Weekly bulletin no. 5 r.c. trujillo san andres


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Weekly bulletin no. 5 r.c. trujillo san andres

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Weekly bulletin no. 5 r.c. trujillo san andres

  1. 1. Rotarian WindowN° 05 1
  2. 2. Rotarian Window ROTARY CLUB TRUJILLO SAN ANDRESJr. San Martín 240 – 246. Centro Histórico – Trujillo – Perú Meetings every friday at 21:00 hrs. Bulletin Edition Rotarian Window Year I Edition N° 03 / September 28, 2012 Bulletin’s Director-Editor Francisco S. Espinoza Orrego Writer Luis Phang Romero Photography: CleliaIberico Arana Ricardo Barrantes G. Design and Translation: VaniaPhang Polo DIRECTIVE COMMITTEE 2012 – 2013 President: Mario JohnyMoralesPortilla 1er. VicePresident: Juan Chávez Chávez 2do. VicePresident: Marlon Castro Mendoza Secretary: Luis Phang Romero Assistant Secretary: Walter Watanabe Morillas Treasurer: Clelia Iberico Arana Assistant Treasurer: Guillermo Pesantes Ibáñez Chaplain: Carlos Montenegro Poémape Assistant Chaplain: Martín Bustamante Meza Past President: Elsa Olivera de Montenegro COMMITTEE OF SERVICES Administration: Ricardo Barrantes G. Family of Rotary: Esduardo Rodríguez Torres Club Service: Luis Phang Romero Public Relations: José Nakamine Zúñiga Rotarian Foundation: Luis Ramos Susuki New Generations: Nancy Díaz de Ramos Instructor: Marcos Vilca Sangay President of The Woman’s Committee: Liliana Novoa de Morales 2
  3. 3. Rotarian WindowEDITORIALDear rotarian friends:Rotarians are so varied just like the reasons as to why we approach Rotary.Mostly everyone remembers their first special momment in Rotary – that momentthat as if touched by lightning you become a member of a club to a Rotariandevoted to our cause. I love to hear these stories and know what attracted eachpartner to our institution. For some it meant a rotary Office, project or aConvention. For me, the moment came listening to the guest speaker at a weeklymeeting of the Rotary Club of Yashio, almost two years after I joined.I am a founder and member of my club, thanks for the invitation of the foundingPresident. At that time I knew little of Rotary and service was nothing more thana non-concept. I had just arrived in Tokyo to Yashio, and knew few people. Ifigured that Rotary would be a good way to build friendships and enhance mycompany, and since I respected a lot the person who I hosted, I decided to join.The two first years, to be honest, we did very little. Each week going to themeeting, had lunch and listened to the guest speaker. Paid dues and madedonations to the Rotary Foundation, but I was not participating in any serviceproject; and so, he had no idea of the concept of the service.All of this changed a week when the guest speaker talked about the servicethrough the occupation. The idea seemed new. Until that moment, I had thoughtlittle about the trajectory of my life and the reason for which I had created my ownbusiness, to which I devoted every second. I had never stopped for a moment tosee if my job would have a deeper purpose.My attitude towards work changed completely when I understood the concept ofthe service through the occupation. I realized that there is something beyondsimply making a living. Our purpose must be to contribute to the well-being of thecommunity and make it stronger after helping people to live better. When Iunderstood the concept of service before yourself, my life was transformedforever – and I placed firmly on the road to a life consecrated to the Rotaryservice. This is my special moment in Rotary.SAKUJI TANAKA.President R.I 3
  4. 4. Rotarian Window THIRTEENTH ORDINARY MEETING. Friday, October 05, 2012. Time 09:30 pm. Place: Residencial Sanchezcarrionista (AEAS) . Av. Moche 990.In the residential facilities of Sanchez our PGD C.R. Francisco S. EspinozaCarrionista Moche Av. 990, time being Orrego.09:45 p.m. counting with the appropriatequorum, our President Mario opens the In the report of the Secretariat, our C.R.meeting by thanking the presence of the Past President Luis Phang Romero,CC.RR.s attendants and Rotary ladies. read out parts of the previous meeting,Greetings to the flags were in charge of as he reported not receiving documentsthe CC.RR.: this week. Peru´s national flag: C.R. Martín Our treasurer, C.R. Clelia Iberico,Bustamante Meza reported shipment of personal Treasury R.I.´s Flag : C.R. Francisco S. reports via e-mail to each of theEspinoza Orrego partners. Trujillo´s Flag : C.R. Diana Simons Continuing with the Agenda at the pointThe prayer was done by our C.R. Diana of service activities next our PresidentSimons. Mario reported on making the medical campaign in the area of Taquila in Las Delicias. Our President stated that in the Free Tribune we see what concerns a the probable dates of the medical campaign and called on partners to participate actively in service activities. In information Rotary, the C.R. Nancy Díaz de Ramos and Silvia Sánchez Piérola, reported on the visits made to the possible areas that would be Opening of the meeting by our benefited with the club service activities, President CR Mario Morales Portilla Stating that they had the support of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo andNest up our mace-bearer C.R. Carlos non-governmental organizations grant.Montenegro, welcomed Rotary Therefore considered to reconsider andcolleagues who were integrating, at the locate new zones to conduct servicefriendship of our club table, as well he activities, in places that do not havewelcomed our Rotary lady Pilar Díaz, support from the public or privateand he thanked the virtual presence of entities. 4
  5. 5. Rotarian WindowOur CR Marcos Vilca proposed that the It was our weekly raffle, which yieldedclub service activities are channelled to the following results:areas outside of the city of Trujillo due to Contribute: S/. 48.00 (16 participants)the fact that in the city the population is Winner: C.R.JoseNakamine Zúñiga.already receiving support from various. Provider of the gift was the C.R. RicardoThen following the cycle of exhibitions of Barrantes Gutiérrez.training to the members of the club, wetried the interesting topic "Credit cards"in charge of our CR RicardoBarrantesButiérrez. Our C.R. Carlos Montenegro gives away the raffle prize to the CR Jose NakamineOur C.R. Ricardo Barrantes presenting hisilustrative theme on ¨Credit Cards¨ Without any other point more to treat,The exhibition unveiled the unknowns of our President Mario concluded thethe partners on the proper use of credit session, not without first thanking Rotarycards, characteristics, and also told us colleagues who carried out greetings toabout how banks benefit from the lack of the emblems, community prayer, and ofinformation from its users. all colleagues and present Rotarians.Members also conducted various You were to share a snack offered byquestions that were acquitted in detail our Past President Luis Phang.by our C.R. Ricardo.Our mace-bearer C.R. CarlosMontenegro, at the time of fellowship weproceeded to remind us of the birthdaysand anniversaries of the month from ourC.R.s, Rotary ladies and children ofRotarians. In addition a recognition wascarried out to our President Mario, for"The day of medicine".REFLECTIONS 5
  6. 6. La Ventana Rotaria 6
  7. 7. La Ventana Rotaria 7
  8. 8. La Ventana Rotaria PARTNERSHIP COMMITTEEGreeting to the CC.RR. and families for celebrating their onomastics: 07-10-2012 D.R. Rosario Montenegro de Morante 08-10-2012 C.R. Luis Barrantes 08-10-2012 Vania Phang Polo 09-10-2012 Santiago Martín Espinoza Vargas Machuca. 11-10-2012 Juan Carlos Montenegro. “The great works of the institutions dream them crazy Saints born fighters executed take advantage them of the sane happy criticize them the chronically futile”. LAO TSE LAUGHTHERAPY 8
  9. 9. La Ventana Rotaria Próxima Reunión del Club ROTARY CLUB “TRUJILLO SAN ANDRÉS” DISTRICT 4460 FOURTEENTH ORDINARY REUNION Friday, October 12, 2012. Time 09:30 pm. Place: Residencial Sanchezcarrionista (AEAS) .Av. Moche 990.1. OPENNING OF SESSION : President of the Club C.R.: Mario Morales Portilla.2. GREETINGS National Flag : C.R. Luis Ramos Susuki R. I.´s Flag : C.R. Clelia Iberico Arana. Trujillo´s Flag : C.R. Elsa Olivera de Montenegro.3. COMMUNITY´S PRAYER C.R. Nancy Díaz de Ramos.4. AGENDA:  Secretary´s report.  Treasurer´s report.  Diabetes screening campaign October 20: Plazuela El Recreo.  50 years of Interac.  Place for meetings.  Free Theme: Hiperactivity in kids. Exhibitor: C.R. Silvia Sánchez Piérola.5. MOMMENT OF PARTNERSHIP: C.R. Carlos Montenegro Poémape 5.1 Birthdays of the week: 08-10-2012 C.R. Luis Barrantes 08-10-2012 Vania Phang Polo 09-10-2012 Santiago Martín Espinoza Vargas Machuca. 11-10-2012 Juan Carlos Montenegro. 20-10-2012 C.R. Luis Phang Romero6. CLOSING OF SESSION : President C.R. Mario Morales 9