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Rcreee regional renewable energy conference 2010 enabling the desertec_concept
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Rcreee regional renewable energy conference 2010 enabling the desertec_concept


RCREEE Regional Renewable Energy Conference - February 4, 2010

RCREEE Regional Renewable Energy Conference - February 4, 2010

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  • 1. DiiDesertec Industrial InitiativeEnabling the DESERTEC ConceptThorsten MarquardtProject Office ManagerRCREEE – Regional Renewable Energy ConferenceFebruary 4, 2010Sheraton Hotel Amman, Jordan Page 1
  • 2. Solar power has been recognized ahead of time „ Id put my money on the sun and solar energy. „ Id put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! What a source of power! II hope we dont have to wait til oil and coal run out hope we dont have to wait til oil and coal run out before we tackle that.“ before we tackle that.“ Thomas Alva Edison, 1847-1931 Thomas Alva Edison, 1847-1931 Page 2Pictures: Abengoa Solar, Solar Millenium, ABB
  • 3. The deserts of the earth offer excellent irradiationconditions for large scale solar power generation Solar irradiation globally Excellent Very good (> 2,200 kWh/m2/a) (> 1,800 kWh/m2/a) Good Not suitable (> 1,400 kWh/m2/a) (< 1,400 kWh/m2/a) Source: Solar Millenium, iset, DWD, BMU, Solaraccess, BUND Naturschutz Page 3
  • 4. DESERTEC concept is leading vision forDii - Desertec industrial Initiative Vision: Providing North Africa, the Middle East and Europe (MENA) with a sustainable supply of renewable energy by the year 2050 Developed by the Club of Rome’s TREC Initiative (Trans- mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation)Source: DESERTEC Foundation Page 4
  • 5. DESERTEC is leading concept forDii – Desertec industrial Initiative Basic assumptions and facts Make use of renewable, mainly solar, energy from the deserts, the biggest energy resource available on earth More than 90 % of the world‘s population are living in areas that are less than 3,000 km away from deserts and thus could be supplied with solar power Holistic approach Integration of renewable energy and transmission grids Socio-economic developments Extensions to water supply, growing biomass etc. The DESERTEC concept supports EU and MENA government initiatives on energy and climate protection (such as Mediterranean Solar Plan) Page 5
  • 6. Dii consortium: enable Desertec implementationin the MENA region Consortium of 12 companies and the DESERTEC Foundation on 30/10/2009 Started with German, Spanish and Algerian shareholders. Additional shareholders and associated partners from MENA and EU are being acquired Mission – Long term objective: Cover a substantial part of the MENA electricity demand and 15% of the European demand by 2050 Create acceptance and conditions enabling investments Connecting cultures and people Creating a regulatory framework Enabling feasible investments Page 6
  • 7. Main objectives of Dii until 2012 Focus areas of Dii within the next three years: Regulatory and Regulatory and Creating acceptance and willingness in MENA and EU. Analysis legislative legislative environment environment and negotiation of a favorable legal and regulatory framework Roll-out Roll-out Over all long-term strategy until 2050. Investment and financing plan plan guidance Concrete Concrete reference Origination of early reference projects in order to demonstrate the reference projects projects feasibility of the concept Additional Additional E.g: Survey on availability of primary energy, technology survey, studies studies market analysis (new investors) Page 7
  • 8. Dii can add value to the region – and needsregional support Dii contributes Dii might ask for • Technological and industrial • Acceptance and willingness to expertise and skills enable DESERTEC concept • Project development • Support for development of reliable regulatory framework as • Support for industrial basis for investments development of MENA countries with development of • Close cooperation with local market design industry • Financing capability • Financing capability Page 8
  • 9. Dii is technology open – and technologies are existing Power generation from sun and wind CSP CSP Concentration of sunlight by mirrors and transformation into heat Concentrating Concentrating Power generation by steam turbines Solar Power Solar Power Heat storage enables base load capability PV PV Direct conversion of sunlight to electric energy (photoelectric effect) Photovoltaic Photovoltaic Large fields with trackers aligned to sunlight Power Power No storage facilities, but sharp learning curve! On- and offshore wind farms Wind Wind Less space needed, but higher power volatility Power Power Desert capabilities Long Distance Power transmission by High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) HVDC HVDC Power transmission over large distances High Voltage High Voltage Selected reinforcement of existing transmission grids Direct Current Direct Current Design for EUMENA supergrid Page 9Pictures: Solar Millenium, ABB, Siemens
  • 10. Challenge: be economically feasible – break evenwith conventional power is crucial Accelerated cost Accelerated cost degression of degression of CSP, PV, wind and HVDC CSP, PV, wind and HVDC systems systems Break-even of Sahara Break-even of Sahara energy compared with energy compared with conventional power: conventional power: Between 2020-2030 Between 2020-2030 Rising environmental Rising environmental Rising fuel prices Rising fuel prices costs costsSource: German Aerospace Center (DLR) Page 10
  • 11. Proposals for a Mediterranean ring connectingMENA with EU support DESERTEC conceptSource: Euro-Mediterranean Energy Fourm Page 11
  • 12. Renewable potential is huge – much higher thanMENA total demand by 2050 > 630,000 600,000 How does a How does a Solar Electricity in TWh/a sustainable Mix sustainable Mix look like? look like? Geothermal 10,000 Hydro 8,000 Wind Biomass 6,000 Wave / Tide MENA 4,000 Europe 2,000 0 Demand 2010 Demand 2050 Potential of Renewables Source: German Aerospace Center (DLR) Page 12
  • 13. Dii is about connecting people Page 13