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Energy Conservation
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Energy Conservation







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    Energy Conservation Energy Conservation Presentation Transcript

      • 981 Sciences for Designers
      • Week 8-II
      • The Conservation of Energy
      • Applications
      • Green or sustainable energy
    • The science behind the deadly roller coaster ride in the movie Final Destination 3
    • How to design a thrilling roller coaster ride? - This will be a project in design fundamentals in the next semester.
    • Basic elements of a modern roller coaster
    • The track for the roller coaster can be an artwork .
      • The principle of a roller coaster :
      • lifting the train to a very high place .
      • Letting the train fall freely due to gravity .
      • The geometry of the track is designed to meet desired fear factor .
    • What is the fear factor ?
    • People feel afraid, or excited, when their speed or direction of motion is changing; that is, when they are accelerated . acceleration in speeding up S S 0-100km/h 12s 3.8s a a
    • acceleration in changing direction a a
    • What causes the sense of fear to people who are accelerating? The acceleration of an object cannot be enabled without a push or pull from another object. S S Newton’s 2nd law: F
    • 50km/h S S S S rest, 0km/h a F
    • An authentic example of in measuring force via acceleration interaction design MS X-Box 360 control for the next generation
    • Therefore, as long as we know the acceleration of a person experienced at each points along the track, we can orchestra the variation of fear factor. But how? We need one more knowledge …
    • v=0 v=0 v=0 不變
    • a 不變
    • Summary To design a roller coaster ride,
      • lifting the train to a very high place .
      • Letting the train fall freely due to gravity .
      • The geometry of the track is designed to meet desired fear factor .
      Determine U+K Let U  K Change height & curvature (R) to acquire desired a
    • 能量轉換 (between U & K ) Are they other forms of energies? 直指 : 能量守恆定律
    • Why, in the tragedy in the movie, did the train stop at the top of the loop? v=0 Because some of K+U is taken away by friction , in to heat . Heat (熱) , K( 動能 ) and U (位能) are three types of energies.
    • 攜帶式發電機、微型發電機 Electric energy is a potential energy. 原理: 人體運動或自然背景振動之 動能 帶動發電機之輪轉機構,轉換成 電能 。
    • 綠能技術: 薄膜太陽能板 特 色: 價廉、易生產,大面積鋪設 原理: 太陽能 激活材料內光電流,轉換成 電能 。
      • 波浪如何帶動物體運動? http:// tw.youtube.com/watch?v =tt_lqFyc6Co
      原理: 海水 動能 帶動發電機窩輪葉片,轉換成 電能 。 海浪發電
    • 原理: http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=qRUl1mJQHmc 原理: 潮汐時海水 動能 帶動發電機渦輪葉片,轉換成 電能 。 潮汐發電
    • 燃料電池 ( fuel cell ) 的原理 原理: 利用 觸媒 將氫、氧混合氣體之 化學能 釋出,轉換成 電能 。
    • 從能量轉換的角度看燃料電池 問題:燃料氫氣從何而來?如何產生? H 2 , O 2 H 2 O 激發反應之能量(由觸媒提供) 釋出之能量
    • 以水為燃料的車 自頭到尾,你有得到任何能量嗎?(這個設計是否跟連動債很像?) Fuel Cell Motor Transmission H 2 electrolysis H 2 H 2 O H 2 , O 2 H 2 O H 2 O
    • 綠能 或永續能源的概念 : 將 潛伏 在自然界的能量 釋出,或利用自然運動的 動能 ,轉化為 電 。 這些發電方式 不產生溫室氣體 ,或其它危害環境的廢物。所以石化燃料均不算。
    • 封閉系統 開放系統 生命 位能、動能 位能、動能 熱 位能、動能 位能、動能 熱 光
    • 永續性 sustainability 永續性是指一種 平衡 狀態,人類對環境之取用資源與污染,在環境 自我復癒 的能力之內。 人的 社會 自然環境 能量 資源 污染