New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 29


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Weekly bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, W

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New Horizons Vol 4 Issue 29

  1. 1. The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 29 11th – 17th February 2012 Club Forum – date to be advisedMeeting Wednesday, 8th Upcoming Functions Wed. 14th March Vocational Visit February and Events for your to Claremont Museum, Victoria Diary Ave, Claremont. Speaker Dr. SueOur speaker this week was Pamela Graham-Taylor AM. NB NoO’Cuneen, a friend of Gillian and Thurs. 16th February, Board meeting at BethesdaClifford’s. Meeting 5.00pm, Yudelman’s HospitalPamela was born in Perth, studied Dental Surgery, lower level, 16-18th March – Presidents ElectEnglish and Education at UWA, Broadway Fair. Training Seminar (PETS)taught in Perth High Schools for Sat. 18th February, Sunday 18th March BBQ Dotseveral years before leaving on a Community/Vocational Bennett Park, for Members,working holiday in the late 1960’s. Committee meeting, 2.00pm family, Interactors and familiesShe went on to study psychology Collins residence. along with residents of Accessand did specialised studies in the 23rd February, Rotary’s 107th Housing.field of Culture Shock and birthday – World Understanding Sunday 1st April, Districtadaptation. and Peace Day. Assembly NB 2012-13 BoardPamela married a Diplomat and Wed. 7th March, Dinner Meeting, Members to attendspent a good bit of her life living Nedlands Golf Club, 6.30pm for 20-22nd April. D. 9455in African countries and moving 7.00pm, Anuradha Koirala, Conference, Geraldtonevery couple of years. She has Maiti Nepal Foundation. Almost 6-9th May, Rotary Internationalwritten a book which will be fully subscribed. Convention, Bangkok, Thailandcoming out on 5th April which Thurs. 21st June, Clubis called Culture Shock and Changeover Dinner, NedlandsCanapes, a result of her Golf Club. 6.30pm foradventures as the wife of a 7.00pm.Diplomat.It was a delight to welcomeour visitors AG Angus Questionnaires andBuchanan, Susan Carew, Club ForumClaudia Renner, Meryl Gould,Peter Nedley and Elham PE/CSD Gillian hasTeimouri. Elham has been ill distributed a Questionnaire toand returned to Iran. Now all members, via Pres. Bryant,she is in Perth again we’ll look which she would like toforward to having her at our receive back completed bymeetings regularly. 15th March. A Club Forum is being arranged for a suitable date as Speaker next there will be a number of meeting, 15th members away the date it was February originally set down for.Nedlands Councillor JoePorter will be our speaker Name Change fornext week. Joe will be telling RYDAus about his ‘Life’s Interests’ A new name – same commitment to saving young lives. Pamela O’CuneenRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. The Rotary Youth Driver Our Rotary work speaks to ourAwareness project is belief that a better, moreundergoing a name change to peaceful world is possible, andRotary Safety Education. An we need to be sure that ourarticle is being published in an voices are heard.”upcoming edition of the Rotary Kalyan BanerjeeDown Under Magazine. RI PresidentWhilst the name is changing,the way business is done andthe commitment to help saving Message from TRFyoung lives is not changing. Chairman PRIP BillRoad Safety Education BoydLimited will continue to workclosely with Rotarians to make “ A Rotarian who is an Arch C.RYDA available to senior High Klumph Society memberschool students across remarked that through theAustralia and New Zealand. Rotary Foundation he is ableNewman College have book for to share his success with peoplea further 200 Yr 11 students to who have no ability to helpparticipate in RYDA again this themselves. “ The Rotarian toldyear. Bill “As someone born poor on a farm during the Depression, I can confirm that when you BBQ 18th March, Dot have nothing, a little goes a Bennett Park long way to help. Those neighbours and relatives whoThe members of the helped our family of nine gaveCommunity / Vocational us support andService Committee will be Peter Nedley encouragement. In essenceorganising a BBQ at Dot this is our Foundation’s mission”.Bennett Park on Sunday, 18th organisations can – into homes, Bill goes on to say, ”AnotherMarch. It will be a social function into schools and into quote that impressed me from ato allow members and families to communities, with the trust and Rotarian was ‘I joined Rotary forget together, the members of our confidence of the people we serve. business and fellowship. I stayedInteract Club and their families When we work for peace, we to change the world.”will also be invited to join us, don’t do it by negotiating treaties RFC Bill continued on to say “Ifalong with residents from Access or demonstrating in the streets. you are one of this generationHousing. Instead, we build peace by who has been blessed withThe Club has (still in boxes) a example – by working together success, then you can help bywonderful marquee, BBQ, trestle and putting others’ needs above making resources availabletables (3), six chairs and a trailer, our own. We build peace by through the Rotary Foundation”.which have all been purchased dealing with the problems thatfrom a Federal Govt. Volunteer disrupt people’s ability to liveGrant. It will be the christening of normal, peaceful lives – whether Presidential Citationour new Club equipment. those problems are a lack ofPlease put the date in your diary. water, or sanitation, or safe, For the Club to qualify this yearMore information will be supplied affordable housing; whether they for a Presidential Citation, ALLonce the committee has met. stem from a shortage of members must make some kind of education or health care, or a personal contribution to the need to build productive and Rotary Foundation. February is World positive connections between Contributions can be small or Understanding Month communities. In everything we larger, depending of members do we rely on our good name. circumstances. All contributionsMessage from the RI President This is why all of us have a are to go through PRID Ken“So much of what we do in responsibility to be sure that our Collins and are tax deductible.Rotary to build peace depends on good name is indeed known. We All contributions must bepublic awareness of who we are. need to not just work through received by the end ofWhy have we been so successful Rotary, but to talk about Rotary February. Please treat thisin our work to eradicate polio? – letting the world know about matter as a priority as time isBecause Rotary is able to go the work we are doing, the running out.where no government and few difference we are making, andother non-governmental the benchmarks we are setting.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. Group Study Exchange Team from D. 1880, GermanyTo date there has been a NILresponse in regard to memberstaking the visiting Team toFremantle for the day onThursday, 5th April.If just a couple of members shouldvolunteer to participate theywould enjoy the wonderfulexperience of the value of theGroup Study Exchange Program.Another of the RotaryFoundation’s programs forbuilding goodwill and peacebetween peoples of the world.PRID Ken and Di will participate,however, they have a long historyof involvement with this program,and would like other members inthe Club to benefit from the Susan Carew, Elham Teimouri and Claudia Rennerfirsthand experience. Ourmembers Warren Milner and all Primary School aged students. She is also happy to run From the DistrictClaire and Daniel Forsdyke haveall been members of GSE Teams. workshops for Teachers from the Directory – AttendancePlease contact PRID Ken ASAP if Primary Schools so that they Requirementsyou are prepared to share your obtain the best use from theday on 5th April with our visitors microscopes. She may even be It is extremely important thatfrom Germany. able to assist with other Rotarians attend their Club’s educational areas with the weekly meetings to show microscopes, that of DVDs. commitment to the Club’s weekly Assistance for Felix Carina and Deborah are setting up goals, to facilitate fellowship and Schulze meetings. the dissemination of Club and Rotary information.The young German man, Felix Members should attend at least Dummy Batteries for 50% of Club regular meetings inSchulze has communicated hisacceptance of the Internship for 5- Microscopes each half year to maintain active6 months kindly offered to him membership of a Rotary Club. Atthrough VP Bill Hassell’s contact, To overcome the potential of least 30% of these attendancesHon. Consul for Germany, blown globes in the Microscopes, should be at the member’s ownTorsten Ketelsen. Luke and Carina Marshall club. Attendance at Board orAnother example of how recommended the use of one other Club meetings can besuccessfully things can work dummy battery with one other AA credited to meet attendancethrough Rotary. Thanks Bill and battery of any kind. The batteries levels.Hon. Consul. Torsten. are available for around $1.00 Absence from four consecutive each (via a website) and schools meetings may initiate loss of are advised to purchase these. membership. Regional Centre of Another solution and activity that If prolonged absence is likely, for Expertise WA can be undertaken by schools is to good and sufficient cause, leave of make their own ‘dummy battery’ absence must be applied for inCarina Marshall and Di Collins from cutting a piece of dowel and writing and the Club Board’smet with Deborah Bowie, Project covering it in alfoil. Carina is approval obtained. Members onManager for the RC of EWA happy to create an activity sheet ‘Leave of Absence’ cannot be‘Sense of Place’ Network Faculties on this. Also creates a mini credited on a Club’s monthlyof Science, UWA. science lesson for students at the Attendance Report (See article 9Deborah is keen to work with the same time. of the Recommended ClubRCFB with the Microscopes Bylaws). ‘Excused Absence’ of aproject. Deborah offered to assist member may be approve by theCarina with developing activities, Club Board in circumstancedwithin the curriculum, for use for outlined in Article 8, Section 3, ofRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. the Standard Rotary Club the custom, Senior RotaryConstitution, of the standard Leaders (Past RI Presidents,Rotary Club Constitution, in Directors and PRIDs) werewhich case the absence of the advised by the Generalapproved EXCUSED Secretary of RI of his passingMEMBER is not computed in on 7th February, 2012the attendance record.Apologies must betendered if unable to First for Argentinaattend your clubmeetings, particularly when Another snippet of Rotarythe meal costs are charged to history is that Celia Giay, wifethe club. of Past RI President Luis Giay,Your attendance record can be who in 1996-97 gave the worldmaintained by attending the the Theme ‘Build themeeting of another Rotary Future with Action andClub within two weeks before Vision’ has been selected asor after the meeting missed. a Director of the Board ofFull details of attendance Rotary International for 2013-requirements are contained in 15.your Rotary Club’s A PDG of D. 4825, Argentina,Constitution or in the Manual Celia will be the first spouse ofof Procedure. a Past RI President to serve on the Board of Rotary International. District DirectoryEvery member has been given Update on Membersa copy of the current DistrictDirectory. A number of members arePlease look at it regularly as it, away at present, most arealong with a lot of other travelling with their jobs.material all our members have Leonie Still has had a briefbeen presented with at their sojourn in St John of GodInduction into Rotary, is an Hospital. A speedy recoveryexcellent source of to you Leonie and we lookinformation on Rotary’s forward to having you back atrequirements, projects, out meetings. in October she would be happy toprograms plus contact details on come along to the Club and tell usmembers and clubs in the District. her story of how the Rotary Youth Birthdays and WA History of Early Exchange Program commenced. Anniversaries As she says, she was the ‘Guinea Rotary Programs Pig’. She also still has one small Birthday wishes are sent to banner from that Exchange which Zsuzsanna Hay and Alan StewartIn 1961 Helen Shilkin was sent to she would like to bring along to for 11th March.Sycamore, Pennsylvania as the the Club. Anniversaries will be celebratedvery first Rotary ExchangeStudent, to see if the program by Ken and Di Collins on 13th andwould work. Her father, Nate Passing of PRIP Glenn Simone and Marcos Carot CollinsShilkin, from the RC Fremantle on 17th March. Estess Congratulations and happy dayswas District Governor in 1967-68and he sent out the very first GSE to all. The Rotary InternationalTeam from WA. Our member President who lead the RotaryWarren Milner was a member of world in Rotary’s 100th year andthat Team. gave us the theme ‘CelebrateHelen set up a business in New Rotary’ was Glenn (along withYork State, married an American, his wife Mary) Estess. Glenn washowever is now widowed and a quiet, caring man from the RC ofshares her time between the USA Shades Valley, Alabama. As isand WA. When she is back hereRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of February/March 2012 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 15th February Joe Porter Rex Evans Margaret Stuart Max Hipkins Toni James 16th February Board Meeting Clifford 88, Broadway Lower Level 5.00pm Yudelman Broadway Fair Dental Care Nedlands Shopping Centre22nd February ‘Peacefull’ Max Hipkins Joyce Wong Lee Di Collins message on World Understanding and Peace 23rd February Rotary’s 107th Birthday UNDERSTANDING & PEACE DAY WORLD 29th February Club Jim Gould Debbie Cash Mignon Shardlow Paddy Assembly/Forum Ramanathan 7th March Anuradha Koirala Ken & Di Ken Collins & Rob TBA TBA Dinner 6.30pm Collins Pearce 14th March Vocational Visit to N/A Clifford Yudelman Graeme Prior Bill Hassell Claremont Museum – Dr Sue Graham-Taylor AM 18th March BBQ Dot Bennett Park NB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting. Gordon Hay - Community/ Vocational Service Director Bill Hassell – Vice President Rotary 2011-12 Ken Collins – International Club DetailsBryant Stokes – President Service The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Inc.Di Collins – Secretary Hamish Mackie – New PO Box 168, Generations Director Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909Toni James – Meetings Jim Gould – MembershipGillian Yudelman –Club Service Director Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pmDirector, President Elect Café, Bethesda Queenslea Drive Jenny Gill – Fundraising Director Claremont, 6010 jennypgill@gmail.comRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. President-Bryant 919 572Bulletin EditorClifford Yudelman/Di 19 December 2008Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6