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New Horizons V3 I37

  1. 1. N E W H O R I Z O N S New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9455! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 3, Issue 37 11th - 17th April 2011From the President Last Week’s Meeting This Week’s Meeting Club Bridges Cultures Interact Club From the DistrictFrom the Club Did you miss last Find out what is Our special focus GSE Our Interactors are GovernorPresident. week’s meeting? happening this week. Team from Wiluna are ready for induction. Find out what is goingPage 1 Find out what Page 1 making news in Fiji! Page 1 on around the District. happened Page 2 Page 3 Page 1 Youth Leadership AwardLetter from the (RYLA) camp in January.President Calum spoke of how he had a very privileged life, until hisRecent changes at the board mother unexpectedlylevel have left the club with a commited suicide when helittle happening than would was 15. The outpouring ofusually be the case. While support from others instilledthere are still some vacancies in him a desire to help othersthis year and next, weve held who had lost parents, whichour first board meeting with eventually saw him spendingWi l m a McBain as time at a remote village inCommunity & Vocational Nepal amongst orphans.Service Director, BryantStokes as President Elect and Calum has set up his on NonDaniel Forsdyke as Secretary. Governmental Organisation called the CMF project (taken Photo (L-R): Ken Collins, Simone Carot Collins, Calum FoulnerThe Board have agreed to from his and his mothers Rotary Australia Worldmake more use of “Google initials, though he has since used the acronym for Community Service MicroscopesDocuments” to centrally (RAWCS), which will enableshare information rather than “Communities Moving tax deductibility of donations Over 1,400 microscopes havetrying to email documents Forward”). Since microcredit made towards his work. been ordered in the pastback and forth or have key projects dont work in the week, bringing the total to 19information locked away on remote villages in Nepal, his Rotary Clubs ordering 2,197one individuals computer. plan is communities to help set the up This Weeks microscopes for 94 schools.Wed like to encourage 778 of those microscopesgreater use of Google docs sustainable projects, with the CMF project investing in Meeting have been distributed so far.amongst the whole club. Ifanyone would like training in them, and then using 20% of This week is the first of two A spreadsheet has been sethow to get started and use the profits to fund the next club forums where all up on Google Docs to showGoogle docs, please ask! substainable project. His first members will have the the status of microscope project is to establish apple opportunity to have input orders, so that the moreYours in Rotary, orchards in that village in into activities of the club. detailed information isSimone Nepal (since it is possible to Well discuss ideas for shared with multiple people. grow apples at that altitude). projects, social and If youd like access to theLast Weeks Calum found RYLA fundraising events, and seek your input into other areas information, please ask! invaluable, and urged us toMeeting continue sponsoring others to such as whether we need to continue with a raffle at each Interact attend it in future years. meeting.Our guest last week was 22 We will be holding anyear old Calum Foulner, Our board has agreed to informal charter ceremonywhom we sponsored to assist Calum through registering his project with Magnifying this Thursday evening toattend the recent Rotary charter our Interact club!Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 1
  2. 2. Photo: District 9455 Best Metropolitan Bulletin for 2010 - 11 N E W H O R I Z O N S "The people here are soPlease join as at 7pm at friendly and easy to talk toChristchurch Grammar and we have just enjoyed theSchool – the Interact Club local environment inmeets in one of the Taveuni, Savusavu and weclassrooms in Q block, look forward to the Viti Levuadjacent to Queenslea Drive. trip," said Mrs Latukulikefu. "We are here to learn moreRotary about the Fijian culture and get to know the variousFoundation Fijian protocols, which we have.Contributions "And its just unique." Photo: Special focus GSE Team in FijiA listing of RotaryFoundation contributions per The group from Wiluna, recovering from theclub for this Rotary year North East of Perth came earthquake that destro yed soshows that we have exceeded under the banner of Rotary District much of Christchurch andone of our giving goals and International, Group Study took so many lives. Althoughare very close to meeting the Exchange. Team leader Hugh Lavery said the trip was the Assembly there was a suggestion fromother. some of our eastern seaboard first for the Aboriginal Australian Districts to offer All 2011 - 12 Board membersThanks to the generosity of community to Fiji. home hosting for those from are advised that the DistrictDaniel and Claire Forsdyke Assembly will be held on Christchurch needing to getand Tony Munday, our club "This idea came up after away for a bit, the main areas Sunday 15 May at Mt Lawleyhas contributed US$4,325.26 some Fijians living and of support that we can offer Senior Campus, from 9 am totowards the Annual working with the community would appear to be money 12 noon.Programs Fund (the primary in Wiluna, discussed how and donations ofsource of funding for good it would be," he said. ShelterBoxes. For thoseFoundation programs), and "We have learnt a lot about Disaster wishing to give money, IUS$1,584.21 towards Polio suggest donations direct toPlus. the Fijian culture and we are learning more as we continue Recovery the Canterbury Mayoral Relief Fund. to visit villages and otherClub Bridges places." The Rotary Club Carnarvon has been helping of The tsunami that hit Japan and took thousands of livesCultures The group will visit some clean up the small township of Gascoyne Junction. The and the subsequent concerns villages this week in Namosi, about the damaged nuclearby Serafina Silaitoga Club members made a Ra and Wainibuka, Mr power plant represent theThe Fiji Times weekend visit to the Junction Lavery said. largest of the recent disasters and were involved in a veryABORIGINAL women Kay hands on way to make life to hit the world. There is a He said they would take a need for emergency shelterBingham and Tracy just a bit better for the people group of Fijian people to for so many that have lostLatukulikefu caught the eyes of Gascoyne Junction. Wiluna (Australia) this year, their homes to the tsunamiof Labasa residents as they in June. and ShelterBox is workingsat on the street bench, Our truck load of mattressesoblivious to the commotion (510 in all) got away to hard to provide help in thatthey were creating. Waist Disposal Queensland during March. regard. I was very pleased at Conference to be able to Their distribution had beenEven The Fiji Times teamwas moved by their Challenge pre-arranged and the announce that District 9455, in response specifically to the mattresses did not remainpresence, seated as they were long in the Brisbane depot need in Japan, had donatedjust 10 metres from the office, The final leaderboard 85 ShelterBoxes. That once they were received. Theso we approached and showing the Top 15 clubs number grew quickly in the feedback from District 9630greeted them. was presented at the joint couple of days after was very positive; the district conference on Sunday conference to a figure of mattresses were badlyThe women seemed content, the 27th of March. about 100 by the end of needed and were muchwatching locals carry out appreciated. March. This is a fantasticwhat they were in town for. Well done to all those in effort from our District and itThey mentioned their Freshwater Bay who shows your concern for those The Rotary Club of Perthcultural exchange trip to Fiji; participated – we appeared that have lost so much. organised a "WOW" concertCakaudrove was the starting in the list of Top clubs, at #11. to raise funds to support thepoint of the pogram. Two thirds of our DG Ian Hutton victims of the recent bush participants lost weight fires in Kelmscott. TheWithout any hesitation, the while on the challenge.women said that they were concert held on 2 April was a success raising a figure of Annual Ladiesenjoying the hospitality of The winning club wasthe Fijian people. Majimup, with 79% of approximately $10,000 for the cause. Seminar members losing weight. People appear to be slowly2 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N SThe Rotary Club of Cannington numbers will be emailed to you April is Magazine Month needing to get away for a bit, theis holding its 42nd Annual Ladies after your online payment which Magazine Month is a reminder to main areas of support that weSeminar at the Hyatt Regency in must be before Thursday 21st us all to think about our Rotary can offer would appear to bePerth on Saturday 11th June. April 2011. magazines and to submit articles money and donations of that will promote our Clubs, our ShelterBoxes. For those wishingWilma McBain attended last year Details of activities on the day, District and Rotary. to give money, I suggestand highly recommends the the associated Duck Race Raffle donations direct to theevent. and the Corporate Dressed Duck District Conference Canterbury Mayoral Relief Fund. competition and prizes are on The combined DistrictSpeakers for this year include the website: Conference, an inaugural The tsunami that hit Japan andSue Middleton (Australian Rural www.mandurahrotaryduckrace.i and joint conference for Districts took thousands of lives and theWoman of the Year 2010), Wendy nfo 9455 and 9465, was held at subsequent concerns about theTomasevich (Marketing & Burswood on the weekend of 25 damaged nuclear power plantAdvertising Officer for Kings Proceeds from the raffle and the - 27 March. The positive represent the largest of the recentPark Fashion), Dr Erica Smyth day support the Rotary WA Cord feedback from many attendees disasters to hit the world. There(Exploration Geologist) and Blood Bank and other Rotary on the standard of the speakers is a need for emergency shelterMelissa Parke MHR (Former projects designated by the 3 and the strong Rotary content for so many that have lost theirHuman Rights Lawyer with the Mandurah Rotary Clubs. was very pleasing. The social homes to the tsunami andUnited Nations). functions on the Friday and ShelterBox is working hard to Last year we distributed over Saturday nights were a lot of fun provide help in that regard. I wasThe cost is $86 per person. The $30k for various Charities. and very successful. very pleased at Conference to beregistration desk opens at 9am, able to announce that Districtwith displays in the foyer from You may also order Corporate My thanks go to those that 9455, in response specifically to8:30am. The seminar starts at “Dressed up” Ducks via the participated   and particularly to the need in Japan, had donated10:30 am, and closes at 4pm. website at $100 each,which are those that contributed in so 85 ShelterBoxes. That number “Tax deducktable” and you will many different ways to making grew quickly in the couple of be contacted to arrange payment, the weekend a success. days after conference to a figureMandurah invoice/receipt and delivery. of about 100 by the end of Many businesses a re Disaster Recovery March. This is a fantastic effortRotary Duck participating in this corporate The Rotary Club of Carnarvon from our District and it shows competition to support the has been helping clean up the your concern for those that haveRace Rotary projects. Just dress them small township of Gascoyne lost so much. up and win prizes – see website. Junction. The Club membersThe 3 Mandurah based Rotary made a weekend visit to the Club ActivitiesClubs have combined again to Enquiries regarding the race and Junction and were involved in a The Rotary Club of Cambridgehold the Mandurah Rotary Duck sales may be directed to very hands on way to make life held its annual "Fossil Rock"Race on Easter Saturday – 23rd info@mandurahrotaryduckrace.i just a bit better for the people of concert fundraiser at the QuarryApril 2011 in conjunction with a nfo Gascoyne Junction. Amphetheatre on Saturday 12Family Fun Day on the Eastern March. It was a wonderfulForeshore in Mandurah from Why not come to the Family Fun Our truck load of mattresses (510 evening under the stars enjoying10:00 am to 4:00 pm. This event day on Easter Saturday – starts at in all)   got away to Queensland music from the 50s, 60s and 70swas established last year and has 10:00 am and duck race is at 3:00 during March. Their distribution with a large group of jivebecome an annual event. We pm. Easy drive on new freeway had been pre-arranged and the enthousiasts filling the dancewould greatly appreciate your or train and free bus to foreshore mattresses did not remain long through purchase of in Mandurah. in the Brisbane depot once theyDuck Race tickets and / or were received. The feedback On Sunday 20 March, the Rotary See also the Dressed up ducksparticipation on the day for a fun from District 9630 was very Club of Heirisson held itsday for your family. which do not race but are positive; the mattresses were inaugural "Duck Race". It was a dressed or decorated in a badly needed and were much wonderful afternoon with a goodThere are great prizes including competition for businesses and appreciated. crowd. As a first time event ita Car, a 50 inch TV, a Kayak and organisations, with a separate set was very successful andan MP3 player. See details on of prizes donated by the Good The Rotary Club of Perth promises great things for thewebsite. Guys. organised a "WOW" concert to future. raise funds to support theTo enter the Duck Race you can I thank you for your anticipated victims of the recent bush fires in The Rotary Club of Geraldton-buy your ticket from our website participation and I look forward Kelmscott. The concert held on 2 Greenough is to hold its annualat: to seeing you there. April was a success raising a "Redhill" concert on Saturday 9http:// figure of approximately $10,000 April. This is a very popularwww.mandurahrotaryduckrace.i Regards, for the cause. event and this year it will featurenfo/The_Duck_Race.html. Colin Gilbert James Reyne. If you can make it Rotary Club of Mandurah City People appear to be slowly to Geraldton for the weekend,Tickets cost $5 each which recovering from the earthquake you can be assured of a greatentitles you to one little yellow 0408 923 350 that destroyed so much of time.or pink duck per ticket, bearing Christchurch and took so many lives. Although there was a Interactyour ticket number, in the raceon the estuary, which starts at From the District suggestion from some of our The Rotary Club of Freshwater3:00 pm on the Family Fun Day. eastern seaboard Australian Bay is forming a new InteractYou do not have to be present to Governor Districts to offer home hosting Club based on 4 schools in thewin. A receipt with your ticket for those from Christchurch nearby area. This will be ourRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N SDistricts second club with May and will spend most of prestigious Service Above ShelterBox as a Multi-the possibility of a third their time in Wiluna. Self Award. This was District Supported Projectbeing considered. reported in last The District Business Session District Governor Nominee months Newsletter. during ConferenceGroup Study Exchange for 2013-14 considered a proposition thatWe have previously I   am pleased to confirm the Geoff Russell of the Rotary District 9455 join otherannounced that we will have appointment of Hank de Smit Club of Mt Lawley   received Australian Districts that werea Group Study Exchange of the Rotary Club of Mt the Club Builder of the Year to establish ShelterBoxteam departing for Germany Lawley as our District Award. this award recognises Australia as a Multi-District(District 1880) in May. Led by Governor Nominee effective Rotarians who have made a Supported Project. TheFranziska Forrer from the 1 July 2011. Hank will be our significant impact in papers had not beenRotary Club of Midland, District Governor in 2013-14. supporting and distributed with sufficientthese young people will be strengthening their Clubs. notice to call for a formal votegreat ambassadors for our Training on the proposal but theDistrict and Australia during District Governor Elect Liz The Best Metropolitan Club matter was discussed.their trip. Regrettably, due to Westoby supported by Past Bulletin went to the Rotary Although one member raisedthe global financial crisis, The District Governor Geoff Club of Freshwater Bay. Joint a few questions about theRotary Foundation limited Simpson conducted an runners up were the Rotary proposal, there appeared tofunding to a two year excellent Training Seminar Clubs of Perth and be clear support to take theexchange which means the for Presidents Elect on the Scarborough. proposal to an electronicinbound team from District weekend of 12/13 March at The Best Country Club ballot. This will be done in1880 will not arrive here the Capricorn Resort, Bulletin was awarded to the the near future.until March / April 2012 and Yanchep. Rotary Club of Geraldton andwill be at the District District By-Laws This was preceeded by a the runner up was the RotaryConference to be held in A set of draft District By- Rotary Leadership Institute Club of Geraldton-Geraldton. Laws was also considered by for a number of the Greenough. the Business Session duringOur District is also involved Presidents Elect on Friday 11 The award for Best Conference. Although ain a Special Focus Group March. Attendance at District couple of minor points wereStudy Exchange with Fiji, a clarified, there appeared to be Rotary International and Conference 2011, based on apart of District 9920. A team no objection to the draft By- District Awards proportion of Clubfrom Wiluna led by Past Laws. A notice will be At the Business Session held membership, went to theDistrict Governor Hugh distributed shortly indicating at Conference, I was pleased Rotary Club of Corrigin.Lavery departed Perth for Fiji how the introduction of By- to confirm that Emerituson Sunday 27 March for their Congratulations again to Laws will be introduced. Professor John Renner of theone month visit. The Fijian those individuals and Clubs. Rotary Club of Nedlands hadteam will visit   Western been awarded with the veryAustralia   arriving during Program for April Board Club Details Rotary Year 2010-11 Simone Carot Collins — President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. Date Details PO Box 168, Nedlands, 13th April Ideas Forum 1 Western Australia, 6909 Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary 20th April Ideas Forum 2 Meetings Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm TBA — Club Administration Director Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Welcoming Roster Queenslea Drive Claremont Toni James — Treasurer Date Name Email Phone  13th April Paddy Ramanathan Bryant Stokes — President Elect 08 9385 0471 Fax 20th April Jenny Gill 08 9385 0472 Claire Forsdyke — International Director Website Horizons: Winner of the District 9455 Ken Collins — Membership Director Bulletin Award for 2010/11 Facebook freshwaterbayrotary Wilma McBain — Projects DirectorNew Horizons: Winner of the District 9450 Chartered 19 December 2008 Bulletin Award for 2009/104 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455