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A brief intro for B2b marketing.

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Strassburger b2b technologiesaea

  1. 1. New Technologies for the B2B Marketer ► Search Engine Marketing ► Business Intelligence ► Lead Generation ► Direct Sales netFactor is a Colorado-based full service B2B marketing technology company with a singular focus – driving sales performance from the Internet for our clients.
  2. 2. How come all of these clicks aren’t Buyers? An Evolution - Web Marketing I want to be on the Internet I want to get More Clicks How come these clicks Cost So Much? I want to have a First Page “Organic” Position
  3. 3. SEM Game Assessment 1. The Cost of Search Engine Real Estate is Going Up Cost Per Click Price of Achieving Top Organic Rankings 2. The First Page is Crowded With Contenders 3. The Moment that Matters is Measured in Seconds 4. Which Clicks Count? ► Our Internet Marketing is a Dependency ► How do we Drive New Performance Levels ?
  4. 4. Changing Price Performance The Cost-per-Click Decreases! Google Shareprice of $1800 Decision Made to Send Healthy Rebates to Advertisers
  5. 5. Changing Price Performance ► Manage Online Costs / Performance ► Define, Measure AND Integrate Conversion Data ► Adapt the On-Site Experience Landing Page + Brand Impression + Response Mechanisms (Offer, forms, collateral) + Intangibles (Immediacy, value perceptions, competitive environment) ► More Conversions / Better Leads ► Lead Nurturing ► Sales Action
  6. 6. Technology – Landing Page Driving Increased Conversion Rates • Leading provider of services and technologies for digital marketers, specifically related to optimizing: – Web pages – Landing pages – Microsites – Overall online campaigns • Increase conversions and performance • Optimization and multivariate testing technology, predictive analytics, award-winning creative development and services • Remove guesswork – determine which design works best • Dramatic ROI
  7. 7. Technology – Landing Page Client: Leading online solution for managing tasks, projects and processes Problem: Need better results on PPC Objective: Increase conversion rates on free trial offer Mission: 1) Top 5 landing pages - representing more than 50% of PPC traffic- targeted for optimization 2) Design new landing page templates to incorporate best practices 3) Execute multivariate testing on new design Results: Over 100% improvement in conversion rate from twice the number of conversions for the same PPC spend Case Study
  8. 8. Technology – Lead Nurturing Web Technology Turns Invisible Clicks into Visible Business Targets ►Lead Nurturing ►Sales Prospecting ►Direct Marketing ►Business Intelligence ►Identify: Prospects Clients Competitors Vendors
  9. 9. Technology – Landing Page Client: Top provider of benefits administration software to healthcare providers across the U.S Problem: Long sales cycles, not enough leads from website, “hungry” sales team, ROI of PPC Objective: Turn more website clicks into leads, then sales Mission: 1) Convert website clicks into “high-value” Business targets 2) Send “Direct Mail” package to Contacts 3) Follow up with Direct sales call to Contacts Results: $200,000 incremental revenue first 6 mo’s Sales cycle reduced by weeks and months Ongoing = 10-15 High value leads per month New and more effective PPC + sales strategy Case Study
  10. 10. Technology - Sales Prospecting ConnectAndSell – What we do – How we do it – What is the Value? What? Technology to connect sales reps with prospects in live conversations How? A combination of patented telecommunication technology and virtual sales agents Value? Enables a sales force to reach 7-10x the number of live conversations with sales prospects in a fraction of the time it would take for a sales force calling manually.
  11. 11. Case Study Technology - Sales Prospecting Client: Sendmail is the leading global provider of trusted messaging. Problem: Reaching multiple decision makers quickly in the sales process Objective: Connect Client with prospects faster than they were doing on their own Mission: Train and customer set-up – 2 hour Provide ConnectAndSell with list of prospects Set aside specific time for calling sessions per sales rep Deliver 10x or more connects per hour Results: 3 to 4 x right party conversations per hr vs full day 1200% to 1600% increase in warm leads Payback in 60 Days
  12. 12. Direct Sales Optimization Optimizing the Telesales Process Customer Solutions Group Develops Winning Telesales Strategies for Firms That: ► Sell High Value, Information Based Services To Small & Medium Sized (SME) Businesses ► Delivers Results in America’s Only Telesales Campaign Lab ► Incubator for new Sales Programs ► Execute Test Matrix via Customized In-House Software ► Experience & Expertise-Over 75 Programs Since 1994 ► Master Database of Prior Programs to Guide New Ones
  13. 13. Client: Sells Criminal Employee Background Checks to Enterprise Companies, via Face to Face Sales Problem: Identify new product, and sales process to a new a new mid-market segment Objective: Leverage current assets to a large and as yet unaddressed market Mission: 1) Developed Test Matrix of Industry Segments, Offers, Pricepoints 2) Performed Calls within controlled “Lab” environment 3) Test, evaluate, modify for Results, optimal combinations Results: 1,000 New Customers, $2m in recurring revenue 300% Higher Prices: $19.95 to $69.95, no drop off Top Segments: Manufacturing, Construction Case Study Direct Sales Optimization
  14. 14. Leveraging Technology New Technologies to Drive Internet Marketing ROI ► Adapt the On-Site Experience: Get More Conversions ► Lead Nurturing: Turn Clicks into Business Targets ► Sales Action: Garner Prospecting Efficiencies, Sales Optimization www.