Mojarra - An Energy Services Company


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Mojarra is an Energy Services Company specializing in real time utility management services, energy efficiency and building retrofit solutions and auditing, assessment and energy consultation services for commercial, industrial, government and public institutions.

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  • Welcome – To Mojarra
  • Mojarra was established in 2003 and we serve all metro and regional areas throughout Autralia.Our services include:Utility Management ServicesEnergy Efficiency and Building Retrofit SolutionsEnergy Audits, Assessments and consultation services
  • The Mojarra Energy A-I-M is based on the principles of continuous improvement and involves an "Assessment, Implementation and Measurement (A-I-M)" framework. Our approach involves three specific and inter-related phases
  • Assess relates to:Site utility audits Recording all consumptionDeveloping and designing efficiency solutionsProposing solutionsAssisting with funding options
  • Assessment extends toSite energy assessments are free of charge to qualified clientsUtility benchmarkingStatutory Audits such as NGERS & EEOStrategy and policy developmentDesign and development of energy efficiency solutionsPreparation of the business case and funding optionsProposals are fixed cost – no further risk
  • Implementation and Project ManagementIncluding: - Lighting solutionsMechanical solutionsSite voltage optimisationMaintaining savingsInvestment guarantee
  • Our projects are Turnkey – end to end solutionsWe coordinate all on site worksWe purchase all materials and engage all sub-contractorsWe project manage the installationA specific Project manager is appointedSavings are guaranteed using metered energy management servicesYour investment return is guaranteed
  • Engaging measurement is key for:Monitoring and verifying savingsManaging ongoing savingsOptimising for future savingsReducing utility consumption and GHG emissionsSaving $ and energy
  • Our specific Utility Management system:Continually monitors and verifies savingsOur engineers assist in actively managing ongoing energy useWeb based utility dashboards display live consumptionEngaging employees, customers and the public on energy/carbon reductionsWe assist with continuous optimisationPartnering with Mojarra gives you shared resources to meet your goalsThe savings are real and guaranteed
  • Our AIM of Assessment from audits to design, development and business case preparationImplementation from project management of all energy efficiency aspects and guaranteeing your investmentMeasurement and active management of your utility consumption verifies savings and maximises your reductions and returns.
  • MojarraPerfect SynergyContact us at or call 1300 326 669
  • Mojarra - An Energy Services Company

    1. 1. WHO WE ARE?Established in 2003• Servicing all metro and regional areas throughout Australia• Key Services include: • Utility Management Services • Energy Efficiency and Building Retrofit Solutions • Audits, Site Assessments and Consultation
    2. 2. Our A-I-M
    3. 3. Assess Audit Fund RecordPropose A Develop Design
    4. 4. A ASSESSMENTComprehensive Site Utility Audits Free of charge site Assessments for Energy Efficiency projects* Desk top Energy Audits and benchmarking Statutory Energy Audits Energy Strategy and Policy Development Design and Development of energy efficiency solutions Preparation of business case and funding options Fixed cost proposal* Qualification applies
    5. 5. Implement Project ManageGuarantee LightingMaintain I Mechanical Voltage Optimisation
    6. 6. I ImplementTurnkey Energy Efficiency Projects We coordinate all on site works We purchase all materials We engage and manage all sub-contractors We project manage the installation You have a Project Manager assigned to be the key point of contact Savings are verified through our EMS Investment is guaranteed
    7. 7. Measure Engage Save Monitor & VerifyReduce M Manage Optimise
    8. 8. M MeasurementEnergy Management and on-going Measurement is vital Monitor and verify project savings Actively Manage ongoing energy use Web based energy dashboard to display consumption Engage employees and public on energy/carbon reduction Optimise plant and equipment Partner with Mojarra to achieve energy objectives Savings are guaranteed
    9. 9. A I M Fund Audit Propose A Record Project Save Engage Design Develop Guarantee Manage Reduce M Monitor & Verify Maintain I Lighting Voltage Mechanical Optimise Manage Optimisation
    10. 10. Perfect Ph: 1300 326 669