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Twin Cities Eloqua User Group - March 26, 2013
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Twin Cities Eloqua User Group - March 26, 2013


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Summary presentation for the monthly Twin Cities Eloqua user group held the last Tuesday of every month at the Relationship One office - for more information.

Summary presentation for the monthly Twin Cities Eloqua user group held the last Tuesday of every month at the Relationship One office - for more information.

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  • 1. Twin Cities Eloqua User Group March 26, 2013
  • 2. today’s agenda start end Intros Why & What How Q&A
  • 3. the first step is admitting it... My name is Frank.‣ Name I have a data‣ Organization problem.‣ Eloqua Customer for how long‣ What you hope to gain from this training
  • 4. why should I care?‣ Reputation
  • 5. why should I care?‣ Segmentation
  • 6. why should I care?‣ Lead Scoring
  • 7. why should I care?‣ Reporting Minnesota Brrrr... Land  of  10,000  Lakes MN Cold  Country The  state  that  fired  Tubby  Smith Minn Minesota
  • 8. why should I care? $$$$$ “An organization with a strong commitment to data quality can produce nearly 70 percent more revenue than a company with only average data quality procedures.” - Sirius Decisions
  • 9. what should I care about?‣ Standardization ‣ data matches your standard values‣ Validation ‣ complete data and formatted correctly‣ Completeness ‣ adding new records or appending to existing ones
  • 10. how do I begin?step  1:  iden?fy  key/priority  fieldsstep  2:  analyze  your  datastep  3:  research  your  op?onsstep  4:  implement  strategy
  • 11. step 1: identify key/priority fields‣ Considerations: ‣ Segmentation ‣ Lead Scoring ‣ Sales Hand-Off
  • 12. step 2: analyze your data‣ Fields & Views ‣ View Field Population Details‣ Insight ‣ Database Health Dashboard ‣ Contact Field Value ‣ Contact Field Completeness‣ Data Export ‣ Filters ‣ Pivot Tables
  • 13. step 3: research your options‣ On the way into Eloqua ‣ Reduce the amount of bad inbound data on forms and lists ‣ Enhance data added to your database‣ In Eloqua ‣ Clean and enhance your database through one-time use or triggered programs ‣ Append data‣ On the way out of Eloqua ‣ Validate data before it is sent to other systems
  • 14. inbound solutions‣ Review and scrub data before uploading a list ‣ List upload template‣ Standardize select lists on forms‣ Validate data on forms ‣ Form validation rules ‣ JS validation‣ Verify email address on forms ‣ Sureshot SafetoSend Sparkplug‣ Capture visitor data with form data ‣ Eloqua ‣ 3rd Party (e.g. DemandBase)
  • 15. inline solutions‣ Field Values tool in Shared List‣ “Contact Washing Machine” ‣ One-time or triggered program to cleanse data‣ Cloud Connectors & Cloud Components ‣
  • 16. outbound solutions‣ CRM Integration Program ‣ Validate data is complete and in correct format EXAMPLE  CRM  UPDATE  PROGRAM
  • 17. step 4: implement strategy
  • 18. Q&A
  • 19. ZoomInfo Offer‣ 1,000 free contacts through the Eloqua Cloud Connector OR‣ A free append of 1,000 records with ZoomInfo OR‣ A free validation of 5,000 records with ZoomInfo OR‣ Free analysis of data ‣ percent of valid vs. invalid emails ‣ percent of data that could be completed with append ‣ # of new contacts that belong to existing Accounts in Sco.  Li.rell database Sales  Manager ‣ # of new contacts that belong to like-Accounts in database 781.693.7540
  • 20. NetProspex Offer ‣ Starter Trial: ‣ Free installation and setup ‣ Up to 1,000 records matched either via form registration or existing data append ‣ Valid for 30 days after installation date hUp://­‐netprospex/
  • 21. Open Discussion / Social TimeREMINDER: Next Session - April 30
  • 22. 8009 34th Avenue South, Suite 300Minneapolis, MN 55425P: 763.355.1025E: info@relationshipone.comW: