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RC&M India - Airtel_Nokia

  1. 1. Brief & Objectives Experiential Marketing India is adding around 8.5 million to 10 million new mobile subscribers to the network each month, emerging as one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world. The market saw a growth rate of 33 per cent over previous year .The number of mobile subscribers in India, (India is the worlds second-largest wireless market after China) has gone up to around 280 million.T.G - Age group-15 years and above ? ? non -farmers, students Farmers, Secondry T.G- women ? Who wish to grow in life ? ?to be connected with their loved ones WantsBrief / Objective – India’s telecom gaints NOKIA & AIRTEL introduced a bundle offer(Handset bundle offer referred as HBO) to penetrate in deeper pockets of Indian markets. * The prime objective of the campaign was to explain the TG - “Advantages of Mobility” alongwith knowledge on o “How to use a mobile” and o “How to own a mobile”. * To promote & sell the Handset bundle offer i.e- Airtel & Nokia together, and * To facilitate the existing owners of Airtel and Nokia
  2. 2. Activity Experiential MarketingActivity - A ground level campaign was organized in 7 states all across India to create awarenees and share advantages of mobility with T.G. The entire campaign was spill in three phases with each phase running for three months. The activity flow – nducted Roadshow cum events co Interactive sessions Street shows Interactive games users Free calling for handse Free recharge for existing t demo & network clar ity
  3. 3. Amplification Experiential MarketingMerchandizingExtensive merchandizing was done to create strong visibility about Airtel andNokia Jodi offer. Banners, Posters were installed at strategic location like:-Traders? Amplification resultRetailers? The visibility created byAgri shops? merchandize covered? shopKiryana 2.81 lacs of shops? Airtel or Nokia retailersExisting frequented by 28 lac eye ballsHaats:-? three haats were covered every Two orweek enabling us to cover maximum TAwithin a short span of time. Amplification result Each haat is frequented by atleast 15 satellite villages- hence message reaches to approx 15 lac no. of audiences. Fairs:- Big fairs and Melas were apt place for doing ? such an activity. People were at leisure, had time to spend and watch the activity. Also they had money that could be spent on secondary purchases. Amplification result Participation in 15 fairs in UP & Bihar yielded close to 150000 eye balls
  4. 4. Scale Experiential Marketing50lac customers directly interaction on ground CUSTOMERS NOMENCLATURE 70% Farmer (Male & Female) 15% Students 15% Traders
  5. 5. Result Experiential Marketing Wopping Sales of RS 16.82 Cr generated in 12 months Recharged Sold amount: Rs 8.2 CrHBO’s worthUnits: 64,600Amount: Rs 8.12 Cr Sim sold Units: 1 lac Amount: Rs 50 Lac