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Linked in references

  1. 1. Rick HardyDirector of Human ResourcesEnterprise Mobile“As Enterprise Mobiles first HR director,Rick brought a high level of professionalism he interacted with employees at all levels of theand order to a young and fast growing organization, I can recommend himorganization, which was not an easy thing to wholeheartedly” Kathy Gorman, Inside Salesdo. His easy going, personable nature helped Manager, Enterprise Mobilehim to gain the trust of everyone at thecompany, and his willingness to go above and “Rick was a strong HR resource forbeyond to help anyone who came to him, was Enterprise Mobile. Rick managed all aspectswell appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed working of HR during his tenure at Enterprisewith Rick and hope to do so again in the Mobile: Recruitment, Compensation, Benefits,future.” David Redmon Nguyen, Senior Employee Policies and Procedures. Very strongProject Manager, Enterprise Mobile candidate for an organization seeking senior HR talent.” Karen Falcone, Director, Service“Rick Hardy is the consummate human Development, Enterprise Mobileresources professional. During his time withme at Enterprise Mobile as Director of Human “I worked with Rick on multiple occasionsResources, Rick demonstrated the full and to source employees for various Enterprisecomplete range of his human resource Mobile accounts and projects. In everycapability including recruiting and occasion Rick was deliberate and very skilledemployment, performance analysis, reporting at finding the best candidates. Rick has asystems, and benefits analysis. He single natural knack for HR and is a great person. Ithandedly changed a culture relying upon was a pleasure working with him.” Anthonyalmost exclusive use of outside recruiters for Spencer, Mobility Consultant, Enterprisehiring creating a high cost per hire and reduced Mobileit dramatically by utilizing unique and creativeself sourcing options. “I had the privilege of working along side Rick at Enterprise Mobile. Rick is both aThat is just one, but a major, example of Ricks collaborative co-worker and a great person.ability. I highly and strongly endorse Rick and From an HR Management perspective Rickrecommend that you strongly consider him for was always willing to lend a hand; provideany human resource management needs your sensible guidance; and rapidly respond toorganization may have.” issues and the development of the teamRon Benanto, CFO, Enterprise Mobile environment. Hes a hard worker; and carries a very positive and friendly energy about him“Rick Hardy recruited me for my current that makes it easy to work with him,position as an inside sales manager at particularly when the going gets tough. Ricks aEnterprise Mobile. Throughout the entire great catch for any HR team; and if you everrecruitment and hiring process, Rick was a need someone to teach you how toconsummate pro. He always had the answers I cycle...Ricks your man :)” Niall Fitzpatrick,needed – whether I was looking for Services Practice Director, East, Enterpriseinformation about the company or details about Mobilemy job in particular. Based on my experienceworking with Rick and my observations of how   1  
  2. 2. Rick Hardy“Rick did a good job at Enterprise Mobile.He balanced policy enforcement withmaintaining a position as a broadly trustedemployee advisor. He did an excellent andtimely job of recruiting top notch people.”Mort Rosenthal, CEO, Enterprise Mobile   2  
  3. 3. Rick HardyManager of Human Resources a visible leader, working with management and employees on a daily basis, and providingCellExchange Inc. leadership during the monthly company meetings.“I have known Rick to be a very seasonedHR professional, who played a key role in Rick was also an excellent recruiter andour rapid growth as a DoD contractor. Rick brought excellent insights to the talentis not only a knowledgeable HR generalist management process. Rick provided the solebut a dependable confidant and a true go-to recruiting function when I was hired, and couldperson for all levels of management. He not have handled the process better. I wasunderstood our strategic objectives, translated immediately impressed with how well thethem very well into tactical plans, and interview process and on-boarding processcommunicated and implemented them went. As the sole intermediary between theeffectively. Rick always balanced compliance candidate and the company, Rick was adept atrequirements with business priorities, and addressing candidate and selling the companyprovided practical advice to the managers, who to the candidate. Rick also possesses a goodregarded him as a trusted business partner.” businsess acumen, which is critical for makingKrish Nangegadda, President, Board Member, human resources a partner with the otherCellExchange functional areas of the organization.” Donald Reynolds, Director of Finance, CellExchange,“Rick was a key player in helping Inc.CellExchange grow to handle a majorprogram of work with the Government. He “Rick is a driven HR professional whowas always on top of things, whether it was strives for excellence in his workdriving the recruiting process for critical open performance and relationships withpositions, dealing with personnel issues, or employees. He certainly brought newensuring that HR administrative functions were initiatives, dynamic and passion to the HRin place and running smoothly. I enjoyed function, and was always bringing the rightworking with Rick a great deal and felt people needed to our projects based on hiscompletely confident that he would always excellent contacts and his ability to identify thecome through when we had a challenge to right match. Rick has a strong sense ofmeet. He is friendly, thoughtful, ethical, and integrity and can always be trusted to make thecapable.” David Hanssen, Project Manager / right decision. He has a wonderful personalityProgram Manager / Director of Operations, and is a great pleasure to work with.” AntonioCellExchange Figueiredo, Senior Technical Architect, CellExchange“I enjoyed working with Rick. Rick wasinstrumental in enhancing and augmenting “Rick wholeheartedly embraces the humanour human resource infrastructure at side or human resources. His expert guidanceCellExchange. Ricks tenure there was marked and advice has been a tremendous boon to myby a transformation from a small software young career. Rick consistently provides a richcompany to a larger government contractor breadth of HR support and guidance to allwith significant and highly visible programs. those within reach. Interactions with Rick at aDuring his tenure, we greatly improved our professional level are further augmented by hisrecruiting, performance management, and ingrained ability to connect at a personal level.compensation systems. It has been these interactions that have been integral to the professional development ofRick was an effective leader and myself and many others who have beencommunicator, being the primary interface privileged to work with Rick.” Paul Golovato,between employees and management. He Business Analyst, CellExchangehandled many crucial and complex employeeissues and established a framework on whichthe employee population could rely for theresolution of problems and concerns. Rick was   3  
  4. 4. Rick Hardy as a whole.” Gregory Chenevert, Sr. Technical“Rick was instrumental in providing the HR Writer, CellExchange Federal Incleadership, stability and structure duringour rapid growth and organizational “I had the pleasure of working with Rick fortransformations. several years at CellExchange. Rick was a wonderful person to work with as theHe is very thoughtful, pragmatic and forward Manager of Human Resources. He waslooking. He was instrumental in developing consistently professional, always helping toHR policies, Recruitment best practices and move employees and the company forward. Ihiring the very best of CellExchange (CX). highly recommend Rick and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again down theRick implemented innovative training road.” Ann Hughes, PMP, Project Manager,programs (e.g. Onsite EI, PMI and soft skills), CellExchangedeveloped performance managementprocess/system and built exceptional rapport “Rick is a pleasure to work with. He iswith CX staff. dedicated human resources professional who genuinely cares for the employees whileRick is a very good leader, an excellent adhering to the companys fiscalcounselor especially at critical times and has requirements. I have been consistentlysuccessfully demonstrated his ability to impressed by both Rick’s attitude anddevelop and operate within budgets. professionalism he has displayed throughout his time with the company. His interpersonalRicks success truly can be attributed to his and communication skills have allowed him toability to define, connect and develop develop productive working relationships withorganizational competencies that are aligned everyone he works with. Rick has the ability towith the vision.” Prat Vemana, Head of remain unflustered during frenzied periods,Business Operations and Delivery which allows him the ability to work wellOrganization, CellExchange/Cambridge under pressure. He is an asset to anyTechnology Enterprises organization.” Deborah Cafarella, IT Manager, CellExchange“Rick is one of the best Senior HRprofessionals I have ever known. Very “Rick is not only a superior HR Director,thorough in all the aspects of HR, most of but also a good person. He has greatwhich are on his fingertips. His vast knowledge expertise on the complexities aroundand his experience in different industries make running a Human Resources group, plus ahim an asset for any company. Be it a HR deep understanding of business operationsmanager or a HR Director he has it all to too, so he is quite adept at making sure theysucceed and will be an important part for the harmonize well.success of any company. I worked with him at He also is quite caring and took the time toCellExchange and not just me but the connect with all the employees in thecompany, as a whole was impressed with him organization so they felt comfortableand his work. I highly recommend Rick for any approaching him with issues and knowing thatorganization.” Simona Gupta, PHR, Corporate they would be resolved.HR, CellExchange I hope someday to work with Rick again, it has always been a rewarding experience.” William“Rick provided a balanced and informed Meirs, Recruiting Manager, CellExchangeapproach to elevating the performance ofdevelopment teams through disseminatinguseful and measurable performance metrics,enhanced interview and hiring processes. Hepossesses an intuitive skill with ethicalstandards that allows him to understand theneeds of the individuals while makingdecisions to improve the group and corporation   4  
  5. 5. Rick Hardy“Rick was great to work with. Rick alwaysprovided recommendations based onprevious HR experiences, the existing HRregulations for CX, and common sense. Rickand I worked together on several HR matters,Rick always demonstrated good leadership andmaintained the utmost professionalism indealing with both the positive issues such asteam building and promotions as well as thenegative issues such as terminations.” WilliamMurphy, Project Manager II, CellExchange   5  
  6. 6. Rick HardyRecruiting ConsultantCellExchange Inc.“Rick is one of the best Senior HRprofessionals I have ever known. Verythorough in all the aspects of HR, most ofwhich are on his fingertips. His vastknowledge and his experience in differentindustries make him an asset for any company.Be it a HR manager or an HR Director he has itall to succeed and will be an important part forthe success of any company. I worked with himat CellExchange and not just me but thecompany, as a whole was impressed with himand his work. I highly recommend Rick for anyorganization.” Simona Gupta, PHR, CorporateHR, CellExchange   6  
  7. 7. Rick HardyHR consultant each step in the recruiting process -- you just "knew" that Rick would follow-up andPedestal Software universally, we LOVED working with him. Every manager I know that worked with Rick, had similar effusive praise -- Highly“I worked with Rick to fill several Recommend!” t Scott Dunlopmarketing positions at Pedestal Software. (, Founder/Recruiter,He always took the time to understand the The Bivium Groupkey requirements of the roles and did anexcellent job delivering candidates that “Rick did a good job of managing thestrongly matched what we were looking for. recruiting process at Pedestal. He was ableRick was also a pleasure to work with!” Debbie to both front end the process as well asBraunert, Director of Marketing participating in interviews and referenceCommunications, Pedestal Software checks. It was a pleasure working with Rick.” Robert Kamsler, VP Software Engineering,“When Rick joined Pedestal Software as an Pedestal SoftwareHR consultant, we were struggling to fill keypositions. Rick jumped right in and took “Rick provided recruiting services when Iownership of the recruiting function. He has was a manager at Pedestal/Altiris. He did aan excellent understanding of the recruiting good job of filtering resumes to the ones thatfunctions and was able to quickly understand matched my hiring needs. He was alsothe roles and to identify those candidates that excellent at arranging the logistics ofhad the hard and soft skills that were needed communication with all candidates. Hisfor the positions. In 2005, Pedestal Software friendly demeanor was also a valuable asset.”was acquired and Rick was instrumental in John Fox, Senior Software Developmentkeeping us on track and helping the acquiring Manager, AltirisUtah based company understand the job marketin the Boston area. He is professional, “I have had the pleasure of working as apersonable, and a great person to work with. I recruiter for Rick Hardy at severalwould not hesitate to work with, or hire Rick, if companies over more then the last 10 years.I had the opportunity.” Lisa Moody, Sr. He is an outstanding professional who knowsAccountant, Pedestal Software how to implement great ideas and make the process happen. He is a hard worker. I continue“Rick helped staff up Pedestal Software to to be impressed with his high level oftake our products to the next level, a level professionalism coupled with a well groundedthat resulted in our acquisition. Rick helped straight forward style. I consider that aus find exactly the right people in marketing, refreshing and welcomed method of doing thesales, engineering, and customer support. Rick job. I whole heartedly recommend Rickalways quickly incorporated and learned from Hardy!” Eddie DZmura, Staffing Recruiter,the feedback provided by hiring managers and Avisarinterviewers, which helped make our recruitinghighly effective and targeted, and allowed theteam to be as efficient as possible in therecruiting process. Id gladly work with Rickagain or hire him given the opportunity!”Howie Hecht, Sr. Product Manager, PedestalSoftware“Rick is one of the rare breed of onsiterecruiter/talent consultant who not only getsresults, but encourages and builds lastingrelationships with his outside vendors, andinternal stakeholders. It was a grand pleasureto work with Rick each and every time -- and at   7  
  8. 8. Rick HardyConsultantCandela Corp“I worked with Rick at CandelaCorporation as he stepped in to an HRDepartment that was falling apart. Duringhis time at Candela he was able to organize thedepartment so it could function properly and goforward with a full-time Director.Rick is a very capable, knowledgeableindividual who is a pleasure to work with - atrue asset.” Darrell Simino, Controller, TheLance Corporation“Rick worked hard to keep one of our subsin compliance with all aspects of HumanResource. When difficult situations arose, hehandled them professionally andthoroughly. As a result of his dedication wemaintained a functioning HR presence throughout his tenure. I would recommend Rick forany Human Resource management position.”Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity,Creative Nancy Compton,“Ricks extensive experience in humanresources and business made working withhim a true pleasure. In an environment thatwas constantly changing his ability to adjusthis management style and ideas was an assetto the function of the business. Rick was alsoa mentor and his approachable personalitymade collaborating on decisions a pleasantexperience.” Bartkow, John, OperationManager, Candela   8  
  9. 9. Rick HardyDirector Of Human ResourcesTS Central“Rick was the most senior HR executive inour firm. He directly supervised a small HRstaff and was responsible for all HR needsand requirements of the company, with atotal employee base of approximately 75-100individuals.Rick is a knowledgeable and experiencedsenior executive who collaborated effectivelywith all other senior managers whilesuccessfully overseeing all aspects of the HRfunction of the organization. He routinelymaintained smooth HR functions whilesteering the companys HR activities towardachieving maximum staff productivity, as wellas a positive, team-oriented culture with highmorale.I would welcome the opportunity to work withRick again and would certainly recommendhim for any position with similar levels ofresponsibility and position requirements.”Robert Lapides, Principal, Robert L. LapidesCompany, LLC   9  
  10. 10. Rick HardyDirector of Human ResourcesAIR“Rick and I worked together closely at AIR.Rick was a pleasure to work with and verycompetent as the HR Director. He did a greatjob recruiting highly skilled technical peopleduring at period of rapid growth at AIR and hewas well regarded by everyone there. I highlyrecommend him to anyone looking to hire anHR professional.” Julie Welsch, Controller,AIR Worldwide Corporation   10  
  11. 11. Rick HardyHuman Resources Practice product development projects and over 20 open positions. We had 80% contract developers andLeader QA staff at that point.Thomson Financial Rick was my recruiting partner and took the“Rick was always our go-to guy for finding lead on recruiting directly and through localthat nugget of a hire that could make the agencies. He identified excellent candidatesdifference to ones team. Rick understood for over 15 positions and we hired many intowho we needed on board, and his persistence in full time positions. A number of these recruitsseeking that right hire would always pay off.” became significant contributors to theChito Jovellanos, Director, Research & Thomson ESG and Rick was the person thatDevelopment, Thomson Financial (ESG | identified, screened and landed these keyOmgeo) people.worked with Rick at Thomson Financial One interesting example of Ricks experience“I knew Rick from the mid to the end of the and savvy; we had a recruit with exactly the1990’s when there was a great demand for technical skill set we needed. In the interviewsoftware engineers, during which time, with process Rick identified a number of non-Rick’s help, I was able to fill many critical technical areas where the candidate hadpositions in my development team when I weaknesses. I decided to hire that person andwas a dev manager at Thomson Financial ESG although he contributed, his behavior was aResearch and Development (R&D). He helped problem his entire tenure at ESG. Rick had hitme screen and select the best candidates for the it on the, provided me with interview techniques,dos and the don’ts, that I still use today. He Rick is savvy and has excellent recruiting andalso coached me in handling many difficult screening skills. He was always helpful and funperformances related situations. I highly to work with. I highly recommend Rick!”recommend Rick to anyone looking for an Gary Foster, Director Advance R&D/C.T.O.,excellent contributor in the HR functions.” Thomson Financial Electronic SettlementsPhat Hong, Dev. Manager, Thomson Financial Group“Rick was my primary HR contact at ThomsonESG (now known as Omgeo) from February1995 through September 1997. Whether hewas helping us find an addition to our teamor personally helping me determine whatdirection to go in career-wise, he was alwaysthere with an unbiased opinion and helpfulinformation. He was very professional; youcould always trust him not to mention things toothers until the time was right. Also, if hewasn’t sure of something, he would be honestwith you, research it and get back to you. Ihighly recommend Rick and hope to have theopportunity to work with him again in thefuture.” Deb Dubiner, Product Manager / BusinessAnalyst, Omgeo / Thomson Financial ServicesESG“When I joined the Thomson ESG team in1995, the business had just turned the cornerand was in the black. The R&D staff had beendepleted earlier in the year and had significant   11  
  12. 12. Rick HardyVolunteer / Pro Bono Work negotiations, etc. In other words, he has been completely dedicated in assisting the members“Rick Hardy is an HR professional. He is a of the organization to market themselvesgood listener who thinks outside of the box successfully and to find a desirable position.with intuitive ideas to help a person or There is no question in my mind that this is theorganization to reach their stated type of person I would want in a seniorobjectives.” Charles Hobbs, A.H.C., Project management role in the human resourcesManager, Thompson Company Inc department of a company. He is persistent, proactive, creative, committed, bright and“Children Across America is a 501(C)3 passionate. It would be my pleasure to talk tochildren’s non profit. Rick took on the you about Rick Hardydubious task of writing our company Nancy Bromberg, Independentpolicies and procedures manual. He put in a Contractor/Retained Search Life Sciencelot of work and did this all at no charge. Recruiter, Executive Profiles Ltd., Search Firm specializing in Devices, Biotechnology &This project would have cost us thousands of Pharmaceuticalsdollars to have done but Rick graciouslyvolunteered his expertise and did a very “Rick is a fellow volunteer atprofessional job. I highly recommend him to TransitionsNeedham, a group assistinganyone who is looking for someone with a professionals with finding, designing andprofessional work ethic and a person of creating new career opportunities. Ricksintegrity.” experience from the HR side is a great benefitTop qualities: Great Results, Expert, High to members. He is generous with his time andIntegrity Ray Fellows, his advice, leading workshops, mock interviews and other activities. His“I know Rick from the Transitions Networking dedication presents is an asset in anyGroup in Needham. He led the group in a organization.” Mary Ellen Donovan,"What Color Is Your Parachute Workshop." I Technical Instruction Editor, Freelancemust admit I looked forward to attending and Editing Servicesdid not want it to end. He is very professionaland encouraged us all to participate. We all “Rick is a great person and a highlylearned a lot about ourselves which helped us knowledgeable HR professional who I havetremendously in our job search. He is had the pleasure of working with over theincredibly motivational and kept our spirits past several months. He is generous with hishigh during these trying times. Often, he time, and willingly shares his insights to helpwould sit down and speak to me one on one others achieve their goals. Rick eagerlyto show me how to transition my business provides information and helpful advice,skills and my hobbies into a new career. bringing a breath of fresh air to any discussionRick is definitely a team player and would be he joins. I hope to maintain contact with Rickan asset to any organization.” Stacey Kottis, going forward, and recommend him highly.”Business Analyst, Network Group Glen Williamson, Secretary, Board of Directors, The Dover Foundation“I have known Rick Hardy forapproximately a year through the “I have been fortunate to have had anTransitions Networking Group in Needham. opportunity to receive counsel from Mr. Hardy.I consider him a consummate Human Rick has unselfishly shared his knowledgeResources Professional. At Transitions, he has and experience and expertise in the areas ofbeen actively involved in putting together job search and interviewing. Susanworkshops for the members so that they would Harrington, Recording Secretary, Easternbetter understand the interviewing process and Massachusetts Association of Communityultimately find fulfilling employment. He has Theatresdeveloped various workshops such as resumewriting, interviewing skills, identifying “I have known Rick for over one year. I havepersonal and job related strengths, salary observed Rick inspire many people in all   12  
  13. 13. Rick Hardyaspects of looking for a new position through side of the interviewing/hiring process hasmock interviews, revising resumes, etc. He is been very enlightening. Rick is veryalways willing to go the extra mile. He is supportive and easy to work with”.insightful, caring and has a great passion for Top qualities: Great Results, Personable,others. I would recommend Rick to anyone Expert Lanny Starr,looking for an honest, approachablesupportive HR representative.” Ann M. “Rick Hardy is a career professional in theMiller, Volunteer telephone counselor on Human Resources field that has the talent toCrisis Hotline, Parents Helping Parents assist people in transition to their next employment opportunity. He assisted me“I have been working with Rick for over six through my 19-month journey, provided themonths through the Transitions networking critique needed to get me focused to excel atgroup in Needham. He has helped me my interviews and salary discussions. He isimmensely in developing my interviewing and great at what he does.” John Griffin, HEADself-marketing skills. His insight into the HR OF CLIENT BUSINESS, MSPC   13  
  14. 14. Rick Hardy     Human resources Compensation Benefits Staffing Recruiting Sourcing Organizational development Training Policy & procedures Legal compliance Administrative Change Bargaining Behavioral Integration Board of Directors Career Progress CEO Compensation CEO Tenure Comparative HRM Compensation Policies Dispute Resolution Emerging Global Labor Market Employment Expatriation / Repatriation Gender Diversity Gender Equality HRM in Emerging MNEs HRM Strategies Human Resource Management (HRM) Intercultural Work Relationship International Contracting Interpersonal Trust Job Satisfaction Judgment and Decision Making Labor Practices Labor/Management Issues Managerial Cognition Management Effectiveness Manpower Planning Mentoring Multilingual Systems Negotiation and Bargaining Procedures Organizational Behavior Organizational Citizenship Behavior Outsourcing Personnel Professional Culture Protean and Boundaryless Careers Recruiting and Training Issues Teams and Teamwork Training and Development   14  
  15. 15. Rick Hardy Global Values Visibility Wage Negotiations Work-Family Issues Administrative Arrangements Flexible Work Practice Guidelines Consulting Annual Leave Sick Performance Recruitment & Selection Remuneration & Recognition Current Awards Job Evaluation Salary Packaging Salary Rate Guidelines/Policy Reporting Statistics Redeployment Voluntary Separation Separations Medical Retirement Redundancy Resignations Retirement Staff Development Workers Compensation Acquisitions/mergers/vertical integration Adaptation/strategic change Agendas/attention/issue management Business and corporate strategy Coordination Corporate governance Human resource management Knowledge management Leadership Multinational management Organizational design/formal structure Planning/policy/control Social responsibility Symbolic management Top management/executives Personnel Selection (interview skills, selection process) Training and Development Human Resources Management Management Principles Organizational Behavior Compensation Management (incentive programs, equity issues) Occupational Health and Safety Industrial Relations Accounting Business Writing Strategies Change Management Employee Handbook Assessment   15  
  16. 16. Rick Hardy Community Compliance Consulting Job Descriptions Outsourcing Planning Strategic HRIS Job Analysis Payroll Performance Management Project Management Recruitment Self Development Training and Development EEOC   FMLA   FLSA   ADA   ADEA   EEOC   COBRA   OSHA   ERISA   ICRA   WARN Judgment Leadership Management Skills Persuasiveness Planning and Organizing Skills Presentation Skills Problem-Solving Skills Team Building/Team Work Time Management Workforce planning Diversity Management Human  resources,  Compensation,  Benefits,  Staffing  ,   Recruiting,  Sourcing,  Organizational  Development,  Training,   Policy  &  Procedures,  Legal  compliance,  Administrative   Change,  Behavioral  Integration,  Career  Progress,  CEO   Compensation,  Comparative  HRM,  Compensation  Policies,   Dispute  Resolution,  Emerging  Global  Labor  Market,   Employment,  Expatriation  /  Repatriation,  Gender  Diversity,   Gender  Equality,  HRM  Strategies,  Human  Resource   Management  (HRM),  Intercultural  Work  Relationships,   International  Contracting,  Interpersonal  Trust,  Job   Satisfaction,  Judgment  and  Decision  Making,  Labor   Practices,  Labor/Management  Issues,  Managerial  Cognition,   Management  Effectiveness,  Manpower  Planning,  Mentoring,     16  
  17. 17. Rick Hardy Multilingual  Systems,  Organizational  Behavior,   Organizational  Citizenship  Behavior,  Outsourcing,   Personnel,  Professional  Culture,  Protean  and  Boundaryless   Careers,  Recruiting  and  Training  Issues,  Teams  and   Teamwork,  Training  and  Development,  Global,  Values,   Visibility,  Wage  Negotiations,  Work-­‐Family  Issues,   Administrative  Arrangements,  Flexible  Work  Practice,   Guidelines,  Consulting,  Annual  Leave  ,  Sick,  Performance,   Recruitment  &  Selection,  Remuneration  &  Recognition   Current  Awards,  Job  Evaluation,  Salary  Packaging,  Salary   Rate  ,  Guidelines/Policy  Reporting  Statistics  ,   Redeployment,  Voluntary  Separation,  Separations,    Medical   Retirement,  Redundancy,  Resignations,  Retirement,  Staff   Development,  Workers  Compensation,   Acquisitions/mergers/vertical  integration,   Adaptation/strategic  change,  Agendas/attention/issue   management,  Business  and  corporate  strategy,   Coordination,  Corporate  governance,  Human  resource   management,  Knowledge  management,  Leadership,   Multinational  management,  Organizational  design/formal   structure,  Planning/policy/control,  Social  responsibility,   Symbolic  management,  Top  management/executives,   Personnel  Selection  (interview  skills,  selection  process),   Training  and  Development,  Management  Principles,   Compensation  Management  (incentive  programs,  equity   issues),  Occupational  Health  and  Safety,  Industrial   Relations,  Accounting,  Business  Writing  Strategies,  Change   Management,  Employee  Handbook,  Assessment,   Community,  Compliance,  Job  Descriptions,  Planning,   Strategic,  HRIS,  Job  Analysis,  Payroll,  Performance   Management,  Project  Management,  Self  Development,  EEOC,   FMLA,  FLSA,,  ADA,  ADEA,  COBRA,  OSHA,  ERISA,  ICRA,   WARN,  Judgment,  Leadership,  Management  Skills,   Persuasiveness,  Planning  and  Organizing  Skills,   Presentation  Skills,  Problem-­‐Solving  Skills,  Team   Building/Team  Work,  Time  Management,  Workforce   planning,  Diversity  Management     17