RCM TechnologiesEnterprise QAD Solutions<br />
RCM – General High Level<br />All encompassing<br />More than 35 years IT Experience<br />Premier Single-Source Provider o...
Service Delivery Methods<br />Management consulting engagements<br />Project management of client efforts<br />Project imp...
RCM Technologies Segments/Service Offerings<br />Engineering<br />Commercial Services<br />Information Technology<br />Inf...
General Support
Power Generation
Energy Delivery
Aerospace/Defense</li></ul>IT Consulting <br />Group<br />Enterprise <br />Business <br />Solutions<br /><ul><li>Contract ...
Resource Management
Discrete Project</li></ul>   Implementation<br /><ul><li>Microsoft Solutions
Microsoft Project Management Solutions/Training
QAD/PTC/Manufacturing Solutions
PeopleSoft/ADP/Oracle Solutions
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RCM EQS Overview


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Overview of RCM-EQS

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  • RCM Technologies is a premier provider of business and technology solutions designed to enhance and maximize the operational performance of its customers through the adaptation and deployment of advanced information technology and engineering services. RCM has been an innovative leader in the design, development, and delivery of these services to commercial and government sectors for more than 35 years. Over the years, the Company has developed and assembled an attractive, diverse and extensive portfolio of capabilities, service offerings and delivery options, established a proven record of performance and credibility, and built an efficient pricing structure. This combination offers clients compelling value proposition with the potential to substantially accelerate the successful attainment of their business objectives.RCM services some of the largest national and international companies in North America as well as a lengthy roster of Fortune 1000 and mid-sized businesses in such industries as Aerospace/Defense, Energy, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing &amp; Distribution, the Public Sector and Technology. RCM believes it offers a range of solutions that fosters long-term client relationships, affords cross-selling opportunities, and minimizes the Company’s dependence on any single technology or industry sector. RCM sells and delivers its services through a network of 35 offices in selected regions throughout North America.The Company is a Nevada corporation organized in 1971.
  • RCM provides its IT services through a number of flexible delivery methods. These include management consulting engagements, project management of client efforts, project implementation of client initiatives, outsourcing, both on and off site, and a full complement of resourcing alternatives.As of the end of 2008, the Company had assigned approximately 780 information technology employees and consultants to its customers.
  • RCM consists of three operating segments.RCM’s Engineering segment provides engineering and design, engineering analysis, technical writing and technical support services. The Company’s Commercial Services segment provides health care professionals as well as clerical and light industrial temporary personnel.The Company’s Information Technology, or IT, segment provides enterprise business solutions, application services, infrastructure solutions, competitive advantage &amp; productivity solutions, life sciences solutions and other selected vertical market specific offerings. It is comprised of two business groups:The IT Consulting Business Group consists of three business units in North America – the Eastern Region, the Central Region and the Western Region. The Solutions Business Group consists of three business units – IT Enterprise Management, Enterprise Business Solutions and Life Sciences.
  • Built on QAD® applications, RCM EQS provides high quality, cost-effective business solutions and services that enable customers to meet and exceed their objectives. QAD applications manage the core business processes of an enterprise, with industry–specific design functionality.
  • As an authorized QAD Sales Agent and Services Alliance partner, EQS leverages their expertise and proven methodologies to assist clients in implementing and optimizing QAD applications.
  • With a focus on a company’s unique needs, EQS’s service professionals bring industry knowledge and QAD product expertise together to provide customers the maximum value.
  • QAD enterprise solutions are designed to solve the immediate challenges manufacturers face today while laying the groundwork for future success and lasting bottom-line results.
  • RCM EQS Overview

    1. 1. RCM TechnologiesEnterprise QAD Solutions<br />
    2. 2. RCM – General High Level<br />All encompassing<br />More than 35 years IT Experience<br />Premier Single-Source Provider of Business & TechnologySolutions<br />Integrated Solutions Suite<br />Global Delivery Platform <br />Strong Geographic Presence<br />Major North American Markets<br />International Alliances/Partnerships<br />Unique Blend of Service Offerings<br />Complimentary & Technologically Compatible<br />Reduced Dependence on Single Technology or Industry Sector<br />2500+ employees<br />Publicly Held (NASDAQ: RCMT)<br />2008 Revenues: $232 million<br />Nevada corporation organized in 1971<br />
    3. 3. Service Delivery Methods<br />Management consulting engagements<br />Project management of client efforts<br />Project implementation of client initiatives<br />Outsourcing, both on and off site<br />Full complement of resourcing alternatives<br />
    4. 4. RCM Technologies Segments/Service Offerings<br />Engineering<br />Commercial Services<br />Information Technology<br />Information Technology<br />Engineering <br />Group<br />Commercial <br />Services Group<br /><ul><li>Specialty Health Care
    5. 5. General Support
    6. 6. Power Generation
    7. 7. Energy Delivery
    8. 8. Aerospace/Defense</li></ul>IT Consulting <br />Group<br />Enterprise <br />Business <br />Solutions<br /><ul><li>Contract Consulting
    9. 9. Resource Management
    10. 10. Discrete Project</li></ul> Implementation<br /><ul><li>Microsoft Solutions
    11. 11. Microsoft Project Management Solutions/Training
    12. 12. QAD/PTC/Manufacturing Solutions
    13. 13. PeopleSoft/ADP/Oracle Solutions
    14. 14. Oracle Solutions</li></li></ul><li>EnterpriseQAD Solutions<br />
    15. 15. Overview<br /><ul><li>Founded in 1989 and acquired by RCM in 1999
    16. 16. 1st Channel Partner with QAD in 1998
    17. 17. Leading North American Sales Agent for QAD
    18. 18. 150+ Installed Base clients on QAD through RCM
    19. 19. End-to-end premier service provider of technical, consulting and training related to QAD
    20. 20. 100+ Service clients – many global multi-nationals
    21. 21. PTC Silver software partner
    22. 22. Strategic 3rd party relationships
    23. 23. Focus on net new sales of QAD with companies below 250MM in revenue</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Business Consulting Services<br />• QAD Consulting<br />• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Consulting<br />• Lean Consulting<br />• Project Management<br />• GearBox (Rapid) Methodology<br />• Validation Expertise<br />• Post-Implementation Process Review<br />• Managed Service Contracts<br />Implementations<br />• Technical and Functional Implementations<br />• Custom Application Development<br />• Interface Design and Development <br />• Testing and Validation<br /> <br />Installations and Upgrades<br />• QAD Installation<br />• Data Conversions <br />• QAD Upgrade Services<br />• Linux and UNIX System Administration<br />Training Workshops<br />• Custom End-User Training<br />• Pre-Implementation Training<br />• Train-the-Trainer<br />• Documentation Services<br />
    24. 24. Authorized Sales Agent<br />QAD Enterprise Applications<br />PTC Software Solutions<br />Additional Software Products <br />
    25. 25. The QAD Elevator Pitch<br />Leading supplier of Enterprise Resource Planning <br />solutions<br />QAD solutions help manufacturing and distribution companies optimize their core business operations<br />QAD’s integrated suite of software solutions enable customers to<br />Control and manage complex Financial environments<br />Integrate Customer Management tools for improved customer relations<br />Implement multiple Manufacturing control and planning methods<br />Accelerate Supply Chain execution and performance<br />Utilize advanced Analytics and Interoperability tool sets<br />Benefits of the solution include<br />Meet business and legal compliance requirements<br />Standardize Business Processes<br />Meet multi-language and multi-currency challenges<br />
    26. 26. QAD Differentiators<br />First and most experienced QAD implementation partner<br />LargestQAD Channel installed customer base<br />Fast,Flexible, Cost Effective Solutions<br />
    27. 27. “Independent” QAD Solutions<br />Enterprise Asset Management<br /><ul><li>Preventative Maintenance
    28. 28. Capital Projects Tracking
    29. 29. MRO Purchasing and Work Flow
    30. 30. Clients: Tower, Dura. PPG Aerospace</li></ul>Transportation Management<br /><ul><li>Freight Management
    31. 31. Global Trade Management
    32. 32. Trade Compliance
    33. 33. Case Study: Apple</li></ul>QXtend Interoperability <br /><ul><li>XML handler to integrate divisions
    34. 34. Integrate QAD with other ERP applications or 3rd party products
    35. 35. Visteon, Harris Corporation, Freudenberg NOK, Eaton</li></li></ul><li>QAD Global Manufacturers<br />Consumer Products<br />Electronics<br />Automotive<br />Industrial<br />Food & Beverage<br />Life Sciences<br />VERTICAL REVENUE MIX<br />Automotive 30% | Consumer/ Food & Beverage 17% | Electronic/ Industrial 36% | Life Sciences 17%<br />
    36. 36. More QAD Global Manufacturers<br />Electronics<br />Automotive<br />Consumer Products<br />Life Sciences<br />Industrial<br />Food & Beverage<br />