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New horizons vol4issue13

  1. 1. T h e O f f ici a l B u l l e t i n o f t h e PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western t a r y 6909 l u District 9455 R o Australia, C b o f ABN: 99 602 195 617Meeting Wed. 21st Canberra Group Study News from our Film Night KoroSeptember Asia Pacific Regional Exchange Team Ambassadorial Scholarship FundNo regular meeting Rotaract Conference – Pride of Scholar Young Cook5th October. Philippines Workmanship Award Invitation to ‘Rotary MicroscopesNomination Form for Paul Harris Fellows Pres. Kalyan Banerjee Success Conference Update on MembersPresident 2011-12 Contributions to the Elect Sakuji Tanaka UpcomingAboriginal Health Rotary Foundation Next Social Function Fundraisers seekingSymposium your supportMeeting 21st students were Meeting 28th started the RotaractSeptember presented with a September Club of Subiaco inThree students from Certificate of Our speaker will be 1970/71. His wife JuliaMLC competed in the Participation. Garry Baverstock AM, Hayes was a memberFour Way Speaking an Eco Architect who and Past President ofContest at the meeting Other guests and will tell members about the RC of Claremont-on Wednesday visitors to the Club ‘Climatic, Economic Cottesloe. Juliaevening. They were were Head of Yr 10 and Sustainability attended the CharterTiffany Chua, Jia Ying Teacher Suzy Payne, Challenges for this Night of the RCFB andKho and Sophie Gordon Hay, Elham Century’ and the both Garry and JuliaWooldridge. Teimouri, Maryam importance of the built came along to theAll girls did a great job Hamzavi and Paula environment. Club’s first Christmaspresenting three McBain. Lovely to Garry has a long term function and onchallenging have all of you at the association with Rotary hearing about oursubjects. Jai Ying meeting. having been a microscopes, donatedspoke on ‘Stereotypes Rotaractor in his youth, $100 to the project.and encouraged us toremove No regular meetingjudgements’. Tiffany’s 5th October.subject was ‘Prejudices Would all membersand judging a book by please remember thatits cover’, whilst the regular meeting ofSophie’s subject was the Club will be‘Conforming or transferred to the Endstanding up for what Polio Breakfast meetingyou believe in’. on WednesdayWhilst the three morning, 5th Octoberstudents where at the Perthextremely close, Convention &Tiffany Chua was Exhibition Centrejudged the winner and 7.00am –received a $50 book 9.00am. Bookings to bevoucher. All three 4 Way Speaking Contestants from MLC –Jai Ying Kho, being one of four who made on line Tiffany Chua and Sophie Wooldridge and BryantRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. http://www.subiaco.rot It will be held in the countries throughout Freshwater Bay has Conference Centre, St Asia. benefited from. Please DO NOT come John of God Hospital PRID Ken has been to the Cafe at Bethesda Subiaco, commencing asked by Rotary Personal Hospital on at 8.30am and finishing International to attend Contributions to the Wednesday evening about noon. the four day Rotary Foundation 5.45pm 5th October. Please RSVP to Pres. Conference in Subic All members are Bryant or Des Bradley Bay and to address the reminded that a Nomination Form for (9284 5156). Rotaractors on Polio. personal contribution is President 2011-12 The young folk show required this year from A reminder to Meeting with their commitment to each and every members to please seek Politicians in Canberra Rotaract with strong member for the Club to out and nominate a On Monday, 19th attendance at the qualify for a member for President February, Ken and Di Regional Presidential Citation. of the Club for next attended a meeting at Conferences. Next A simple way of year, 2011-12 Parliament House, week there will be achieving this is to take Nomination forms Canberra where Aust more than 1,000 in a money box on a have been emailed to of the Year Simon attendance in Subic regular basis and fill it all McKeon spoke on Polio Bay. with your loose members. Completed and Ken addressed the change. forms are to be in the involvement of Rotary Two New Paul Harris hands of the Secretary in the eradication of Fellows Group Study by 6th October. this disease over the A sincere ‘Thank You’ Exchange Team to D. past 30 years. to our member Paddy 6910 Georgia Aboriginal Health The meeting was Ramanathan for his Congratulations to the Symposium focused on the and Zerina’s support following GSE Team A further reminder that politicians and gaining for the Rotary selected to go to a Symposium on their support for the Foundation with Georgia in May/ June Aboriginal Health has request for funds from contributions from of 2012 being organised by the the Aust. Government both of them to create Team Leader: PP Ray Order of St John in the final push to two Paul Harris Swincicky, RC Mt Knights Hospitaller eradicate polio. Fellows. The funds Lawley (WA Commandery of In attendance were the contributed by Paddy Team members: Tania Consul Generals from and Zerina have been Hawkins – RC Midland Nigeria and Pakistan, divided equally Sarrah Farrell – RC two of the four Polio between the Rotary Broome endemic countries, Foundation General David Gulland – RC both spoke off the cuff Fund and Polio Plus. Freshwater Bay of the need to get the Paul Harris pins and Katharine McKenzie – job completed and how certificates will be RC Scarborough it is achievable. presented to both Reserve: Bernadetta Paddy and Zerina at Masbayi – RC Asia Pacific Regional the Club meeting on Heirrison Rotaract Conference – 12th October. Philippines Money from the RF Pride of Workmanship AG Simone has General Fund goes to Award attended a number of funding Ambassadorial Please submit writtenAdjudicator: Frank Butler the Asia Pacific Scholars, Group Study proposals to Dir. Regional Rotaract Exchanges, Matching Wilma McBain if you St George) on Conferences which are Grants, District have a person or Saturday, 1st October, held in various Simplified Grants – all business you consider 2011. of which the RC of worthy of recognition Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. with a ‘Pride of Venue and other China, mainly due to the tackle its future in thisWorkmanship Award. period of globalOctober is Vocational uncertainty. I met aService month. variety of people at the conference, includingA Challenge from RI Christian Murck, thePres. Kalyan Banerjee President of the American“We are the doers of Chamber of Commerce inour communities, the China; Geoff Raby, theleaders, the ones who recently retiredare most involved, who Ambassador of Australiasee the problems and to China; and Gehave the means to find Zhirong, Counsellor ofthe solutions, I am the State Council ofasking you to reach China and Former Vicewithin and unleash Minister of Generalyour inner power and Wilma Mc Bain with her daughter Paula McBain Administration ofthen use it to embrace details to be single party system and Quality Supervision,everything and announced. lack of an independent Inspection andeveryone around you”. judiciary. Quarantine in the PRC. News from our One of the AustralianWords from RI Pres. Ambassadorial Yesterday, I attended a embassy employees alsoElect Sakuji Tanaka Scholar Justin Hewett summit commemorating suggested that I do an“Rotarians share a I have just completed my the 10th anniversary of internship there over theresponsibility to make third week of the semester Chinas accession to the 2012 Chinese summer,Rotary clubs stronger at the law school. Its World Trade which may be worthby attracting quality been a really interesting Organisation. Only the considering in the future.members and ensuring experience. I have been international post-that every club meeting amazed at how open the graduate law students of The Rotary Beijing clubis productive and professors are in their Tsinghua University has allocated Grahammeaningful.” He also criticism of the Chinese were invited. It was Brown as my contactcalled upon clubs to law system. Despite the interesting to hear a person, who is anmake an action plan to reforms that have taken variety of views regarding Australia lawyer workingbring in younger in China. I previously hadmembers. contact with him during“We need to stop my last trip to Chinatalking about during January. Im gladthis, Instead, why to have him as mydon’t we just do it!”. appointment and I am hoping I can glean someNext Social Function wisdom off him.A reminder tomembers, partners and On a lighter note, the‘Friends’ of the RCFB student life at Tsinghuathat a mix and mingle University has been greatCocktail function will and it has been very easybe held on Sunday, to make friends. The23rd October, 2011 Maryam Hamzavi and Elham Teimouri hardest thing so far hasfrom 4.30-6.30pm been balancing the socialPlease put the date in place in the last 30 years, how China has fared over side with my otheryour diary. they still claim that there the last ten year period, as commitments. There is is not a rule of law in well as how China should plenty of sport onRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. campus, but the most Thursday, 20thprominent by far is October, at 6.30pm atBasketball. It provides a Luna Leedervillegreat avenue to meeting $20 per ticket (includesChinese students. Today pre-movie nibbles)me and some friends woke Bookings: Contactup at 4 am to ride our Mignon atbikes to Tiananmen mignon@me.comSquare and witness theraising of the Chinese Volunteer to organiseflag, though a Quiz Night for theunfortunately my pedal RCFBbroke off my bike before With the resignation ofwe even left the Donna Bicknell, theuniversity grounds! Parliament House Canberra, PRID Ken Collins, Australian Fundraising of the Year Simon McKeon, Manager, TRF Bruce Allen Committee is lookingI trust that everything pamphlet for Andrea Hayward, a for volunteers tohas been going well in prospective members member of our Club up organise a Quiz NightPerth. I was pleased to see giving details of until taking a job in for the RCFB.the Eagles win their final contacts and telephone Canberra mid last year, Please contact Jennyagainst Carlton tonight numbers? Does it have met up with Ken and Gill if you are preparedfrom the comfort of an great pictures to attract Di in Canberra on to put together or assistexpat sports bar =). people? Monday. with a Quiz Night.Regards Do you have Rotary Andrea sends her goodJustin Business cards for ALL wishes to all members. Young Cook club members? CompetitionInvitation to ‘Rotary Does your club have Upcoming Fundraisers Still have fingersSuccess Conference special ‘Rotary gifts’ to seeking your support crossed for starters for21-22nd July, 2012’ give out with the club’s Quiz Night McCusker this. Suggested by RobTo be held at the name and details on? Alzheimer’s Research Pearce that the ClubHellenic Club, Woden, Is your club using RI Foundation look to combine withCanberra 21-22nd material to spread the Friday, 21st October Healthways next yearJuly,2012. word on Rotary? 7.30pm as they have aCost will be $100 per Is your club shirt easy Claremont Football competition in placeperson – includes lunch to be seen and Club, Claremont Oval, which is almostand dinner Sat evening, recognised? Davies Rd. identical to the one putmorning and afternoon Do you have a great Cost $15.00 per person together by Jenny.tea Sat and morning tea banner to display when Bring nibbles and A number of schoolsSunday. in the public eye? purchase drinks have indicated theyMore information in Will your club run a Bookings: 9347 4200 have promoted thedue course Rotary display at your E: competition. With local shopping centre school holidays aboutThe SCOOP giving out information .au to commence, it mightSeptember and selling your club? be just the time forFrom PDG Ian Murray Contact PDG Ian for Film Night Koro young people to9276 7977 0414 927 679 assistance with Media Scholarship Fund register to and PR ideas for your Film “Midnight in club. Paris” starring Owen Jenny Gill’s article hasSpread the Word of Wilson and Rachel been published in thisRotary Greetings from McAdams week’s issue of the PostDoes your Club have a Andrea Hayward Newspaper so that toofirst class hand-outRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. may encourage Freshwater Bay and Update on Members Hughes is heading toparticipation. North Cottesloe. (and incoming the UK and will next be members) at our meeting lateMicroscopes Good wishes to our Good to have Rob OctoberTwo more local schools Candidates in the Peace back from his Br. James and Debbiereceived 30 units each upcoming election recent travels. are Nepal bound,on Friday, 23rd Best wishes to Toni, Looking forward to returning for theSeptember, Quintilian Bronwen and Max as Margaret Stuart’s meeting 19th October.and Swanbourne they pound the return next week from ‘Friend of the RCFB’Primary Schools. pavements in their bid her holiday. Lyn Packer has been allRob Pearce will make to be re-elected to the Nice to see you back at over the place,an approach to the City of Nedlands at the the meeting Jill. however, her roots areLaboratory to have upcoming elections. Graeme Prior was firmly entrenched inmore slides of skin The City of Nedlands stuck in Albany, Asia and she isproduced. The last would benefit from causing him to miss the returning there to livebatch were eagerly each of your meeting this week . in the coming weeks.sought after and went contributions. Carina Marshall is into schools in Narrogin, the USA and Anna Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Sep / Oct 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks28th September Garry Rex Evans Jill Henderson Max Hipkins Toni James Baverstock 5th October End Polio Breakfast Perth Convention Centre 7.00-9.00am 12th October Carina Hoang Bill Hassell Margaret Stuart Gillian Yudelman Clifford Yudelman 19th October Peter Wright Rob Pearce Alistair Brown Jim Gould Carina Marshall 26th October DG Liz Westoby Paddy Warren Milner Ken Collins Wilma McBain RamanathanNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Board Rotary 2011-12 Rex Evans –Club Service Hamish Mackie – New Director Generations Director Bill Hassell – Vice hamish.mackie@optusnet.c PresidentBryant Stokes – President Wilma McBain - Community/ Vocational Jim Gould – Membership Club DetailsDi Collins – Secretary Service Director The Rotary Club of Ken Collins – International u Freshwater Bay, Inc.Toni James – Treasurer Service Director PO Box 168, Jenny Gill – Fundraising Nedlands, Director Western Australia, 6909 jennypgill@gmail.comRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. Meetings E-mail www.rotaryfreshwaterbay.Wednesday 5:45pm to Mobile org.au6:45pm 0419 919 572Café, Bethesda Hospital Bulletin Editor Facebook Chartered 19 DecemberQueenslea Drive Clifford Yudelman/Di 2008Claremont, 6010 Collins freshwaterbayrotaryPresident-Bryant Stokes WebsiteRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6
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