New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 3


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New Horizons is the official weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Perth

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New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 3

  1. 1. NEW HORIZONS The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 3 14th - 20th July 20112022222011Weekly NewsletterLast Week’s Meeting Rotary Leadership RYDA Visit to Ballajura PS Young CookItalian Night at the Institute Can you help? Find out how this Your opportunityHassell’s Consider participating school has improved. to participatePage 1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 3Last Wednesday‟sMeetingOur meeting last week was an Italianmeal prepared by Ambra and Anna,friends of Margaret Stuart, at Bill and SueHassell‟s. Nineteen members andspouses thoroughly enjoyed a great nightof wonderful food and fellowship, with allfood prepared on the spot and we evencame away with most of the recipes. Italian Social Night at the Hassell’s For 35 years Mr Campbell was involved Stage 1: 16th July, 6th August andA huge thank you to Sue, Bill, Margaret, in the broadcasting industry including 21st AugustAmbra and Anna plus our old friend Tony TVW (Ch 7) Enterprises, Telethon, Stage 2: 31st July and 27th AugustMunday who assisted with moving tables WAPA, Chairman of the Lotteries Stage 3: 28th Augustand chairs to set the place up on Commission and many other community Timings: 8.30 for 9.00am start. FinishWednesday afternoon. leadership roles. by 3.00pm Location: Mt Lawley Senior HighMeeting, Wednesday, Rotary Leadership School.20th July Institute (RLI) The course is suitable for present BoardOur speaker will Be Kevin Campbell AM, Members, future Club leaders and even The RLI Stage 1 Course on 10th July waswho will be telling us about the National new members wishing to learn something cancelled due to a nil response.Broadband Network and what it means. Course Schedules are set as follows:Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  2. 2. NEW HORIZONSabout Rotary beyond the Club, as well as Ambassadors are to not only promote the the table price was quoted as a steal of anew leadership skills. Conference but to seek ideas on a range deal, but unfortunately, incorrect. of issues to do with the Conference,Rex Evans registered for Sat. 16th July including speakers and feed the Please encourage friends and colleaguesand Hamish Mackie is registered for information back to the District. to purchase a table and come along to21st August. the Perth Convention and Exhibition Nigel Barker is the MC for the Centre, Time 7.00am – 9.00am.Please direct your nomination to attend Conference. His contact details are:to PDG Geoff Simpson, District Trainer E. The Rotaractors are spearheading thisvia the District Website. Tel. 6380 1014 - B. 9346 7333 joint Rotary / Rotaract / Global PovertyM. 0408 925 432 Breakfast and need our assistance to Do we have a volunteer for this position? make it successful.Group Study Exchange Please contact Sec. Di if you would like toto Georgia, USA take on this position. RYDAApplicants are being sought for a Team The End of Polio As the date for the Rotary Youth DriverLeader and four Team Members for the Breakfast Awareness on 16th August draws nearerGSE Team to Georgia, USA in May/June we still do not have any more volunteers2012. Further to the information in last week‟s to assist on the day. Bulletin on the End of Polio Breakfast onClosing date for both is 15th August, 2011. Wednesday, 5th October, please note that Anyone who is able to help out even for aApplications (available on the Rotary the cost is $50.00 per person OR few hours please let Hamish or Di know.Website should be sent $380.00 for a table of 8. Last week This is an opportunity for you to becometo GSE Chairman Rebecca Moore, 24A involved and seeMengler Ave, Claremont WA 6010. firsthand one of theApplications can be sent electronically excellent youthto or projects that Rotarymailed to her address. offers to Yr 11 students.Interviews for Team Members will beheld on the weekend of 10/11 September. Remember that a „Working withAny members with suitable applicants, Children” card isplease contact Int. Service Director Ken necessary so if you do not have one,Ambassador for application forms are available from theGeraldton District Post Office or fromConference Sec. Di. President Bryant is required toAn Ambassador from each Club is being sign the applicationsought for the District Conference to be and they take time toheld in Geraldton 20-22nd April, 2012. be processed. Presidential Citation Certificate and ‘Distinction’Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  3. 3. NEW HORIZONSDistrict and Young CookInternational Awards Fundraising Director Jenny Gill isLast week it was announced that the progressing with this, which will becomeRCFB was the recipient of the inaugural a signature fundraiser for the Club.District Indigenous Service Award (alongwith the RC Geraldton Greenough) for Any members with contacts in PR and orthe Unifocus GSE between Wiluna and have the ability to access suitable items asFiji and the recipient of a RI Presidential prizes in the various categories (eg IpadsCitation with Distinction. This week we / Ipods or other things that are attractivehave photographs of them both for you to to our younger generation, please contactsee. Jenny.Microscopes for Quiz NightSchools Project Donna Bicknell is spearheading this fundraising activity.Enquiries and orders continue to trickle District Indigenous Service Awardin along with communications from Access Housing Project Please start thinking about this, seekingnumerous people seeking information on suitable prizes and talking to your friendsthe project. Bill Hassell and members of the about attending. Community Service Committee sent outProf. Lyn Beazley promotes the projectcontinually and just today an email has letters requesting feedback on whether Visit to Ballajuracome from the Nicola Milson, Secretary there is interest in a social activity for Primary School residents of the Access Housing or ifof Dr Janet Woollard MP saying “Dr there is a need for assistance in anyWoollard is very interested in learning When Schools recommence after the capacity from the Club.more about the project and the schools midyear break, Director Hamish willinvolved.” She has requested a briefing organise a visit to the Ballajura Primary Response has been a list of schools who have School for any members interested inmicroscopes. Dues areThis project is lifting the profile of Rotary Duein the community and with communityleaders. Just over a third of members have paidSchools and Rotary Clubs are being their Club dues. Itmarried up with success so we are would be appreciatedgrateful to the Rotary Clubs who are if all members andresponding to the requests to sponsor „Friends of the Club‟units in schools. could pay by cheque or by electronic transfer into the Club Operating account. Ambra and Anna - Italian Social NightRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  4. 4. NEW HORIZONSseeing what Principal David Wanstall has Updates on Members Andrea Hayward, although no longer aintroduced into his school. member as she is now working in Good to have Alistair Brown home from Canberra is currently in the USA andDisappointed in the results of NAPLand his travels in PNG. sends greetings to all her old friends inand students overall performances, he the Club.has introduced a number of changes Paddy Ramanathan‟s health issues are inwhich have markedly improved results. A the past, he will be back at work fulltime Thanks to Ella once25% improvement in 18 months has this week and we‟ll be able to welcome againoccurred. him back to the meeting on Wednesday. Once again we have Ella James to thankThe visit will be arranged for a Tuesday Max and Merran Hipkins are taking a for the Bulletin.or Thursday. Members interested in short holiday. Travel safely and lookparticipating please let Hamish know. forward to seeing you next week. We are all most grateful to you Ella. Graeme Prior will be travelling with work for the next couple of weeks.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  5. 5. NEW HORIZONSBoard Club DetailsRotary 2011-12 The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Inc.Bryant Stokes – President PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909Di Collins – Meetings Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pmToni James – Treasurer Café, Bethesda Hospital Queenslea Claremont, 6010TBA – President Elect/ Club Service Director President E-mailWilma McBain - Community/ Vocational Service Director Mobile 0419 919 572Ken Collins – International Service Bulletin Editor Ella JamesHamish Mackie – New Generations WebsiteJim Gould – Membership Director FacebookJenny Gill – Fundraising Director Hassell – Vice President Charted 19 December for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of July 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 20th July Kevin Campbell Margaret Stuart Alistair Brown Sue Hassell Wilma McBain 27th July Ian Fletcher Rob Pearce Rex Evans Paddy Ramanathan Max Hipkins3rd August Dr. Leesa Payne Donna Bicknell Jim Gould Gillian Yudelman Jenny Gill10th August Prof. Ray Wills Max Hipkins Toni James Margaret Stuart Clifford YudelmanNB: „Duty‟ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455