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Session2 sw hs industry in syria  current situation and prospects (mohamad housam alsha’al -planet energy services and consulting)
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Session2 sw hs industry in syria current situation and prospects (mohamad housam alsha’al -planet energy services and consulting)


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The Solar Thermal Applications workshop …

The Solar Thermal Applications workshop
24 - 25 March, 2009

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  • 1. Energy Services & Consulting SWHs Industry in Syria Current Situation & prospects Workshop on Solar Thermal Applications in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan Cairo 24 - March - 2009 Eng.Mohamad Housam Alsha’alwww.planet– , , Tel: +963 11 221 55 12 , Fax: +963 11 221 55 31
  • 2. Energy Services & ConsultingContent:• Energy Main Indicators in Syria• Solar Energy Sector Assessment• Market Evaluation• Promoting Regulations and Financial Programs
  • 3. Energy Services & Consulting Energy Indicators in Syria in2007:Items Units ValuesPopulation Million 19.4Total Energy Demand M TOE 23.5Oil Products M TOE 17.5Natural Gas M TOE 4.5Hydro Energy M TOE 0.9Biomass Energy M TOE 0.6
  • 4. Energy Services & Consulting Distribution of Primary Energy Demand in Syria By Sector in 2007 Transport Agriculture 5% 21% ResidentialIndustry 19% 7% Building & Construction & Commercial Electricity 4% Generation Oil & Gas Facilities Electricity Demand by sector in 2007 38% 6% losses governmental Industry 15% facilities 30% 4% Electricity Commercial 8% Agriculture 4% Residential 39%
  • 5. Energy Services & Consulting Solar Energy Potential in SyriaThe averageglobal horizontalsolar radiant fluxin Syria isapproximately5 kWh/m2/dayor1.8 MWh/m2/Year Mean Annual Daily Radiation on Horizontal Surface Wh/m2
  • 6. Energy Services & ConsultingSolar Water Heating Technology, History and Current situation:Syrian Arab Standards and hteenths Syrian Standard in the mid of eig for SWHs Metrology Organization Now in p (SASMO) rogress developing new SWHs standards about 300,000 m2 till 2008,Installed Capacity of SWHs 100,000 m2 of them installed last three years has been trying to disseminateNational Energy Research Center SWH applications through (NERC) execution many pilot projects 2006 NERC executed SWHs in Ibn Alwalid hospital in homs with total area 130 m2 of collectors A big SWH project is being implemented now in Almwasah hospital which is the biggest hospital in Damascus The area of collectors is 1400 m2
  • 7. Energy Services & Consulting one year ago the energy Syrians start thinking for alternatives, carriers prices increased SWHs is the best available proved especially diesel and electricity technology in the local marketIn General:Solar water heating are the most RE common technology in Syria for many reasons: - There are many manufacturers and importers of SWHs. - Prices of water heating solar systems is nearly reasonable. - The average solar radiation is about 5 kWh/m2/day. - SWHs are easy to install and enough experience is available. - Savings appear directly especially in the governmental side.Efforts is being concentrated to seta national strategy with a target of installing that will encourage the100,000 m2 annually especially in national SWHresidential and commercial sectors industry to be improved.
  • 8. Energy Services & Consulting SWHs Industry: small workshops with an annualabout 25 production capacity about 100 DSWHsmanufacturing SWHs large factories with an annual production capacity about 20,000 m2Ministry of Industry established this factory leaded the market forthe Solar Energy Factory in 1982 many years with well made flat plat collectors open circuit systemsthe DSWHs manufacturingis affected by the evacuatedtubes systems which are this changed the SWHs marketimported from China withlower prices, some of the balance during last years.national manufacturers startedimporting this technologynext to their product
  • 9. Energy Services & ConsultingR&D Institutional Framework : Resource and energy planning Higher Planning Council (HPC) and in Syria are organized by Supreme Energy Committee (SEC) Since 1998, some of activities in the field of renewable energy Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) were attached to in 1994 the first Solar Atlas, and Scientific Studies and Research Centre The first Solar Collector test (SSRC) Facility have been submitted byEstablishing special departments regarding RE technologies There are cooperation programs All Syrian Universities between local and international universities to enhance RE&EEsubjects at the educational stages.
  • 10. Energy Services & ConsultingR&D Institutional Framework : National Energy Research CentreBuilding the state of art SWHs test facilityCreating the needed strategies &Financial tools to disseminate SWHsto install 100,000 SWHs annually (NERC)Implementing a lot of pilot projects indifferent sectors as mentioned aboveConducting feasibility studiesregarding the use of SWHCooperate with SASMO toset the new SWHs standards
  • 11. Energy Services & ConsultingMarket Evaluation: SWHs Local Companies: The number becomes greaterthere are about (25) Manufacturer during the last three years and more than (50) Importers this number is growing day by day in parallel with SWHs demand using completely local materials Manufacturing companies (flat plate technology). using local and imported materials Manufacturing companies (flat plate and evacuated tubes technologies) mainly working in Importing companies (evacuated tubes technology)There are no special companies for installation of SWHsthe installation process performed by the manufacturers or the importers.
  • 12. Energy Services & ConsultingMarket Evaluation: Prices The average price for a typical SWHs for a family consist of 3-5 persons with installation costs of accessories is Up to 60,000 S.P (960 €) About 35,000 S.P (560 €) For flat plate system For evacuated tube system market confusion about the differences between the two systems, this could not be avoided because of the absence of a certification system Business Organizations There are no effective business organizations concerning SWHs market or companies, but we can say that three business organizations are involvedIndustrial Chambers Commercial Chamber Engineers Syndicates
  • 13. Energy Services & ConsultingMarket Evaluation:Market DriversEnergy prices: the lower subsidies the higher activity market when the government announce forGovernmental programs: a program to promote solar water heaters the demand of these became greater.SWHs prices: the lower prices the higher demand during exhibitions or such similar eventsCompanies special offers: such as free installation or sales.Financial incentives: like banks program for special soft loans for SWHs,Awareness Campaigns
  • 14. Energy Services & ConsultingSWHs Sector Barriers in the performance of SWHs, Lack of consumer trust whereas no quality assurance Lack of space / huge of satellite dishes which architecture impediments occupy most of roof’s areas, Lack of financing No bank loan effective programs options and Incentives no conducive policies to promote RE developments Lack of collateral No government programs No cooperation between public and private sectorlimited scope for R&D institutionsGenerally subsidies on oil and gas
  • 15. Energy Services & ConsultingPromoting Regulations and Financial Programs the law is the first one promoting EE&RE in Syria“Energy Conservation Law” this law obligates engineering offices which design and Construct new buildings or establishments to install SWHsIn 2004 NERC established theNational Project for DSWH setsin the cooperation With the expected area 20000 m2industrial bank, Agency for Installed area 1400 m2Combating Unemployment, The project didn’t succeed becauseand local manufacturers the low income of the employeesThe project based In the payment and the energy low pricesin instalment solar thermal sets toall governmental employees
  • 16. Energy Services & ConsultingPromoting Regulations and Financial Programs this policy concentrated on theAs a result of the mentioned government subsidy to expandproject NERC suggested a new solar applications, the proposalpolicy for solar thermal have been discussing in theapplications in residential sector government for 2 years and it expected to be adopted soonThe Syrian commercial bank presents soft loans with an interest rate of 2% for SWHsSome private banks in cooperation with some companies alsooffered loans for SWHs (exp. Audi bank in cooperation with Altawfeer Co.
  • 17. Energy Services & Consulting ConclusionThe vision clarify that the SWHs sector has its all components, these components needed to be refined, developed and well directed,this could achieved by providing a direct support and active cooperation between all players.
  • 18. Energy Services & Consultingwww.planet– , , Tel: +963 11 221 55 12 , Fax: +963 11 221 55 31