New Horizons Volume 2 Issue 9


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The weekly bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450, Western Australia, issed on 6th September 2009.

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New Horizons Volume 2 Issue 9

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9450! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 2, Issue 9 31st August - 6th September 2009 Letter From the Club The Dr Ken Collins Rotary Down Under Vocation Service Membership Increased Rotary Foundation President Address Magazine Award Worldwide Thought of the Week A roundup of the clubs Details on the annual It’s your magazine - RC Freshwater Bay’s Which Districts have This week’s thought is activities. Rotary Foundation Dr made in Australia. inaugural Vocation grown the most? about the Annual Page 1 Ken Collins Address. Page 2 Service Award. Page 4 Programs Fund. Page 2 Page 3 Page 5 recreational and professional the club and are unable to issue points out in its article Letter From the courses. As the community contribute to decisions and ‘The Science of Giving’ arm of UWA, we provide become involved with Medical research supports Club President intellectual and creative projects. Being a new club Service Above Self – more on opportunities for everyone, it’s important for all members this in the Bulletin. While in Dear Fellow Rotarians, regardless of age or to make a special effort to the June issue the article by qualifications”. attend and participate to help Kilong Ung, a Rotarian in Thursday, 27th August our set the direction and be a part Portland, Oregon, who tells speaker was Susan Marie, I certainly had no idea of the of the future success of the the story of his life in cousin of our member Peter depth and breadth of UWA RC of Freshwater Bay. Cambodia under the Khmer Symons. Susan is the Extension and appreciated Rouge, his escape to Thailand Director of UWA Extension learning more about it. The majority of our members and finally to the USA. is and she informed us of the Once again, attendance at receive the Rotary Down very moving. I’d like to community courses and Thursday’s meeting was Under Magazine, however, quote Kilong Ung’s closing events organised by UWA disappointingly low. It is where there are couples in paragraph as for me it sums Extension four times a year – appreciated that members are the club, one family member up why many of us are Summer, Autumn, Winter busy, some were still unwell receives the Rotarian Rotarians. and Spring. from the winter bugs around, Magazine. For those with the however, can I encourage all Rotarian magazine, I draw “I cannot change the past. In Susan’s words “UWA possible to make every your attention to the But what I do today and Extension provides attempt to make our following articles. The tomorrow matters. I believe continuing education and Thursday meetings. Missing August issue has an excellent that Rotary represents experiences across a range of members are not able to hear article on the story behind humanity at its best. My first hand what is happing in the Four Way Test. The July faith in humanity was nearly Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S destroyed by the Khmer year will be presented by the Please see PRID Ken who is Rouge. Whenever I meet a Quiz Night world President of Rotary the District Rotary kind, considerate and International himself, John Foundation Chairman, if you compassionate person, I Looking for feedback from Kenny from Scotland.   The would like to contribute regain a little of that faith. I members as to a Rotary Foundation Alumni through either or both these remain a genocide survivor. recommendation for a Quiz speaker will be retired areas.  For those able to give But the atmosphere of Rotary Master so that a date can be Federal Court Judge Bob something, but not as a energises me and gives me arranged to organise a Quiz Nicholson.  Major Donor or Paul Harris courage, strength and hope.’ Night for much needed Society Member, there is the funds for projects.   Would Centurion program which is I hope all Rotarians have the members start thinking $100 per year to the Rotary District Governor’s visit about rounding up prizes Foundation, for as long as Thursday, 1st October and the that can be used on the night one is able. Dr. Ken Collins Address, as auction items, raffles and   which is an address on the table prizes.   Please contact Rotary Foundation, by the Simone. The Science of world President, John Kenny,   on Monday, 16th November, RI President John Kenny Giving – 2009 marked in your diaries. Climb for a Both are dinners, which also Medical include spouses, so please Smile The Board discussed that if put these dates aside and the club members were in agreement, our regular Research help to make both functions Director Rob Rohrlach has a resounding success as ‘The this in hand and is looking Thursday meeting would be transferred to Monday, 16th Supports Future of Rotary is in your for volunteers for the exit, Hands’. people to do the climb and November for that week to maximise attendance.   All Service Above sponsors. Yours in Rotary Service,   present at this week’s meeting agreed to the Self Di Collins Knitted change.    In the July issue of the Charter President Beanies, Rotary Down Rotarian Magazine is an interesting article written by Sandra Swanson.       For Scarves and Under members who do not receive this magazine, following are Lap Rugs for Magazine a couple of exerts from the article. Wiluna The July issue has two ‘For Rotarians, Service Above excellent articles on Funds Enid has had an article Self is a succinct guide to life.  for the Rotary Foundation.  written up in the St. Louis Now scientists are finding The first is on Page 31 ‘Funds Estate Newsletter for knitters that Rotary’s motto may for the Foundation’, and the for beanies and scarves in represent even more: a second is over the page on footy colours for the prescription for good health.  Page 32/33 ‘Paul Harris aboriginals in Wiluna.   She Service to others is “as Society.   Investment in now has patterns and will important as exercise and Goodwill’.  Your attention is quitting smoking”, says Interact keep us informed as to progress.  Many thanks Enid. drawn to these two articles Stephen Post, co-author of and if you’ve not already   Why good Things Happen to read them, can I ask that you Ken is looking for members Good People and director of with an interest in assisting The Rotary do so as a big push is being made this year for both Sony Brook University’s to form a community based Center for Medical Interact Club to contact him.  Foundation Dr Major Donors and Paul Harris Society Members, due Humanities, Compassionate Christ Church Grammar Care and Bioethics in New to the lack of funding School have offered a venue Ken Collins available in the Rotary York. to hold meetings and it is Foundation for thought that a Saturday, perhaps afternoon would be Address Humanitarian and Doug Oman, a professor at the University of California, Educational Programs. the best time to consider.  Berkeley School of Public The annual Address on the Rotary has a number of Health, found that Rotary Foundation will be At the Rotary Foundation Dr. excellent projects and volunteering for at least two presented this year on Ken Collins Address on 16th programs for our youth to organisations was as Monday, 16th November, November, all Major Donors keep them occupied and out beneficial as exercising four 7.00pm for 7.30pm at the and Paul Harris Society of trouble and Interact is one times a week in reducing Golden Nugget Room, Members will be recognised such program. mortality rate.’ Gloucester Park.   Cost is by the RI President, John     $45.00 per person for a two Kenny so please give course meal.   Bar service is consideration to supporting available.   The Address this these areas, if at all possible.  2 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S After considerable deliberation, as we have many special people here at Bethesda, we wish to nominate (name withheld until Brunch at Bill & Sue Hassell’s the night) for this Award. Sunday, 11th October, 2009 Rotary Foundation Reclaiming You are invited to attend a Brunch at Bill and Sue Hassell’s. There is a cost of $10.00 per person to cover costs. Matching Grants schools in Sri RSVP to Daniel Forsdyke to indicate your attendance. Please Lanka note that payment will be collected prior to the event. Applications have been by Nicole Charky  submitted to the Rotary Foundation for both Manna The Rotarian -- September 2009  Industries and for a project in Photography by Alyce Henson Lagos for two resuscitators for new born babies.    When the tsunami hit Sri Lanka in 2004, more than 187 coastal District Governor’s Visit schools were damaged or destroyed. In the January 2006 Thursday, 1st October, 2009 issue, The Rotarian covered the Schools Reawaken project, for Members, Spouses and Friends of the Club are invited to attend which District 3220 raised more the Official Visit of the DG Geoff and Margaret Simpson. than US$12 million to build 25 schools. The district received This will be a dinner meeting 6:30pm for 7:00pm at a cost of help from The Rotary $25.00 per person, with BYO wine. Foundation, Rotary clubs around the world, and other RSVP to Daniel Forsdyke to indicate your attendance. Please organizations. Inaugural note that payment will be collected prior to the night. As the project nears its end, 22 Vocational schools are back in service, Note: Board members are requested to meet with DG Geoff at 5:30pm providing for about 12,000 Service Award children affected by the tsunami. Staff photographer Alyce Joan Sheppard, Executive Henson, who covered our first Manager Clinical Services at story, went back this year to see Bethesda Hospital has written to the extraordinary results at five Director Rob and quote: “We of those schools. Henson met up thank you for being given the with Imesha Udari de Zoyza opportunity to nominate one of again, four years after her our team here at Bethesda for school was destroyed. Now a Club Polo Shirts and Caps the inaugural Vocational Service graduate of Randombe Kanishta Award, along with the being Vidyalaya, she said, “My school Polo Shirts are available in both Ladies and Mens sizes for $35. able to join you at your dinner is a beautiful palace.” on 01 October, 2009. Ladies Polo Shirt - productdetail.asp?ID=126 Mens Polo Shirt - productdetail.asp?ID=125 Caps are one size fits all for $17.60. Caps - prodID=53&prodCatID=2 Embroidery will be the Rotary Wheel and the wording “Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay” Order forms are now available from Claire Forsdyke with orders to be placed by Thursday 3rd September 2009 The Schools Reawaken project rebuilt 22 coastal schools, including Dharmarama Kanishta Vidyalaya, which accommodates about 800 displaced students in the south. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N S Rotary International recognized several districts for achieving outstanding membership growth Media Flash in 2008-09. Three RI districts have been cited August 2009 for chartering two or more new clubs, while also achieving a 10 To get good local media percent or better net membership increase in at least half of the coverage: district’s clubs: ■ Try to set up a 1 District 3790, Philippines good 2 District 3830, relationship with Philippines your local At the RI Convention in Birmingham, England, 2008-09 RI 3 District 3870, President Dong Kurn Lee (middle) honored Rotary districts that newspaper. Philippines achieved outstanding membership results. Rotary Images/Monika ■ Invite the local Lozinska-Lee Ten districts have been reporter/editor recognized for chartering two or to your meeting.  President Dong Kurn Lee, who more new clubs while also Membership presided over 12 presidential achieving a net membership ■ Invite your local membership conferences held growth percentage rate that is reporter/editor increases during on six continents during the among the top 10 districts to join your club. year. Each conference was worldwide: ■ Arrange to have 2008-09 Rotary attended by between 300 and regular articles in 1,500 Rotarians. Lee also made 1 District 1290, England year personal calls to each of 2 District 3100, India the newspaper.  By Jennifer Lee Atkin  Rotary’s district governors. 3 District 3150, India ■ Talk to your local 4 District 3620, Korea radio station. Rotary International News -- 20 “We must reach out to people 5 District 3810, August 2009  who are different from us and Philippines ■ Share Rotary from the members in our club, 6 District 4190, Mexico with your local In a year of economic havoc because this is the way to a 7 District 4680, Brazil community.  that rocked global markets and stronger club with more 8 District 5000, USA connections and better ■ Work hard to get shook consumer confidence, 9 District 7020, Anguilla, Rotary International’s most potential,” Lee said at the 2009 Bahamas, British Virgin the local media important asset – its members – International Assembly in San Islands, Cayman “On Side”.  steadily grew. Diego, California, USA. Islands, French West As of 30 June, the end of the Indies, Haiti, Jamaica, 2008-09 RI year, there were Rotary clubs must continue to and part of Netherland Contact PDG Ian 1,234,527 members in 33,790 build membership during the Antilles, Turks and Murray if you need any Rotary clubs. That’s an increase 2009-10 year, said RI President Caicos Islands, and U.S. help in getting started of 3,044 members and 520 clubs John Kenny. Virgin Islands with your local media from the previous year. 10 District 9140, Nigeria   “I will simply rely on you, as campaign. “Businesses in tough responsible people, to see to it economies plan how to grow, that we have more qualified and most businesses then do members, true Rotarians, at the grow. Rotary clubs also have to end of the year than we had at plan for their futures and take the beginning. And I will rely on you to do your best to see to The Dr Ken Collins Address action on those plans,” said Mike McGovern, chair of RI’s the mentoring of our newest Membership Development and members, for retention is no Monday, 16th November, 2009 Retention Committee. less important than recruitment,” Kenny told 7:00pm for 7:30pm at the Golden Nugget Room, Gloucester “New clubs are forming in Rotarians at the RI Convention Park.  communities with existing in Birmingham, England. clubs by offering alternative Cost is $45.00 per person for a two course meal.  Bar service is times and the opportunity to “Rotary grows when members available.  bring fresh perspectives to are motivated to invite Rotary,” McGovern added. Rotarians into their clubs and RI President John Kenny will be the keynote speaker.  when Rotarians believe they More than 5,700 clubs in the are contributing to a greater The Rotary Foundation Alumni speaker will be retired Federal 534 RI districts achieved a good,” McGovern said. Court Judge Bob Nicholson.  membership growth rate of 10 percent or better during the Districts with 2008-09 year. The 10 percent outstanding growth goal was set by 2008-09 RI 4 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  5. 5. N E W H O R I Z O N S little good. Individual service These contributions are The Rotary is helpless without money. invested for a period of three Foundation The two together can be a godsend to civilization.” Your years, with a portion of the investment earnings paying financial resources combined for the Foundation’s Week 9: This week’s Rotary with your time, energy and administrative and fund Foundation Thought is about talent is critical to Rotary’s development expenses. how effectively our mission. Foundation matches people This unique funding cycle with money for positive It is worth noting that one keeps the engine of The results. hundred percent of our Rotary Foundation running Annual Programs Fund throughout the world. In the words of Arch (APF) contributions are spent Klumph: “Money alone does on Foundation programs. Introduction Program for September / October Date Name Date Details 3rd September Roh Siriwardena 3rd September Melpo Economou - Peace Choir Project 10th September Sue Hassell 10th September Rohland Hahnel Vote of Thanks 17th September Committee Meetings Date Name 24th September Margaret Stuart - Life and Times 3rd September Simone Carot Collins 1st October District Governor’s Visit - Dinner Meeting 10th September Roger Marston Board Club Details Rotary Year 2009-10 Welcoming Roster Di Collins — President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Date Name Nedlands, Ken Collins — Vice President / Western Australia, 6909 Membership Director 3rd September Jane Armstrong Meetings Thursday 5:45pm to 6:45pm 10th September Enid Wall Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Simone Carot Collins — President Elect / Queenslea Drive Club Administration Director Claremont Email Rajah Senitharajah — Treasurer Phone 08 9385 0471 Bulletin Contributions Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary Fax 08 9385 0472 Contributions for the weekly bulletin are Website sought from members of the club. Rob Rohrlach — Projects Director Why not use the bulletin to update the club Facebook on the projects your committee is working Claire Forsdyke — International Director on or promote the clubs next fundraising gid=47737002646 event. Toni James — PR & Marketing Please forward articles and photos to Committee Director Chartered 19 December 2008 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450 5