Addressing Diabetes in China
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Addressing Diabetes in China



Presentation of a strategic approach to the growing problem of diabetes screening, diagnosis and care in China

Presentation of a strategic approach to the growing problem of diabetes screening, diagnosis and care in China



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Addressing Diabetes in China Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The J&J Diabetic Vitality Program Addressing the Growing Problem of Diabetes in China Ray Costantini Emily Jantz Jarrett Payne Beth Roser Drew Smith TEAM CERES INNOVATION
  • 2. A Daunting Problem
    • At least 30 million diabetics in China
    • 70-90% are undiagnosed
    • At least 21-27 million undiagnosed Chinese diabetics - likely many more
  • 3. A Different Perspective
    • Increasing the diagnosis rate by only 10% means that more than 1 million additional Chinese diabetics will have the opportunity to be treated
    These Challenges Provide Opportunity Chinese character for both “Adversity” & “Opportunity”
  • 4. Barriers to Diagnosis
    • Lack of Public Awareness
    • Even among health care providers
    • Volume
    • 5-7% prevalence
        • Diagnosis of 1M requires screening 20M
        • Time consuming and impractical
        • Expensive
  • 5. Requires a System of Intervention 2. Screening 3. Diagnosis 4. Education 5. Retention 1. Awareness Vitality Centers EZ Read Test Strips
  • 6. EZ Read Diabetic Screen
    • Simple reagent-based urine diagnostic test
    • High levels of sugar in the blood lead to sugar in the urine
    • Performed at home (FOBT model)
    • Principle used in the past to monitor treatment effect
    What is it? Similar device designed to test for urine protein
  • 7. EZ Read Diabetic Screen
    • Very low cost - established technology
    • Easier than a home pregnancy test
    • Completely non-invasive
    • Highly limited non-diabetic positives
    • Bypasses lack of awareness - brings screening to the patient
  • 8. Distribution
    • Bringing screening to the patient
    • Provide EZ Strips in heavily trafficked pedestrian areas
    • Verbal instructions and education
    • Printed instruction & disease information
    • Provide free J&J branded products - bandages, pens, etc.
  • 9. From Screening to Diagnosis
    • Provide location of local Vitality Center in the event of positive test strip results
    • Additional incentives offered at Vitality Centers
      • Positive EZ Test Strip results
      • Diagnosed with diabetes
        • Glucometer test strips?
        • “ Razor and blades” model?
        • Diabetic product “coupon books”?
    Follow-up at Vitality Centers
  • 10. Diabetic Vitality Centers (Emily)
    • This is a description of the Vitality Centers
    • Additional source of undiagnosed patients via word-of-mouth
    • Potential function as Co-op center
    • This describes how the patients would be referred to health care providers for follow-up
  • 11. Cost Analysis
    • 20 million People tested
    100 million Total test strips needed $1 million Total production costs $1 Cost per new diagnosis Test Strips x 5 Test strips per person x $0.01 Cost per test strip ÷ 1M Number new diagnoses
  • 12. Cost Analysis
    • 20 million People tested
    x 5 Test strips per person 100 million Total test strips needed x $0.05 Cost per test strip $5 million Total production costs ÷ 1M Number new diagnoses $5 Cost per new diagnosis Test Strips
  • 13. Cost Analysis
    • Low cost
        • Simplicity of structures
        • Low cost staffing
    • Self-sustaining through retail function
    • Cost sharing through partnering
    Vitality Centers
  • 14. Value Proposition
    • Patient and Community
    • Earlier diagnosis
    • Less complications and disabilities
    • Better medical outcomes
    • Resources
    • Improved productivity among controlled diabetics
    "We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well." - Johnson & Johnson Credo
  • 15. Value Proposition
    • Health Care Providers
    • Increased referrals and larger patient base
    • More able to effect change
    • Less time spent on patient education means more time available for treatment
    "We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients...” - Johnson & Johnson Credo
  • 16. Competitive Advantage
    • Dramatically larger consumer base for J&J diabetic products
    • Increased consumer brand recognition
    • First mover advantage into undiagnosed population
    • Strengthened healthcare provider and government relations
    • Easily transferable to other developing markets...
    "Business must make a sound profit. We must experiment with new ideas. Research must be carried on, innovative programs developed… New equipment must be purchased, new facilities provided, and new products launched." - Johnson & Johnson Credo
  • 17. Competitive Advantage (Continued)
    • Easily transferable to other developing markets...
    • India?
    Estimated 22 million undiagnosed diabetics...
  • 18. Implementation
    • Number of newly diagnosed diabetics as a percentage of EZ Read kits provided
    • Relative utilization of various Vitality Center locations
    • Rate of diabetic complications among newly diagnosed diabetics
    • Number of successful physician referrals
    • Number of diabetic supplies sold
    • Change in Market Share, Sales & Profits
    Metrics of Success
  • 19. Implementation Plan Initial Steps Partnering, Technology Acquisition, Design and Production 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Vitality Center Partnering EZ Test Strip Design & Production
  • 20. Implementation Plan First 6 Months Test Strip distribution sites chosen based on Vitality Center locations 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Beijing Vitality Center Site Selections EZ Test Strip Distribution Site Selection
  • 21. Implementation Plan Second 6 Months Begin staffing and training 1-2 months prior to initial EZ Test Strip distribution 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Initial Vitality Center Completion EZ Test Strip Distribution Staffing & Training
  • 22. Implementation Plan Year 2 Notes on this phase go here 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Evaluation, Feedback and Adjustment First 6 Months of Operations
  • 23. Implementation Plan 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Second Phase of Beijing Vitality Centers Expand to Second Major Chinese Metropolitan Area Years 3 through 5 Continued Feedback, Expansion and Refinement throughout China Evaluation of India Sites?
  • 24. Implementation Plan
    • Partner with major insulin production company
    • Design and production of EZ Test Strips
    • Site Selection of initial Beijing Vitality Centers
    • Initial EZ Test Strip distribution site selection
    • Vitality Center staffing and training
    • Design and completion of initial Vitality Centers
    • Initial distribution of EZ test strips
    • Evaluation of Success Matrices with feedback and adjustment
    • Second phase Vitality Centers and EZ Test Strip distribution
    • Evaluation for India Vitality Center and EZ Test Strip Distribution sites
    Schedule (I’ve left this in as a reference only)
  • 25. Conclusion
  • 26. Question and Answer