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Women entworkshop 28jan2012


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How do you balance life, family, work and an entrepreneurial spirit? An opportunity for women to discover the power of their personal story for shaping a unique business. Women will learn to reflect …

How do you balance life, family, work and an entrepreneurial spirit? An opportunity for women to discover the power of their personal story for shaping a unique business. Women will learn to reflect on how life challenges can be shaped to empower their future and to envision a holistic lifestyle balancing self, family, career and community. Women interested in participating in this workshop should apply here:

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  • 1. Agenda• Introduction - 5• 1st Icebreaker - 15• Discussion - 10• My Story - 35• Q&A - 15• Journal your Journey - 25• Discussion - 15• Ready.aim.inspire - 25• Your story - 20• Closing & Follow up - 15
  • 2. Ice-breaker - Pairs Ask me about: - my kids - my trip to peru - my financial status• Ask me about: • Something you are comfortable sharing (comfortable space) • Something you are excited by (creative space) • Something you are embarrassed about or feel uncomfortable sharing (vulnerable space)• Write your feedback on her back. 1 - 3 characteristics
  • 3. There are three things extremely hard: Steel, a Diamond & to know oneself. - Ben Franklin
  • 4. 4 - 16 - Early Imprints: The world teaches you!
  • 5. Nature teaches more smells, sounds, textures, than she preaches. imagination
  • 6. Identity - culture, religion, family
  • 7. 17 - 24 - Choices: Explore, Rebel or Conform?
  • 8. There are good ones take your pick. and bad ones..
  • 9. Dont follow trends, start trends. You can do anything you set - Frank Capra your mind to.
  • 10. The greater danger for most of us liesnot in setting our aim too high and fallingshort; but in setting our aim too low, and Pay your dues. achieving our mark. - Michael Angelo
  • 11. The opposite of courage in our society One Model!is not cowardice, it is conformity.
  • 12. 25 - 30 - Destiny’s way: If you won’t do it, I will!
  • 13. Grief should not beprevented. Instead, it should Be Stoic! be respected.
  • 14. If youre going through hell, keep going. Bounce Back. - winston churchill 
  • 15. True health is only possible when we understand the unity of our minds, False Optimismemotions, spirits, and physical body.
  • 16. It does not matter how slow you go.. so long as you do not stop. - Confucius
  • 17. There are three things extremely hard: Steel, a Diamond & to knowoneself. - Ben Franklin
  • 18. Doctors don’t know Is this who I’ve become? everything!
  • 19. Reflection is looking in so you can look out with abroader, bigger, and more accurate perspective. blessings & inspirations
  • 20. post traumatic growth
  • 21. Change the way you look at things, and the things you Law of attraction look at change.
  • 22. 31 - 36 - Transformation
  • 23. Try & Try again! oh those memes!
  • 24. 1998 Sr. Manager 1999 Director 2000 Sr. Director 2001 Vice President 2002 Business OwnerKey Projects 2003 Chief Operating OfficerGlobal IP Network – $200m5 Data Centers – $30m 200422 Product Portfolio - $20mIT Infrastructure Build out - $4mMENA Fin Svc Outsourcing Center - $2m 2005 Board MemberNational ID project - $1m
  • 25. We are here to awaken from the 2 realities illusion of our separateness.
  • 26. be the change you want blessings & inspirations to see in the world
  • 27. 37 - 43 - Building a values-based business:
  • 28. Movement building Patience takes time. - MC
  • 29. !"#$%&‫و 32 إ&%0/ا .-,+ى ا( أ‬Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a Law of attractionmatter of choice.
  • 30. A generation which ignores history has no past Reflective— and no future - R Heinlein
  • 31. ‫و @60?$>! =6/<;$ ً و 39$82 #76$ر./ا‬ Is there anyone so wise as tolearn by the experience of others? Engage - Voltaire
  • 32. doing what you love.. with those you love Fun
  • 33. In nature Everywhere Collaborative
  • 34. It is in giving that we receive. Challenges
  • 35. As soon as u trust yourself, u will know how to live. - Goethe Law of attraction
  • 36. We will conserve what we love. We love what we understand. We understand only what we are taught. Relevance
  • 37. Life is a play...Shakespeare Patience
  • 38. Miracles come in moments. Resourceful Be ready and willing.
  • 39. ..A90B C0,03 DE. FG !> ‫و‬It is in the contemplation of power that you manifest this power. Small is beautiful
  • 40. The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they a vision become obvious.
  • 41. Surgery #12
  • 42. September: No Wheat No DairyBig thinking precedes great October: workshops November: book achievement. December: 10k
  • 43. #run4life
  • 44. This is who I AM 43
  • 45. +Influencers • Family Members (select) • Nature • Role Models (blessings & inspirations) • Reflection : Journaling • Openness to opportunity (believing in magic) • Patience.. (sis in law story..)
  • 46. Journal your Journey - Pairs• Your Story - The characters who played a role, who became voices in your head. Identify them, describe them (Role Model, motivator, challenger, judge)• Draw your life timeline - Think of the phases, highs and lows of your life.• The Villain - Think of a major character challenge, personify it as a villain. Describe what it destroys. (shame, guilt, fear, hate, anger...)• She Hero - Think of your aspiration.. answer the question: “if I am a superhero, who would I be and what power would I have?”• The MEMEs - is "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Identify MEMEs that influence your views on Relationships, Work, Success.
  • 47. READY.AIM.INSPIRE - Group Exercise• using your journal, weave your story.• Ideas: • Use a metaphor • Use quotes • Focus on a phase • Mix it up.. • Leave an open ending... • Present as a group or individual
  • 48. Reinforcement - Group• Bumper Sticker - Think about your experiences as members of the group and sum up your thoughts on what you have gained from the workshop so far.• Write these thoughts as they would be stated on a bumper sticker.
  • 49. references Health & Wellness women’s bodies women’s wisdom - Dr. Christian Northrup Making room Simplify your life Intelligent Optimism Ode Magazine Daily Inspiration Good Magazine, TEDTalks, Hay House Radio Success TEDTalks: A gentler philosophy of success - Alain de Botton Nutrition The Omnivores’ Dilemma - M. Pollack Economics Small is beautiful Inspiration Emmanuel’s gift, The last child in the woods Social Business TedTalks: Once upon a school - Dave Eggers Inspiration Female Inspiration TedTalks: Isabel Allende
  • 50. Other Seminars & Workshops .. Life Family Business CommunityA holistic Self-reliant Your brand & Service Modelsapproach children Social Media Simple Stories of Socialabundance Enterprise Building a business with 3P Focus Business Outreach & Communication
  • 51. Photo credits•• Ali Bin Thaleth• Joi Ito• Craig Ballinger• Tayeb Al Zait•• 2010/11/during-pleistocene-glaciers-processed.html 52