Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover


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Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover. Delivered at the annual meeting of the University Research Magazine Association.

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Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover

  1. 1. Starting Over: nline Ma 10 keover u r Magaz ine an O iversity • May 20 Gi ving Yo and Martha Te rry, Bingha mton Un ker Rachel Co
  2. 2. Before our makeover, we were like the frumpy girl at the beginning of “What Not to Wear.” We had a closet full of clothes, but nothing that looked fresh or made us feel good. Before We were also maintaining two separate websites, one for our research newsletter and another for our annual research magazine. And while both may once have been stylish, neither had seen a Before significant update in about five years. Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover Rachel Coker and Martha Terry, Binghamton University • May 2010
  3. 3. Before Before Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover Rachel Coker and Martha Terry, Binghamton University • May 2010
  4. 4. What was wrong with our sites? • We were too rigid (chronological list of stories, with no way to emphasize one as more important than another). • There were no entry points aside from the headlines. • We weren’t capitalizing on the excellent Before work done by the campus photographer. We knew we • There was no easy way to post photos or videos. needed to get a good • The online version of the magazine haircut and offered nothing different than you could buy a few find in the print edition. The website new outfits, was simply an expression of the print at the very product. least. Before Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover Rachel Coker and Martha Terry, Binghamton University • May 2010
  5. 5. Why redesign? How often do I need to do this? Every two to four years is one guideline we’ve heard. But start by giving yourselves a look in the “three-way mirror.” Does your site still look good? Is it still serving your needs and the needs of your visitors? How does it compare to the sites you consider your peers? University of Missouri as Oregon Arkans State U ity of niversity Univers Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover Rachel Coker and Martha Terry, Binghamton University • May 2010
  6. 6. We saw a 20 percent increase in unique visitors from mid-2008 to mid-2009. Why mess with success? We knew we could do better. We decided that we wanted to do a better job of reaching the public, not just our faculty and researchers at other institutions. So we started to think about how we should look and what we should offer as a news site. New York Tim es zi ne CNN Tim e Maga Popula r Scien ce Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover Rachel Coker and Martha Terry, Binghamton University • May 2010
  7. 7. We made a list of things that our new site should have and should allow visitors to do, and that list became our set of guiding principles for the redesign. • News stories • Search function • Slide shows or image galleries • Subscription button • Videos • Comments section • Faculty spotlights • RSS feed • Easy sharing via e-mail and • The ability to schedule stories sites like Facebook for future publication • A “most popular” list That’s when we knew we were ready for a dramatic makeover, not just a new pair of shoes. Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover Rachel Coker and Martha Terry, Binghamton University • May 2010
  8. 8. Keeping it familiar The new site needed to feel like part of the family that also includes our print magazine. We drew inspiration from the magazine’s TOC when designing the landing page of Discover-e. The magazine Binghamton ReseaRch Binghamton University / State University of New York / 2010 banner and new Discover-e con te n ts 2 about Binghamton Research 38 cool model for a hot planet Economist explores how 62 Probing public policy New ideas about networks 3 international cooperation may reveal why programs banner have a similar feel. can mitigate climate change succeed or fail messages 4 44 74 honors for early-career Diving into the data is climate change scientists and engineers Computer scientists empower making us sick? citizen scientists The answer is yes, and a 18 geographically based approach 50 can help fight diseases such as clinic sets course for a cure malaria and swine flu origins of the culture wars Psychologist aims to eliminate Dispute over evolution in the social anxiety disorder, OCD 1920s paved the way for 78 ongoing debate Bookshelf 22 Web-friendly font families a revolutionary idea 58 79 Historian’s new book breathes historian revisits a in Brief life into debates of 1790s battlefield of cold War medicine 80 26 Gerald Kutcher walked away impact Well connected from a career in cancer care Nurse finds that girls are less to delve into military experiments, were selected to match the likely to be teen moms if their nuclear threats and informed parents get involved in the consent community fe atu r e s serif and san serif fonts used 44 Diving into the data Computer scientists empower citizen scientists in the print version. 12 30 54 66 Binghamton University / Binghamton ReseaRch / 2010 On the fly Earth on our minds An Rx for what Cultivating the Biologist’s work may lead Cover Story: Innovations ails alliances next generation to ways of controlling in sustainability could save Partnerships built on of innovators insects that spread money, reduce greenhouse innovation lead to better In labs and far beyond, disease or harm crops gases, boost national results for drug companies graduate students are vital security and protect our to campus ecosystem water supply from pollutants 10 Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover Rachel Coker and Martha Terry, Binghamton University • May 2010
  9. 9. Going shopping Next, we developed three possible designs and showed them to several small groups to gauge their reactions. Wee kly edit ion May 21, 2009 discover-e Weekly edition Search Disc May 21, 2009 over-e archi veS Search Discover-e archiveS insights a nd innovat ion s from Bin ghamto n Universi ty May 21, 2009 discover-e discover-e InsIghts blog and Inno froM BIn vatIons ghaMton Insights and innovations UnIversIt from Binghamton Univers y ity feature FeatureS n More Freatures Archives Feat ureS n More Freatures ur mind? Archives what’s on yo neWS n More News Archives New center to focus Faculty SPotliGht n More Spotlights New center to computer scientist focus on Facu lty SPot liGh t n More most viewed most searched on solar energy earns prestigious solar energy Spotlights most e-mailed NsF grant Working tow ard Research at Binghamton Uni- ‘greener’ 1. versity will help to harness the computers 2. power of cloud computing, Binghamton resea 3. resulting in lower costs for busi- rcher Qinru Qiu has receiv 4. nesses and revolutionizing every- NSF’s most prest ed the day tasks such as shopping and igious award for young 5. browsing the Web. n Read More work may lead faculty. Her to smaller news computers that function more efficiently Professor in spotlight power. and use less with first novel for Working toward n Read More t tigious NsF gran adults tist earns pres ‘greener’ computers computer scien ss will help to harne for ergy amton University Liz Rosenberg, a poet and chil- MoS t PoP ular us on solar en costs Binghamton researcher Qinru Research at Bingh computing, resulting in lower dren’s book author who teaches foc such as most e-mailed New center to ed Binghamton University thister for the power of cloud everyday tasks Qiu has received the NSF’s most most viewed revolutionizing English at Binghamton Univer- week businesses and Read more prestigious award for young 1. most searched browsing the Web. sity, has written her first book for shopping and ts faculty. Her work may lead to tatives visit ersity’s Cen novel for adul adults. n Read More Federal representa 2. Federal represen ion in funding for the Univ light with first Federal representatives visited Binghamton smaller computers that function tives visited Bingh mill Professor in spot r who en’s book autho n her University this week to million in fundi amton University 3. to announce $4 announce $4 million in funding for the more efficiently and use less ng for the Unive this week to anno Read more , a poet and childr writte University’s Center for Autonomous rsity’s Center for unce $4 Solar Power. Liz Rosenberg n University, has Solar Power. n Read More University earns power. n Read More Autonomous Solar Autonomous teaches Englis h at Binghamto Power. n Read 4. first book for adults . Read more AAHrPP accreditation More lty spotlight 5. chives Read more Binghamton University has moSt PoPular More News/Ar facu video n More Video Archives earned accreditation for its vide o n More Video Archives Human Subjects Protection e-mailed viewed searched video program from the Association 1. neW S hea dlin rd for the Accreditation of Human Working towa eS n More News Research Protection Programs Archives 2. computer scien Inc. n Read More tist earns pres Research at Bingh tigious NsF gran ‘greener’ 3. amton University t the power of cloud will businesses and computing, result help to harness Professor’s technology ing in lower costs computers 4. revolutionizing everyday tasks for and browsing such as shopping outsmarts Google the Web. n Read More 5. Professor in spot archer Qinru Binghamton’s Weiyi Meng has light with first Binghamton rese Professor Goldstaub explains his Professor Gold t novel for adul the NSF’s mos Professor Goldstaub explains his pioneered metasearch-engine staub explains Liz Rosenberg creative process n Watch , a poet and childr ts Qiu has received for young creative process n Watch creative proce his Professor Gold technology that harnesses the ss n English at Bingh en’s book autho + rd Watch staub explains amton University, r who teaches prestigious awa Share Discover-e his to power of small search engines creative proce adults. n Read has written her work may lead ss n Watch More first book for faculty. Her tion Photo GallerieS n More Photo Galleries to come up with results that are > smaller com puters that func Archives more accurate and more com- More News/Ar y and use less chives n Read more efficientl staub explains his plete than Google’s. n Read More More Professor Gold SuBScriBe to Discover-e Pho to Gall power. Read more ss Watch erie S n More creative proce Photo Galler ies Archives other neWS headlineS > + Share Discover -e Nurse-educator focuses -e es share Discover + BinGhamton univerSity photo galleri > on helping parents Visit the Division of Research n Read More online > Discover-e Mechanical engineer SuBScriBe to Discover-e sUBscriBe to Gallery one n View BinGhamton univerSity > Gallery Two n View Gallery Three n View receives first patent Visit Binghamton University n Read More online > Gallery one n View BinGhaMton unive rsity Gallery Two n rSity Binghamton Unive online © Copyright 2009 - Research Advancement View Gallery Three Visit the Divisio n of Research n of Research at Binghamton University. Images used throughout this site are copyright protected. n View online Visit the Divisio For permission and terms of use, contact Rachel Coker at BinGhaMton unive rsity rSity Binghamton Unive Visit Binghamton University online University online Visit Binghamton Design B Gallery Three View Gallery Two View © Copyright 2009 - this site are copyrig Research Advancement at View Gallery one ht protected. For permission ht protected. Binghamton Univers ity. Images used throughout hout this site are copyrig and terms of use, Images used throug contact Rachel Coker at rcoker@ mton University. cement at Bingha . - Research Advan © Copyright 2009 l Coker at rcoker contact Rache and terms of use, Design A For permission Design C Starting Over: Giving Your Magazine an Online Makeover Rachel Coker and Martha Terry, Binghamton University • May 2010