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Essay 1: Ad Analysis Homework Assignment 1 June 4 2012
Essay 1: Ad Analysis Homework Assignment 1 June 4 2012
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Essay 1: Ad Analysis Homework Assignment 1 June 4 2012


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  • 1. (Robert) Curtis LambertJune 04, 2012 Ad Analysis: Homework Assignment I Sonata Hybrid by Hyundai The ad for the Sonata Hybrid by Hyundai is designed specifically to appeal to thereader’s sense of adventure and more importantly our sense of responsibility in this eco-friendlyage of the 21st century. The caption for the ad is in the lower right hand corner following thecompany name and the make and model of the automobile. In very fine print it reads, “Newthinking for new possibilities.” The ad graphically depicts a pastoral landscape of beautiful treessoftly backlit by the golden, glow of (morning?) sunshine. There is an image of a man with a jetpack on his back flying through the sky while an androgynous figure of what could be,presumably, his wife or husband or “life partner,” waves good bye to him from the balcony of avery large architecturally modern 3 story glass and steal beamed home. In the foreground of thead is the star of the show; an icy blue Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. The Sonata Hybrid sits on a driveway bed of tiny peat gravel with a border of bricks or stone. The overall intent of the pictorialimage of the ad, as a whole, is to play to your presumed understanding that since we are nowliving in the “modern” age of hybrid vehicles it will not be long before we, as eco-friendly andearth conscious Americans, will be doing our duty and flying off to work with our jet packs andusing our hybrid vehicles only for trips with the family or other groups of people. But, for now,the very least you can do is buy the hybrid. The ad itself depicts little or no logos since we don’t actually use jet packs to fly off towork, so no real logic there. Ethos plays a small role here by asking us to trust Hyundai because
  • 2. they have our future and our best interest at heart. The real thrust of this ad is being playedstrongly on our pathos by relying on our modern sympathies to be eco-friendly and take care ofour planet. After all, we are modern Americans, it is the 21st century, and we are called to do ourecological duty by driving a hybrid and thus reducing our “Carbon footprint.” At least if youdrive a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid you are doing your part by taking some responsibility. Don’t youwant to? How could you possibly not want to? You should. Any little bit will help. Driving aSonata Hybrid by Hyundai will do just that. After all, it is your responsibility to help save ourplanet!Sonata Hybrid by Hyundai. GQ 12. (December 2011): Page 8. Print.