New Horizons Volume 4 Issue 27


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Weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Western Australia for the week of 26 January - 2 February 2012

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New Horizons Volume 4 Issue 27

  1. 1. The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 27 26th January – 2nd February 2012 luckier still that nobody Wendy Wardell our except miners has speaker on 25th bothered going to check if January it’s still there since Toni Collette left in aboutWendy Wardell has attended 2003. It’s ingeniousRotary Club of Freshwater Bay really. One patch ofas a guest on a couple of recent spiniphex punctuated byoccasions and hopes to make it termite mounds looksa more regular association later much like any other, soin the year. Currently working really, who is going toin marketing, she also writes notice if a few thousandregular satirical articles for square kilometres goMedical Forum magazine and missing? And if anyoneprovides entertaining does catch on, there’sconference talks and after- always the fallbackdinner speeches. Wendy will position of sucking youralso be gaining registration as a breath in over your teethMarriage Celebrant in the and muttering ‘bloodycoming months. termites.’( Having recently returnedWendy kindly edited her very from spending time withinsightful and humorous talk my family in the UK overfor inclusion in our bulletin per Christmas, what I sawClifford’s request, as we had President Bryant Stokes and Wendy Wardell there made me celebratevery few of our regular the diversity andmembers present to enjoy it quirkiness of Australiafirsthand. girt by sea, but the bit that even more. I discovered that grey sloshes on the WA coastline is and damp wasn’t just a weather Australia Day seemingly packed to the gunnels forecast, but a lifestyle and an Reflections with things on the underside that attitude that permeates want to eat us and on the top everything. EuropeanPerth has been my adoptive home with people that want to join us interconnectedness has givenfor over 20 years now and every What’s more, from our vantage them some great benefits; winetime I leave the place I’m so point of what Paul Keating so and cheese for instance are highhappy to return I almost come eloquently described as the ‘arse quality and cheap. But everyoneover all Papal and kiss the end of the Earth’ we can hear the has to cop the credit card bill fortarmac. One of the amazing ominous rumbles of another bout Greece’s little indulgences andthings about WA, and Australia of economic indigestion heading France’s trips to the beauty general, is it’s diversity. It’s like our way – or not as the case may The Euro may not have reached living in a be. Will our mineral wealth the purses of the Poms yet, but is dozen provide us with immunity from a has already homogenised so different nasty case of the European Trots? countries Does the fact that we play mainly all at the with China these days mean that same we won’t have picked up this time. particular bug from the other Australia kids in the global playground? may be We’re lucky to have the Pilbara, and at the rate we’re selling it off, Rare photo of drop- Not so rare photo of Redback bearRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. favourite topic of fear. As far as Europeans are concerned, the ocean here is simply a large bowl of shark soup and humans are but croutons in it. They may have a point on this one. This image of an unsophisticated country in thrall to creepy- crawlies of varying degrees of ferocity is not assisted by the intellectual excellence of our chosen Ambassadors – Warney, Lara Bingle and assorted soapies. But as much as it makes us cringe to be represented by shallow caricatures of what Australia really has to offer the world, we’re not about to change this image overnight and nor should we even try. Just quietly, we rather like the feeling that maybe we really aremuch of life that when they look living on the edge in a landscape OK– it’s a shallow and onein the mirror, they no longer hell-bent on eradicating us. It’s dimensional image, based largelyrecognise themselves. You could fun to think of ourselves as a on myth and exaggeration. But itbelieve that England has had nation of Bear Grylls’ and given won’t easily be shifted and it’s ourplastic surgery to become more the content of some of the image, undiluted by proximity toEuropean and has suddenly sausages we consume by the ton, nations with whom we feel wefound that it has turned into there may even be some dietary need to morph for the sake ofMichael Jackson. parallels. Why else would we trade or political correctness.Yet the beauty of a land that we invent the notion of Drop-Bears Out-dated stereotypes andfeel defines us is lost on these cold to scare the tourists if we didn’t misrepresentations are so muchclimate creatures. To Europeans want to put ourselves at the top better than painting our cultureliving in soft light filtered of the Tough Guy totem pole? and identity in beige so that wethrough almost constant can blend in with thecloud, where the only natural neighbours.threat to life and limb is the I’m afraid that it really is timechronic bad temper, Australia to chuck another shrimp onis the country that wants to the barbie.kill you. ©Wendy WardellThere is distrust for a sunthat appears day after day ina blue sky and sunburn isapparently proof that God is Next Week’s Meetingpunishing us for having on 1st February –weather that is unnaturally Maiti Nepal updategood. He has also seeded ourlandscape with so many Gillian and Clifford will behighly improbable and doing a presentation on theinvariably lethal creatures Maiti Nepal Organisation thatthat Australians never our club has been supportingapparently go anywhere with a RAWCS Project andwithout a stout stick to fend matching grant. Anuradhaoff their unrelenting attacks. Koirala CNN Hero and founder of Maiti Nepal hasIrate creatures featured on given a voice to the innocentour coat of arms will deliver a victims of traffickingdeath blow as soon as look at worldwide and has rescuedus and snakes are simply over 12 000 girls and womensalivating in anticipation of who have been trafficked fromdigging their fangs into our Nepal to India. Anuradhaflesh. Sharks are obviously a Anuradh Koiarala CNN Hero- Maiti Nepal Koirala and her Director ofRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. Maiti Nepal, Bishwo Khadka, will wonglee.yawehfoundation@gmail The RLI is a training day, wherebe returning to Perth for .com Wong will hold the Rotarians are provided withInternational Women’s Day. In classification of Political comprehensive training. Thereaddition, there will be a morning Economist and Joyce’s are three levels, each taking a daytea fundraiser at Chez Pierre on classification is Periodontist. each, commencing at Stage 1 onTuesday March 6th at 10.00 AM Welcome to the RC of Freshwater Saturday 18th February, Stage 2and an evening dinner fundraiser Bay to both of you. will be on Sunday, 19th February,on March 7th at 6.30 PM instead with Stage 3 set down for Sunday,of our regular meeting. 11th March. All are being held at Changemaker Award Mt Lawley Senior High School commencing at 8.30am. The Changemaker Award has Members interested in these Assistance for Young been devised by RI President training days please let Sec. Di Man Kalyan Banerjee to encourage know so that she can arrange for Clubs to support a well-balanced you to be registered to attend.A request for financial assistance program of projects and activitieshas come from a local Solicitor, in all Avenues of Rotary Service.George Georgiou, who is acting Having been able to tick enough District Assemblyfor a young man, Damyn Cox, who of the required boxes to qualify forwas seriously injured in a motor this Award, the completed form The District Assembly for Boardvehicle accident in 2003 when he has been sent to DG Liz Westoby. members for 2012-13 and anywas 9 years of age. At this time only one other Rotary interested Rotarians is being heldDamyn was left brain injured, a Club in D. 9455 has sent in a on Sunday, 1st April at Mt Lawleyquadriplegic and on a ventilator. completed form, so we can be Senior High School, commencingWith his 18th birthday the pleased with this achievement. at 8.00am.following week, in mid-January, Board Members, particularlythe family arranged a surprise members who have not held the Presidential Citation Board position previously, shouldcelebration with family inMelbourne in an effort to give him put this date in their diary now soa small ‘boost’. Whilst carers etc. The second part of the recognition that they attend on the day.are able to be funded from his by the RI President for Clubs thisInsurance compensation, there is year is aimed at increasing membership and a personal Rotary in WA Facebooka shortfall of almost $3,000 forDamyn’s expenses. The R C of contribution by all members to SeminarWanneroo and the RC Freshwater the Rotary Foundation.Bay have both agreed to fund The RCFB has qualified on the Districts 9455 and 9465 are$500 each to assist Damyn’s membership aspect, however, holding a Facebook Seminar tofamily. PRID Ken continues to work on enlighten members on how to personal support by all members safely use Facebook. It will be run for the Rotary Foundation. The by AG Simone Carot Collins who A very warm (hot) majority of members have already has been conducting such welcome to the Hay given or have agreed to give a Seminars in Eastern Australia. donation, be it small or larger. Details: Sunday, 12th February, family Remember, that the Rotary 2012 Foundation is Rotary’s Reg. Desk opens 8.30amOur member Gordon Hay Foundation for ‘doing good inreturned to Perth from Hungary for 9.00am start. Concludes the world’ through its 1.00pmrecently with his lovely wife Educational and HumanitarianZsuzsanna and two boys Sam and Venue: North Lake Programs’. Campus, Kardinya.Oscar. A huge thank you to membersDelighted you are all here and the Register on line. Link in who have thus far contributed and Rotary Out West Blog and Districtmembers of the RCFB look Paul Harris Recognition has beenforward to getting to know you. Newsletter. presented to Paddy and Zerina Ramanathan. A few other Welcome to New members have also now qualified Club Changeover for Paul Harris Recognition. In Members addition one couple have qualified The Nedlands Golf club has been for Level One Major Donor booked for Thursday, 21st June forJoyce and Wong Lee were Recognition. the Club Changeover. Please putnominated for membership of the the date in your diary. FurtherRCFB and we look forward to details will follow in due course.their ‘official induction’ in the Rotary Leadershipcoming week or two. InstituteRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. Rotary Clubs Meet The DG from D. 1880 in how fascinated we all were by US$200 Million Germany, where our last Group what Clive imparted to us. Study Exchange Team travelled to Clive did his Doctorate on this Challenge has contacted D. 9455 seeking subject and was in the process of assistance for a young man, Felix writing a book. The book is nowThe Challenge of US$200 million Schulze the son of one of his published and his work is gainingset by Bill and Melinda Gates has friends. international recognition.been met by the Rotary Clubs Felix has been unsuccessful in If any member is interested inaround the world. obtaining an internship for 5-6 obtaining a copy the full price isManager of the RI Sydney Office months. He would like to work in $150.00. However, they areBruce Allen wrote: the Food and Agricultural area. available on Amazon at $90 per“Congratulations to one and all If any members are able to assist copy plus shipping or Fishpond atand thanks for having the heart Felix please contact Sec. Di for $79.95 a copy with free delivery.and the courage to do it. I don’t further details.think I’ve ever felt more proud tobe a Rotarian than I do right Richard Symonsnow. We might have reached District Conference$200 million but we can’t rest Members will recall Charteruntil the job’s done” The District Conference is being Member, now ‘Friend of the held in Geraldton from 20-22nd RCFB’ Peter and Mandy Symons April, 2012. son Richard, who entertained us Polio Summit, New See at the Club’s Charter Night and Delhi, India again at our first .au for details. Christmas/Birthday function.To celebrate one year of no cases Richard has just completed aof Polio in India, PRID Sushil Bachelor of Music degree atGupta, Chairman, Rotary RC Nedlands WAAPA and will do his MastersFoundation in India has written to there this year. In 2012 he willPRID Ken to personally invite him Have a Rio Carnival planned on also become Artistic Director forto attend the Summit due to his 18th February on the Crystal Swan The Giovanni Consort along withlong association with the Floating Function Centre. Cost is continuing his involvement witheradication of Polio and India. $80 per person. See attached the St George’s Cathedral Choir.The Summit is being held in New brochure. Each New Year’s Eve the RC PerthDelhi India 25-26th February, stage a wonderful Vienna Pops2012 and is to be chaired by PRIP Concert at the Concert Hall. ThisRaja Saboo. year Richard was one of the mainIt is significant that this program performers, being one of threewhich commenced in India in Tenors. He said it was absolutely1988 with PRID Sushil and RIP thrilling to perform to a fullKalyan involved from the start is Concert Hall. He did a superb jobable to celebrate a year without and we wish him every successPolio when their own fellow with his future endeavours.Rotarian Kalyan Banerjee is the Any member interested inPresident of Rotary International. supporting the Giovanni Consort, please contact Sec. Di for forms. RC Kalamunda Birthdays and AnniversariesOn Tues, Feb. 14th the RCKalamunda will have students A very Happy Birthday is wishedwho travelled to East Timor last to two of our new members. PamNovember recounting their Reynolds celebrates her birthdayexploits about the projects that on 29th January and Leonie Stillthey assisted the villages with. Clive Body will celebrate a birthday on 31stAny member interested in January.attending contact Bernard No Anniversaries.Reaveley ISC Corporate Psychopaths Members who attended the Assistance for German address by our then member Clive Man Sought Boddy two years ago, on Corporate Psychopaths will recallRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Oct / Nov 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 1st February Maiti Nepal Cliff Gordon Hay Paddy Debbie Cash Pam Reynolds & Gillian Ramanathan Yudelman 8th February TBA Wilma McBain Leonie Still Vanessa Wood Alistair Brown 15th February Joe Porter Rex Evans Margaret Stuart Max Hipkins Toni James22nd February Koro Scholarship Project – Alistair Brown & Mignon Shardlow 29th February Mike Griffith – Manager St Louis Village NB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6
  7. 7. Board Rotary 2011-12 Jim Gould – Membership President-Bryant StokesBryant Stokes – President Director MobileDi Collins – Secretary Jenny Gill – Fundraising Director 0419 919 jennypgill@gmail.comToni James – Treasurer Bill Hassell – Vice President Bulletin Clifford Yudelman/Di CollinsGillian Yudelman –Club Service Club Details WebsiteDirector, President The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Inc.Gordon Hay - Community/ PO Box 168, FacebookVocational Service Director Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 aterbayrotaryKen Collins – International MeetingsService Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Café, Bethesda HospitalHamish Mackie – New Queenslea Drive Claremont, 6010 Chartered 19 DecemberGenerations 2008Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 7