New Horizons Volume 1 Issue 1


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New Horizons Volume 1 Issue 1

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9450 ABN: 99602195617 Volume 1, Issue 1 19th - 25th January 2009 Message from the Charter Night Dinner Induction Night Dinner From the Meeting Club Information From the District Club President Details on when, where Information regarding Didn’t get to the last Information on Office Governor Message from the and what to wear! the Induction Night meeting. Catch-up Bearers, club contact A welcome to Rotary Charter President Find out how you can dinner, and what you with this summary of details, and meeting from the District Page 2 help in organising this can do to assist. what was presented or times. Governor Sue Rowell unique event. Few Page 3 discussed at the last Page 4 Page 4 Rotarians get the meeting. privilege of attending Page 3 their club’s Charter Night, so this is a night to remember. Page 3 The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Message from District 9450 Celebrate the Induction Night for all of the new members of the the President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay. The Induction Night Dinner will be held on Thursday 5th February Café, Bethesda Hospital, 6.30pm for 7.00pm dinner.  Dear Fellow Rotarians Cost will be $40 per person, with $20 per person being donated back It is my pleasure to welcome the Rotary Club of Freshwater to the club’s Charity Account.  Bay, W.A., Australia to membership in Rotary International. In joining Rotary, your club is joining a vast international network of community volunteers and business and professional people. Rotary is tens of thousands of projects being run every day, many focused on reducing the child mortality rate throughout the world. Now your club is part of that same vast network working together to make a lasting difference on a global scale! As your club develops throughout the year, remember to focus on developing projects that make sure children have clean water, improved overall health, and the opportunity to go to school. We must work together, one club with another, to do what is needed. Please join me this year in Making Dreams Real by beginning to turn safe and happy childhoods into long and healthy lives. Sincerely, D.K. Lee President, 2008-09 Rotary International Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S MESSAGE FROM CLUB Rotary has been working with national THE The Rotary governments and other public and private PRESIDENT Foundation entities to eradicate polio since 1985, when Rotary launched its landmark PolioPlus Dear Rotarians, Week 29: This week’s ‘Rotary Foundation program. In 1988, Rotary became a Thought’ is about a matching grant that has spearheading partner in the Global Polio Welcome to Rotary, an organisation I have been associated with since I was 22 years of helped turn waste into profit for Philippine Eradication Initiative, along with the World age and one that has, for our family, become coconut farmers. Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, and a way of life. It has expanded and enriched With the aid of a Foundation matching grant, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and all of our lives in ways we could never have the Livelihood Project gives local farmers the Prevention. envisaged, and I sincerely hope that it will supplies and labor to turn wasted coconut Since then, Rotary members worldwide have do the same for you in the fullness of time. husks into “coconets”, which have donated their time and resources to help environmental and economic benefits for the immunize more than two billion children in I am privileged and honoured to serve as community. The project increased 122 countries. By the time polio is finally your Charter President and in that role I’d employment eradicated, Rotary will have contributed like to work with you to set the foundations levels for women nearly $650 million to the cause. for a Club that is progressive, active, friendly, and out of school Of even greater significance, Rotary members and one which will make a significant youth while offer their compassion, time, and expertise. difference to the lives of the less fortunate reviving the local During National Immunization Days (NIDs), both locally and in the wider world coconut industry. members volunteer to help at immunization community. Coconut husks, posts, deliver vaccine, transport health which are a huge source of agricultural workers, recruit fellow volunteers, and Having received the Charter for the Rotary waste, are now used to make coconets which squeeze countless drops of the oral polio Club of Freshwater Bay on 19th December, help provide an environmentally friendly vaccine into the mouths of children. 2008 the Club held its first ‘Official’ meeting solution to land erosion and degradation. The mass mobilization for NIDs, referred to last Thursday, 15th January, with 20 of the 32 Another husk byproduct, coconut dust is as “social mobilization,” involves election- members present. We are indeed fortunate to have such a range of ages, experience and used as a soil enhancer and organic fertilizer. style campaigning and innovative strategies diversity amongst our Charter Members, This is an example of how The Rotary to get the message to people who are cut off not only have we a 50:50 ratio of male and Foundation is helping smaller communities from the mainstream by conflict, geography, females, but community leaders, former throughout the world and is ensuring that or poverty. Rotary volunteers prepare and Rotary Foundation Alumni and Rotaractors. economic growth reaches the poorer distribute different types of mass We can learn from all of them to create the communities. communication tools including posters, TV kind of Rotary Club service minded people spots, radio promotions, billboards, folk want to join. January is Rotary songs, and promotional messages that are placed on floats, trucks, rickshaws, and in Our first meeting saw decisions made that are very different to other Clubs in Western Awareness Month local newspaper announcements. Australia. We have decided to break away The lengths to which they will go to get Rotary at a Glance from many of the old traditions, with less vaccine to children are heroic, traveling Established: February 23, 1905, in Chicago, formalities and to be pro active with both hundreds of kilometers on camel, by boat, by projects and fundraising activities. With a Ill., USA helicopter, on horseback, or on foot for days different approach, where our concentration Founder: Chicago lawyer Paul P. Harris to reach every child. is on Participation through Talent, Time or Clubs: 32,000 clubs in more than 200 The goal is almost at hand, and today polio Treasure (or any combination of the three), countries and geographical regions persists in only a handful of countries. The we aim to be a Club which is attractive to Membership: 1.2 million men and women number of polio cases worldwide has been busy people of all ages who ‘want to do Global aid: Rotary has given $1.5 billion to good in the world’. reduced by 99 percent, preventing five humanitarian programs that promote million cases of paralysis and averting literacy, alleviate hunger, provide safe water, Together we have the power to Make 250,000 pediatric deaths. and advance world peace. Dreams Real as our International President The world stands firmly on the threshold of Education: Every year, Rotary offers 1,000 DK Lee challenges us to do in his Theme for victory thanks to the achievements of the last this year. international college level scholarships and 20 years. A polio-free world will be Rotary’s sponsors 8,000 international exchanges for ultimate gift to children everywhere. Ken joins me in wishing you and yours a high school students. rich and rewarding 2009. Yours in Rotary service, Rotary’s top goal: a Di Collins polio-free world The war against polio has been waged on Charter President many fronts for decades and never has 2008-09 victory been so close. It is a battle fought with two tiny drops of vaccine, sophisticated technology, and an army of dedicated volunteers. 2 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  3. 3. N e w H o r i z o n s On the night all new members will receive Mara and Marija know where we can obtain Charter Night Dinner two Rotary Certificates - The Four Way Test these. and Object of Rotary.  Please let us know if 8.  Picture of the Queen or Coat of Arms at The Charter Night Dinner will be held on you want your certificates Framed or weekly meetings - decision is no to both of Thursday, 5th March, at the Royal Perth Golf Unframed.   Your preference would be these. Club, Labouchere Road, South Perth, 7.00pm appreciated asap. 9. Grace at meetings where we have a meal - for 7.30pm dinner.   Cost will be $75 per discussion as there are members of different person. This is the night the District will welcome From the Meeting faiths and religious beliefs.   Agreed on a Grace which was non religious e.g.: For good our Club into the family of Rotary in WA.  food, good fellowship and the opportunity to Dress is formal preferred, with miniatures to 1. Club Constitution - this has been serve, we give thanks. It was also be worn by those with awards.   His distributed electronically to all members.  It recommended and agreed we incorporate Excellency the Governor, Dr. Ken Michael is the standard Club Constitution as set out something to acknowledge the Aboriginal and his wife Mrs Michael will be with us for by Rotary International.  It is just a formality heritage of the land at the same time.  Once the occasion.   It will be a very special that members 'adopt' this, and all present  again, Mara, Marija and Jan, will look at occasion and if any members have any agreed to do so. sourcing something suitable. suggestions as to how to make it even more 2. Incorporation - with the Constitution 10. Guest Speakers - outside speakers to be memorable, we'd love to have your input.  adopted, we will now proceed with the one meeting a month.   Other weekly Mara has kindly offered to theme the tables process of having the Club Incorporated.  meetings to have shorter presentations from for us and Marcos has produced the flyer.  This will have costs involved with the members on 'Who Am I" (so we can Judith and Glenn Darlington have assisted application of each form and advertising.  gradually get to know each other) and the  with the program and we'll be calling on our Forms have been obtained from DOCEP and Rotary emphasis of the month e.g. March is computer experts to put the Charter Program the first form will be sent this week. Rotaract Month so we'd have a presentation together professionally. 3. Charitable Licence - once Incorporated, on Rotaract possibly during World Rotaract Once again it is a night to have spouses/ the Club will proceed with applying for a Week. partners, family and friends join us for the Charitable Licence. Once again, the necessary 11.   Committee Meetings - agreed to have celebration. forms have been obtained. Committee meetings during a regular 4. President Elect for 2009-2010 i.e. a weekly meeting.   This may extend the Induction Night President for 2010-2011 - Rotary requests we select Club Presidents very early so this meeting of that week for some Committees.  First Committee Meeting to take place next Dinner decision is required in the coming few weeks. We have had two names put  Thursday, 22nd January, 5.30pm Café Bethesda Hospital. forward: Bill Hassell (who is considering the 12.   Committees - almost all members have The Induction Night Dinner will be held on request, with his already heavy been allocated to either the Projects Thursday, 5th February, Café, Bethesda commitments) and Glenn Darlington, who is Committee, which will have subcommittees Hospital, 6.30pm for 7.00pm dinner.   Cost happy to accept the nomination.  If both Bill of Vocational, Community and Youth so that will be $40 per person.  and Glenn accept nomination, we will ask we combine the 'old and new' structure of We need to get numbers to Roh for catering members to vote.   Both men have a long Rotary Committees.  The Rotary Foundation purposes by Monday 2nd February.  Please association with Rotary.   Bill as a Rotary will look after all International projects. Club bring your spouse / partner and any family Scholar more than 40 years back, an Service Committee requires volunteers from you'd like to have present as it is the night association with the Alumni for that entire members who will be happy to assist with you will be 'Inducted’ into Rotary.   Once period and with Honorary membership  Attendance i.e. checking off names and again, Roh will generously provide the meal of Rotary Clubs.  Glenn has been a member taking money at weekly meetings, someone for us for $20.00 and donate $20 per person of the Rotary Club of Perth for seven years to prepare rosters for Attendance, for back to our Charity Account, so it will be an from 1992, and briefly with the Rotary Club introduction and vote of appreciation for excellent meal (members at the Christmas of Nedlands. Guest speakers, and someone prepared to function will agree) with a fundraising 5. Bank Accounts - two accounts have been organise  Guest Speakers.  component.  opened at the Westpac Branch in Claremont.  13.   Website - Simone has looked into this Mara has very kindly offered to obtain A Club and a Charity account. and will commence with a simple single complimentary wines for us, for this event, 6. Toasts at weekly meetings - no Toasts at page and add to it.  Cost to maintain site is from her contacts however, she requests each weekly meetings. $29 for two years. of you let us know your preference for White 7.  Flags at weekly meetings - no large flags, 14. Pull up Banner - Mara and Marija have or Red asap. just a table top set incorporating the kindly offered to obtain one for our Club for Aboriginal, Australian and Rotary flags.  free from their contacts. A ‘make-up’ can be attendance at another Apologies and Make-ups Rotary Club anywhere in the world, Rosters attendance at recognised training session, The club will shortly be developing rosters Whilst it is not a requirement that you or even participating in an online ‘e-club’. for important roles that need to be attend every meeting of the club, the more completed each week, such as recording meetings that you do attend, the more you As each meeting is catered for it is attendance, collecting money at weekly are likely yo get out of Rotary. important that you advise either the Club meetings, and introducing guest speakers. President or the Secretary as soon as If you are unable to make it to a meeting of Once these rosters have been developed that possible, so that catering numbers can be the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, you can will be published in the weekly club advised. This will ensure that the club does still be credited with attending the meeting bulletin. not lose money by over-catering each week. if you do a ‘make-up’. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450 3
  4. 4. N e w H o r i z o n s From the District Governor Club Fundraising My dear (new) Rotary colleagues   It is with deep pleasure that I welcome you into the Family 2008 Christmas Dinner Fundraising Meeting of Rotary and congratulate you on formation of the new The club’s first fundraising On Thursday 29th January, Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay. effort was a Christmas Toni James and Judith   Dinner at the Bethesda Dowson will be leading the I encourage you , if you have not done so already, to go on Hospital Cafe. club in a discussion on line at and read the story of the formation A Special thanks must be fundraising. of Rotary in 1905 by our founder, given to Roh and his staff Whilst both Toni and Judith Paul Harris, who invited three friends to join with him in for the fantastic food, and will now doubt have to 1905 and Rotary was founded.  He was inspirational and for use of the venue with great ideas, they also need due to his vision, Rotary remains a modern and vibrant it’s amazing views of your thought and ideas on organization 105 years later.   Freshwater Bay. what the club can do. So I am certain that you will appreciate it in its diversity, complexity and simple put your thinking hats on, elegance of design. Amount Raised: $540 and start jotting down your   thoughts. Just a thought....not wanting to overwhelm you ….but if you are thinking of an overseas trip this year, there is the Rotary International Convention in Birmingham England 18-24 June.   It starts with an international peace Club Projects symposium, Rotary Youth Exchange, alumni gathering etc.  John and I are going and I think that Ken and Di are going too…please think about joining us.  It will be my first convention too.  People say that you learn more, meet more people, Donation in Kind from Manna Industries do more and become a real “Rotary tragique” at an international convention.  I Our first project has been phoned Ken. He asked Bev hope to see you all there. completed.   After last if Manna could use the   I look forward to working with you, getting to know you and sharing in this Thursday’s, Roger items from Roger to which wonderful, complex organization of Rotary. Marston indicated that he she said YES.     had about 30 cartons of Happy New Year and I wish you all the happiness possible for this year and all new melamine plates, Hence our very first Club to come. bowls and other items, Community Yours in Rotary service, which he was happy to Project is a 'Donation in Kind' from Roger and Sue Rowell donate to a cause.   On Celine Marston to Manna. District Governor 2008-2009 returning home, Bev Lowe Rotary International District 9450 Rotary Information Board Rotary Year 2008-09 Rotary International Website: Di Collins — President This is a very rich and informative site for any Rotarian, or those wanting to know Ken Collins — Vice President / Membership Director about Rotary. Set yourself a time limit, otherwise we won’t see you for a few weeks! Simone Carot Collins — President Elect Rajah Senitharajah — Treasurer Rotary In Australia Website: Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary Bryant Stokes — Projects Director On the surface this site does not appear to offer much, but it does contain links to Claire Forsdyke — International Director ‘rotarnet’ which is much more interesting!. Have a look at what is available, and have Glenn Darlington — Public Relations Director a read of the Rotary Down Under (RDU) magazine archive. Peter Symons — Finance Director Rotary District 9450 Website: Club Details This particular site has more of a general information feel. It has public information on the district and each of the District 9450 clubs. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay PO Box 168, Rotary District 9450 Newsletter: Nedlands, This site is where the District Governor’s newsletter is published. The site contains an Western Australia, 6909 area for documents, club information and a district photo gallery. This site is also used for reporting the monthly attendance figures to the District Governor. A Meetings calendar of district events is also available. Thursday 5:30pm to 6:30pm Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Bulletin Contributions Queenslea Street Claremont Contributions for the weekly bulletin are sought from members of the club. Email: Why not use the bulletin to update the club on the projects your committee Phone: 08 93850471 is working on or promote the clubs next fundraising event. Fax: 08 93850472 Please forward articles and photos to Chartered December 2008 4 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450