Twin Cities Eloqua User Group - April 30, 2013


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Summary presentation for the monthly Twin Cities Eloqua user group held the last Tuesday of every month at the Relationship One office - for more information.

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Twin Cities Eloqua User Group - April 30, 2013

  1. 1. Twin Cities Eloqua User GroupApril 30, 2013
  2. 2. today’s agendaAnnouncements Case Study Cloud ComponentDemos
  3. 3. today’s agendastart endUpdates Ask theConsultantsOpenDiscussionAnnouncements Case Study Cloud ComponentDemos
  4. 4. Updates & Announcements
  5. 5. updates and announcements‣ R1 is still growing!‣ Tess Dyer, Associate Consultant‣ Jim Cummins, Developer‣ More positions to fill‣ Business Intelligence Architect‣ Marketing Automation Consultants (multiple locales)‣ R1 is an Oracle Gold Partner‣ Denver User Group is in the works
  6. 6. Spring Release Highlights
  7. 7. spring release highlights‣ The good‣ Multiple image upload‣ Manage Hyperlinks in Editor‣ Lock elements on Engage templates‣ New Lead Scoring filters‣ The beta‣ HTML WYSIWYG editor‣ Facebook “like gating”‣ New Insight dashboard designs‣ The ugly‣ Still 48+ known issues
  8. 8. spring release highlights‣ Next Service Pack is May 5th, fixes‣ Email Overview by Agent report error‣ Total Visits by Visitor drill down error‣ Opt-out confirmation page not configurable/editable‣ Field Validation not running for field below multi-select field‣ Saving a segment with Global Unsubscribe “As of Now” does not save‣ Can not change “User can export data” to Yes
  9. 9. Client Case StudyErik Weitzel - Rasmussen
  10. 10. Cloud ComponentDemos
  11. 11. cloud component - Form Population‣ What is it?‣ Allows for pre-population of a form that exists on the landingpage.‣ Works with “known” visitor data.‣ Field types supported: text, check boxes and multi-select 
  12. 12. cloud component - Form Population‣How to Enable‣Setup‣Cloud Components‣Form Population‣Enable‣Topliners:
  13. 13. cloud component - Form Population‣How to Use‣Add to page‣Save page‣Double click to configure‣Log in‣Configure the steps‣Resize as needed
  14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL |cloud component - Static HTML‣What is it?‣Embed service onto your page, by allowing you to paste in a snippet of HTMLcode.‣Other connectors for YouTube videos, embedding maps and other webservices.‣What about those who don’t have a connector?‣The Static HTML app allows you to leverage all of the power of Eloquas landingpage editor, as well as allowing you to easily embed content from othersources. 13
  15. 15. CONFIDENTIAL |cloud component - Static HTML‣How to Enable‣Setup‣Cloud Components‣Find Static HTML‣Enable14
  16. 16. CONFIDENTIAL |cloud component - Static HTML‣How to Use‣Add to page‣Save page‣Double click to configure‣Log in‣Paste into content section‣Resize as needed‣NOTE: You will not see your embedded content in the editor, you will need topreview to see it15
  17. 17. Ask The Consultants
  18. 18. Open Discussion / Social TimeREMINDER: Next Session - May 21
  19. 19. 8009 34th Avenue South, Suite 300Minneapolis, MN 55425P: 763.355.1025E: info@relationshipone.comW: