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J Boy first year at pre-school 2012

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Digital portfolio Jakob Corse-Scott

  1. 1. Jakob Corse-Scott Goodstart Early Learning Tuggerah Learning Journal 2012
  2. 2. WelcomeJakob is settling in well and hasquickly built a trusting relationshipwith Adam. He seeks comfort in thisnew relationship as he exploresand engages in the learningenvironment.Through play Jakob’s confidence isgrowing as he engages inexperiences.
  3. 3. Enjoying BooksEnjoying a moment of solitude, Jakob sits down and opens a book . He hasselected a scratch and touch book about trucks. Each picture has a texturedarea for sensory exploration. Jakob began to scratch the page after Adamhad scratch and pointed out the area on the page. Jakob then began turningthe pages of the book and looking for other textured areas to scratch. Afterfinding each one he would close the book and look at Adam. Once Adamhad acknowledged what he had found, Jakob re-opened the book andbegan searching for textured areas again and again.
  4. 4. Cause and Effect Jakob discovered a wooden green frog maraca in the musical instrument basket today. He approached Adam holding the frog out toward him. Adam took the frog and began to shake it. Jakob then took back the frog and investigated it for some time. When encouraged by Adam to shake it, he began to shake it in the air. Jakob was excited by the noise he could make and smiled happily as he continued to shake the frog.
  5. 5. Cognitive DevelopmentJakob sat quietly investigating the yellow and blue rings. He took the bluering in one hand and placed it down over the pole. He repeated this actionwith the yellow ring then sought acknowledgement from Adam for hisachievement. Jakob then removed both rings from the pole and repeatedhis early actions. He displayed satisfaction when his efforts wereacknowledged by Adam.
  6. 6. Strong Sense of IdentityRecently during group time Jakob and hispeers enjoyed a cake cooking experience.Today Jakob role played his cookingexperience with Adam. Using an emptybutter tub as a bowl and finger puppets forhis ingredients Jakob set out to make hisown cake.Jakob placed the finger puppets into hisbowl then using a wooden spoon began tomix the puppets around in the bowl.Jakob is displaying his new skills holding thewooden spoon to stir and his ability totransfer the skills and knowledge he learntin our group cooking experience.
  7. 7. WellbeingIn exploring his environment Jakob is showing increasingly developingmotor skills. Today while confidently moving around and through hisenvironment, Jakob discovered a curtain which had a play centre andother toys behind it. Jakob pulled the curtain back to investigate whatwas behind it. He then began to manoeuvre himself behind the curtainand bang on the buttons of the play centre .Jakob then moved back from behind curtain and looked at Adam,pointing behind the curtain at what he had discovered.
  8. 8. Fine Motor SkillsAdam placed 5 small blocks sittingrandomly on the mat next to a cushion.Jakob placed his blanket down on themap and sat down on the pillow andpicked up one of the blocks.After examining the block, he thenplaced it down on top of anotherblock. Adam began to sing “Build it up”to which Jakob’s face lit up with a giantsmile.Jakob then reached for a secondblock and held onto it. Adamcontinued singing and encouragedJakob to build a big tower.Jakob then placed the block on top ofhis tower, making it 3 blocks high.Jakob looked towards Adam, clappinghis hands and laughing.
  9. 9. Exploring (with a Carrot)The educators put of some soft climbing blocks and created anobstacle course for the children to navigate across. Jakob wasenthusiastic and decided to carry a carrot on his adventure. Holding thecarrot in one hand Jakob climbed up onto first block. He then crawledacross onto the u shape block and pulled himself to his feet.The entire time Jakob maintained a strong grip on the carrot. He isdemonstrating his ability to combine gross and fine motor skills toachieve more complex movement.
  10. 10. Dramatic PlayJakob approached thedramatic play area and lifted adoll out of the high chair. Hethen carried the doll over andlaid it down on the table.Jakob was then observedtaking a fry pan and specularfrom the shelf. Jakob thenturned around to the doll andbegan to feed the doll usingthe specular. After severalspecular of food for the doll,Jakob then began to feedhimself from the fry pan.
  11. 11. Outdoor PlayJakob joined his friend Jacob in thesandpit and began to investigateone of the green buckets. He liftedthe bucket up, tipping sand all overhis legs. Jakob clapped and wentto lift the bucket again.Adam handed Jakob a shovel sohe could fill the bucket up withsand again.Jakob is more active in seeking outnew experiences and is showingmore confidence with outdooractivities.
  12. 12. LearningJakob sat up at the painting tableto join in car wheel paintingexperience. He took hold of thecars that had their wheels dippedin paint and began to drive thecars over the paper. Back andforth he pushed the car. He thenswapped the car for another andenjoyed adding car tracks onanother colour. Jakob clearenjoyed this activity showinghappiness and laughing
  13. 13. Self Help SkillsThrough out the day weencourage the children toengage in self help skills. At mealtimes Jakob is confidently using hisspoon with increasingcompetency to feed himself.Jakob now wants to feed himselfwith out any assistance from hiseducators. This showindependence and his displaysdetermination when faced withdifficulty. He is also starting to usehis new skills to select fruit from thefruit bowl during meal times.
  14. 14. Community Jakob is developing strong social skills and enjoys engaging in cooperative play and group experiences. His confidence continues to grow as he explores the wonder of his environment and interacts with his peers in play situations. He displays sharing behaviours when investigating with his peers.
  15. 15. IdentityDuring dramatic playJakob responds to newsituations and shows theability to mimic theactions of other. Duringplay he found a haircomb and withencouragement beganto comb his own hair.Jakob uses play toinvestigate to furtherdevelop his knowledgeof the world around him.
  16. 16. CommunicationJakob is beginning to use more verbal forms ofcommunication. During an art experience Jakob wasenthusiastic and was not reserved in expressing his enjoymentduring the activity. Jakob pointed and used baby languageto show his educator what he had achieved while painting.
  17. 17. Exploring through playJakob approached thebead puzzle and began toexamine the beads on thewire. He then took hold of afew beads and began topush them along the wire. Excited by his success in moving the beads he placed down the toy he was holding and began to push bead on a different wire. Jakob is showing improved competence with his fine motor skills
  18. 18. 12 Month Analysis December 2012Children have a strong sense of Identity:Jakob engages in and contributes to shares play experiences. He showsinterest in other children and being a party of a group. He has establishedand maintains respectful and trusting relationships with his peers andeducators. Jakob displays a strong sense of belonging and demonstratesincreasing confidence and self-identity as he approaches play situationsand new experiences. As in Erickson’s theory of ‘trust verses mistrust’.Children are connected and contribute to their world:Jakob displays confidence and uses play to investigate and explore newexperiences. He builds on his own social experiences and feels safe withnew experiences and social interactions. Jakob enthusiastically exploresrelationships with other living and non-living things and is beginning todevelop and broaden his understanding of the world he lives on.
  19. 19. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing:Jakob is a happy and positive young boy who actively seeks out newchallenges and displays satisfaction and excitement when making newdiscoveries. He demonstrates awareness of his contribution to sharedprojects and learning experiences. Jakob displays increasingly complexpatterns of movement through a combination of fine and gross motor skillscompetency. Increasingly he demonstrates improved and defined skills tomanipulate equipment and manage tools. Jakob has demonstratedincreasing independence and competence in personal hygiene, care andself help skills. As in Dewey’s theory of hands on approach.Children are confident and involved learners:Jakob enjoys investigating, exploring and engages in all types ofexperiences. He is confident and curious participant in his learning anddemonstrates the ability to transfer learning from one experience to others.Jakob uses play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas. Hedemonstrates competence in manipulation objects and experimentingwith cause and effect. He is confident and extends on his own interestswith energy and enthusiasm. As in Piaget’s theory of sensorimotor stage ofdevelopment.
  20. 20. Children are effective communicators:Jakob engages in enjoyable interactions using both verbal and non-verbalforms of communication. Increasingly he is beginning to use more verbalcommunication to respond to experiences and situations. Jakob respondswith enthusiasm to stories and is continuing to grow and build on hisexpressive and receptive language skills.