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Business Design Project - Storyboard on Rural Music Teacher & Student interaction
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Business Design Project - Storyboard on Rural Music Teacher & Student interaction


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Made for Project as a part of Business Design Practicum class 2010.

Made for Project as a part of Business Design Practicum class 2010.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Storyboard: RCM RURAL
    Team 5
  • 2. Overview: New RCM Rural curriculum to inspire music lovers to learn and play on classical instruments & take the new exams
  • 3. Music Adaptation Contest: Mobilize Regional Talents
    Robin is a local musician in West Concord. He heard about the contest to adapt Shania Twain’s songs with classic musical instruments. He plays violin and enters the contest.
    Robin is one of the winners of the contest and his adaptation of Shania’s Honey I’m Home becomes part of the RCM’s Country Series curriculum
  • 4. Travel Tour: Inspire through information and performance
    Wow! I didn’t know that violin can play Shania Twain’s songs that well. I wish I could do that.
    Robin also becomes a member of the traveling tour to showcase his adaptation. This tour goes to rural Canada areas. Promotion is done through online and local community.
    Julia heard of the concert from her high school. She went to the concert and got interested in playing country music with piano.
  • 5. 360◦ Information availability: flyers, online, and in person
    Violin suits you the best.
    Julia got a flyer from RCM during the concert. She went home and got online to learn more about the new RCM Rural program. It focuses on using traditional music instruments to play popular music, such as country music. She also found sample lessons online.
    Julia learned from the website that her local community center can help her pick the right kind of lessons for her in person and she prefers face-to-face interaction and she kind of likes the guy in the center.
  • 6. Easy access to information
    Julia typed in her zip code and found out that Robin actually lives only 40 km away and he is teaching the new curriculum in multiple instruments, including violin and piano.
    Julia called Robin and told him that she is interested in learning the new curriculum but is unsure of commitment. Robin told her that she can “sit-in” a session to experience the class and then decide. Julia decides to check it out on Saturday.
  • 7. Interest enhancement through experience
    I never thought that I would ever take violin lessons…
    Julia went to the class when Robin was teaching George piano under the new curriculum.
    Julia met George and they kept contact. Sometimes, George would call her to exchange music learning experience and other things. They are now friends and she is always happy to hear from him. They are going out next week.
    Julia decided to take violin lessons with Robin after auditing the class on Saturday.
  • 8. Interest enhancement through challenges
    Good job!
    Additionally, Julia has decided to take the exams to get high school credits.
    Julia and George became close friends. Robin suggested them to apply for the local music competition as a team. They have been trained by Robin for the past 4 weeks. The competition is in 2 days.
  • 9. Music is enjoyable for both playing and listening
    Music and violin playing have become a part of Julia’s life. She enjoys playing violin to relax, to be challenged, and to showcase her hard work. Additionally, she will go to Toronto to attend a concert at RCM with George during their summer vacation this year.