New Horizons Volume 1 Issue 14


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New Horizons Volume 1 Issue 14

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9450! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 1, Issue 14" 20th - 26th April 2009 Letter from the Club Movie Fundraiser for Rotary Foundation RI President’s Theme Presidential Citations Rotary Foundation President PolioPlus Alumni for 2009-10 RI President DK Lee is Thought of the Week Update on club Details on the Details of what the RI President Elect John coming to Perth in This week’s thought is activities from the Club fundraising movie Rotary Foundation Kenny announces the May to present about the eradication of President. night for PolioPlus. Alumni Committee theme for 2009-10. Presidential Citations Polio. Page 2 Page 3 plan for the next year. Page 4 to eligible Rotary Page 6 Page 4 Clubs. Page 5 Strategic Planning Workshop Saturday 18th April saw the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay run it’s inaugural Strategic Planning Workshop at LotteryWest House in Osborne Park. Many thanks to Jan Stewart for allowing us the hospitality of LotteryWest House, Judith Darlington and Di Collins for providing the food and to Rotarian Liz Pattinson for facilitating the Workshop. Also thanks to AG Philip Skelton for assisting with the session. The Strategic Planning Workshop was a positive experience and it was great to see that we all share the same ideals for the Vision for our Club: service to the local and international community, to be Photo: RC Freshwater Bay Strategic Planning Meeting: (L to R) AG Philip Skelton, Peter Symons, flexible, to be inclusive, to have diversity Simone Carot Collins, Marcos Carot Collins , Bryant Stokes, Alistair Tulloch so all members can be involved, to be consistent in how we deal with issues and to be an inspiring Club and therefore attract people who can make a difference. It was identified that communication within the Club was an issue that needed to be addressed. It was agreed that The Bulletin will be the primary cannel of communication for the Club. It was also agreed that the Minutes of the Board Meetings would be sent electronically with The Bulletin after each Board Meeting, including a Financial Report. The club will be holding plenary sessions every 8 weeks for the next 6 months, which are scheduled to run for 2 hours on a Saturday morning. The first of these will Photo: RC Freshwater Bay Strategic Planning Meeting: (L to R) Bryant Stokes, Alistair Tulloch, Daniel be held at 9:00am on Saturday 23rd May Forsdyke, Claire Forsdyke, Ken Collins at LotteryWest House in Osborne Park. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S weeks previously, when Brother James told facilitated the workshop and our Letter from the Club us of his Pilgrimage of Hope to Calcutta. appreciation is extended to her for all the Elizabeth and her husband Graeme have time and expertise she put into this. Liz will President EmbroidMe in Sterling Highway, Claremont. provide a hard copy of the day’s We look forward to seeing more of Elizabeth. deliberations for all, particularly members Dear Rotarians, Br. James is currently on another Mission of unable to be with us. Last Thursday Ken and I were honoured Hope in Fiji, and is due home Saturday. Next week will be a busy meeting with PE to attend the presentation of the Order of Clive Boddy has accepted a position at a Terry McAuliffe, a retired Corporate Lawyer Merit to Bill Hassell by Ambassador University in Adelaide for a couple of from the RC of Perth coming along to Witter, the German Ambassador. From all months. We were looking forward to your provide the club with a few options to members of the Rotary Club of address at the club in a couple of weeks on choose from for a Club Foundation, which Freshwater Bay, our sincere Psychopaths in Business, however will have he has generously offered to help us set up. congratulations once again on this to wait until your return to learn more about PP Steve Weychan from the RC of Kenwick prestigious recognition for your this most interesting, but concerning topic. will also be telling us briefly about the Stair contribution to the German community You will be missed Clive, and I’m sure all Climb, a fundraising initiate he organised serving as the Hon. Consul for the past 11 members join me in wishing you well with last year at Bankwest Tower and PRID Ken, years. this endeavour. who has been involved with Rotary’s thrust to eradicate Polio since 1985, will inform and Saturday 18th bring us up to date on PolioPlus which is saw twenty of one of Rotary’s major initiatives. Please our members make every effort to be with us to help attend our first decide which Foundation would best suit the Strategic RC of Freshwater Bay. Planning Workshop in Yours in Rotary Service, the meeting Di Collins room at Charter President L o t t e r y We s t . Sincere thanks go Stewart to Jan and Four Way Speech Test - J u d i t h Darlington for State Final organising the day. Also Jan, In 2009 District 9470 is hosting the State Final the Club of the Four Way Speech Test." It will be held members are on May 1st at Guildford Grammar School particularly starting at 6:30pm. grateful to you " Photo: Bill Hassell’s Order of Merit for making your wonderful facility, It is suggested that your Club support a presentation: (L to R) Mrs. Witter, Lotterywest available to us for this meeting. Principal and/or the Senior English teacher Ambassador Witter, Bill Hassell, Sue Hassell PP Liz Pattison, from the RC of Heirisson of your local secondary school to attend the kindly Final and to publicise the event." There is a Our condolences are extended to Toni and budgetary issue for your club as the cost is Bill James on $30 per person." the passing of Toni’s father Students from Year 10 can enter the on Easter competition so any school that has Year 10 Sunday. students can be considered for invitation. " We have a The organising committee also asks that: new member - you publicise in your own club and get a joining us – few of your members to attend; V i c k i - you consider approaching local schools for Rasmussen representatives. who is a fundraiser for If you wish to attend, please contact Di the Heart Collins, so that she can return the supplied Foundation. for, for catering purposes, and arrange We l c o m e payment. We must have these forms and Vicki, we are funds by 22 April. delighted to have you as a Please help make this important event of member. Rotary a success. Vi c k i , a f o r m e r If you have any questions " regarding this member of the R.C. of Perth was at our Photo: PP Liz Pattison facilitating the RC function please call Laurie Money " on (08) meeting last Thursday, along with Freshwater Bay Strategic Planning Session. 9457 1962 Elizabeth Bain who visited the Club two 2! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S Hot Links Rotary’s Website,, offers thousands of resources in nine languages. Here are a few places on the site to find more resources. Learn more about the RI Convention, including the Rotary World Peace Symposium and other preconvention events. Get descriptions and registration information for host events at the RI Convention in Birmingham. Read how the Foundation is preparing for its second century of service with the Future Vision Plan. Discover some of the many resources available to help Rotary clubs carry out service projects. Learn more about the district assembly and other training seminars and download related documents. or April is Magazine Month. Learn more about The Rotarian and the Rotary World Magazine Press. June is Rotary Fellowships Month. Tap into an international network of people who share your interests. Find out more about Rotary World Peace Fellows and how your club can help recruit the next leaders working for peace and conflict resolutions. Learn how you can apply for a Matching Grant for your club or district project. cast including Ben Stiller, Robin Williams Learn how Rotary is working to eradicate polio. Movie Fundraiser for and Owen Wilson. Source: RotaryWorld, April 2009, EN, Vol.15, PolioPlus The pre-sold tickets are $16, of which $8 will be contributed to PolioPlus in the name of No.4 20th Century Fox and Ace Cinemas have your Rotary Club. CandyBar vouchers are given Rotary a fantastic opportunity to raise also available for $6.50, of which $2 will also Fundraising money for the Rotary International be contributed to PolioPlus in the name of In order to do service projects in the local, PolioPlus Gates Challenge. your Rotary Club. So for the normal cost of national and international community the Early this year Bill Gates challenged Rotary a movie ticket and a visit to the CandyBar club must have funds available in the to raise US$200 million over a 3 year period. $10 will be raised for PolioPlus. charity account. This equates to each club raising $2,000 per Further information regarding ticket sales Fundraising might be done through movie year over 3 years. should be directed to PRID Ken Collins on preview screenings, raffles or sausage ( 0 8 ) 9 3 8 5 0 4 7 1 o r On Wednesday 20th May, at 6:45pm, Ace sizzles to name a few. If you have any other Cinemas in Subiaco will be hosting a suggestions on how to raise funds please Numbers have to be given to the Cinema by preview screening of ‘Night at the Museum present them to the PR & Marketing 13th May 2009. 2: Battle of the Smithsonian’ with an all-star Committee. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N S RI President’s Theme for 2009-10 The 2009-10 RI theme acknowledges the important role individual Rotary clubs will play in shaping the future of Rotary. RI President-elect John Kenny unveiled the theme, The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands, on Monday during the opening plenary session of the International Assembly, an annual training event in San Diego, California, USA, for incoming district governors. "The future of Rotary will not be shaped at RI headquarters -- it will be shaped in each and every Rotary club," Kenny said, "because it is for each of us -- as Rotarians -- to do what is necessary to keep Rotary strong." Kenny acknowledged the foundation established by past Rotary leaders Photo: (L to R): Grace Carroll, Tilai Morrissey, and laid the responsibility for Group Study Exchange to Texas Nina Morrow, Grace Ley, Renee Wirth, Nikki building upon that success on every The D9540 GSE Team flew out to Texas on Gardner Rotarian. Friday 17th April at 5:30am. During their businesses and organisations that represent the exchange they will be hosted by local Rotarians "Each one of us is standing on the Team Member’s vocations. The team may also and Rotary Clubs, making presentations to the shoulders of generations of Rotarians get to do some sightseeing on the way! host Rotary Clubs, and visiting with local past, and it is our responsibility to determine Rotary’s future," Kenny Rotary Foundation The whole purpose of the"Alumni"Committee said. is to create opportunities for this network to get Alumni together and encourage " Rotary clubs to let "The goals we set, whatever our alumni know of events or activities that they action plan, it is in our hands to Were you on a Group Study Exchange, could get involved in if they would like to." We accomplish or not," said Kazeem Ambassadorial Scholarship or served as a would like to assure fellow alumni that this is Mustapha, governor-elect of District Rotary Volunteer? not a push for Rotary membership but is about 9125 (Nigeria). "Everybody has to be keeping the alumni membership connected. involved." In May 2008 we held a fantastic dinner which was a celebration of some 30 years of Rotary Its important that we have up to date Chuck Cicchella, governor-elect of Foundation programs. For many it was a great information and contact lists." For the dinner District 6710 (Kentucky, USA), likes way to catch up for the first time in a number last year we tried to get in touch with as many the theme's emphasis on the future. "I of years." people as we could." However, we only have have always had a strong desire to " about 40% of the database. " Can you please nurture along young people. It's vital Lots of people told us that they would love confirm your contact details and please to us." opportunities to keep in touch and as we don't forward to other alumni members so we can want to lose the impetus that has been created ensure that our database remains current and Kenny emphasized that every Rotary by bringing people together again, a up to date. club is and must be autonomous. new"Alumni"Committee has been created. Your information will be kept confidential and The"committee will deliver on the following: "Everything begins and ends with our we will only be contacting you about 3-4 times - 2-3 informal functions a year including clubs," he said. "Our clubs can and do a year regarding upcoming events and picnics, lawn bowls, sailing etc work together; they work through activities. - A more formal dinner every 2 years (continued Page 5) celebrating the alumni and providing If you would like to be part of opportunities for teams and friends to catch up. the"Alumni"Committee, would like to"take an - Providing opportunities for alumni members active role in alumni activities, organise an if they would like to participate in rotary event or help with the next dinner planned for projects without being a rotarian." (eg one off 2010 please let us know. tree planting, painting, helping with a fair etc) We look forward to hearing from you and - Keep the alumni database up to date being a part of future Alumni catch ups. " We would also like to see a Facebook group Cleve Main created to allow people to stay in touch and State Alumni Committee Chair find out what’s happening, but that’s in the future. 4! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  5. 5. N E W H O R I Z O N S (continued from Page 4) I am delighted to invite you and your their own districts, in cooperation with other Presidential Citations Club members to meet RI President Dong- clubs and districts, and with the support of our Kurn Lee "and Young Ya at a celebratory Foundation. RI President DK Lee will be presenting event on Sunday evening 5:00pm – 9:00pm "But at the end of the day, everything that we Presidential Citations to eligible Club Sunday 17 May. accomplish is done through the strength of our Presidents in each of the three Western The venue details will be circulated clubs. And so each club must have autonomy Australian Districts - 9450, 9460 and 9470. shortly. to serve where and how it can serve best." It is my great pleasure to inform you that DG Sue Rowell, D9450 At the same time, Kenny highlighted the the President of Rotary International importance of the RI Strategic Plan, adopted by Dong-Kurn Lee and his wife Young Ya will Ed Note: 28 of the 32 Rotary Clubs in the RI Board of Directors, as an essential tool in be visiting"Rotary District 9450 on Sunday District 9450 have qualified for the providing continuity. 17 May 2009. Presidential Citation, of which the Rotary "The plan is designed to strengthen and " Club of Freshwater Bay is one. proclaim the core values of Rotary: service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership," Kenny said. The training sessions for incoming Mission of Rotary The Four-Way Test governors during the weeklong assembly are all tied to some component of the strategic International Of the things we think, say or do: plan, and a final group discussion on Saturday will seek to tie all the pieces together and show The mission of Rotary International, a the future district leaders how to take the worldwide association of Rotary Clubs, is 1. Is it the TRUTH? strategic plan to the club level. to provide service to others, promote 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? high ethical standards, and advance Kenny concluded his remarks by sharing a world understanding, goodwill, and 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER favorite saying from his homeland, Scotland: peace through its fellowship of business, FRIENDSHIPS? "We must look beyond our own parish pump." professional, and community leaders. 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all "It means that we must look beyond our own concerned? home and our own community," Kenny said. Rotary International Manual of Procedure "We must look beyond our own needs, and we 2007, Page 57 must be aware that ours is only one community, of one country, of the many Community Service, the third Avenue of communities and countries in this world." Avenues of Service Service, comprises varied efforts that members make, sometimes in conjunction Rotary’s four Avenues of Service guide the with others, to improve the quality of life work of every Rotary club: of those who live within the club’s locality or municipality. Club Service, the first Avenue of Service, involves action a member should take International Service, the fourth Avenue within the club to help it function of Service, comprises those activities that successfully. members do to advance international understanding, goodwill, and peace by Vocational Service, the second Avenue of fostering acquaintance with people of Service, promotes high ethical standards other countries, their cultures, customs, in businesses and professions, recognises accomplishments, aspirations, and the worthiness of all dignified problems, through reading and occupations, and fosters the ideal of correspondence and through cooperation service in the pursuit of all vocations. The in all club activities and projects designed role of members includes conducting to help people in other lands. themselves and their businesses in accordance with Rotary’s principles. Rotary International Manual of Procedure 2007, Page 3 illness being supported by Australian On the Road for Rotary Health. Mental Health Stage 3 - Melbourne to Sydney Rolling through the back roads of Victoria The Great Australian Bike Ride is a nine- and NSW, this stage visits some of the stage ride around the country that began most delightful towns. The first rest day is in Melbourne on March 21st and will at Rutherglen, a major wine producing Photo: RI President Elect John Kenny finish back there on October 10th. This is a area of Victoria. In NSW travel to The By Arnold R. Grahl wonderful opportunity to be involved in a Don’s birthplace and then to Canberra for Rotary International News - 19 January 2009 healthy challenge for a good cause. the second rest day. The last week visits the South Coast and then it's back up the Ed Note: RI President Elect John Kenny is Whether it's for a few days or a few weeks Great Dividing Range to the second oldest scheduled as the Guest Speaker at this year’s here's your chance to be part of a great city in Australia. Dr Ken Collins Address on 16th November. cycling event that is raising funds for, and Further details will be provided as they become awareness of, the research into mental Follow the ride at: available. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 5
  6. 6. N E W H O R I Z O N S countries There are new The Rotary commitments from country Foundation leaders and a new Case for Completing Polio Week 42: This week’s Rotary Eradication, but the Global Foundation Thought is an Polio Eradication Initiative update on polio eradication faces a significant funding gap. efforts in 2007. We need Rotarians’ ongoing 2007 saw the continued use of commitment or else polio Guest Speaker new tools and the eradication will not occur. development of new tactics Your support is vital in Support that led to a reduction of polio cases and stopped the finishing the job! circulation of imported polio Our gift to the world will be 7th May - Bryant Stokes to introduce Ken Wyatt and Alan virus in 22 re-infected Polio Eradication! Stewart to give vote of thanks. 14th May - Bill Hassell to introduce Rohallah Haidari and Alistair Program for April / May Tulloch to give vote of thanks. Date Details Birthdays and Anniversaries 23rd April Kerry McAuliffe - Club Foundation Ken Collins - Polio Plus Date Details Steve Weychan - Club for a Smile 21st April Lyn Packer 30th April T.B.C. 7th May Ken Wyatt 30th April Peter & Mandy Symons (A) 14th May Rohallah Haidari 3rd May Mary Ann & Michael Wright (A) 21st May Committee Meetings Welcoming Roster Board Club Details Date Name Rotary Year 2008-09 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay PO Box 168, Di Collins — President 23rd April Clive Boddy Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 30th April Andrea Hayward Ken Collins — Vice President / Membership Director Meetings 7th May Glenn Darlington Thursday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Cafe, Bethesda Hospital 14th May Sue Hassell Queenslea Drive Rajah Senitharajah — Treasurer Claremont 21st May Peter Symons Email 28th May Toni James Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary Phone! 4th June Marija Jelavic 08 9385 0471 Bryant Stokes — Projects Director Fax 08 9385 0472 Bulletin Contributions Claire Forsdyke — International Director Website Contributions for the weekly bulletin are sought from members of the club. Glenn Darlington — President Nominee / Facebook PR & Marketing Committee Director Why not use the bulletin to update the club on the projects your committee is working gid=47737002646 on or promote the clubs next fundraising Peter Symons — Club Administration Chartered 19 December 2008 event. Director Please forward articles and photos to 6! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450