New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 4


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New Horizons is the official weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Perth

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New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 4

  1. 1. NEW HORIZONS The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 4 21th - 27th July 2011Weekly NewsletterLast Week’s Meeting End of Polio Koro Scholarship RYDA Presidential CitationBroadband effects on Breakfast Fund Volunteers needed. & Changemakerhouseholds. October 5th. Schooling for kids. Page 4 AwardPage 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4Last DGE Phillip Skelton from the RC Perth came along to listen to Kevin asWednesday’s they are long time friends.Meeting Meeting Wednesday,Kevin Campbell AMwas the speaker at last 27th Julyweek‟s meeting. Kevincommenced his Unfortunately, due to illness, Ianworking life as an Fletcher is unable to attend as ourengineer, moving into speaker next week.the Broadcastingindustry early in his Rex Evans will present a „Life andcareer. He went on to Times‟ also providing some feedbackbecome the Managing Director of the Speaker Kevin Campbell and DGE Phillip Skelton. on the Rotary Leadership Institute heSeven Television Network, Managing attended last week. industry. From its early days untilDirector of TVW Enterprises Ltd, has now it is almost incomprehensible toheld many honorary board positions. It is hoped that Martha Forrest, our have predicted the advancementsHe is currently non-executive Interactor who attended the Rotary and growth in this area. DiscussedChairman of Q Ltd and heavily Youth Program of Enrichment in was the use of fibre optics, the cost ofinvolved with the broadcasting of June, will come along to tell us of her upgrading the country to Broadbandsport. experience at RYPEN in the next and the benefits this is able to week or two. produce.Kevin gave all present a broad-brushpicture of the beginnings, presentand future of the communicationsRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  2. 2. NEW HORIZONSRotary Leadership M. 0414 368 594 Minister Kevin Rudd‟s office onInstitute E. Monday morning 25th July. and her partner is Eddy Pope. The meeting is to lobby for funds from the Australian Government forRtn. Rex Evans attended last Welcome Jill, delighted to have you Rotary‟s PolioPlus Program plus alsoweekend‟s Level 1 RLI and reports as part of the „Family of Rotary‟. to further request that Polio be putfavourably on his experience. on the Program for CHOGM in PerthRex has registered for Levels 2 and 3 Membership in October. A function with politicians iswhile Rtn. Hamish Mackie has August is Membership month. organised in Canberra for Monday,registered for Level 1 on 21st August A good start has been made to the 19th September, at which Ken willand Dir. Wilma McBain has indicated new Rotary year with four inductions also talk on Rotary‟s Polioshe would like to do all three levels since Changeover and another next Eradication Program.and is planning on registering forLevel 1 in August. Wednesday. Polio BreakfastClub Service 5th OctoberDirector A number of Rotarians have indicated their intention toRex Evans has accepted attend, however, several morethe position of Club are required to make up aService Director thus table of eight.the Club has almost afull Board in place for Please register per thethe 2011-12 Rotary attached flyer. Cost is $50year. per ticket or $380.00 for a table of 8Rex is a former CharterMember of the RC ofKambalda hence has come to us with Mignon Shardlow with colleagues at Koro Island High School in 1994. Monday, 25th Julysome Rotary experience. All members are encouraged to seekMany thanks Rex for taking on this Dr Rob Barber who works in out suitable business andimportant and vital role. Tanzania will be speaking at PLC on professional people whom they Monday 25th July. consider would make good Rotarians.Welcome New Member Currently a RAWCS (Rotary Please pass names onto Membership Australia World Community Service)Next week Jill Henderson will be Director PP Jim Gould. Project Application is being putinducted into the Club and will hold together for projects in Tanzania andthe classification of Psychology. Polio Eradication his assistance will be sought in securing signatures from a RotaryJill was nominated by Toni James. PRID Ken Collins will be travelling to Club in Tanzania and a GovernmentHer details are 53 Federation Street, Canberra for a meeting with Foreign Official so that the application is ableMt Hawthorn 6016 to be progressed.H. 9242 3354Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  3. 3. NEW HORIZONSKoro Scholarship FundNew Freshwater Bay Rotary Clubmembers Mignon Shardlow andAlistair Brown are excited aboutreceiving Rotary Australia WorldCommunity Service registration forthe Fijian education charity they setup three years ago.The couple started the Koro Students at Koro Island High SchoolScholarship Fund to help capable Slides for Microscopestudents on the Fijian outer island of the island were irregular and ProjectKoro to attend high school when expensive.their parents were unable to afford We have in hand 100 slides of skinschool fees. “In Australia we often take the which Rob Pearce arranged to be universal provision of education for made up for use by schools with theirThe RAWCS registration enables granted but on Koro Island every Magnifying Microscopes.donors to the scholarship fund to child considers themselves extremelymake tax-deductible donations. At lucky if their parents manage to pay When school recommences the slidesthe moment the Fund supports 13 for their school fees.” will be distributed, starting with thestudents at the Koro Island High local schools.School but Mignon and Alistair hope Mignon and Alistair plan to hold athey can raise more money so that fundraising function this coming Many thanks Rtn. Rob. The schoolsthe Fund can extend the dream of summer to raise money for the Fund. spoken to are excited about youreducation to children from all of the “We haven‟t decided on the type of slides.villages on the island. event we will hold but whatever it is we will be inviting our fellow club District Governor“Parents on Koro Island value members to join us in making it a success,” Dr Shardlow said. Jodie Sparks. RIDeducation and want to send theirchildren to school but they find it 9465very difficult to raise the $100 “We are grateful to the Freshwaternecessary to pay annual school fees,” Bay Rotary Club and the North Suva With the many enquiries which comeDr Shardlow said. Rotary Club in Fiji for being partners in on the microscopes project, I rely in the project and wish to thank Dr heavily on both District DirectoriesThe former volunteer teacher on the Ken Collins for his work in making so this week I communicated withisland said the island was still a very the RAWCS registration possible.” DG Jodie Sparks to congratulate hertraditional subsistence economy with on her excellent District Directory. Itfamilies growing enough crops and For more information about the is clear, well put together and usercatching just enough fish to feed their scholarship fund friendly.families. Selling surplus crops at visit ormarket was uncommon on the island contact Mignon Jodie‟s husband Colin is the graphiclargely because transport services to on designer responsible for the Watercorp Teacher‟s Manual for ourRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  4. 4. NEW HORIZONSMicroscope project and he has put a with Children Cards. Forms can be Fundraising Movie RChuge amount of effort into upgrading obtained from any PO or Sec. Di. Willettonthe D. 9465 Directory. Application forms are to be completed and then signed by Pres. Marcos Carot Collins, who is now aIn her response Jodie wrote Bryant. Cost is $10.00. member of the RC Willetton has“Congratulations on the success of notified us of a fundraising movie thethe Microscope project – I have RYDA Club is having on Sunday, 14th Augustheard so many positive comments at 4.30pm. The movie Red Dog willfrom clubs in District 9465.” More Volunteers are required to help be screened at the Cygnet Theatre, on the day. Preston St, Como at a cost of $15.00Both Jodie and Colin commenced per ticket with proceeds going totheir Rotary life as Rotaractors. Hamish is doing a fantastic job Community projects. FurtherColin in the Rotaract Club of Subiaco organizing this event. Details are that information can beand Jodie in the Rotaract Club of it will be held between 9.00am and found http://www.reddogmovie.comAscot, both moving into Rotary in 4.00pm at Lathlain Park Oval,their 20s. Tuesday, 16th August and Newman Group Study Exchange College have 200 studentsAccess Housing Project participating, to Georgia, USA Applicants are being sought for aAs VP Bill Hassell will be away, Dir October is Vocational GSE Team to Georgia in May / JuneWilma McBain will look after this Service Month 2012. Team Members should beproject in his absence. between the ages of 25-40 years. “Pride of Workmanship Awards‟ willA few responses have now come in be presented to businesses in our Closing date for applications to befrom letters recently sent to the Community who have given with the District GSE Chair, Rebeccaresidents. outstanding service or excellence Moore, 24A Mengler Ave, Claremont through their business or profession. 6010 is 15th August. They can be sentA further reminder on electronically, via PRID Ken CollinsDues Any member wishing to nominate a to business or individual for such auA further reminder that the RDU recognition should do so in writing to Applications close 15th August.Subscriptions and RI Semi Annual Director Wilma McBain, with a shortDues are awaiting payment so write up on why the nomination is Ambassador formembers who have not yet paid dues worthy of a Pride of Workmanshipare requested to please do so as soon Award. Geraldton Districtas possible. Conference Fundraising ActivitiesWorking With Children DG Liz Westoby is seeking an „Ambassador‟ from every Club toCards Director Jenny Gill reported that she promote and seek ideas on a range of is progressing with the Young Cook issues to do with the Conference inAt the Board Meeting held this week, and Rtn Donna is working on a Quiz Geraldton 20-22nd April, was agreed that all members would encouraged to obtain WorkingRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  5. 5. NEW HORIZONSPlease advise Sec Di if you are willing Criteria for the 2011-12 by EVERY member to the Rotaryto take on this role. Presidential Citation Foundation. This amount is tax deductible. Please see PRID Ken reRI Presidential Focused on membership and how this is done.Citation and continued support of The RotaryChangemaker Award Foundation, BOTH criteria must be Updates on Members attained for recognition. Good to have Rtn. PaddySince its inception, the RCFB has Club recognition has TWO Rotary Ramanathan back with us lastachieved RI Presidential Citations. Foundation components Wednesday. Welcome back Paddy.Each RI President develops criteriathat he considers important in and FOUR membership components. VP Bill and Rtn Sue Hassell will joinassisting him to achieve a better the ever increasing number ofworld through Rotary Service. MANDATORY: The Rotary members who are travelling. Enjoy Foundation (two components) your travels and we look forward toFor Clubs to achieve a Citation, it is · 100% Annual Programs Fund seeing you again in a few weeks.important that goals are set by eachCommittee before the new Rotary participation ( with EVERY active member to personally contribute Unfortunately, due to personalyear commences or very early in the some amount between 1.7.2011 reasons Bronwen Tyson has resignednew year. and 31.3.2012) and from the Club for the rest of this · US$100 minimum per capita in year. She hopes that circumstancesRI Pres. Kalyan Banerjee has split the club contributions to the Annual will allow her to return at theusual Presidential Citation into two Programs Fund. beginning of 2012. We‟ll miss youawards this year. The first continues Bronwen and look forward to havingto be called the 2011-12 Presidential MANDATORY: you back with us in the New Year.Citation and focuses on two key areasof Rotary – the Rotary Foundation Membership (four components) · Minimum net increase of one Alistair Brown has classes onand Membership. member; and Wednesday evenings this Semester · 85% minimum retention rate. so look forward to having you back atThe second is a new recognition And achievement of two of the meetings next Semester Alistair.which he has named 2011-12Changemaker Award and this is for a following four components:balanced program achieved though · 2% increase in qualified women Thank You Ellaworking with each of the Avenues of · 2% increase in qualified youngerService which are Club, Vocational, professionals (under age of 45) Ella James has stepped in and helpedCommunity, International and New · Induction of one or more out with the Bulletin this new RotaryGenerations. RI/Rotary Foundation program Year by compiling the Bulletin this Alumni month.Below is the criteria for a · Increased diversity (e.g.Presidential Citation and next week classification, gender, age). From next month, new member Rtn.the Changemaker Award criteria will Clifford Yudelman has kindly agreedbe written up in the Bulletin. A major change in RIP Kalyan‟s to assist with putting the Bulletin criteria is that it is MANDATORY for together. a PERSONAL donation to be madeRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  6. 6. NEW HORIZONSBoard Club DetailsRotary 2011-12 The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Inc.Bryant Stokes – President PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909Di Collins – Meetings Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pmToni James – Treasurer Café, Bethesda Hospital Queenslea Claremont, 6010Rex Evans – Club Service Director E-mail McBain - Community/ Vocational Service Director 0419 919 572Ken Collins – International Service Director Bulletin Ella JamesHamish Mackie – New Generations Director Gould – Membership Director Gill – Fundraising Charted 19 December 2008Bill Hassell – Vice for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of July 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 27th July Rex Evans Rob Pearce Donna Bicknell Ken Collins Wilma McBain3rd August Dr. Leesa Payne Paddy Jim Gould Gillian Yudelman Jenny Gill Ramanathan10th August TBA Max Hipkins Toni James Margaret Stuart Jill Henderson17th August Voc Visit to - - - - EmbroidMe TBCNB: „Duty‟ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  7. 7. NEW HORIZONSRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455