ajay because he only wants male heirs and Janny because she is pissed off that she didn’t get to live in legacy luxury. </li></ul><ul><li>If you’ve seen the heir poll, you know who won and who’s going to be the heir… </li></ul><ul><li>So the kids for this generation are: </li></ul><ul><li>Owen Legacy (Steven’s son) – Couch Potato, Brave, Daredevil, Workaholic, (trait yet to be rolled) – Wants to be an International Super Spy </li></ul><ul><li>Luke Legacy (heir/spare) – Friendly, Grumpy, Vegetarian, Coward, (trait yet to be rolled) – Want unknown </li></ul><ul><li>Laura Legacy (heir/spare) – Artistic, Grumpy, Technophobe, (trait yet to be rolled), (trait yet to be rolled) – Want unknown </li></ul><ul><li>See you next time :D </li></ul>