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  2. 2. First we need tounderstand what iscancer
  3. 3. Cancer is when cells in your bodymultiply irregularly. are reproduced in the humanbody to repair and replace cells.-They are controlled by our DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA(ribonucleic acid)-Disruption in cell division is caused when nuclei cannotregulate how many cells the body regenerates.
  4. 4. -Telomerase is an enzyme that is produced bythe cancer cells and help keep the cell fromdying.-Chemicals are later produced to help developtumors in blood vessels, this is calledangiogenesis.-Metastasis is when the cancer can spread toanywhere in the body and start developingtumors.
  5. 5. Common causes of cancer are
  6. 6. One type of cancer that manyare battling today isLung Cancer
  7. 7. There are warning signs to thepotential risk of having lung cancer
  8. 8. -Coughing up blood and thecough not going away whilegetting worst-Mild persistent painin the chest-Shortness of breath
  9. 9. There are several ways tohelp reduce the risk ofgetting lung cancer
  10. 10. Quit smoking-9/10 cases of lung cancer are associated with smoking.-Smoking causes cancer in lungs, throat, and mouth.-Is the cause of 30% of all cancer deaths.-You can find a program to help you quit so you can reduce yourrisk of cancer
  11. 11. Avoid second hand smokeRisk of cancer is higher for peoplewho are next to someone that issmoking, about 20% increase ofgetting cancer than the personactually smoking. for radon in homeState and local office can help with radontesting.The risk of cancer is when radioactive gasbuilds up inside your home.
  12. 12. 2 more ways to help reduce the risk of getting cancer-Having a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy.-Getting screened for cancer periodically with a healthcarephysician if you feel your potential risk is higher.
  13. 13. For more information you can visit these sites:
  14. 14. Works cited:Hoeger, Werner W.K; Hoeger, Sharon A. Lifetime Physical Fitness & Wellness. Belmont, CA.Wadsworth, 2013