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New horizons vol4issue14..

  1. 1. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617Meeting 28th September Volunteer Grant 8th Asia Pacific Regional RotaractMeeting 5th October Council on Legislation ConferenceMeeting 12th October Change of Venue for RC of North Film Night Koro Scholarship FundBoard Meeting Perth Quiz Night for McCusker AlzheimerCommittee Meetings Next Social Function Research FoundationOfficial Visit of the District Governor Annual Address on the Rotary Letter of Thanks to Margaret BrawleyPresident 2012-13 Foundation from Awareness CambodiaWelcome New Member Microscopes for Subiaco Primary Update on MembersAboriginal Health Symposium School BirthdaysPride of Workmanship Awards Article on Microscopes in PostMeeting 28th encourage adaptive transferred to the ‘End Rotaractors, PoliticiansSeptember behaviour and achieve Polio Breakfast’ on the and people from theAt our meeting on 28th desired improvements. morning of 5th Corporate sector toSeptember Garry Due to extremely poor October. It was a sell- hear about Rotary’sBaverstock AM, an Eco attendance with many out event, major global project,Architect, spoke on members away plus a professionally run and commencing back in‘Climatic, Economic change in location in a quality program. 1979 and on the brinkand Sustainability the Hospital for the President Shiva of being brought to aChallenges for this meeting, Garry has Senathirajah and successful conclusion.Century’ and the offered to come back at members of the Videos were shownimportance of the built a later date to present Rotaract Club of from RI Presidentenvironment. In an the address again. Subiaco are to be Kalyan Banerjee andillustrated talk, Garry congratulated on the Assistant Directorclearly demonstrating Meeting 5th October way they filled the General of WHO Brucethat climate change The Club’s regular venue, gathering Aylward, a briefwas real and that we meeting was together Rotarians, overview wasare facing severe presented by PolioPlusresource constraints in Zone Coordinatorthe future. He showed PRID Ken Collins and ahow significant personal story wasadvantages could be presented by PP Davidgained in heating and Goldstone on his life ascooling of buildings a Polio victim.with sensitive The morning was aorientation and resounding success as aselection of appropriate PR exercise on Rotary’smaterials, at the same role in the eradicationtime conserving of Polio and hopefully,energy. He some of the muchemphasised providing needed funds toinducements to complete the job will be Iron Lung at the End Polio BreakfastRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. forthcoming as a result Official Visit of the Bay. Congratulations Gordon is married toof the breakfast. Our District Governor Rex. All members look Zsuzsanna and theyState Governor The Official Visit of DG forward to supporting have two youngMalcolm McCusker, Liz Westoby is on and working with you children. Zsuzsannawhom PRID Ken had Wednesday, 26th in your capacity of PE and the children will beapproached a few October. and President next joining Gordon frommonths back re a The Board are to meet Rotary year. their current home incontribution to Polio, with her at 5.00pm Rex has already Hungary in the newimmediately pledged for a Club Assembly, completed all three year.$20,000 to the Fund at which is where each levels of the Rotarythe breakfast. The final Director will report on Leaders Institute so has Aboriginal Healthamount raised from the the activities and plans a broad working Symposiumraffle and breakfast of each Committee for knowledge of Rotary in Pres. Bryant Stokes haswill be known when all the 2011-12 Rotary the short time he has reported that 25 peoplethe accounts are in for year. been with the Club, attended thethe function. At 6.00pm the regular although he was a Symposium. All Club meeting will take Charter member of the speakers were veryMeeting 12th October place. This will be Rotary Club of worthwhile and furtherThe speaker will be followed by a meal at a Kambalda in the 1990s information on theCarina Hoang, author local restaurant for hence comes with event will follow.of ‘Boat members wishing to Rotary experience.People’. Carina is a join President Bryant Pride of Workmanshipfriend of Gillian and DG Liz for dinner Welcome New AwardsYudelman’s and a after the meeting. Member Written nominationssurvivor of escaping The RCFB is delighted for these shouldVietnam in a small boat President 2012-13 to welcome new already be in toat the age of 16. Only one nomination member Gordon Hay Director Wilma McBainIn 2011 Carina was for President 2012-13 into the Club and he so that she and thehonoured as one of has been received by will be officially Community/VocationalWA’s most courageous Sec. Di by the date inducted at the next Committee can meet toand inspiring women indicated on the meeting 12th October. select the business thatand is one of 100 Nomination Form. Gordon’s classification will be recognised withwomen who has been CSD Rex Evans has is International a Pride ofinducted into ‘WA’s been nominated for Business Development Workmanship Awardinaugural Hall of this position so and his contact details on 26th October at theFame’. immediately becomes are Mobile 0418 789 483 visit of the DG. President Elect of the Email:Gordon.hay@dsd Enough notice to inviteBoard Meeting RC Freshwater the recipients to theIs set down for meeting after selectionThursday, 20 th October to enable them toat 5.30pm. Venue to be attend should also beadvised considered, hence the necessity for allCommittee Meetings nominations to be inDirectors, please advise immediately.Sec. Di of when yourmeetings are to be held Volunteer Grantso that they can be The final amount leftpublished in the from the VolunteerBulletin Grant the Club PP David Goldstone, Rotaractor Tegan Smith, Rtn. received last year has Michael Sheldrick, Rotaract Pres. Shiva Senathirajah & PRID Ken CollinsRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. been put towards the encollins2011.htmpurchase of a trailer. Please see attachedThe funds had to be flyer for full details ofspent by 30th this function.September, 2011 soDSC Rex organised for Microscopes forthe purchase of a Subiaco Primarytrailer. Other items Schoolacquired from the Back in June, CarolynGrant are a barbecue, Press Principal ofmarquee, trestle tables Subiaco PS and wife ofand chairs, a digital Wayne Press, Principalcamera, laptop and Flooding north of Manila due to Typhoon Pedring of North Cottesloe PSsound system. wrote to the RCFB re a members, spouses, Foundation, the 14th Dr set of microscopes forCouncil on Legislation ‘Friends of the Club’ Ken Collins Address, her school.PDG Colin Thorniley, and potential members Wednesday, 30th This request wasthe Delegate from D. to mix and mingle from November will replace passed on to the RC9455 to the Council on 4.30pm to 6.30pm on the regular meeting of Subiaco, whoLegislation has advised Sunday, 23rd October. the Club on that eventually passed it onall Clubs to consider The venue will be the evening. to the RC Matilda Bay,any proposals which home of Ken and Di RI President Elect who in turn passed itthey may like to submit Collins, 1 New Court Sakuji Tanaka from on to the Rotaract Clubto the next COL as Green, Mt Claremont. Japan will present the of Subiaco. Bottom linethere is a time frame All members and Address. is that the RCFB willinvolved with this ‘Friends’ of the Club All members and provide these units toprocess. are asked to RSVP to spouses are asked to the Subiaco PrimaryThe COL is the system Sec. Di of attendance, put the date in their School at a Schoolwhere the rules as soon as possible and diary and make your Assembly on(Constitution) of to contribute a bottle of bookings as soon as Thursday, 27th October,Rotary International wine/drink to the possible as there is at the Church of Christcan be updated or function. limited seating in the on Bagot Road atchanged. There is NO venue selected this 9.00amother process where Annual Address on year. Booking to beRotary’s rules and the Rotary Foundation made on line Article on Microscopesregulations can be The Annual Address https://district9455.wor in Postaltered. on the Rotary For those who have not seen the articleChange of Venue for published in the PostRC of North Perth October 1st,it isPlease note that the RC attached.North Perth now meets PRID Ken, twoat the North Perth students and KarenBowling Club, Tabner from WatercorpFarmer St, North Peth. are pictured, along with an article on theNext Social Function presentation ofAs the Club has not microscopes athad a social function in Dalkeith Primarysome time, a Cocktail School.Function has beenarranged to allow A Polio victim in Angeles City, Philippines with PRID Ken Collins and PDG Dr Ben HensonRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. 8th Asia PacificRegional RotaractConferencePRID Ken Collins wasasked by RotaryInternational torepresent the RotaryFoundation at thisConference and topresent on PolioPlus.It was attended by over450 young Rotaractors(aged 18-30) frommany countries in theAsia Pacific regionincluding China,Taiwan, Korea, Japan,Macau, Hong Kong,Thailand, Malaysia,India, Indonesia, The Australian Rotaractors at the 8the Asia Pacific RegionalBangladesh, Mongolia, Rotaract Conference in Subic Bay, PhilippinesPhilippines, Australiaand New Zealand. purchasing tickets to Bring nibbles and poor. Thank you soHaving to contend the movie on purchase drinks. much Margaret forwith two typhoons in Thursday, 20 th October, Bookings: helping make theirthree days, the at 6.30pm at Luna world a much brighterorganisers did an Leederville, $20 per .au T. 9347 4200 place.”outstanding job of ticket (includes pre-setting up venues movie nibbles). Letter of Thanks to Update on Membersdespite the limitations Bookings: Contact Margaret Brawley Debbie Cash and Brof no power, Mignon E. from Awareness James are in Nepal on areorganising the T. Cambodia Pilgrimage of Hope.program to 0438 920 621 A photograph of the Alistair Brown hasaccommodate these Personal contributions Medical Team in an almost finished hischallenges etc. to sponsor a extremely poor area of term of lecturing andThe ability, youth and Scholarship for a Cambodia, together will be able to joinenthusiasm of these student can be done so with a letter of thanks meetings again midyoung folk is infectious tax deductibly through to our knitter of October.and all Rotarians gain RAWCS. See Mignon beautiful toys, Look forward tosignificantly from about this. Margaret Brawley was having all of you backparticipating in circulated to members very soon.Rotaract and Interact Quiz Night for during the McCusker Alzheimer In the letter Kim Birthdays Research Foundation Hewett says “I cannot A very Happy BirthdayFilm Night Koro To be held on Friday, express to you how to Jim Gould on 10thScholarship Fund 21st October, 7.30pm much joy your stuffed October. Have a greatAn email on this event Claremont Football toys gave the day Jim.has been sent to all Club, Claremont Oval, children. The village ismembers. Davies Rd, Claremont. extremely isolated andPlease support Mignon Cost $15.00 per person the people soand Alistair by desperatelyRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Oct / Nov 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 12th October Carina Hoang Bill Hassell Margaret Stuart Gillian Yudelman Clifford Yudelman 19th October Peter Wright Rob Pearce Alistair Brown Jim Gould Carina Marshall 26th October DG Liz Westoby Paddy Warren Milner Ken Collins Wilma McBain Ramanathan 2nd November TBA Clifford Rex Evans Gordon Hay Graeme Prior YudelmanNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Board Rotary 2011-12 Ken Collins – International Club Details Bulletin Editor Service Director Clifford Yudelman/Di The Rotary Club of CollinsBryant Stokes – President Freshwater Bay, Hamish Mackie – New PO Box 168, Website Generations Director Nedlands,Di Collins – Secretary hamish.mackie@optusnet.c Western Australia, 6909 MeetingsToni James – Treasurer Jim Gould – Membership Director Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Evans –Club Service u Café, Bethesda Hospital freshwaterbayrotaryDirector Queenslea Jenny Gill – Fundraising Claremont, 6010 DirectorWilma McBain - President-Bryant StokesCommunity/ Vocational E-mailService Director Bill Hassell – Vice Chartered 19 President Mobile 2008 0419 919 572Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6
  7. 7. F t E oqE .9Hq !! cJQ tn- I v €" si tn l- I l9ar !in 9 , HA 65 d) ! g:E: EgER€€ tn a-c ,! 4fifi o o 9_: - !J6 6 t.= 99 cJ cH Es:TE; J +A)U: -HH_! 9r-d O q. -:.i U R.d9 O rjn ( €EEEg.itSSEE cJd c) : od nh ffir;!:5 FEe;f J .i> -a|/)at- drdc . A cH>_E5 -..- qr9 Ld =i=:!EFIFSS (tr .I = TJ U /, tr -Fl t-_c i: a Y d; t=i! g:=EgiE*EEE a^, a b-9Gs o t5 t t-::i: P o, tn FiF t E-9 t Eq dea c o J 8,, o tn HEE;?Ei€E$glE€EEod€aoo )r: .= C, E I J o iEEE!Eg3EEE,E€HEE€- l-o = - {-, Ja.0 I E O, rn .Irg oE!lEo LJ. @) E n:E:lgEIE€EEEtrE:Ei